Tuesday, 1st August 2017

I had asked my supervisor Diana for the dates agreed for holidays – if it was from 23rd August or 6th September. She told me, all the days and because she was not sure about it anymore she asked me to speak with our floor manager, which I tried this day. He did not have time, but told me, that he anyway would like to have a talk with me – an interview. By the way he never came back to me about it.

For my late rest of barely 30 minutes I bought a sandwich of the vending machine for 1 EUR. It was OK, but not more than that. Actually I had not expected more.


Wednesday, 2nd August 2017

I was eager to send an email to my son Samuel for birthday wishes. I remembered, that I did not send birthday wishes to my daughter in law. I always forget it, even I like her.

Before going to work I cleaned the kitchen – again! Menno as well as Jessica told me, that Emilia is the one, who make the mess. I think it is not only her and anyway nobody cares about it, but me. I am not a cleaner and I do not like to clean for the others, but if I want a clean kitchen, I have to clean their mess. They do not understand and do not care. They do neither feel ashamed about the mess nor about that I clean the kitchen for them.


Thursday, 3rd August 2017

The cleaning lady was here, she cleaned the stove and I was ashamed, that she may think with a mature woman like me in the apartment, it should be clean. Unfortunately I cannot talk with her about it, because she only speaks Portuguese. When she came I already had taken care of a lot of the mess and I was happy about that, thinking about her. I think if the kitchen surfaces are clean, she would have more time for the bathrooms etc.

At work it was a disaster. In the early afternoon our software was updating and we could not work at all, but we had to try from time to time.

In the evening Felco was contacting me, telling about the Medieval Festival in Santa Maria da Feira and asking, when I will arrive on Saturday as well as he told me, that some friends and he will prepare lunch for 1pm and I am invited. Though even I planned to hitchhike to Greater Porto, I had to change my plans and look up the timetable of the train. There was a train arriving 12:59pm in Granja, the closest train station to his home and he told me, that it was perfect.


Friday, 4th August 2017

I was preparing for the long weekend and also wrote an email to cafetarias@teleperformance.pt as well as to the employee support of Teleperformance. The email to the cafetarias was about the meals. In the middle of the day there were much more to choose than around 4pm (my “lunch” time) and in the evening, when I have a short rest, where I am only able to eat a sandwich, they have so nice meals. Around 4pm they only have the leftovers and there are not all kind of meals either. Usually one can choose between a meal with meat including chicken, a meal with fish and a vegetarian meal. This evening there were only two meals with fish and a tiny leftover of the vegetarian. Also the meals do not look good at that time. They are dry or in another time looking old. Though I wrote, that I know, that it is not easy to serve meals for 2,50 EUR, but there should be the same selection as during the other times as well as the dishes should look fresh.

The employee support I contacted about the mattress again, because I have more and more pain in my spine. It is hard to work with the pain and I cannot take a lot of pain killers because my kidneys and my stomach. Anyway that is not a solution to take pain killers. The solution is a good mattress.

By the way, this morning the kitchen was not so dirty and I was wondering if Emilia was not at home.


Saturday, 5th August 2017

please follow the link for Porto and Gaia.



Tuesday, 8th August 2017

I would have liked to share my experience about Porto and Gaia with some of my colleagues, but they did not have the same time for the rests as me.

By the way the kitchen was very dirty again and the dishes all over the surfaces. Jessica told me, that Emilia had been cooking a meal again and just left the dishes afterwards.

At work I had problems to find a working computer and had to try with two. There were no more left for trying. Two computers were not working at all. I had to restart several times and was not logged on my time schedule. The system did log off me all the time, even I logged on again and again. Though I’ve got tired of it and did not care about it anymore. When a supervisor came and told me I had to restart again for this reason I was so unhappy, that I told her, that I will go home, because it makes me sick. Anyway I had to restart again and finally I could work properly and was logged on as well.


Wednesday, 9th August 2017

In the morning Menno, the guy who should be the one who tells the other to hold the kitchen clean, did not clean the kitchen surface and just left. Though I had to clean his mess as well!

At work it was as normal as can be, but I needed a cable for the phone, because even I work with emails, sometimes we have to call. I try to do it as little as possible.  I was on another computer again, of course. For a week I have had the same computer, but that only happened once.


Thursday, 10th August 2017

I was up late this morning and did not do much. Fortunately the kitchen was quite clean.  I checked my Malta bank account waiting for an appointment, but I only got a link, which I did not get to work. Though I wrote a secure email asking for an appointment.

Also this day I had pain in my spine and it is getting worse every day. That makes it hard to work and also I have to sit with an other computer again. The air conditioner was put on as usual and it was very chilly again.


Friday, 11th August 2017

During the night I had to pee very often, I think I did it every second hour. That gave me not a good sleep, of course. I filled the dishwasher in the morning again and put the sign on “clean” before I left for work. Telco was writing me a message on WhatsApp about the reference – he had not seen, that I already had given him one.

I dressed and was shopping a little in the supermarket in our street. I try to hold my shelf in the fridge occupied, because almost Emilia has so much groceries in the fridge, that she occupies all space there is empty.

