1st September

This day my Polish CS was leaving, she has got another host for the upcoming two days, but then she and her friend (who will come soon) have to look for another place. She asked me about a flat share and also if she might come back with her friend, but I have new CS soon and need some days for the laundry and cleaning of my flat. Furthermore I have to make my fortnight shopping and have to go to the doctor at the Boffa hospital. Therefore I will not offer her my couch for some more days and a flat share is not possible at all because my landlord and that I am leaving soon.

I made a few business cards with the Maltese address on it, because it is good to give my CS, so they will find the way home. These did not have a very blue colour, but some and my face got very red ;-).

In Sweden I will make new ones and I hope I will find the original colour and it will work fine, because I will take some of them on my travel around the world. By the way I am still waiting for my USB-adapter for my tablet, which I ordered at SCAN Malta.

I just had time to eat a healthy meal and was leaving afterwards for work. There was all nearly OK, but my computer was occupied. Actually we do not have any special computer each, but there is one I like to work with, because the mouse is easier to handle and the keyboard as well. This night I had to sit with the one with a very old keyboard and a mouse, which is very hard to use – that is very bad for my osteoarthritis of my right hand.

2nd September

I have got some emails from relatives, friends and other people on my googlemail relating to the “inter-chat”App I installed on my tablet. I understand, that this app were pulling all my addresses out of googlemail. Therefore I uninstalled the app and also started to change all the passwords. No account will have a similar password to another anymore. I will be more careful onwards and I apologized for this mess, of course.

I have been outside for getting money of an ATM to pay my rent. On my way back to my flat I bought an ice cream, with the taste of dark chocolate and Amaretto. The dark chocolate made my stomach feeling full, though I could not eat any lunch. I have to buy something during my rest while at my working place. I love the convenience shop close to it!

When coming home I updated my blog, changed some more passwords and wrote my landlord, that he should make me the bill for the electricity and water for last month as well as he should collect the rent for this one. In addition to that I posted my items for sale on the “Malta Park” and for fun on eBay-Kleinanzeigen. I also got an email from my cousin in Bavaria. I will visit him on my way from Vienna to Kassel. It was a longtime I heard about him and any longer, that I have seen him. Furthermore I have got a message from the SCAN shop, that I can pick up my USB-adapter for the micro/mini-transformation.

At work I had another computer as usual, that one also had a very old keyboard and a blockish mouse. During my first rest I bought a pizza slice (quarter of a pizza) with chicken on it. I was getting really full of it of the rest of the evening.

When coming home I emptied my chest with drawers and the other items I will try to sell by Malta Park, because I have missed so many phone calls and sms, that I invited some of them for the upcoming day.

3rd September

I have not had enough with sleep, because I could not fall asleep last night. Anyway I had to awake around 6am, because I have had an appointment at the Boffa hospital regarding to my skin disease. I was arriving in good time, because I always have to go to the revenue for the hospital and show my last payslip. So I did and I was going back to the counter. Someone told me at the counter, that I always have to come with my payslip. I felt pissed off!

I was waiting more than an hour, when I tried to tell one of the nurses, that I had worked late shift and was tired and would like to get it done soon. She asked me to be patient! I was waiting for 45 minutes more, than I told them, that the doctor should send me a letter with the result of the biopsy and left. I could not stand it anymore, because I was tired, there was not possibility to drink any water, if one does not have some by its own and I have got a headache by the lack of drinking water. It was also very warm at the hospital. It seemed, there was no air condition.

I went to the bus terminal of Valletta and bought a bottle of water with taste (sugar), because I really needed that in my situation. When I had finished the whole bottle – in a very short time – I was slowly walking to the Swedish General Consulate in Valletta for the stamp and signature on my life certificate for the Swedish Pension Authority (Pensionsmyndigheten). I will post it the other day.

On my way back I felt a little better and visited the ECCO-shop in Valletta because it was sale and I would like to buy a good pair of sandals for my travel. I found a nice one, but the shop owner told me, that they are not fitting well, because my small toes very not fitting in the shoe. Though I had to look for others and found a little ugly, but very well-fitting pair. These were also 10 EUR cheaper than the one I was trying first. At that moment I was most thinking of, that the shoes have to fit well and be comfortable. Though I bought that one.

After eating a pastizzi with cheese I went home by bus and was lucky to get a seat. At home I checked my tablet – how many messages I will have got and there were lots of phone calls and some sms again. One man was calling me and told me he will come half an hour earlier than the others. He was very insisting and I had not a good feeling, though I put all items for sale into the kitchen and looked the door to the bedroom, where I had placed my money and other important things.

