1st Aug 2019

The most important occurrence this day was the message from my son Samuel, asking me, if I will visit him and his family the following day. We had planned that before, but it is good to know, there is no change. I actually was thinking about it as well, when I have got his message. I confirmed it. By the way I also planned to take my broken shopping cart with me, though my son can drive to IKEA with me, which is close to his home, and I can get a new one on guarantee, like IKEA promised me. – After I had updated my blog, I did take my daily walk.



2nd Aug 2019

I was going with the 9:57am-train to Södertälje Syd, where my son Samuel picked me up by car. His children were at home with the other grandmother. Though it was no problem to go to IKEA. There were many people, changing or leaving back furniture or other things, they had bought there before. There is a special queue for complaints, but it is served by the usual cashiers and that queue was stack. After a while, I asked, if there is no employee, caring about the complaints. On my request they did and I soon had a card with the amount for a new shopping cart. There was not the same colour anymore, therefore I had to take a black one. The price was higher than, when I bought it. At the cashier on the way out, I told him, that I am not willing to pay more than I did the first time, because it is a complaint. He had to go for a manager to fix that and did that. Soon I could leave IKEA together with my son and the new shopping cart.

We continued directly to Samuel’s home. His sons were nice welcoming me and I gave Samuel my present – homemade cinnamon buns. Unfortunately he did not eat of them, but his children. He told me, that he does not feel well, when eating food with gluten, but last time he and his family had visited me at my home, he did eat a lot of cinnamon buns. Anyway, the rest of the family did enjoy some of them and the rest were put into the freezer. Instead of the cake, my son had bought some different kind of frukts and berries. He offered this with whipped cream. All the berries were sour. Most of the berries were eaten as well as most of the whipped cream. Of the rest, Samuel made a smoothie, adding milk as well.

We had a nice afternoon and evening as well. His wife had been home before we ate the fruits and berries. Though we first did take a walk at the nearby lake Mälaren. There were ducks and coots simming in the water and there were also a lot of water lilies. I explained for my grandsons, how the water lilies are able to “swim” on the lake and also about their flowers, because these had no flowers. This lake is quite big and to reach from some towns in the surroundings of Stockholm. The youngest son, Vincent, was climbing on a railing. I was very afraid, that he may fall into the lake, Samuel mostly that he will lose one of his plastic cloqs. It really happened and Samuel was very concerned about it, but it was for the impact on the environment. He found a stick and was able to get it up again. Afterwards we were directly walking back home again, but his wife was going running.

The boys now have their own rooms. The rooms are not longer devided in a bedroom and a play-room. I was happy, but surprised, that they were playing all the time and not using tablets or the TV. Though Samuel explained, that they do not have a TV anymore – in real he had put it in the boiler room, which the kids cannot enter, because they did use it to much. They put on the TV by themselves as well. Actually the way Samuel acted, was the same I had acted many years before, when my children did not listen to me regarding to watching the TV. I was a little proud of me, that I am his role model.

I had to play chess with Leon. I won, but very hardly. Later that evening we had another game, where it was ending in a draw. Anyway Leon is really good in playing chess. You have to remember, that he only is six years old. By the way, he has gained a lot of weight, depending on his broken leg. He was off the gypsum now, but is still limping. I hope it will be better, when he is starting school in a couple of weeks. His parents did chose a private school for him, which is not nearby. Therefore my daughter in law will reduce her working hours to 30 a week, instead for full time. She has to follow him to school and pick him up as well until he is older.



3rd Aug 2019

I slept over at Samuel’s home. So did the other grandma. After breakfast, he and I had a long walk, without any kids. We had a lot to talk about as well. During the day, Tharsiny, my daughter in law, asked me, how far it was gone at my dentist and I told her all about it. That means: That the upper jaw was done, but that the lower jaw still is waiting for getting fixed and that we first have to wait for an attestation of a medical doctor, that we can ask for a reduction of the costs. Though she asked me, if I need money and I told her, that I do not need – that I will make it, but have to postpone some things, which does not matter so much for me (e.g. to go to the hairdresser).

After lunch I was going home. Samuel did drive me to the train station again. I always like to look out of the window, while going by train and bus and I was very lucky this day. I did see more than one flock of sheep, but more interesting was the moose with her kid. It was years ago I had seen a moose and never a female one with a kid. It made my happy.



