Saturday, 1st July 2017

I checked my accounts before eating breakfast to see if my pension had come – from Germany as well as Malta and was surprised, that the text for the transaction of the Maltese pension was “two-thirds” pension. If people on Malta only get 15 EUR  weekly in pension, they cannot live of that, but maybe it has to do with, that I have other pensions, too. It is a jungle with the pension schemes in the different countries. The pension from Ireland I will get in the middle of the month instead.

I also logged in to my account at the Swedish pension authority and was welcomed as “Dorothee Hildebrandt”. Though I know now, that my application for my name change had a positive response. You can read about, why I sent the application, on my blog sites for Sweden. Furthermore I logged in to my account at the tax and registration authority for dubble checking. It was the same there, that means: I was welcomed as Dorothee Hildebrandt. The hard work has to be done soon: Ask for a new passport and inform all people about my new last name. On the document from the Swedish registration office, there is written that I have had that name already before I have got married. It is so it works. Therefore I need a document about the name change and I think it is at my Swedish home.

Though I asked my landlady about my mail and especially the mail from the authority called PRV. She told me, that she was to the letter box that morning and there it was, but there were more letters, arriving earlier from other authorities, therefore I asked my son Samuel to go to my apartment, check them and send them to me as scan or photos.

After breakfast I went to the Loja do Cidadão de Lisboa in Laranjeiras. I have been told at work, that I can go till which one ever of these Loja do Cidadãos (customer service for citizen of Lisbon) and ask for a document for the exemption of paying the 11% for social security, because I do not need unemployment benefits as well as pension from Portugal. The building of the customer service was difficult to use, because there were lots of different customer services in there and there was a queue number system, but only in Portuguese. I found a security person, who put the right one for me, though I only had to push the button. I had to wait for three hours (came at no 53 and had no 135). When talking to the customer service agent, she did look at me like she did not care and I asked her if she understand English, but she did not. There were more agents and only one of them did speak English. She explained to me, that I should go to the Loja do Cidadão, where I live. Back at home I tried to find an email address to these customer centres – sent first an email to the wrong address (US information ;-)), but found later a side for the city of Lisbon. It was hard to find a button for English, but at least I found one.

Surprise, surprise! The dutch guy had washed the kitchen bench surface! I thanked him for it, even I think it should be this way all the time. In the evening and half of the night I was watching crime series. I do not watch often, though I there were a lot of new sections.


Sunday, 2nd July 2017

I awoke around 9:30am and checked my emails after I had taken my medicine. While I was answering for an email of my son Samuel, he called me by Skype. He was in my apartment, taking care about my mail and asked me for a pen and paper to put my new name on my mail box. I am happy, that he was thinking about it. Later this day, he will send me the scans or photos of all the mail.

After brunch I updated my blog and was then leaving for going to Christo Rei – the statue on the other side of the red bridge. I was walking the Rua do 4 do Infantaria, had a meal in a little park and continued to the stop of the 28E. With the tram I was going to Chiado and afterwards walking down to Cais Sodre. There I ask a driver of a tuc tuc for an ATM and walked to the train station close to it, because the young woman had told me, that there is. I also found a bathroom there before I went back to the tuc tucs, because I had decided, that I have to take one once in my life and I will do it for crossing the bridge of 25th April (25 Abril) in Lisbon. I asked for the price as well if the smaller tuc tucs were cheaper. They were not, though I was going with this nice girl.



Unfortunately there were several car break downs on the way to the bridge. It might have been for the weather even it was only + 31°C. Finally on that bridge, all went well. I have taken that tuc tuc for I read, that it is not possible and not allowed to walk over the bridge and while going by the tuc tuc I also have seen that it is true as well as there is no space for pedestrians. Though the bridge is not as famous at the Golden Gate Bridge. I hoped the tuc tuc will be slow enough for taking photographs, but even they are not allowed to drive more than 45 km/h it is too fast for good photos. By the way, I have to thank the driver of the tuc tuc for the photo above.

For 6 EUR I came by the elevator a bit up to the Cristo Rei statue, but there were also two flights of stairs to force. The platform, where you have a good view over all of Lisbon, is very safe. The fence is not only really high, but also convex. Up on the platform, one can imagine how big the statue is, even it is not as big as the statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. There were a souvenir shop in the building, of course, but they did not have a good postcard of the statue and most of the things, they were selling, were kitsch. Everywhere on the area around and in the statue there were Christian music as well as it was easier to find a church but a bathroom.




On my way back I asked a bus driver for the direction to Lisbon. I tried to hitch hike, but there is a little town close to the statue, though I could not get a ride. I was going back by bus instead. There is a train too, which has an extra bridge under the bridge of 25th April, but on the one hand I did not find the train station and on the other hand I learned, that it is better to go by bus instead of train, when one will see a lot of an area. I was lucky and got a front seat.