He was not coming, but someone else a bit later. They bought the chest with drawers, the mirror and the bathroom trolley. All of us three were happy about it. Later on a woman and also a man were coming and bought the ironing board with the iron respectively the coat hanger. They were really out for getting something very cheap. Anyway this day I have got so much money by selling my items, that it was enough for the shoes I bought. I hope, I can sell the other items as well for the price I wish.

Around 6pm I was on my way out for shopping some food. My neighbour in the family apartment told me, that all the neighbours on her side, including her, had got some problems and some minutes later, they told me about the bed bugs. Now I feel if I also have these insects even I am not sure and my neighbour told me, that she was talking with my landlord and that there are none on our side. I am happy, when I will leave this house and hope, I never will feed some.

Anyway in the evening I mailed my second son and my daughter about the bugs and that they should take a look if they have got one. My neighbour told me, she already got these bugs during last winter, though I also mailed my Hungarian friend asking her if I have had some with me. Furthermore I wrote my blog and watched movies before I fell asleep on the floor.

4th September

I cleaned and washed all the day, hoping that I want to find any bugs, but for being sure. I also put the big bedcover and my plaids in plastic bags, tape them up well. I was wondering how I would manage it with all my things if I need them to throw away, though I tried to wash some things warmer than recommended and it worked. I was happy about that. I felt all the day like something is crawling on me, but I never found anything.

I also sold more items this day (I checked them very well, that there were neither bugs nor eggs), though only the coffee table and the heaters are left and a colleague is interested of almost one of the heaters.

I tried to contact my landlord, that he will help me to take a look under the mattress, because it is to heave for me to lift it up, but he was not at home. I checked the sofa-bed but could not find anything, what made me happy. In the evening I slept on the floor again.

5th September

I did not buy all I needed last time and now I was thinking about what I should buy, because if I have to throw out all my things, I should not buy more than just needed. I decided to buy plastic bags in different sizes. I thought I might be able to save some things anyway. If I put them in plastic bags in the box for Sweden, I will not open it for years and then I can put things in a freezer before open it at all. The bugs can be dead by heat more than 50° C or by cold -17° C. It is like the head lice and we have a lot of experiences from Sweden about head lice even we did not find them on our heads, but once at my second son’s head. He had got it from his first girl friend, who also was very clean, but at school all was possible to get. I also was thinking about to buy a spray against them, but could not decide which one. I even remembered that there is some rest of spray at my home – from the former tenant, I guess.

In the evening my landlord was at home and he was lifting up the mattress. No bugs to see! I was very happy about this and he told me that bed bugs only will be in old mattresses and that he bought this one two years ago. He also told me, that it was a very expensive one. He bought it, because the former tenant have had some problems with her spine.

This evening I was happily sleeping in my bed again, but I became thirsty. When I switched on the light in my kitchen I saw a cockroach. I used the spray immediately and got her killed. I sprayed more for security reasons. I closed the door between the kitchen and my bedroom, afraid that there could be more. I fell asleep very quickly after that.

6th September

When I came into the kitchen this morning I found another cockroach (very slow, which I killed immediately, too). I am sure I did never spill some food or drinks – I am very careful about that, though I do not know why there are coming up to my floor, but I read, that this is not unusual and because we have them in the area, I should not be surprised. I sprayed the parts, where they could hide and hope, there will not be more. I will have an eye on it.

In the evening I was to work again and put up at note about my coffee table on the white board of my team and I was happily surprised, when I colleague showed his interest in the item. He will pick it up some other day.

I also was talking with the colleague of my department, who was interested in almost one of my heaters and told her, that I will take the heaters with me the upcoming day.

7th September

I was at my supermarket again, but a little late and I had no idea about, that the 8th September is a public holiday on Malta. Anyway they were so kind and delivered my food and the other items home to me before I had to go to work. It was Joseph, the delivery guy, who promised me and came. He is a very nice guy.

I also bought two different sprays, one against bugs and one against cockroaches. Before I went to work I sprayed parts of my kitchen with the spray against cockroaches and my little suitcase with spray against bugs, because I have seen a little one on it.

When I went to work I took both my heaters with me and showed them for the interested colleague, who took the halogen heater. Another colleague became interested in the electric self righting fan heater, but he did not decide to take it or not that evening. I told him, he can tell me his decision the other day. If he will not take it, I will put a note on the white board for my team and also in the lunch room. I think, I will be able to sell this heater, too.

This evening I did neither see any cockroach nor any bug and I hope there will not be more in my flat – knock on wood!

8th September

I took it calm in the morning, even I was not sleeping longer than 8 o’clock. Around 11am I took a shower and when I had finished and was dressed my new CS was ringing the bell. It was good timing ;-)!