4th Aug 2019

As part of the “Katrineholm festival” there should a lot of associations introduce themselves at a soccer field in Djulö (close to the manor and the bathing spot). I went there by foot, but became disappointed, because there were only four associations represented. One of them, I already am a member of. Two were very well-known: The red cross and a union for retired people. The fourth was an association for good movies. One had to pay a fix amount for half a year and could watch movies at a cinema. The movies were already named and the entrance fee for each movie was as low as 40 SEK this way. But the movies will be shown on Thursdays, the same weekday for my dance class. Though this was no option. I did talk with a member of the PRO. When I am told him, that I am interested in their program, he told me, that I am too young for the association. Therefore I explained, that I have the age and that I am retired. Now he did show me all they had about the association and their program as well as he did welcome me. Also at the red cross I stopped for a talk. I was explained, that they are looking for more volunteers, because of the new shop for the secondhand items, they get as a gift. I also found leaflets about their activities. After I have had a cinnamon bun and a coffee I left a minor amount. Soon I was on my way back home again.

Close by my home, I stopped to see a parad of oldtimers. There were some really nice ones to see, but also others, which I did not really counted to oldtimers. Therefore I had to realize, that like times go by also cars become older and the models from the 1970ies and even 1980ies are oldtimers now.


One of the Oldtimers I Enjoyed, Especially for the Old Caravan


In the late afternoon I had a “WhatsApp”-message from my Mexican friend Archi. I know, he and his family were on holidays in Canada, especially in Alberta. They had been hosted of a Canadian family, they had become friends with, when the Canadians were visiting my friend in Tijuana. Archi did send me a lot of photos the days before, because this visit was special. The host is living far away from the towns and use a small airplane to go to town, they have a four wheel buggy as well – such one, like I have driven in Australia and Canada as well. They also were playing golf there. This time, Archi did not send photos. He asked me for help. They were back in Vancouver and needed somewhere to stay. They tried by Internet, but they were at a McDonalds and they could not attend the Internet. By the way, I have had that problem sometimes as well, while traveling in Canada and the USA. The Internet of McDonalds is not secure enough, though the software of some phones does not connect. They did not have been fortuned to get a host. I tried to recommend my former host, but by looking for his full name, I could see, that he is not accepting guests for the moment. I was looking for hostels or cheap hotels instead. Nearly all places were full, but I found a not so expensive hostel, made a screenshot and sent that to Archi. He answered, that the hostel was expensive. I replied, that it was the cheapest one I could find, which was not fully occupied and added, that Vancouver is an expensive town, because it is very popular for tourists. Later Archi messaged me, that they had got beds in that hostel. I was happy, I could help them.



5th Aug 2019

It was another day of the Katrineholm’s festival. Before noon a group should have been singing in the town centre, but I did not find any. There were two opportunities and I did not find them at the second opportunity either, even there was a poster, that the group will sing. I was disappointed, but continued to “Friskis & Svettis”, which is an athletic club for everyone. The club had “open doors” and one could exercise for free this week. I was there to get information, what was possible to do there, the place itself and how much it would cost to exercise there. It is a quite small club, even the two rooms for groups were OK. The monthly amount to pay was 340 SEK for retired people, what could be reduced by paying with collection order. Anyway that amount is not an option for me.

The next stop was at an exhibition called “artistic techniques”. It actually was a gallery, which tried to attract people to buy paintings, photographs and ceramic items. There were no explanations about the different techniques. Anyway, there is a polyclinic nearby. Though I went there and asked, if they are writing attestations for dentists for getting dentist work done at the same price as healthcare. They did tell me, that they do and gave me a leaflet with there openings and phone hours as well as a paper for signing in to this polyclinic.

I continued to a hairdresser. They had a sign, that they have special prices for retired people. I asked about the price and was surprised, how low it was. It was for only 180 SEK (usual one has to pay 300 SEK and more. The hairdressers with the exotic names do take 500 SEK and do not have prices for retired people. I stayed there and when it was my turn I told the hairdresser, how I will have my hair – if it is possible. She told me, that it is, but because I have a little curly hair, I would need pliers. She did cut my hair like it looked in the book I showed her and also was working with my hair with pliers. In addition to that, she offered my to buy pliers. I told her, that I first will try without and if I do not get it correct, I will buy pliers. I was thinking about, that pliers may be much cheaper at a shop for electric items, because she told me, that the little one she is selling was for 250 SEK.