I think I was back at home around 8am, checked my emails and watched TV on my tablet, going to sleep soon after midnight.


Monday, 3rd July 2017

Tired as usual I was up a quarter past six and actually I was some minutes later than usual leaving my “home”. Therefore I saw the bus driving away from my bus stop and walked down to the Metro. I was at work in time, of course.

In the afternoon my supervisor talked with me and told me, that I will be transferred to the email-team. You cannot imagine how happy I am. I am wondering, if they really needed one more person for the German email-team or if I have got the chance because of my application for the Swedish email-team and back office. However I am happy about it.

Back “home” I was writing emails to my friends about the change of my surname as well as I wrote to my employer.




I have neither had time to write to my relatives, but my children nor to all the authorities, which need to know. I will see, if they all accept that name change. The biggest challenge is the German Pension Authority. The other one my Maltese bank. I have to write letters at the weekend.


Tuesday, 4th July 2017

At work I was for a little while at the phone, but soon I had to go to the email group and be side by side to see, how they work. I also have been told, that I do not need all of the training, the new group gets, because I already know a lot by the training for the phone.

Finally I have got that email about moving into my new place. My new address is: Rua da Manhiça, 469 – 1º Esquerdo (left), 1800-245 Lisboa (Olivais Sul). I have to pick up my key at the TP City Center and leave the key for the room I have now in a time frame of 48 hours from getting the email., even I only read emails, when coming home from work. That means, that I have to try to get some hours off work, otherwise I will not manage it during the 48 hours I have got for picking up the keys, moving and leaving the key of my old room there. It had been better, if I could have moved during the weekend. I also had prefered if someone had met up with me in my old room to check if all things are still there, which have to be here.

In the evening I checked, if I could make a washing. I tried for several days, but the machine was occupied all the time, though I will put my laundry into the washing machine the upcoming morning, even if I have to take out the clothes of someone else. On the list in my room there is also written, that there has to be sheets and a towel, but there are always new once for new employees. Anyway I will leave the TP towel and TP sheets here. I have my own and do not need them. I started packing some things already, but the most was still in the wardrobe and the chest with drawers.

I also wrote emails to relatives and friends about my new surname.


Wednesday, 5th July 2017

This morning I had directly to go to the email-team and I was with another colleague side by side. He was really god, though I asked him sometimes about, what he is doing and why.

Still in the morning I asked my supervisor about a couple of hours off in the afternoon for moving, but she told me, that it should not be necessary, asked me for the phone of the assistant, who wrote the email to me and told me, she will contact him. Though I was working until 6pm as usual. I had only a snack and was as soon as possible going to the TP City Centre. I had got the impression on the map, that I have to leave the Metro at Campo Pequeno, but I should have gone further one stop. Anyway I reached the TP City Centre after a while and it was easy to get a key – there was a box with lots of keys, which a security employee cared about. He told me, that I have to leave the other keys to him the upcoming evening.

I went directly home to the old apartment and packed all of my belongings. I tried to call a taxi, but the little phone with the Portuguese no did not work and when I tried online, they sent a code to the phone :-(! Finally I was taking as much as I could move by Metro, but met the owner of the garage in the house and asked him, where I can find a taxi. He told me, at the garden close by and I was going there. There were no flatmates, who have seen, when I left. The guy from the Netherlands was in the shower. The other maybe not at home. Coming to the taxi rank, there were several cars. First all ignored me and some of the drivers were talking with each other. The first one in the row told me than to get into the car. I gave him the note with my new address and he told me, there is not such street ;-), but he was going to the other taxi drivers asking them for help. He came back and did not know more than before, when one of the drivers came and told him, he had found that street. Though I switched to his cab and I could see, that he had a GPS. Unfortunately there were no number 469, where I should go to. The highest one was 463, but he told me, no worry, he will find the house.  I also asked him for going back directly from the garden to my old place, though I could pick up the other things. He was waiting for me outside and I was down very quickly again. All the rooms were dark in the apartment I hade lived, nobody could see, that I moved out and I looked the room, though none of them can take the mattress or something else, they would like to have.

It took a long while with the taxi before we were at my new place – it takes much longer by car than by Metro. In the right street he parked on the site of the 463 and left the cab, looking for the 469, which he also found without any further problem. He backed closer to the front door and helped me with my belongings to get them there. Actually he got a great tip of me – and was surprised about it. I told him, it was for the good service. – I unpacked most of my belongings because of the size of my room. I did not have space between all my things, even I do not have so much here. I had to put something on the bed, though after unpacking all my things, but the big suitcase, I finally could make my bed and find a sleep.


Thursday, 6th July 2017

I was early up and unpacked the big suitcase as well, had a breakfast and was in time to work, but I was really tired. Anyway I had to start with the emails in real. I wrote between 15 to 20 emails that day – usually we have to write almost 56, but my supervisor told me, that was many emails for being my first day and new to it. She was actually surprised about the amount I had written.