She is a very nice person, it seems. We were talking around an hour with each other. I showed her and told her about all the necessary things, then she left for the beach. Though I had time enough to prepare my lunch pack and my meal as well as to eat. I also updated my blog and saved my new documents, because the charger of my laptop is not working well and I will be sure I will not lose my documents.

Later on I was going to work and for another 8 hours answering emails. When I came home this evening my CS was awake and we was talking just about the necessary.


9th September

When I awoke my CS was not at my place, she was already somewhere outside. She did leave a very short notice about that she hopes, we will meet before I am going to work, but she did not show up.

This evening I told her, that I will meet my new couch surfers the following day at 9am at the airport. She told me, that she would like to stay until 11am. I allowed her, even I was not happy about that.

I was to bed a little early at usual – around one o’clock instead for two o’clock and put my alarm clock on.


10th September

When I was leaving for the airport my CS also was awake. She made the couch – first time for her visit and tried to put the bed-clothes and the pillow into the spare room of the couch, but I told her, that she has to leave it outside, because the coming surfers will not sleep in the bed-clothes she used.

The plane was around half an hour late and when my new CS were arriving, I recognized them as soon as I have seen them. They were really looking like the pictures in their profiles. They were very happy to see me and we made the first bus trip together, this day. I had bought an explorer card each for them in Valletta, because when my children were here, they were out of stock at the airport. The first thing my new CS did, when they have got these card of my, was to pay me back the amount of them. We were going to the bus terminal of Valletta, because it is easier to change bus there than e.g. at Bombi and it is good that my CS know the Valletta bus terminal.

At home the got some water of me and I was caring about the bed-clothes. I found, that the last CS did not even take the pillow case from the pillow. I was disappointed of course and I felt even more, that she did use me and my flat like a hotel, because she rarely made her dishes, too. Even I was working both days, she was here, it could have been very different. She did not make any effort to help me with mine or with something else. Therefore I have not decided yet if I will anyway give her a positive reference (she did not destroy anything or disturbed me) or a neutral one.

I put the bed-clothes in the washing machine and my CS and me had a talk what to do with the day. The first they were doing, was to go to the nearby supermarket for buying some basic food, because they will cook almost one meal of the day at my home for saving money. Afterwards were we taking a walk at the sea-side to Sliema, there I invited them for the ferry from Sliema to Valletta – they were very proud and would not take it, but I told them, that I anyway will pay for the ride.

We visited Valletta and were walking up and down the streets until one of them told me, that he was not used to others than plain cities and therefore we were continuing to the Valletta Waterfront, from there to the Virtu Passenger Ferry Station and – a little – up to Blata I-Bajda. We crossed the street and took a bus to Valletta for going home. There they told me, that they would like to go to the Lidl in Qormi. I told them, which bus they have to take and was going home. They found the way home to me, carrying a bag each. They told me happily, that the Lidl was cheaper than my supermarket.

One of them prepared a meal and the other one made the dishes after the meal. Soon afterwards they were going to bed, because it had been a long day for them, they have had to spend the night in Madrid at the airport. I was in my room enjoying a movie before I was falling asleep, too.


11th September

I had to go to the Pharmacy and also to pick up my order at SCAN, the computer shop. I ordered there an adapter for my tablet, though I can use USB-sticks with it and tried also to use my external hard-drive, but that was not working. I could neither save pictures nor documents from my tablet on the USB-stick. I think I need an app for it. I will look for one soon.

From the computer shop in Birkirkara we continued to the Technopark, where we changed bus for Rabat and Mdina. We walked Mdina and was at the viewing point as well. We continued to Rabat and was going to St. Paul’s Catacombs. Even the entrance was only 4 EUR for adults, it was too much for my CS or better, they were not enough interested in it to spend 4 EUR.

We continued by bus to Dingli cliffs and walked one km or two. They did not show, that they were impressed, but I know it is not easy to become that for the tiny coastline. We stopped our walk at the St. Mary Magdalene Chapel. There was my “old friend” the farmer with his car and also a salesman with a car, selling ice-cream. The farmer offered prickly pears for free. I always was thinking about trying one, but usually you can only buy some of them, not only one. I was happy about this possibility and surprised about the fruit. It was full of seeds. I think it is easily to compare with pomegranates. I did not like it, even the taste was ok – but not sweet. I ate the whole one, because I thought it would be a pity to through the rest away. The farmer also offered prickly pear liquor. It was ok, too – not very strong in taste. I bought a glass of prickly pear jam, two pieces of nougat – for friends and paid for the prickly pear I ate. Just when I had finished another tourist bus was coming and the farmer offered them of the natural prickly pear, too. By the way, the farmer also offered other specialties like Gozo Honey.