I also started looking for a room to rent on the Internet with a good bed (and mattress) and a little bigger than I have. I guess I only have 6m². The bed is in the middle of the room – there is no other possibility if I won’t have it directly under the window accompanied of the heater and have space for the desk and the chest of drawers. When I open the door to the room it just fits with the bed! I have to go into the room and close the door so I can continue to the chest of drawer and the desk. My desk is also my side table for the bed. Between the build in wardrobe and the bed is less than 50 cm! It is just space to open the drawers of the wardrobe respectively the doors. Between the end of the bed and the wall is less than one (1) meter! It is compact living and I would not name it, but I have to pay the same amount of rent like the others with much bigger rooms and even the room with en suite bathroom. That is Teleperformance, the best employer of the year – for lots of years!

Before I left for work a new schedule came by email. They changed the days for work, which are in a row. Actually they took away one. I think it is, that they can make me work the day before my holiday. I talked with my supervisor Diana about it and she told me, that I seem to be the only one, who got the schedule changed again. Though my suspicion seems to be right.

I also told Diana, that my pain is increasing and I am not sure, that I will come back from my holidays if I do not get a better mattress soon. She was angry and told me, that I could not blackmail the company. She also told me, that there are a few employees working with the apartments. I explained the whole situation for her and she promised to write another email to help me. I think she did it immediately. Before she left, but before I could see it, Diana made the schedule for us, what we have to work with. She put me on the early shift even she agreed that I  am allowed to work late shift all the time.


Saturday, 12th August 2017

I awoke a little earlier as usual this morning and had good time to care about the kitchen. I did not empty the dishwasher, because there are no dishes from me in it and I already filled it. I am waiting for the others to do so.

I went to work for the late shift again, even Diana had written something else. I was prepared to tell them, that I have a right for 11 hours off between two shifts and that I would not have, if I would start at 7 o’clock in the morning. Nobody noted it, they did not check who came when to work. I was happy for that, because I did not have to argue.

When it was time for the main meal for me at work I went to our cafeteria, but it is Saturday with fewer employees and the dishes were looking disgusting, though I went to McDonald’s, which is close by and bought a chicken burger with french fries and a coke. The “crispy” chicken burger was not crispy at all and I thought again even McDonald’s is a big chain, the dishes are different from country to country and in Portugal they are not good at all – even the french fries are different!

At the end of our shift I did tell about the changed schedule just because my upcoming holidays and my colleague, I talked too, was surprised, that I will have holidays. I told her, that it is because I have had thyroid cancer and prefer to go to my doctor at home and that I was allowed of that reason. Even I spoke German I used the word cancer, but I think my colleague understood anyway.


Sunday, 13th August 2017

When I awoke I just felt I would like to sleep more not to face the everyday life. I was thinking about the changed schedule and was still angry, but I have to wait for the new schedule to see if it is the way I think or if I will get lots of days off ;-). My experience tells me, that I have to work the day before my holidays. In that case I will try to get it off and work on another day, but I do not think that this will be an option for my employer.

After breakfast and getting dressed I used my laptop and checked my Malta account for the appointment. I did not have any answer and I tried the link again. This time it was working when I copied it and put it in the browser. Though I asked for an appointment on 4th September (a Monday) in the early afternoon. I hope I will get that, because I also wrote, that I will fly in just for the meeting. Furthermore I tried to find my old schedule for this period. I only have the first one and that new one for one week. My supervisor told me, that I have to work on Tuesday anyway, even if I had not got the new schedule, but I wrote down, that I will have that day off, too and I remember, that I compared the days off work between the first and second schedule carefully. The second schedule only was about working two weeks late shift and two weeks early shift (I read about that earlier).

The rest of the day, but the evening, I was writing my blog and uploaded photographs as well.


Monday, 14th August 2017

I did chat with the Norwegian air company, but had to wait for half an hour before it was my turn. Twice I was thinking about to quit the line, but on the other hand, I would have to wait again and again, though I was waiting and waiting and waiting until it was my turn. Actually I had a mistake in the email address I put in for my account with my new name, therefore I have got a new rewards account, but I asked the agent to delete that account and she did.

Before going to work I have got the new schedule (21 July – 16th August) of my employer and I was so unsatisfied – I still am, when I write this. I told the HR-department by email that I do not accept that schedule and they could fire me, if they want. I was preparing for leaving with my holidays, but did not book the big suitcase for the flight this day.

None of the supervisor or manager mentioned my decision and I am still angry. I did not get an email from the HR-service either.


Tuesday, 15th July 2017

It is a public holiday in Portugal. I should have been off, but I also should get an extra day off now. I will see if I ever will get that extra day off.

At work my supervisor talked to me about the schedule and explained, but I am not satisfied anyway. There is no good will. She told me, that I asked lately for holidays, but there is only a month in advance one has to. The new schedule did give me that day off on 20th July, what I do not need and took the two days off on 21st and 22nd July away. Diana told me, that the system does not allow more than 5 days of work each week and the week is starting on a Sunday (I think it was). The bad thing is, when one is on holiday they automatically choose the Saturday and Sunday off, but my schedule should not have had that. I was thinking about, how they handled it at Besedo on Malta. Not all was perfect there, of course, but they would not have changed the schedule as TP dit. They really were more employee friendly.