After work I was with my keys to the old room to the TP City Centre again, where I met the same security assistant as the day before. He was happy, that I had written the address from the old room on it and still had my name etc on it – I had taken the old envelope and just changed the address. On my way back to my (new) home, I left the Metro at the station “Olivais”, looking for the shopping centre, which should be there. I had to ask a pedestrian for it, I could not see it from the Metro station. She was very nice and walked close to it with me. I took my time to look around and was visiting one and another shop because of the sale. I also entered C&A as the last shop, which sales clothes. Usually I do not buy clothes there, but sometimes one can make a bargain and really find something of high quality. So I did this evening. I found a beautiful linen jacket for only 20 EUR – it had been for 50 before sale. It was in my size, what is not often happening either.

Furthermore I went to the supermarket in the centre, but they did only have almond milk and nothing else without lactose. Though I decided to go to the supermarket Continente at the Vasco de Gama shopping centre next time again. When leaving the shopping centre I was not sure in which direction I should go and was asking a pedestrian. She told me, that she knows the street. She had lived there twenty years ago. Anyway she told me the longer way to go. It had been much closer if I had went down the street instead for continuing up. Anyway I used the “Here”-app and tried to recognize her description as well. After around half an hour I reached my new place. I was tired and fell asleep quickly.


Friday 7th July 2017

A new day with the email team, even I had to look for a place and had problems with the computer in the beginning all went well and I can tell you, now I love to work there.

After work I followed the group – the colleagues we had the training together with – to the “Cati”, that special place I already have written about. This time was better – no wet ass! It is amazing to see the people, who meet up here and enjoy the place as well the view. There are smokers, smoking cigarettes and weed, drinkers, musicians and just people like you and me. On the way there we stopped at a snack bar, buying falafel or hamburgers and we had something to drink, too, of course. I was happy, that there were some of the guys, who were caring about me, though I did not get lost. One of them also secured a place in the Metro for me. There were many people going by the Metro that evening.

I did not stay for longer than 9pm, I told my colleagues, that I have to find my way home before it is getting dark and they understood. One asked me, if I will find the way to the Metro from the Cati – but that was not a problem at all. By the way, that guy also gave me a phone for free, because my free phone, got of TP, had crashed. I do not know how, because it was not dropping out of my hand or something like that. It just had to be charged and after charging it was no longer working. The nice guy – called Bärchen (little bear) – is one of the kind, which has often bad luck himself. His real name is a usual Christian name, of course.

I found my way home even I crossed a part of the area close to me, which I would not like to cross during dark. It looks a little like a slum, even there are real buildings, but they are not well cared for. I have to try to find a different way to go. By the way we are five persons in the apartment, one of us has a private bathroom. There are two guys sharing another bathroom and the Swedish girl – she is living next to me – and me share a tiny bathroom with only a shower. Anyway, there is space for some of my hygiene articles.

In the tiny bathroom is a really good mirror. When I came home from Cati I saw, that my hair is not looking good. It is looking scrubby for the last twenty centimeters or so. On the other hand side, my hair has got back a better quality again and I decided to cut the hair the next day. I was thinking about it for a while, complaining to myself about the good things of short hair and the bad things. Before falling asleep I had decided to go to the hairdresser next day, if I feel the same in the morning.


Saturday, 8th of July 2017

I was on my way to IKEA, but found a hairdresser “next door”, though I entered and asked for the price. There are lots of hairdresser in Lisbon as well, but there are some in the shopping centres, who are really expensive. This one was not – it was not in a shopping centre, of course. I asked, if they speak English. They understood quite well, but did not speak and I was asking for pictures of haircuts. I scrolled through and then I saw it: My new style. It was just the kind I thought about. The hairdresser dit cut my hair and showed with gestures, if necessary. She showed me, that she was sorry for cutting my long hair, but did a great job. I am really happy about my new style and feel much better than the last weeks. I am curious about if they will let me in at my work – I do not look like the pic on my badge at all anymore.

A new room means, I need some new things – actually I could make it without them, but I have got used bed linen and a used towel. I do not need the towel at all, but maybe my bed linen will not dry during a day and I need some more. Also the cover is big, so it does not fit into my bed linen. Furthermore I have now a rack for curtains in my room. Thinking about all the money I will spend, I told myself, that I can take all the bed linen, I bought her, home as well as the curtains. Though my next think thank was: IKEA. I tried to find out, how to go there from my new place – and it is very easy and comfortable. A bus no 750 is going very close to here and all the way to IKEA. Unfortunately I did not know, when we came close to IKEA, that I have to leave at that bus stop – I though there were another one, but the next one was very far away. Though I tried to go back with the same route, but in the other direction, which was not possible. Even I found the stop for the 750 into the other direction, it was not going the same way back and not close th IKEA. I had to leave again and try to go again in the direction of IKEA. Fortunately a young woman helped me, not to miss the bus stop for IKEA that time. It was already around 2pm and I though I will have Swedish meat balls, but the queue was so long, though I decided to eat a Swedish cinnamon bun instead and a bun with cheese and ham as well. There were no real queue at that counter and after I had eaten these, I continued down the stairs for looking for bed linen etc.