I was looking for my CS because they were looking for shade close to the church. I found them at the viewing place. We turned around a corner and found the shade. In good time I was going to the bus stop. I was afraid, we otherwise would miss the bus. My CS were still in the shade. When the bus was coming I stopped it and my CS came running. We were going by bus to Siġġiewi. I thought, that we could change the bus there easily for continuing to Għar Lapsi. When I had shown my CS the St. Nicholas and the churches around the market place an elderly, nice lady asked us, where we want to go and also explained, that this evening and the following to, they will have the Chicken Festival and therefore the busses are not leaving from the market place. She did help us to another bus stop, where we could catch a 109 for Għar Laps. First we thought, we have to wait for around an hour for the bus, but it was already arriving after a quarter of an hour. We were really happy about that, because at the bus stop where no shade.

My CS were very happy about that place and also took a swim. I found a cosy restaurant and ordered a roll with chicken and bacon. I did not have finished my meal, when the boys arrived. After I finished my meal we continued to the area of the “Blue Grotto”. We have seen the sunset and my CS were looking closer to the area, because they are in climbing and are looking for a place, where they can do it. They got told, that around the Blue Grotto, there is no place for it.

We hurried to catch a bus and were going back to Rabat, where we changed for Valletta, but was changing another time at Bombi for coming as close as possible to my home and we were lucky, because we catched a bus no. 15.

One of my CS prepared a meal again and the other one did the dishes. Afterwards we were going to the bus stop “Argens” for going to Paceville. Unfortunately the last bus, but the night bus, were not coming even we have been five minutes before time at the bus stop. T he first night bus at 23:38 was not coming either. We had to wait for the 23:58 bus, which was crowded, of course. We were lucky, that the driver let us enter the bus.

Meanwhile we were waiting for the bus, there were cars coming and asking if we will go with them. They took between 2 and 5 EUR for a ride. I do not know if it is usual here on Malta, because I am not used to go somewhere so late. We did not trust these cars and the drivers. Furthermore the bus ride was for free on the Explorer Card. Unfortunately I had to pay the full amount for the nightbus-ticket. I was following my CS the whole way on the bus, fortunately I have soon got a seat. At the bus stop Ross we were leaving and I told them were to go. I was going back by the next bus. Even I had topped up my card, it was not working, but the driver told me to enter the bus anyway. I was happy about that, of course.

At home I watched a movie and was still awake, when my CS were coming home, even I had given them the extra key to my flat.


12th September

My CS are really interested in that I show them around. They also are interested in to become better in English as well as in social questions and more. I cannot answer all the questions, they have, but it is really nice, that they trust me so much and believe in my knowledge.

This day we were to the Għajn Tuffieħa Bay. Unfortunately I was thinking about the wrong bus, though we had to wait for extra long while at the bus stop “Kulleġġ”. Finally the bus no. 44 arrived and we entered it happily. There were not many people going with this bus and all of us had a seat. After the usual journey, while I explained the special marks we have seen like the Mosta Rotunda (the church in Mosta), we arrived at the bus stop Għajn Tuffieħa (Golden Bay). First we took a look at the Golden Bay, but it was crowded, of course. Than we continued to the Għajn Tuffieħa Bay, which actually is another bay – some km from the first one. It was crowded, too and we asked some locals about the third one: Ġnejna Bay, then we decided to stay where we were. It was good for me, because the restaurant has a lounge, where it is prohibited to eat. Though I was able to enjoy the sun, eating an ice-cream, only and waiting there for an hour.

My CS took a swim. When we met again, the ask for another ten minutes, because they want to swim to the rocks. I told them, that it is ok. When they came back from that excursion – where they also were looking for a possibility to climb, we were going to the closest bus stop. We took the bus 225, I thought, because it was in time for that one – but actually it was the 223. Meanwhile the 225 is going to Sliema, the 223 is going to Bugibba. Even I loved to show my CS as much as possible, but we had to o back to the Golden Bay. This time we asked the bus driver if it was really the 225, before we were climbing. The bus was going to Sliema ferries and change there the number and route. It became the 15! The driver did not mention that at all, though we left the bus, but I was wondering what route the bus will go. I saw, that it changed to the 15 and we were going onboard again.

My CS asked for going to the Lidl in Santa Venera. Therefore we left the bus at the stop Gnien in Msida and were walking to the Lidl. I have been there before, though I knew the way. On the way there we have to force a hill and it was hard to do it also for one of my CS. On the way back, my CS had a lot to carry. They understood, when I told them, why I do not go there anymore. Anyway we came home safely and one of my CS did cook a meal and afterwards the other one did the dishes. I was invited for the meal.

This evening my CS went for Paceville, St. Julian’s again. I was at home, updating my blog and afterwards watching a movie.