Happy, that I finally had got my hair cut, I was looking for another exhibition. It should be close to the city park. I did not find it, there were no signs anywhere. I was going home and had a meal. Later I was back to the city park for the sing song night. There were three bands. One of them were playing more often than the others. There were some songs, one could sing with the bands, but for the text one needed a special book, even the songs were quite known. There was only one song, which was really well-known. I had no idea about the book and did not know either, where to buy it. It was not stated in the information paper about the festival. Even this evening I had no company on my way home. It was as usual.



6th Aug 2019

I have had my alarm clock on 7am to call the polyclinic for an appointment with a doctor. Unfortunately I switched two numbers in my phone number. Even I tried to fix it, none did call me after 8am. I furthermore had planned to go the quiz walk, which was a part of the Katrineholms festival, but I did not get the time to do so.

By the begin of the month I did buy more food as usual. Additional to my two baskets back on the bicycle I also had my backpack. I bought some meat and sausages as well. I did not find papaya. I was told, if there is none on the shelf, we do not have some. Back at home I cooked meat sauce, cut the leek and froze it and cooked humus. Halv of it I did freeze as well, because of my experiences, that one cook is too much for me.

In the evening I bought an online train ticket for Stockholm or actually to Flemmingsberg with the SJ app, because of the rail work at Stockholm Central station.



7th Aug 2019

It was the turn of the dentist again. This time should no tooth be fixed. The dentist should only check my new prosthesis and we hoped, we could make plans about the further work, that means for the change of the dental material in my old fixed teeth, but neither had my doctor from the polyclinic contacted me (why I already was looking for another polyclinic) nor had my dentist got an answer on his remittance. Unfortunately, the dentist found, that my gum under the prosthesis was red (more red as usual). He thought, I might be allergic against the material of the prosthesis as well, but I asked him, if it my be belong to the situation in my mouth. It might become better, when the old amalgam fillings are replaced. He answered, he hope, that I may be right. I have got a new appointment in the case off, that I will have the appointment at the polyclinic before the new appointment at the dentist. If that is not possible, I have to call and ask for a later appointment instead.

I was looking for Papaya on my way home. I tried it at the Maxi supermarket at the station Flemingsberg and have got the answer of the assistant, that there is a lack of papaya for the moment and they do not know, how long that will last. I was a little surprised, but was thinking about the climate change, which makes all that possible.

At home, I did get a couch surfing request. A couple from Germany was on holiday in Sweden, going to the North. They asked me, if I will host them. I was so happy to have a request, read their profile and answered them, that they are very welcome to visit me. They also told me, that they are in Linköping and will send a message, when the start from there. Furthermore they asked me, if they can bring something for me. I answered, if they would find papaya, it would be great, but that I will pay for it.



8th Aug 2019

In the morning I tried another time to get an appointment at the polyclinic “Vår Vårdcentral”. They did call back, but I was told, that I cannot get an appointment, but after around four weeks. Though I have to wait, that they will send me the time for the appointment.

I had to wait for nearly the whole day for a message. Though I sent them one around 6pm, telling them, they do no longer need to look for papaya. They replied, that they just bought papaya and would be on their way in ten to fifteen minutes. I started with the evening meal. I was hungry and I was thinking, if they already had eaten, I can freeze the rest of the meal. Though I took a whole “Falukorv” – that is a sausage called after the town of Falun in Dalarna and there are strict regulations, what is allowed to have in that sausage. This is the same for the sausages called “Prinskorv” and “Wiener korv”. These sausages do not have inlays and wastes. The sausage I prepared had a weight of 650g, that means for me, that it is enough for four to six people. For me, it would last for six meals. I also cooked a lot of makaroni and served with shredded carots.

When my guests arrived, the meal had been ready for a short while. I told them, that I hope, they are hungry, because I have the dinner ready – a genuine Swedish dinner. They were very happy about it and ate with great appetite. I did not need to freeze a part of the sausage. This couple does not look like eating so much, but they may have a very good metabolism. I really do not hold a grudge on them. I actually am a very little envious. We planned for the upcoming days and surprisingly, they had the same idea as I have had. By the way, I was not allowed to pay for the papaya. We also walked the town. Coming to the market place, where bands were playing at a restaurant, I asked, if they were interested in to have a beer. Unfortunately I compared the event with the October festival in Munich. I do not know, if it was, because they are living in Munich eller if they do not like loud music, they did not like to enter the restaurant. Though we just continued our way. When we passed through the City park, a movie was shown there.