I actually found a lot of items for sale, even the bill was for around 45 EUR. A bathroom rug for only 2,99 EUR included. One item had a family price, but I have not had my family card with me. The next customer gave me hers for that moment and I saved as much as 2 or 3 EUR ;-). In the evening I felt, that the cover I bought was not warm enough, because we have some chilly days for the moment, but that does not matter, because I have the other cover, which I put on the top.

On my way back I  left the bus a little too late and had to walk much more than necessary. I still have to check, where the best way is. By the way, the fridge is full, there were no space for my food and it is very dirty. I put a letter on the kitchen table, telling, that I would like to cleaned the fridge, that all mates should take out their food in the morning and put it on the kitchen bench with name and shelf and I will put back the things after cleaning. One of the mates: Menno, did sent a pic of it to all the other mates and added me to his list of room mates. I also filled the washing machine twice and had my rack in the living room – other has their in the living room, too. It is a huge room.

Before going to sleep I wrote some more emails and watched crime series. Unfortunately most of them are replays.




Sunday, 9th July 2017

I was not very early up, but did clean the fridge after my breakfast. The mates did thank me, even Menno, who has an own fridge in his room, but nobody asked me, if they can help ;-). I had to pull the fridge out of the space, where it is, though I could take the shelves out and found, that there is a contact behind, even the contact used was not that one. I tried if the one behind works, it does and I used it then for the fridge, though we now have an own contact for the water cooker.

I cleaned the fridge and put the things back with an owner, the other things like sauces etc I put into the trash and Menno put them out into the container, after I had asked him. He is really helpful, he also helped me with my curtains, because I could not reach the curtain rail. Emilia is the Swedish girl, the German girl is Jessica. There is also a Norwegian guy, named Christian, but I have not seen him so far. Menno is as tidy as me and told the girls before, that they have to clean their own mess and I did confirm it now. I hope, it will help. Anyway, the fridge is half empty now. None of us girls has a lot of food in there.

Around noon I walked to the Metro station Cabo Ruivo, but first I met a woman from the neighborhood at the containers, asking her, where I can recycle batteries. I had one, because I changed the battery in the kitchen clock. I did take a longer way than necessary, but that was good, because now I really know where to go, when I am coming by bus or by walking. By bus it is really comfortable. There are only a few meters to my home and I cannot miss the door, because next to it is a pharmacy. Anyway from Cabo Ruivo I was going by Metro to Oriente, even it is only one station, but my feet were tired.

I had a lunch at Vasco de Gama – a chicken nugget meal at Burger King. That was the first time I was eating at a Burger King in Lisbon, but I just felt for chicken nuggets. It was 9 nuggets, a little box of French fries and a medium drink. I was so full afterwards, I nearly had stomach pain.  I continued to the supermarket Continente, bought some almond and similar drinks, a half papaya and two small bags of raisins. I comforted myself by going back by bus 750 and just walking a few meters from the bus stop to my place.

The rest of the evening I updated my blog and was then watching crime series again. I am not able to write or update my blog for a whole day. Though the sites of former travels and my life as a little girl has to wait for other occasions.


Monday, 10th July 2017

Back to work and the first, who was observant and saw my new hair-dress made thumb up and during the day I got a lot of compliments for it. One of my fellows from the training did hear my voice, when I was stopping at the side of him, but only by the voice recognise me.

I made a good work this day, too, compared to, that I am a newcomer.


Tuesday, 11th July 2017

We had not very much to do at work and also the rest of the day was not busy for me.


Wednesday, 12th July 2017

I had already this and the following day off again, but after that I have to work for 6 days in a row. This schedule is for the weekends – all cannot have the weekends off and by this schedule I want often have the weekend off. The good thing is, that it is possible to go to authorities, doctors etc during the days off and if I will go for sightseeing there are not really so many tourists in town, but on weekends.

I had brunch this day and talk with the German girl, Jessica. I cared about my hearing aids, too. I have to do it sometimes and it was really time for it. While in my room I heard children laugh and took a look outside. There is a sport hall next door with a big green. On the green were small children and some trainers. One of the trainers had a water cable and sprayed the kids with water. They were very happy about that.

I did not go to a restaurant for a meal that day, I just ate sandwiches, though it was a cheap day (one of the few). In the evening I tried to learn more Portuguese by duolingo and afterwards I watched some German crime series. I cannot get Swedish here, otherwise I would prefer Swedish Internet television.