13th September

My CS asked me if I will follow them somewhere, but I explained, that I need my time before working by my own. The did not really decide what to do with the day and also one of them did not feel really well, they stayed at my flat.

At work there was nothing special but the usual changes in policy etc. One has to remember a lot every day, because changes in how to work are made often. Furthermore when I get there I was happy to be able to take the computer with the keyboard and mouse I prefer to work with. Though I put my things there on the desk and went to pick my notebooks. A colleague came a little later than me and got to this desk as well. When I hold her, that I already had reserved that one for me, she told me, that she has no need for such a “kindergarten”. I told my colleagues more than once, that I have problems with the equipment, which does not work properly because the arthritis in my hand. I was not willing to explain it one more time.

When I came back home my CS awake, but that did not care about it and soon they slept again.


14 September

My CS are really nice. One of them explained to me, that he loves, when I am with them, because they can ask me a lot and I have answers on most of her questions. Anyway, they have to explore more of Malta by their own, because I have some errands to make. I will try to find white cotton t-shirts with V-necks. In addition to that I have to go to a branch of my bank, because my Visa-card was locked, when I tried to buy the flight ticket for Vienna. I checked before, that the amount on my account is still high enough – and it is.

I was treated very well at the branch I was going to and my card became unlocked again. Unfortunately I did not have the possibility this day to try it one more time to book the flight, because I was light at home for lunch and just grabbed a kebab in a box on my way home. I became late of two reasons. For the first, I did not find such t-shirts I was looking for even I was in a lot of shops. For the second, I met a colleague on my way to one of the shops and we were talking a while. By the way, we met at work again this evening, but we never have a lot of time for a chat with these occasions. We usually take our rest on different hours.

The evening at work was ok – even I still look forward to fully retire. We will have a team meeting with some snacks again at 23rd and try to know each other better, because we have got some new colleagues again. They replace the ones of us, who will leave. I decided to contribute with “chockladbollar” a Swedish kind of cake, easily done. I have made so many expensive and time-consuming snacks before, though I think that will be enough this time.

A colleague also came around with a list for 3rd of October. This day a barbecue will be hold at one of the Maltese shores and all employes of our department should be there, but it is on my days of and also I will be in Istanbul that day and I am not willing to change my plans.


15th September

My CS asked me again for follow them, but we decided to make things together on Thursday and Friday, because I am off work these days again. They left with a home cooked rice meal (of one of the CS) this day for saving money and not getting very hungry during the day.

I booked the flight for Vienna – even not that day I planned, because the price increased very much. Though I booked for the 19th October. I do not like to stay longer on Malta, but maybe it is good, that I have a couple of days more to recover from the surgery. Anyway on Saturday 17th I still have the possibility to manage some things, if needed. In a few days I also will try to book the tickets for the light opera “Die lustige Witwe”. I hope it will be possible to get some tickets with a good view on the stage and good acoustics.

I also updated my blog and was looking for the white V-neck t-shirts on the Internet. I have not had the time to finish my research, because I had to go to work.


16th September

This day I had a bad sleep again because my problems with the reflux. At least I fell asleep in the early morning. I did not make a lot this morning, but did make my laundry – just hanged it on the roof before leaving for my work. Though it has to wait for me until the following day.

I also checked the Internet one more time for the white V-neck t-shirts and found out, that I can order them by amazon.co.uk – for get them shipped to Malta. I found some I like and ordered three of them. They will already arrive this Friday.

This evening I was happy, that another pass of my working schedule was over. Now only 3 passes are left. I recognized, that I have lots to do until that. I also wrote an email at my work about my leaving and trying to exchange my heater against two (2) moving boxes in good condition. I will see, when I am back at work if there is someone, who has moving boxes for me.


17th September

Another day off and my CS are happy, that I have time for them. My CS did show me a cave at Ħal Far, Birżebbuġa. On our way from the bus stop to the cave we passed the Playmobil Funpark. I did not know there is.

For reaching the cave we had to enter a fenced area. Close to a former gate, there were a hole in the fence, so we could come in. I could see, that there has been maintenance before, but is not anymore. There were a path of concrete. There were also a railing close to the cave. In the cave were an upright grille some meters into it. Anyway it seemed that there is no maintenance anymore and passing that grille did not seems to be a good idea. Anyway my CS did and they have also been longer in at another point. I was a little afraid, that the cave could break down on us, though I took some photographs and went outside – at a good distance. There I found a perfect place where I could take a seat and wait for them.