9th Aug 2019

We were up around 8am. Luckily my couch surfers were driving throughout Sweden. By car it is no problem to go whenever to Julita manor, what we did. I envited them, that means, I paid their entrance fees. As you can see, I learned a lot of my Mexican hosts. The weather was quite nice. Though we did spent time sitting at the lake, visited some museums, took the cards for the guiding of the main house, continued to the farm with the museum and tried an apple of all the apples of the apple bank. Julita manor has a gene bank for old apple sorts. We also had our lunch pack, which I had prepared the evening before, on the nice place at the lake. Their were people sitting there, when we arrived this second time, but they were just leaving. By the way, My male couch surfer was very interested in this gene bank. He would like to buy a farm and grow vegetables by permaculture. His girlfriend is a teacher and he a naturopath. I did not know, what that mean, even I lived in Germany for years, but more about that later.

I had planned a time ago to participate the dance in the street of our dancing club. Back in time for the event, I changed and left my apartment meanwhile my guests were taking advantage to rest. When I arrived, I was among the first. Later there were more and more members arriving. Some I never have seen before. I did not get good contact with them anyway. When we started dancing, there were three men missing, that means some of us women did not have a partner. The female leader dit tell the members, that the men should not only dance with the same person all the time, but also with us without a partner. It took no long time, that one did ask me for a dance. Unfortunately his girlfriend told him, that it was her turn again already in the middle of the dance. I never have met that before. Later another guy was dancing with me from time to time. It was not easy to dance on the street, but I enjoyed it anyway.

In the evening at home we were playing bordgames, especially a memory with pictures from Sweden. It became a little late, but what does that matter. I am a nightbird anyway and I really enjoyed the company.



10th Aug 2019

We were going to Stockholm this day. When I bought my ticket, I made a mistake. I planned to buy their tickets by my app as well, but it did not work, the way I tried. Though I asked them to install the app for our railway company. By the app they could buy their tickets. My ticket was for 99 SEK, because I have a discount by my age. Their tickets were for 145 SEK each. One has to know, that these prices is only possible, if one buy last-minute tickets and this last-minute tickets are not available for all trains.

There was no problem to go to Stockholm, even we had to change in Flemingsberg (see 6th Aug). In Flemingsberg I told my guests, that they either have to buy a refill card or install the app for another company, the SL, which operates the commuter trains, underground and busses in Stockholm. They decided to install the app and bought then their tickets for the commuter train, we had to go further with. These tickets are valid for 75 minutes only, therefore we did not book them at my home. Well done that, we soon caught a commuter train and were on our way to the city of Stockholm. The stop, where we had to leave is actually called “Stockholm City”. It is as close to the city center as possible and also not very far away from the Central station and the underground station “T-Centralen”.

Our first stop was a hamburger restaurant, but the one for buying more papaya at the shop “Hemköp” in Stockholm city. We found a quite large one, imported from Brazil. My guests has some special interest in food and he also is a member of the Slow Food Organisation. This hamburger restaurant we visited was very special. Even they only serve hamburgers, milkshakes and other drinks, their hamburgers as well as their restaurant are different to all I know. I was told, that the owner of the restaurant did travel around in the USA, tasting many different hamburgers and taking photos as well as collecting souvenirs during this time. I had one hamburger only and a glas of water, while my female guest had one hamburger, French fries and a milkshake and my male guest in addition to that had another hamburger. I was allowed to taste their milkshakes.

We continued by walking to the island Djurgården, but did not see the usual things like the tivoli Gröna Lund, the Vasa museum (about the ship, not the king) and Skansen, but were walking the other side of the island to the Rosedal Trädgårdskafé. It was raining, when we arrived there, but we were lucky and found an empty table with a parasol, which kept us dry. First we had to buy our coffee and biscuit respectively cake at the coffee shop. We tried different thinks and shared. The poppy seed and lemon cake, I chose, was really delicous and if the weather had been very sunny and hot, it would have been the perfect cake.