Thursday, 13th July 2017

I have thought it through more than once and decided to get a new passport as soon as possible. This day was the first opportunity to try to get one. I was a little late, but still in time for the opening hours of the Swedish Embassy in Lisbon. I was going by the Metro – had to change and the rest walking. Well there I found, that I could have taken the tram (route 28E) from the Metro station. Actually I had decided to make print outs somewhere of the Grant of a Personal Name and the Swedish Extract of the Population Register, but I did not find anywhere to do it and I did not have time to look for a place, where I could do it. Though I told the assistant of the Swedish Embassy, that I only have these documents digital. She asked me, if the Swedish tax authority already has registered the new name and I told her, how I found that out. Therefore she asked me to fill in the necessary form. Later on I had to go a flight of stairs up for a photograph, fingerprints and my signature. Well done, I was explained, that the new passport will arrive at the embassy the first week in august and that I will get an email, when it arrived.

Coming from the Swedish embassy I tried again to print out the documents above and a couple of letters, but the place where I asked, they only made print outs of photos – in the size of postcards. I also needed a new photo for a new driver’s license and was going to the Photo shop at Marques de Pombal Metro station, where I had made the photo for my VIVA-card. I asked, if they make print outs, too and finally I was lucky. They had a great service and I have got all I needed.

Afterwards I continued to the shopping centre Vasco da Gama, where I bought envelopes at the supermarket Continente – and also some food. I had to ask for the post office nearby, but with the help of kind citizens I finally found it. I sent a registered letter with my German driver’s license to Trafikstyrelsen in Sweden. It is the name of the relevant authority. I think it will be difficult to get all my classes back, but just a driver’s license for cars up to 3,5 ton would be fine. I won’t drive bigger cars or motorcycles anymore. In addition to that I sent the two letters about my name change to the German Pension Authority as well as the Social Security Department on Ireland.

Back at home I feel asleep, but was awake one more time around 8pm to eat a sandwich and work with duolingo as well as I did watch crime series again.


Friday, 14th July 2017

The Internet has been down twice at work, but otherwise there were nothing special at work.

There is a little supermarket, as they call them here, even they are very little and just a grocery shop. I bought oats. They only have small packages – but that is the same everywhere in the supermarkets here. I think, they usually do not eat oats as porridge.

This evening I met my flatmate Christian for the first time. When I told him, I am Swedish he started speaking Norwegian. I still have problems to understand this language, when spoken, but I got the most important, what he was telling me, e.g. about his upcoming travel in Russia, when he will try to stay at hostels for the first time.


Saturday, 15th July 2017

I had to work, what does not matter for me, as I explained before. After work I was crazy about pizza. Actually I would have liked to eat pizza already the day before. I allowed me to go to the pizza restaurant at the Vasco da Gama shopping centre. It is on the highest floor. There I was seated and served. I chose a pizza quattro formagia and got a real Italian pizza with this lovely thin dough. Surprisingly I had a Tiramisu as a dessert. It was surprisingly because I am usually full of a pizza. This day I was not and the Tiramisu was delicious, too. By the way I had a glass of red wine and a little bottle of water as well. I felt dizzy of the wine even I had eaten the pizza, but I did not feel very dizzy, just a little. I tried to order my dinner in Portuguese and all was OK, but I asked for vinho vermelha and the waiter told me, it is vinho tinto.

I do not know if it was the pizza, the wine or the Tiramisu on the top of all, anyway I had a bad night with heartburn. At least I did take my medicine against heartburn.


Sunday, 16th July 2017

I was not the only one at work, who has had a bad night. A girl told us, that she only has had one hours sleep during the night.

On my way home I was to the supermarket in my area again and bought something to eat. They do not have fresh bread, though I did buy a kind of crackers instead. After a light meal I was to bed and falling asleep very fast.


Monday, 17th July 2017

The work is the same everyday and I try to work a little faster even I am not in competition with the others. The lunch this day was not tasty at all. I did not like it, but I think it is the Portuguese kitchen. After work I was to the canteen again and bought a roll with cheese. I really could speak with the employee in Portuguese, though I also understood, what he was talking about and I told him, that I do not want butter on the roll. On my way home I was lucky with the bus. People were already entering it and I could join.

I bought coloured paper and tape. When I was back home I was in my room and wrote on an orange sheet:

Everyone, please

If YOU spill it, wipe it up

If YOU dirty it, clean it

If YOU open it, close it

If YOU empty it, fill it

If YOU borrow it, bring it back

Take care of your own mess


Tuesday, 18th July 2017

Before I was going to work I put the sign, I had written the evening before, on the cupboard.

It was a good day for my employer, because I already work faster. I was lucky with the bus again and did not have to wait for it.

