Sunday, 1st October 2017

We were only few people at work, because it is Sunday. This day our manager was our supervisor. I cannot remember that it happened before.

After work I was shopping at the supermarket “Continente”. I did not have any food at home, but some biscuits and had two shopping bags, when I left the shop. It was mostly food in them.


Monday, 2nd October 2017

After breakfast and the usual shower I was to work again. Even this day our manager was our supervisor. I made my usual task and was happy about that, because I feel more comfortable with it. This day tiny “Berliner” (a kind of donuts) were offered us, because of the National Holiday for Germany the upcoming day. In the evening it became cold at work, even someone switched off the AC. When we came outside after work it was still warm. I had company to the station Oriente, as I have often now.


Tuesday, 3rd October 2017

I had problems with the washing machine in the morning. It dit not start, even I tried all and also checked the switches. When I had called our service and came back from my room, the machine was working again. I think there was a problem with the switch, which one we can choose the washing machine or the dish washer. I had tried that several times before, but finally it was OK again.

I also had a long chat with my flatmate Antonio and he was practicing a little Spanish with me. He also told me, if I can understand his dialect, I will understand all Spanish talking people.

I made it just in time to work this day, even I usually arrive 15 minutes before the start of my shift. Diana, our supervisor was back.



Wednesday, 4th October 2017

I was up early that day for picking up my new Swedish driver’s license at the Swedish embassy. I dressed like a tourist, because I want to be sure, that they think I am only as a tourist in Lisbon. I was surprised, that all my classes was on the driver’s license, even the one for trucks up to 7 ton was limited for 2022. I was very happy for my new driver’s license and finally I will be able to get an International Driver’s License before I will go to Mexico.

On the way back I bought four “pasteis de nata” at the factory at Chiado and it was time enough to go back “home” before work. Though I gave two of them as a gift to Antonio. We were talking about the “pasteis de nata” the day before and I was happy to give him the best ones in town.

The rest of the day was as usual, but I am bored at work and I am looking forward for my upcoming days of, when I will go to the Azores.

This evening I only had company with one of my colleagues to the station Oriente and he told me, that he looks up to me, for the way I am. I do hear that from time to time and I never know what to answer ;-). I am happy about it, of course.


Thursday, 5th October 2017

I had a longer chat with Jessica in the morning. We were talking about teeth and dentist and she offered me, to take me with her next time, because it will be cheaper to be introduced as a colleague at TP. I was going to work as usual and had company in the evening to the station Oriente.


Friday, 6th October 2017

After company of Jessica during breakfast, I continued with this blog. I prepared for going to Sao Miguel, an island of the Azores. the next day.

Please continue to read about my visit of the Azores from 7th Oct 2017 until the morning of 10th Oct 2017 by following the link: Sao Miguel.


Tuesday, 10th October 2017

I was back in Lisbon 10:30am and going home for a short while. Though I had another breakfast and a chat with Jessica as well as I changed clothes. Directly afterwards I went to work. The day at work was as usual. On the way home I bought a few things at the supermarket Continente in the shopping centre “Vasco da Gama”. I paid with a 10 EUR-note, because last time I was taking out money of an ATM I only got 10 EUR-notes. I got change on 20 EUR and tried to tell the cashier, that I did get too much money of her, but she insisted, that I had paid with a 20 EUR-note. Though I took the money, angry about the cashier and at myself, because I can still not enough Portuguese to explain.

Before going to sleep I watched the German series “Großstadtrevier”. It is about police work in Hamburg, the most beautiful city I know.


Wednesday, 11th October 2017

I was up before 8am and used the extra time to write an email to my godmother, because she had asked me some questions in her latest email.  I started my laundry and had breakfast, sorted my things after my three-days-travel to the Azores, had a snack and cleaned my shoes.

I was to work to 12:30pm as usual, but had to meet a doctor at 14:30 in a mobile home outside our workplace. They checked my pulse, eyes, ears and blood pressure. I was very dissatisfied, because they had for the eye check a kind of machine, which was not working together with my glasses. I would be nearly blind, if that machine would be right. Also my ear-check did not went well. The assistant had to push some buttons and I had to knock the window, if I heard the noise. I did not hear the bass voices, which I normally hear. My blood pressure was good, something about 110/80. The doctor asked me if I have children and when I answered I have four, he replied: good. I do not know, what is good to have or not to have children. I think the question has nothing to do with making my work, for my supervisor Diana later explained, because I was talking about the methods and results, that the doctor only have to find out if I am incapacitated or can continue with my work. They did this examinations with all employees.

On my way home I bought a bottle of red wine for 8,50 EUR – it was a Portuguese one from 2012. It was my own birthday present, what I actually had got of the cashier the evening before. In addition to that I bought a chocolate cake in the form of a gateaux, but without any cream.