We spent more time there after the coffee time. We were walking around in the garden and also visiting the shop. My guests did buy different kinds of sustainable grown tomatoes. We were talking about to eat them at my home with Mozarelle, which I have in my fridge, and olive oil. The rain did not really stop and there were coming more, when we were walking back to the city. We did continue walking until the rain was getting heavier. We took a bus to the Stockholm City stop, but just missed the commuter train going to Flemingsberg and by that also the train to Katrineholm. Luckily we had not bought the tickets, because we were not sure, that we could make it in time. There were three more trains, going the one or other way to Katrineholm. The first one would have taken four hours for us and was very expensive, because the first train, we had to take was for Nyköping and change there. I do not remember the next place, we had to change train again, but it was no direct train from Nyköping either. The next opportunity was going via Eskilstuna. Even that was expensive and we had a long waiting time in Eskilstune as well. Finally, the last train for the day was a direct train again to Katrineholm, leaving Flemeningsberg at 11:44pm. The ticket for that last train had the same price like the ticket we had in the morning. By all that changes and not knowing, if there will be complications as well as the prices, we decided to take the last train for the day.

It seemed really hard to wait for four hours at the railway station, but my guests did buy a garden magazine and Soduko books. First my male guest was reading in the garden magazine with help of me to understand. Later both were trying to solve Sodukos. We also had been at the supermarket close buy, where I had bought a yogurt for my night meal and they had bought something else to eat. Later they made another walk to the supermarket. In good company it was not very hard to wait until the train should leave. We entered the train in time, of course. By the way, the restaurants at the railway station closed at 9pm and we were the only people waiting in the special waiting area. Around 11pm more and more people arrived. There were three trains leaving after 11:30pm. Our train was the very last one.

Arriving around a quarter i 1am in Katrineholm, we were welcomed by very loud music from a restaurant nearby. This event was also a part of the Katrineholm’s festival. We walked straight away home and soon we did not hear the music anymore. There were some more people, who were coming by the same train as we. We just were a little disappointed, that we did not check the trains in time, thought we could have caught the one we missed or could have stayed for longer in Stockholm city.



11th Aug 2019

We were a little later in the morning as usual, but not much. My guests had already asked me, if they may stay one more night, which I happily had agreed. Directly after breakfast my guests left for the gym at Duveholm. I fixed some things like the dishwasher and was than going out as well, but for Nordic walking my short round, which takes around 35 minutes. Home again, I took my bicycle for the grocery and bought a few items like more Mozarella cheese and eggs.

We had talked about the meals for the day and they had wished another genuine Swedish meal. By the food in my freezer and fridge I only had enough of the Swedish pea soup, made of yellow peas. Though I offered it, even it was a Sunday and we Swedes usually eat soup on Thursdays. They agreed. I had already taken the soup out of the freezer in the morning, before I took my walk. I also had taken a cold soup out of the freezer for me, because the Swedish pea soup would not be enough for three people. Thinking about the good apetite my guests have, I prepared pancakes as well. It is usual here to have pancakes as a dessert after a soup. Though it would be a typical Swedish experience.

The meal was ready in time and we had a nice time while we had our lunch. There were no rests left, but some pancake batter, because I decided, I had baked enough of them and I was right. We were sitting for a long time together and taking. One of the subjects was the white wall in the kitchen. I told them, that I first was thinking about to paint it in another colour, because there is too much white in the kitchen, but that I then changed my mind and would like to have a world map on the wall. In that case, I would not know, where to have the old advertising metal sheets, I have there know and which I like very much. I was told, I could have a world map on cork and that there also are scratch maps, where one can scratch off the country one have visited. That sounds interesting.

Around 9pm we did take another walk and the weather was really good for the walk, though I showed them our lake, where lost of people of our town are going to swim and taking sunbath. In addition to that, I showed them the “kiss stop”. It looks like a bus stop (in Swedish “buss hållplats), but there is written “puss hållplats”. I like that idea and my guests did as well. We continued my usual long walk and were back around 11pm. During the walk, we were talking about exercises for the body as well as I asked him about his profession, because I could not really understand the difference to a doctor of medicine. I got it cleared. Now we had the tomatoes with the Mozarella cheese and played German scrabble. The game is original English, but the letters are in different languages. I found it among my things I had saved from my time before I was working on Ireland. I usually have no use for it, because my children does not speak German respectively not good enough for such a game. Though I sent the game with my guests the upcoming day.



12th Aug 2019

It was time to say good-bye to my new friends. We had breakfast before they were leaving and I had my shower afterwards. I did fix my couch, booked the laundry for the following Wednesday – the other days were already occupied and was already hungry again. Therefore I had a smoothie. I was thinking about to take a walk, but found lots of reasons not to do. One of them was, that I had walked so much during the last three days, that it would not matter to stay at home this day.