In the evening Menno and I met in the kitchen and he did ask me, if I have been angry and that it was a little rude, though we should have a meeting – all we, who are living here. I did not have my new schedule, therefore I told him, that I do not know yet, when I will be available, because the upcoming week always one of us will not be available. I also told him, that I did write “please” and that I could have bought a sign, but will not give money for that. It was cheaper that way. He told me, it is a note, a sign would have been much better.

Before going to bed a thought, it is just English. The word mess is usual in the English language and as little rude as “shut your mouth, please”, because the English language has no other word for mouth.

When I checked my emails I found the schedule for the next four weeks. You have to know, that we have to ask for holidays a month in advance, but only get our schedules for the upcoming four weeks. I was happy, when I opened my schedule. Only late shifts! That’s great 🙂


Wednesday, 19th July 2017

It was as usual at work, but I had talked about the rules about holidays and the schedules with my supervisor during the day, because it is not possible to put some holidays after free days as we could do, when I was working on Malta. I think that is not employee friendly. I cannot understand, how TP can be the employer of the year with such a bad policy. Maybe in Portugal the other employers has worse rules.

This evening I had to wait a long time for the bus and a lot of people at the bus stop were wondering, when the next bus will come.

As usual I checked my email after coming home and I had got a new schedule from my employer for the upcoming period. The schedule was changed. Only the first two weeks were late shift and the other two weeks were morning shifts, starting at 7am. I had asked for late shifts or otherwise start working at 9am or later. That was similar to the last schedule. We had told our wishes, when we were asked and I already had communicated, that I love late shifts and hate early mornings. We also have a girl living so far away from our work place, that she nearly can be in time to the 7am shift, but she anyway have had the early mornings in her schedule. Though thinking about all that I was so disappointed, that I got very angry and decided to quit the job. If I would have more money, I would quit it by the upcoming day. We still have that opportunity! – During the first 30 days after signing the contract. Furthermore I have to wait here for my new passport.

I fall asleep very early that evening, but awoke around midnight. When I was going to the kitchen, Jessica was coming to the kitchen, too, cooking instant noodles. I told her about the changed schedule and how angry I was and she told me, that most of her mates complain about the schedules, but she is lucky and has the schedule she likes. By the way she also is lucky to have an own suite. I still have not got a better mattress. I am wondering if I will tell them, that I do not need it anymore, but I have pain in my spire every morning, though it would be great if I soon get a new mattress, even I only will use it for some weeks. Another employee will be happy about it, I think.


Thursday, 20th July 2017

I have two days off again, but I was working for six days in a row. I did not fell asleep again before 6am, but was up around 8am. After breakfast I did start a washing machine before I took a shower. When I tried to wash my backpack – I found some days ago, that it was smelling badly, Emilia, the Swedish girl had put on the dishwasher and it is only possible to put on the washing machine or the dishwasher like it was in the first apartment, that we had to choose between the washing machine and the dryer. I hung my linen and towels on the dry rack and cleaned my room. I had to check the dishwasher several times before it was done and I could use the washing machine again. This machine has 13 programs, the last 3 are drying programs – but they take very long time, though nobody use them. At least this machine has a program for washing shoes. Therefore I used that for my backpack and it worked very well. It was also easy to hang it on the dry rack. I hope it will be dry tomorrow morning as well as my laundry.

I cleaned my room – it was easily done. I wiped the dust and then the floor. They have such funny brooms here, this kind I only knew for using outside, but here they use them even inside the house. Meanwhile my backpack still was in my washing machine I did write my resignation and sent it by email to our HR support, but first I tried to find out, to whom I had to address it. That was not possible, even there were the rules for the timely manner of resignation and termination, but there is not written, how to address a resignation. Though I addressed it to the employers address in Lisbon, which is in the contract and to the Human resources manager. I will wait for the answer.

I also recognized, that we still do not have got the signature of our employer. Maybe he will not sign before th 30 days has gone and in my case, maybe he will not sign at all and I have to go already at the end of July. I will see.

I also went outside to the trash containers to recycle a big water bottle as well as throwing away the trash from my bin. I washed also my blouses and my jeans. I found a new way to dry the blouses, because of the lack of space on the dry rack. I just put them in the wardrobe on the hangers, how I would do, when they are dry. The only difference is, that I have the doors of the wardrobe open as long as the blouses are not dry. I will remember that for my real home, too.

In addition to all this I was to the supermarket and bought new oats, almond, soya and coconut drink as well as a big water bottle. This supermarket is so close, though it is easy to carry the things home. I also bought cheese and gammon. Around 6pm I was out for dinner, but the restaurant only has that name, it is a pub, where you cannot eat any food. The other restaurant or café – actually it looks like one and there are always a lot of people outside with the tables – was similar to the first named, but they also did sell fish and seafood. The café, where I have had breakfast my first morning in the new apartment, did not really sell food either, but pizza to take away and bake it in the oven. Though I already had pizza again, but it was not at all as good as the one in the Italian restaurant some days ago.