Thursday, 12th October 2017

I started in the middle of the night, with eating a quarter of the cake and a glass of wine. I watched the series “Heldt” on my tablet, before I fell asleep.

For breakfast I had another quarter of the chocolate cake. When I checked my emails in the morning, there was only one. It was from my cousin and godmother Ursula. She has had her birthday three days earlier and I had sent congratulations to her. Later that day I also got an email from my son Samuel, but my three other children did not remember it.

I worked this day as usual and got a lot of congratulations of my colleagues, because my supervisor Diana had told them in the morning, that it is my birthday. In the afternoon I met my flatmate Jessica at a dentist, because she told me, if she introduces me as a colleague from TP, it will be cheaper. She had an appointment this day. Unfortunately I was a little late, I was not aware how time is running by a case. Anyway I found the dentist and she was there. Unluckily she had been looking for me and was walking around the whole area before. I apologized and all went well. It took 45 minutes for me to walk forth and back to the dentist as well as becoming registered there. I have got an appointment for a week later.

I had a bounty and a coffee after lunch, celebrating my birthday and also another quarter of the cake during my evening break. Back at home I celebrated together with Jessica. We shared the last quarter of the chocolate cake as well as the wine and I also offered some cheese, which I cut in cubes. Meanwhile we spent time together, her grandparents were calling by WhatsApp. Unfortunately the quality was bad, though there were not easy to understand. When her boyfriend arrived we said good night. It was already around midnight. I watched the German series “Hafenkante” also a police series from Germany and recorded in Hamburg.


Friday, 13th October 2017

I awoke around 8am, but was tired, though I was up around 9am instead. After breakfast I put the linoleum etching, I had bought in Porta Delgada, on one of my walls. I see it from my bed.

I was at work already before 11:45am, because I had to work the 45 minutes extra I was away from work the day before. The rest of the day at work was as usual, but it was the last day of one of our colleagues.

This evening was one of the many following evenings I had company from my workplace to the shopping centre Vasco da Gama. On my way to the bus I finally posted the postcard from the Azores for my former colleagues on Malta.

I also wrote sms with my son Samuel and get to know, that it will be during the first days of November, they will move into the house, they bought earlier this year. He changed his mind for giving me a homestead there, too. He was no longer interested in it. I do not care about it. I have a nice home in Ekerö, I won’t get that beautiful view I have at his new place.


Saturday, 14th October 2017

With the new schedule I have got another period of three days off. It is by the last day of the old schedule and the first two days of the new schedule. Though I decided to take care of these days and booked a trip to Madeira, another of the Portuguese islands.

I was preparing for the trip before going to work and did not sleep at all the night to the 15th October. I only packed my little backpack. It is big enough for all my necessary clothes etc. I need for a three- or four-day trip. I also had downloaded the app of Uber, because it is said it is cheaper than a usual taxi and it will not be possible to go to the airport by public transport the upcoming day.


Sunday, 15th October 2017

I did not sleep at all during the night afraid of I won’t awake in time. I was watching movies all the time and dressed for the flight around 4:30am. To dress for the flight it means for me to dress in my hiking pants. I like to have all my important belongings like my passport and my credit cards in the pants. There are zips on all pockets and the one for the credit cards is very secure on the inside of the pants. There could not be anything more secure. All these bags around your neck or waist are seen by thieves, but nobody can see, that I have all my important things in my pockets as well as there is no strap to cut.

I did not get the Uber App bringing me a Uber car to my house. I was waiting outside from 5am to 5:30am. Finally I decided to try on another point – at a more central street. I just was on the next street, when a free taxi was coming and I stopped that, no matter, what the price will be. Anyway I watched the taximeter all the time and was surprised about the low price on a Sunday night. I only had to pay 6,80 EUR. The driver got 1 EUR as a tip.

I was again too early at the airport. I had checked in before – as usual and did not have any luggage to drop. There was no queue either at the security. I spent the rest of time before boarding in the waiting area. I had to wait for the announcement of the port, too. It was only announced 30 minutes to departure. Though the boarding became a little late. By the way, this time I was flying by easyJet. Ryanair or other low price airlines do not fly to Madeira.

About this trip follow the link for Madeira.


Tuesday, 17th October 2017

The flight was calm, but when we flew over the mainland of Portugal – it became very windy. Anyway the pilot landed the aircraft very softly at 10:40pm, 10 minutes before the landing time. The disembarkment took a little while. It was raining small “cats and dogs” this evening.

While waiting for the Metro at the airport, I just missed one, I bought a bottle of water by a vending machine and took the medicine for my stomach and the next Metro to Estacao Oriente. Luckily I caught a bus back to Olivais Sul before midnight. The bus driver did not stop at my bus stop even I had pushed the stop button. I screamed “hello” and he stopped as fast as he could. I did not feel well even when I came home. I met Jessica in the kitchen, but we just said hello. I was directly to bed, but watched the news and movies.