I decided anyway to stay a little longer, I do not know for how long, but it is only for the money I need for my next travel I am staying here.


Wednesday, 16th August 2017

Jessica told me, that Menno will move out at the end of the month. I told her, that I will try to get that room, because mine is so small and she answered, that hers is smaller than mine – maybe because of the en-suite bathroom. I anyway sent an email to the employee support and asked for the room.


Thursday, 17th August 2017

It is a black day. There has been an attack in Barcelona, Spain. A man drove a van or truck on “La Rambla”, killing some people. I am thinking about my friend Fernando and his wife and write an email, asking if they are OK. I did not get an answer this day and I was thinking of him until I fell asleep.


Friday, 18th August 2017

I was planning for my holidays and my plans include a visit in Barcelona. I did not change my plans for two reasons:

  1. Usually this things do not happen twice during a very short time
  2. I belief in my guardian angel

I needed print outs and I was going to the Metro station “Marques de Pombal”, because I know that it is possible there to get them.  Unfortunately it is not so easy in Lisbon as it is on Malta to get print outs. In Malta you can make it at most of the stationeries. I did so far not find this kind of stationeries in Lisbon, maybe depending on the unknown language.

This day I also got an email of the HR-support at work and they are asking, if they can do anything for me. It is for my letter of resignation and I am surprised, that they are contacting me now. The Portuguese really have a totally other timeline as I am used to.

The best message I have got this day was from Fernando. He wrote, that he and his wife are well!


Saturday, 19th August 2017

I planned to wash my clothes in the morning, but Emilia already used the washing machine. As I saw later, she only washed one (1) blouse. Anyway it was time enough for me to fill the washing machine once and make that laundry.

This day it was the first time I did shower in the big bathroom. Our shower is not bigger than a fridge! and it is very difficult to use it without soaking half of the little room. It felt like a victory to use that other bathroom.

Furthermore I had to throw away the bread I bought only two days ago, because it was moldy. I decided to buy some more bread and other groceries on the way back home that night. I do not really know how long the supermarket at Vasco da Gama is open, but almost longer than 10pm.

There is another thing I have got confirmation about. I thought, Emilia is using my toilet paper and my soap, if I leave them in the little bathroom/shower room and now I am sure about it. The soap I already understood, because her went empty and she did not put did a new one. For the toilet paper I started to make a jack in the first paper and everytime I was back in the bathroom, that paper had gone and I am sure, she used more. The reason, why I tried this, was, that I though I am crazy and only think, she is using of the paper, but now I know, that my imagination was right.

During my shift even my supervisor was working, which is unusual. She is working daytime most of the time. It was a kind atmosphere with her.


Sunday, 20th August 2017

Jessica told me, that it is her birthday, though I wished her well.

This day I also remembered to take my camera with me, because on the way to work there is a nice statue, I liked to take a photo of:



I should have had this day off – after the new schedule, but was allowed of my supervisor to work this day, so I can get the day before my holiday off.

On Sundays, the lunch in the restaurant is horrible. It seems, they prepared it during the week and by the way it usual are the same dishes like the day before. In addition to that the dishes are usually mixed together like pasta or rice with vegetables and sausages in slices and similar. There is a McDonald’s close to our working place, though I prefer to eat a meal there on Sundays.


Monday, 21st August 2017

It was my last day before my holidays, even they officially started 23rd August. While working, one of the colleagues told me, that the workers at the airport in Lisbon are on strike and I was very happy, that I had chosen to take the bus to Barcelona next day.

This day surprised me. At the bus stop a woman in her fifties talked to me in Portuguese. Her name was Eugenia he told me later and he was from the South East of Europe. She told me she learned Portuguese in two weeks and was surprised, that I cannot speak Portuguese even I work here. I could talk with her somewhat and was happy, that I remembered a view words I learned by Duolingo.

When I was coming “home” this evening, I finally had got the required mattress. I had a good sleep that night!


Tuesday, 22nd August 2017

I like to go by bus, because I can see a lot of a country. Going by flight I would miss that all. I had chosen to go daytime to Madrid and continue from there during the night with another coach. I thought, the bus is going a lot throughout Portugal and was wondering if we will come through areas, where it has been wildfires some days ago.

Actually the route is straight East, though we came to Badajoz in Spain after only a couple of hours and was then going North. We had a stop in Navalmoral de la Mata. I think it was because of the rest for the driver. By the way, the drivers changed in Badajoz.




We arrived in the evening in Madrid (at Estación del Sur) and I had a couple of hours to wait. The first thing I did was to put my trolley in a locker and then to look for a restaurant, which I soon did find. Afterwards I was in a shopping centre, just for making something of my time and not only be sitting at the bus station.

I was back at the bus station in good time, but had some difficulties to find the departure area, because of the announcement system for the busses. This bus was not shown all the time and I had to ask at an information desk. All went well and I had a good sleep on the bus. I cannot always sleep on busses and it is worse on flights, but I was early up this day, that might have helped.

Please continue reading about my visit in Barcelona.


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