The rest of the time I was updating my blog respectively answering the emails of my daughter. I told her about quitting my job and had to explain. She was not disappointed about my decision.


Friday, 21st July 2017

I decided to make something different of my day. The weather was nice and I thought, I cannot leave without having been at the beach. I found out at the Internet, that there are beaches in Cascais and it was quite easy to go there. Cascais also was stated as an old, but living fisher village. Though I did go there.

First I had to go by underground to “Cais do Sobré”, than to take the train. There were boats as well, therefore I was asking if it was possible to go to Cascais by boat, but it was not. There were a long que at the ticket counter for the train, but the train was every 20 minutes, though it was anyway not so bad. The train I have got started in 15 minutes and I was happy, that I already took  a seat, because some minutes later it was not possible anymore.

I had a window seat and could see the surroundings very well. There were lots of stops before Cascais – which was the last one of this route. Well in Cascais I found a sign to the beach when I looked around and was following it. Soon I found out, that there was not one beach, but a lot of smaller once, because the coastline is diverse. At all the places there are restaurants. The first beach was crowded, though I continued. Somewhere I took the legs of my trousers, though it was like shorts. On a nother place I changed to the upper part of my takini, because most of the people were similar dressed. I walked for a while along the beach, had a sandwich somewhere and an ice cream and walk back again. Actually it was the first or second beach I then put my feet into the water to feel how cold it was. A lot of people were swimming, but I did not. The water was too cold for me. I was thinking about, that it is the Atlantic coast and the water will be cold here all the time, no matter how warm the air is.

After a while I was exploring the “fisher village”. Cascais is not really looking like the picture in my head of a fisher village. I took some photographs and somewhere in town I entered a shop, because there was a nice dress in the window. That one I saw was too big for me and the shop assistant dit show me other dresses. I think I tried out five, but there were only one, which was looking nice on me, anyway it was to big around my breast. Though I apologized and walked out of the shop without anything bought. By the way I also was thinking about the price. I have lots of clothing and do not need a new dress and I was not willing to spend around 90 EUR for a new dress.

When coming home, I checked my emails and found one from my manager. He asked me to call him because of my resignation. He also wrote, that he had tried to reach me by phone all the day. It was too late to call him and I was thinking if it is very important, he will talk to me the upcoming day. I was to bed in time, though I hoped, I will not be so tired next day, but I had heart burn, as I often get here and could not fall asleep before around 2am.




Saturday, 22nd July 2017

On weekends there are fewer employees at work and I never have a problem to find a desk. Neither my supervisor was working this day nor the manager for our floor. Though nobody talked with me about my resignation.

It was ice cream weather this day as well and I bought a really big one.


Sunday, 23rd July 2017

Even this day we were no many employees, we were even less than the day before. It is only a little hard to find a supervisor or people to ask about things, because I am so quite new and still have questions. Nobody talked with me about my resignation this day either. I thought if it was so important, that they tried to call me several times on Friday, the manager or supervisor should have come to work and talked with me.

I was leaving my work a little late, because the last case took longer as I expected. Though I missed the bus I usually go home with and had to wait for a little longer while. I think it is only on weekends the busses do not go so often in the evening. Anyway there is almost a bus every half an hour, but weekdays they run every 15 minutes.


Monday, 24th July 2017

It was “crowded” again at work, that means I had to ask for an empty desk, where I could work. Even if a desk seems to be empty, when I come, one of the early shifts can have the desk and be on lunch. Therefore it is occupied, but I cannot see it.

Just before my supervisor were going home, she talked with me, asking me why I resigned and actually I told her the way it is, that I felt “fucked” by getting the two different schedules without any comment to the other one. OK, there was a little text in Portuguese at the end of the schedule, but I think, that text should have been in English as well, because most of us are not speaking Portuguese and we got all the contracts in English or German as well, but the document we had to sign in Portuguese – for the Portuguese authorities. We were told, that the Portuguese contracts had the same meaning as the translations.

Diana, my supervisor explained how it works and that she made a mistake, otherwise I would not have got the other schedule as well as I am allowed to work after the first schedule. She is happy, that someone will work only late shift. She asked me to take back my resignation and actually I did. Both Diana and the hr support thanked me for that decision.

In the evening I sent a Couch request to a host in the greater area of Porto. I would like to spend my three days off there. These were the first longer weekend I have got. The host’s name is Felco and he is Mexican, but has lived in all of North America. He came to Portugal for work some years ago and is around 40 years old.


Tuesday, 25th July 2017

I was asking Diana for holidays. I had already checked several times, when the flights will not be to expensive. When I sent my resignation I thought I will go to Barcelona and Malta on my way home, because I would like to visit Barcelona one more time and it is really close from here and I have to go to Malta for my account (new name).

After taking back my resignation I checked again how to do this and was wondering if I could get some holidays. I told Diana also, that I will have my medicine from home, because I already have my prescription there. She promised to talk with our manager and ask him.