Wednesday, 18th October 2017

This day I was awake unusual late. It was already 10am. Though I did not shower, but had a brunch. I was going to work as usual and there was nothing special happen, but I was the only one working of our team between 6pm and 9:30pm.


Thursday, 19th October 2017

This day I was up as usual and made all the stuff I had to do and not done the day before. Though I unpacked the little backpack etc. I also took the shower, put clean bed linen on my bed and took clean towels. Then I was going to work. Between 6pm and 9:30pm we were two people working this time.


Friday, 20th October 2017

When I came into the kitchen this morning Jessica and her boyfriend were already there having breakfast. They made space for me, too. Afterwards I was to the supermarket nearby.

Work was as usual, even we were there working during the last hours of the working day. The AC made it cold in the evening it work, as it often is. It does not help to switch it off either. It gets worse, when it is warm outside.


Saturday, 21st October 2017

I think I have been up and pee every second hour this night and also that it is because of the cold temperature at work. I was so tired in the morning, because I had not a good sleep by that.

At work it was OK. We were four people working the last hours and the AC did not make it so cold, because the temperature outside was decreasing.


Sunday, 22nd October 2017

It feels that time is passing so slowly! I am waiting for the day I will quit my job and even more for the time going to Mexico. In a way I am happy, that I have not been in Mexico in September this year as I had planned before. I think, there will not be earthquakes every year as well as so strong hurricanes like it has been this year. I am believing more and more in my guardian angel, he made me stay away from Mexico this year.

I also tried to send sms to all my children. I actually did it, but I did not get an answer of anyone of them, but my son Samuel the following day.

After work I bought almond milk and cream at the supermarket Continente. Actually I did not find almond milk of the brand I usually buy, but others in a 4-pack, easy to carry. That is my new favourite. Back home I have got a list of my Spanish flatmate Antonio for movies in Spanish as well as Spanish songs.


Monday, 23rd October 2017

There was nothing special happening, but I had a nice chat with my colleague Pejman on our way from work to the Vasco da Gama shopping centre. I was also again at the supermarket Continente buying more food, because I could not carry much more than the almond milk and the cream the evening before.


Tuesday, 24th October 2017

I had a day off again and a late breakfast while Jessica ate lunch ;-). Afterwards I cleaned my room, took care of my receipts, worked with my blog, especially with the photos from the Azores.


Wednesday, 25th October 2017

Also this day I am off work. I filled the dishwasher after breakfast, as I do often, because I cannot see all the dirty dishes anymore and it did not help to show them, how it has to be. Nobody cares, but Jessica and me. I made my dishes (by hand), washed my laundry and later Jessica’s towels, because Jessica had to go to work and I occupied the washing machine in the morning. I started the dryer for the first time, because the lack of space on the dry rack. A cycle takes three (3) hours!

I had an appointment at the dentist. An x-ray from the whole mouth was done, he filled a hole in one of my teeth and told me, that the hurting tooth  does it, because I have damaged that tooth by brushing too hard. He recommend me a sensitive gel to knead in, which I later that day bought at the pharmacy. I also got a quotation for a post crown – the implant was for 600 EUR and the crown for 520 EUR. The dentist also told me, that it would take two month between the implant and the crown, though it was easy to say no to it. I regret, that I did not go to the first dentist I asked about the price. He would have made it for 795 EUR all together. Now it is not time enough anymore. I was walking not only to the dentist, but also all the way back because of the nice weather. It felt like summer.

At my Lisbon home again I emptied the dishwasher, started the washing machine one more time, fold Jessica’s clothes, which he dried on my rack and had a meal. Done all this I blogged about my trip for Madeira. I did it all and was falling asleep already at 1am this night.


Thursday, 26th October 2017

It is summer again, we have as much as 28°C in the middle of the day and even the evening is still warm. When I had taken my thyroid medicine in the morning – as usual – I did fill the dishwasher, had breakfast, dressed, took a banana and my vitamines with me because of my tooth care.

The work bores me more and more. I ate the banana finally on my way home. This evening I watched movies as usual. Before falling asleep I send both email and sms to my daughter – it was actually already past midnight – because of her birthday.


Friday, 27th October 2017

I sent email and sms to my daughter, when the day was still very young (see 26th). After a nights sleep I was awake around 8am as usual, ate breakfast etc. and finally put the big hat I had bought in the beginning of the summer in his original condition. On my way to work I did put it in a clothes collection container.

I have got a short message of my daughters boyfriend, that I should not forget her birthday and messaged back, that I already sent both email and short message. He did not answer me. Unfortunately my daughter did not either. She does not answer me for a while and I am afraid, she is not feeling well. I am happy, that she has her boyfriend.