My CS were back after a short while and we caught a bus, when we were coming to the main road again. We were going into the same direction as before, though the bus ticket was still working. The Explorer Card was running out the day before and my CS had to buy a ticket by entering the bus. Therefore they were happy, that there was no need for buying another one. Even we stayed in the bus in Birżebbuġa and was going back to Valletta, the driver did not ask us for another ticket. We did make a round trip by only one bus ticket each. That was famous ;-).

In Valletta we ate our lunch pack and were going into the city to see the last buildings, they have not seen the last time, e.g. the new House of Representatives and the old theatre because we were coming by ferry and left by the Valletta Waterfront. In Valletta they also were looking for something to take home to their parents. They decided to buy it the day they are leaving and they were interested in Qaghaq tal-Ghasel, which are often called honey rings but they are actually made with treacle (molasses). Unfortunately I do not have a picture of them yet, but you can look at them at the Internet.

We went home walking and made two rests in the nice public gardens at Msida Marina. My CS bought pastizzi, while I was waiting for them on a bench in the shade. The evening became cooler and we enjoyed that outside. When we came home to me, my flat was still very warm.

18th September

My CS awoke early because they planned to hitch hike to Cirkewwa this day. They would like to go to Comino and explore the island, especially see, if there are some good rocks for climbing and jumping into the sea. I was starting an hour later than them and going by bus. When I left the house, where I live, I found a message from DHL about a parcel for me. They had been there already at 6pm the day before. I have to pick up the parcel close to the airport, but unfortunately they are not open on Saturdays.

My CS were walking for two hours (?) before they have got the first ride from Mosta to St. Paul. The next one was from St. Paul to Melliah by Anchor Bay and Golden Bay. They also have got another ride to Il-Marfa, Aħrax, where I was waiting for them for going to the other harbour for boats to Comino. When they come there, they told me, that they were told, that it is no idea to go to Comino, because it was already late (around noon!) and because they would have some jumps. They have got the advice to go to il-Marfa-Bay, but actually there is no bay with that name. I hoped we could come to Armier Bay, but we could not find the way. We stayed behind Ramla Resort for a while. My CS jumped into the water and I was just sitting there. I also had to pee and tried to find a public toilet. At least I asked the ticket man for Comino and he told me, that I have to go in the hotel, straight over. I went there and the receptionist was very nice and told me, where the toilets were situated. The hotel is called Riviera and has four stars. Though the toilets were very clean, which I enjoyed. I stayed close to the hotel, where I found a kind of cave with a stone bench. The best of it was the shade! Here I ate my lunch pack, too. When I tried to enjoy an ice-cream I was told,  that I have to go to another place at the hotel, which I did not find. I bought an ice-cream and a big bottle tonic water, because I ran out of water, at a mobile shop close to the hotel.

After a long time of waiting there my CS were coming back from the place, they have been. They told me, that they did not really enjoy the place. I was wondering, why they have been there for such a long time. Anyway we went home by bus together and I was close to falling asleep at the bus. I relaxed at home while my CS cooked a Spanish omelette for me. It was delicious!

After dinner they went out to Paceville one more time, but were back around midnight already. I was asleep soon afterwards.

19th September

My CS were leaving this day. They did pack their things, ate lunch at my home and prepared a meal to eat at the airport. They went with me to the supermarket for carrying home six-packs of water for me. I asked them for one six-pack each, but they told me that I should take the advantage and buy four six-packs of water. So I did and they brought them home to me. Now I do have enough with water for the rest of my time on Malta. At least – around 2 o’clock – they were leaving with telling me, they will try to hitchhike to the airport or, if they are unfortunate, they will hike the whole way. They thought, that they will need two hours for the hike, therefore they left already at 2pm.

In the afternoon I tidied and cleaned my flat. My CS offered to do that, but I told them, that it will be easier without their luggage. Anyway I am very happy that they offered me the service and I felt lonely when they had left – but only for this evening. I would always host them again and I hope I can visit them in their home town Vitoria (in the Basque Country of Spain). I also got the mail from my landlord’s mailbox. There were a message from DHL from the 17th – to pick up the same items I told you about before.

It also has been very windy that day and it feel cooler than the days before.

20th September

 It is not so very hot anymore and I really enjoy it. It is still windy this day. I enjoyed my morning off and also scanned the school photographs of my children. I thought I will do it already before leaving Hamburg, but time was to short. Finally I did it, but they are as PDFs and also they do have “frames” around, I do not like. Thoug I will make them better and save them as .jpg-files as soon as possible.

I was going to work in the evening. I took my bandage for my wrist with me, because I cannot always work with the computer, which give me lowest pain in my right hand because the osteoarthritis in it. A lot of mice are very hard to use and most of the keyboards are not ergonomic.

Nobody offered me moving boxes and nobody is interested in my heater yet.