Felco did answer me and it was a positive one.


Wednesday, 26th July 2017

On my way to work I checked my VIVA card, but it is still valid until 28th of July and I am off that day. though I decided to wait with the top up.


Thursday, 27th July 2017

I had real pain in my spine at work. It is the mattress in my bed. I often have pain in my spine. Diana asked me how I am and I told her and all the story about a better mattress. She asked me for to send her the ticket no, though she will try to hurry it. Before she was going home, she also told me, that I will have my holidays, but I have to ask the manager on Monday about the dates, because she is off for four days in a row. I asked her, what she will do during that time and she answered me, that she will be with her parents. By this we came into that she is Portuguese, but raised in Germany. The third of the employees I know. I asked her too, if she knows someone, who can help me to learn Portuguese and she told me, that she will think about it. She also told me, that she had studied languages.


Friday, 28th July 2017

It is the first of my two days off and I planned to go to the Swedish embassy in Lisbon, because I have got an email earlier, that my passport is waiting for me there. I also had sent an email to the embassy and asked if I can pick up the passport on a Friday and got a positive answer.

I was late as usual – arrived 11:30am, but was treated kindly again. I have got back my old passport with holes in it, though it cannot be used anymore. I am happy to save it for the stamps of my first part of my RTW-trip. Furthermore I had some errands to do. The most important was a card to send to my aunty Margarete in Germany for her birthday. She always was concerned if we did not remember her birthday in time and I do like her so much.

In addition to that I took the opportunity to buy two really fresh “pastéis de nata” and also was looking for a ribbon to put inside my hat, so it will fit me. I thought I know a shop, were I could buy ribbons, but they only sell textile, no accessories like threads, ribbons etc. I asked for such a shop and was told, where to find them – and I did. The owner of the little shop did not speak English, but we managed it together with signs and the few words in Portuguese I know.

I had also bought stamps and with that a sim-card for my tablet with Internet data usage up to 3GB, I was thinking later, that it was stupid to do so, but the stamps. Anyway I was to a coffee shop, had a lunch and wrote the card for my aunty as well as I put a stamp on it. Afterwards I was looking for a post box or post office to send the card. I did not find any but one hour later. I had asked a police woman and she told me, where to go. When I was there, I found, that I was close to the place again, where I had bought the stamps – at Chiado.

It was really hot in the sun and even I wear a hat, I was looking for the shadow, though I also bought a big ice cream this day again.

On my way home I was going by Metro – I had top upped the card in the morning – and left at the station Olivais, visiting the shopping centre for a view things like bread. At the cash, my Visa card did not work, though I did take my MasterCard, but was also into a shop close to my Lisbon home for buying a bread knife. They did not take cards and I was to the ATM at my house. I tried the MasterCard, taking out 50 EUR and it worked. Though I do not know, why that card was not working in the shop. Obvious I checked my account that evening, but did not find any explanation either, why that card did not work in the shop.


Saturday, 29th July 2017

It was a hot day as well and I decided just to go by the direct bus to Campo Grande to ask if I need a new VIVA card, because neither my name nor my photo is correct anymore and also I moved and have another address. The assistant at the counter told me, that it does not matter. The card is valid to 2023 anyway.

To go back to my home was difficult. I could not find the bus stop in the direction to my home, though at least I was going by bus all the way around to Alges and back. In Alges I took a walk and have seen a refurbishing of a pedestrian street. It will be really nice, when it is finished and I have to go there and take some pictures at that time.

Back at home – around 5pm – I was going to sleep and slept until the next morning around 6am.


Sunday, 30th July 2017

I have to go to work again and had only a quick shower that morning, but I used my laptop and updated my blog until 21st July.

We are not so many employees at work on the weekends, especially not on Sundays. Anyway the air conditioning was on and it was really chilly. I needed my cardigan and was freezing on my feet. By the way on Sundays the employees at the phone leave 8pm, only the email department leaves at 9:30pm, but if we would go earlier, we also had to start earlier. It does not matter for me to work until 9:30pm everyday I work, but some employees do not like it at all.


Monday, 31st July 2017

Another month is coming to its end. It feels like I have been here for too long already, but I would like to earn a little more money, though I stay as long as I can cope with it. Almost in December I will quit this job and I really hope it will be my last one. It is neither the kind of work, which makes me feel like that nor that I am working in a foreign country living with flat mates, but it is the feeling, that the company do not care about its employees. They have got awards for the best working place in Lisbon (or maybe Portugal), though I am wondering if the bought that title or how bad it usually is to work in Portugal. I am really disappointed about the workplace environment including schedules, our rooms etc.

Before I was going to work I had the opportunity to borrow my flatmate Jessica my dry rack. She share another dry rack with another flatmate, but that was occupied. I also wrote some lines on my blog this morning.


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