I also made the dishes before I was going to work. Work felt boring this day as well. On the way home I had company with Pejman and two girls to the Vasco da Gama shopping centre. Maybe I should name, that the way to the Metro, bus and train station is shortest throughout the shopping centre. In that centre also the supermarket Continente is situated, where often one or more of us stop for shopping food.

At “home” I watched movies again for a while, but fell asleep early. Even that night I had to pee often.


Saturday, 28th October 2017

After the shower I have seen, that I have got an “Athletic’s Foot” again. I think it is for I am wearing loafers all the day, because it is too cold at work with sandals. At work it was only Pejman, Marco and me in the evening – but there are nice company even they are working as concentrated as me all the time. The work still feels boring, I think it will not change before leaving. In addition to that the system is not working properly from time to time. Sometimes it is the one software, sometimes others. This evening I did made some work, which had not been possible during the last week because of a system issue. I had put these cases in the pending queue before.


Sunday, 29th October 2017

We had to put the clock back one hour as all the other people in the European countries. We have normal time again. This night we had an extra hour for sleep and I used it. After I awoke I took my medicine and was then surfing on the Internet for “Canary Islands”. If I will have some more days off in a row, I think I will go there.

In the kitchen I first put the dishes in the dishwasher, cleaned the benches and afterwards I had my breakfast. When Jessica came in she told me “it looks nice today” and I answered her “only because of me”. She understood.

Even this day I was to work as usual and got a business card of Marco on the way home as well as he explained about healthy ways for living and cures.


Monday, 30th October 2017

After a usual morning I was at work and had to face some problems. Though I could neither prove how much I had done nor could I work with other cases when my queue was empty. Actually I did check my route for Mexico.  For lunch it was pasta with vegetables and sausage again as usual, but this day I could choose carrots for salad. I bought a radio cake in the vending machine to feel full.

At “home” I tried to see a Spanish movie “Abre los ojos” (open your eyes). The movie had Portuguese text instead of Spanish and it seemed to be quite strange, though I skipped it and watched crime series instead, as I usual do. Unfortunately I do not have the energy to learn some Spanish for the moment. Maybe I will buy a phrase book to have with me, when travelling. Maybe I will make an own list with the most important words to know. Some Spanish I remember and I hope I will learn the language much easier, when I arrived in Mexico.


Tuesday, 31st October 2017

So, the last day of the month has come. My payslip arrived in the first minutes of the day – some minutes after midnight. I was surprised, but happy about the amount shown. The overtime I did in September will not only become a voucher, we did get it on the payslip, too. When I looked for the overtime applied, I saw, that there were not all hours stated. Later on I found another mistake – I think it is. There were a position 8,5 (%) of 48,80 EUR and it was deducted 50 EUR. That makes me wondering.

I also got an email about that I had told, that I would like to move to the same place like my friend and that TP was not able to give me a room at the same place, but if I would move into the same room as my friend, I would get a voucher each month. Fact is, that I never asked for moving together with a friend, because I do not have a friend here in Lisbon, especially none from TP. Though I was wondering about that email, but did only answer, that I am not interested in moving.

Before going to work I updated my economy files – but only the one in my book. I should update my files on my laptop as well, but it will take such a long time. I need an extra day for that.

After breakfast I was to the supermarket nearby, but they do not sell almond milk, though I also was to the supermarket Continente after work. I bought the last two liters of “Chocolate Soya” at the supermarket nearby and I am wondering if they will offer more. I also was to the Pharmacy next door and tried to buy my medicine for my stomach, but they did not find it, therefore they offered Omeprazol. A pack of 4 times 14 pills was for 6 EUR. I did not need a prescription for that. Taking about that later with Pejman, he told me, that there is no prescription necessary in Germany either.

Before leaving my apartment for work, I saw the firefighters in my house. It seemed, they were only on the ground floor, but for being sure, that I want missed that what I cannot get back and is worth a lot for me, I took my tablet and my camera with me. Actually it had been enough to take the memories of them, because the files are the important things not the equipment.

At work, beside the good job I did as usual, I told my supervisor Diana, that I did not know, that we will get the overtime on our payslip, but that there were not all hours I had worked overtime. She did check her files and found the missing hours as well as she found missing hours of others, which had not checked their payslip so far.

Later on Marco was talking about that it was hard to understand the payslip especially, because it is in English. I told him, I can show and explain to him, because I have my tablet with me. The payslip was sent by email as usual and I can see my emails everywhere, where I have Internet. By the new laws for Europe, I can check my emails all over Europe by the data connection I buy of my Swedish provider. He did take a look on it and finally understand the payslip.

This day was more chilly as the days before – the highest temperature was 22°C and in the evening it was around 18°C.


For November month in Lisbon, please follow the link: Lisbon, November 2017


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