21st September

I have got a message from another host in NZ and a promise for one night to start with at her’s home. At work there were no special things, but all the usual changes about “how to”.

22nd September

I have got an email from my cousin Ursula. She and her husband are in Estepona again with her sister and brother as a guest. My cousin wrote, that she is very surprised about the Maltese health system.

I also booked the bus from Vienna to Nuremberg via Munich by the Internet, where I will change to the little town of Pegnitz in the North of Bavaria in Germany, where I will meet a cousin, I have not seen for years. I tried to purchase the ticket by my Maltese Visa card, but unfortunately I had to put in security words, but it was not working the way they explained to me earlier at the branch of my bank. When I have time, I have to go there one more time, how to do. Meanwhile I have to pay by my MasterCard from my Swedish bank account. The bus company I will go with is named “Flix”. I took the cheapest price I could get at the best time for me, even I will arrive around midnight in Nuremberg. Though I also booked a bed in a hostel very close to the bus station in Nuremberg for continuing and meeting my relatives the following day. Furthermore I booked a bus ticket for Kassel, where I will meet two of my brothers and one of my best German friends. By the way I booked the trip from Munich to Nuremberg and from Nuremberg to Kassel by the Megabus, UK. They have service in some European countries, unfortunately not in Austria and not in Scandinavia.

I am happy, that already again two days of my weekly working days are gone. This I will make, too. Unfortunately my schedule is not updated yet, because they made changes in my schedule, though I should have to work Saturday, 3rd October. I told my team leader already last week, that I have a flight for 1st until 4th October and I only work 4 days a week not five. I decided I will work as usual – like my schedule has been all month of this year, even nobody will change it back. They cannot do anything against me, I think, because I already terminated my contract.

23rd September

I wrote emails to my friends asking for the meeting day, because I will purchase more bus tickets soon.

We had a special team meeting again – for knowing each other better, because we have got some new colleagues again – some were leaving and some will, like me. Our team leader asked to have some snacks or similar with us. One of us offered a KKK-soup (the three ingredients starts with the letter K in German). It was delicious, even it was not warm anymore. Another one baked a cake on a plate – a quark dough with crumbles on the top. It was tasting very good, too. I served Swedish “chockladbollar” (“balls” of oats and other ingredients). My colleagues liked them very much – almost some of them. The other colleagues just had bought some snack, but one who made a seasoned pepper-mix.

By the way one of my colleagues asked me if I already have got moving boxes. When I told him, that I do not have, he offered me to ask at a shop for clothes. I will see, if he will bring some next time we meet, because this day was the last in the row of four and I will be off work for the following three days and not meet him.

24th September

I went to DHL to pick up my parcel – as I planned for this day. Leaving my house I took a picture of a house nearby, they are working with from time to time and it seems it will never be finished. Anyway there is electricity now for the house for a fortnight ago and it looks like that.

When I was there I asked for the price to send a parcel of 20 kg to Sweden and they told me, that it will be nearly 300 (three hundred) EUR. I also looked at their “moving boxes”, but they are very small. I decided to find out a better way to send my belongings home. At DHL I also asked for a toilet, because it is a long way there, especially by bus it takes long time. The clerk was so kind to let me in to the toilets of the office. She was waiting outside for helping me out of the office space again. Anyway I tried my new t-shirts on and found them a little big, but they make shrink by washing because it is 100% cotton, otherwise it would not be possible to print on them. The fabric of the t-shirts is quite thin, but that will be good on warm days. The make fits me well and I also like, that they are a little longer. I decided to keep them.

From DHL I was going by bus to the printing company I choose this time. The name is KBL and they are situated in Zebbug. I was happy that there was a bus near DHL going to Mater Dei Hospital, because I know that I can change there for the bus to Zebbug. Even the bus only was once an hour I was happy that I only had to wait for 10 minutes. Later I learned, that I could have changed bus in Qormi and saved some time by that. At Mater Dei I had to wait a quarter of an hour – also a good waiting time, because this bus, too, was only one in an hour.

At the KBL I was helped immediately. They made a very good printing and were very service-minded. I could wait for it and by that way see, how it was done. I was a little surprised, because the mail traffic has not been so good. They were always answering after some days only and did not have answered my last mail either. The service was so good, that one of them drove me to the next ATM, because I could not pay with card at the company. Anyway I did not get a receipt. I will ask for it.

Unfortunately I needed to pee again, while sitting on the bus home. Therefore I left in Hamrun and entered the “Daniels Shopping Complex”. After using the toilet I was looking around and was very surprised, that some of the shops and restaurants were not existing any more – there were just empty shops – and the second floor was closed. Disappointed I left the mall and took a stroll home enjoying the weather and the Msida Marina.

Before I was entering the house with my flat, I was asking at the computer shop nearby if they have a big, empty box for me, because I will leave Malta. The shop assistant denied and told me that I should ask at the grocery shop or in a garage. The last thing I was wondering for by my own and I did not go to the grocery shop, because I have seen earlier that week, that their boxes are dirty.

At home I changed my t-shirt to one of the new ones and it felt good to wear it. After a meal I tried to remove the plastic print on the older “travel-shirts”. I could take that off on big areas and hope, I can take the rest after another washing, because I would like to save the t-shirts, because they have good quality even they are a little small for me – they fit, but very tight.

25th September

This day I made my laundry because I have seen that there will be thunderstorms the upcoming days. I first planned to make my laundry on Saturday, but I did it this day for the weather, because it is not raining, even the sky is mostly grey. I also updated my blog again, what I have not done for a whole week by the lack of time. Afterwards I scanned documents.

I also looked for quotes for my boxes. I found companies to ask about it and have to wait for the answers. I also booked some tickets again – from Vienna to Nuremberg. Furthermore I booked a bed in a hostel in Nuremberg, where I will stay for a night before I will meet my cousin in Pegnitz.

26th September

This day I sent a couple of emails to relatives announcing my coming. I did scan things I saved from my trips – it was only things from Spain and Portugal. I needed a lot of time and did not get finished. In addition to that I was to the convenience store at the corner and bought just some bread, some tomatoes and yogurt.

I wrote my host in Istanbul telling him, that I did not change my mind and will come 1st Oct, but he told me, that he is in France. Though I send some requests for looking for another host.

In the evening and half the night I watched parts of a series of movies. It was an old one, where they still had the D-Mark in Germany. The story was about children living on the countryside close to Hamburg.

27th September

When this day just started I sent birthday wishes to the former artist Freddy Quinn by “The Freddy Quinn Archiv” in Vienna, Austria.

In the morning of this day I also sent birthday wishes to my second cousin Petra, who was born the same date like Freddy Quinn, but many years later.

I organized more of my trip home by writing to more friends and also booking bus tickets from Nuremberg to Kassel, from Kassel to Berlin and from Berlin to Wuppertal.

In the evening I had to go to work again. My schedule was not changed yet, anyway my TL promised me before, that I do not have to come Friday 3rd Oct, as it is shown in the schedule.

28th September

None of the asked hosts in Istanbul could host me, though I tried with another. I also was at the convenience shop again, buying some bread, because it is not possible to buy a lot of bread in advance. The bread becomes mouldy after three days.

I scanned the rest of the memories from Spain and Portugal and looked for the things from the other countries. I did not have time to start with more. My google calender remembered me, that I had to go to the HR of my working place to sign the letter of termination as well as to get a confirmation letter for my leaving, which I need for the German pension authority. I went home for a meal and was back at work in the evening.

29th September

I have got an email from a colleague, that he can help me with moving boxes and will buy my heater. Unfortunately we do not work at the same time, but I think we will meet in time before my leaving.

I have got requests from Servas members for staying with me, but I had to decline, because they would like to come during my stay at the hospital.

I also sent a public request on CS for Istanbul, telling them, that it is a kind of emergency request even I have money enough to pay for a bed in a hostel, but I would prefer to have a host. I have got answers and was happy that I found one. I also declined for hosts which a not well filled in profile.

Another working day was done this day and I am closer again to my retirement.

30th September

Around noon I had to go to the hospital for meeting a doctor because the web in my throat. He told me, how he will care about it and told me, that they do not have laser at the hospital. I tried to get an appointment before leaving Malta, but that was not possible and he told me, that I do not have cancer in my throat either, even the other doctor thought, that it might be. I was a little surprised, but happy of course about this, because they did not do any other investigation.

I asked for my files and had to walk around at the hospital to find the right place, where to ask for it and another one, where I had to pay for it. The costs for the CD with the result of the barium swallow meal was 15 EUR. I think these pictures are important for getting the web removed in Sweden. It is really annoying to have it. It is like to have a cold and lots of mucus in the throat all the time, which makes it hard for me to breathe and also for eating. As long as I can swallow liquids, the doctor at Mater Dei told me, it is not urgent to remove it. I thought, that he should have it to know how it feels.

The host, I thought I will stay with in Istanbul told me, when I was asking for the directions, that he will not be in Istanbul, when I will be there. I fell fooled! Another one would only drive my around in Istanbul for money. I got a little angry about the way they were and told the last one, that it is not in the spirit of CS.

I booked a room in a hostel in the city center of Istanbul for less than 70 € for all three nights together, breakfast and free wi-fi included.

Only four days of work are left!

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