During the day I also had thin, not sweetend wafers with cheese while I was surfing the Internet for scratch off world maps and cork maps. The cork ones are much more expensive than the scratch off ones. Though there will not be cork maps on my wall. Anyway, the scratch off maps are not very large. The largest I found so far are around 110x85cm. It would leave space for my advertising sheets, but my idea is to have a world map over the entire wall. I think there will not be any map for the next years.

I was very interested in to update my blog and knew, that it will take a lot of time to do so. After I had disposed my recyclable waste and checked my post box I started with the update of my blog. I only interrupted my occupation by the dinner, which was the rest of the tomatoes with Mozarella cheese (I was not able to eat all of it the night before) and fresh made pancakes of the batter of the day before. It took until 11pm to finish the update.



13th Aug 2019

I did not sleep well during the night and was awake off and on. I also had some weired dreams. Therefore I was tired in the morning and very slow to get ready. Around noon I went to the supermarket and bought some food. I had not thought to buy minced meat and minced pork again, but it was such a good offer, that I did anyway. I was thinking about, what I could cook of all that and decided for meat balls, Swedish hamburgers, meatloaf, minced meat soup like a goulash soup, chili con carne and a kind of hamburgers with beetroot. All together will last for two month or more, I think, because I will not eat minced beef meals more than maximum twice a week. I did read in my cookery book, what I need for chili con carne and for the special hamburgers with beetroot and got very tired. I made it, to cook two small broccoli and blue cheese pies. Meanwhile they were in the oven, I ate left overs. I was too hungry to wait, but I can have one of the pies the upcoming day and the other one I will put into the freezer.

My only exercise this day was the bicycle ride to the supermarket and home again. I did go to bed early, even I did watch a movie in the evening.



14th Aug 2019

I cooked a lot of meals with minced beef and minced pork. I had ca. 1600 grams of both. Though I cooked Swedish meatballs, Swedish hamburgers, chili con carne (with very little chili), two small meatloafs, minced meat stew and Goulash soupe, but not the hamburgers with beetroots. I changed my mind about these hamburgers. I used all my day for it and was happy, that I have got place in the freezer for it, but I had to take out my bread – even the sweet ones. I will eat that the upcoming days. Fortunately it is not too much.

This day I recognized, that I have got a cold. I do not know, where it comes from.



15th Aug 2019

Finally my aphthous sores i my mouth were healing, but my cold became worse. I also feel hungry all the time, but I am eating as usual – maybee even more.



16th Aug 2019

I cleared my drains with bicarbonate, vinegar and boiling water. I had to do it twice for every drain, but it was working.



17th Aug 2019

Another day cleaning my appartment. I am happy, that my cold did receded, but it is not all gone yet.



18th Aug 2019

My laptop is breaking down again and again, though I was eager to save all the new documents and the new photos on my extern hard disks. When that was done I started to clean up the hard disk for photos for trying to get more free space. When I was back from my first part of my world travel, I did save the photos double up – once like the was titled on the extern disks for the camera and once for the different places, where I have been. That I did it, depended on, that I was not sure, that I did get all my photographs in the folders for the different places. Though I check it now and I can tell you, that is a very work to do so.



19th Aug 2019

I spent the whole day with cleaning up my hard disk and I am happy, that my laptop still did work again.



20th Aug 2019

It was already Tuesday again and I was to the supermarket. When I was through the cashline and had paid as well as taken care about my items, I checked as usual the receipt. The cashier had put in an incorrect code for the ecological honeydew. There were no signs on it, but how they look naturally they actually look different than the honeydews, which were not grown ecological. In this case, the price per kg for the ecological honeydews were a bit lower, than for the other ones. Therefore I was going to that cash, where I could get the difference back. While I was waiting there, there was an unusual noice. It actually was an alarm. Directly afterwards it was announced that there was a fire in the building and all people had to leave the building immediately. Though I did. Many of us shoppers could not see anything in the front of the building and stayed there, waiting for more information. After a long while, we were allowed to return into the building again – after the fire brigade had searced for the fire and did not find any big one. It was just when I had started packing my items in my bicycle baskets. Though I put the baskets into the shoping cart and went back into the building. I was happy, I still had my waiting number, because it should have been my turn, just before the announcement. The cashier called my number, when I was back and all went well. I did get 8 SEK back.

This day I also cooked a butternut squash soup, but did not mix it in the blender, because it had to get cold first. In the manual for the blender is written, that no warm items have to be put in the blender. Instead I had hash browns (rösti) with Salami in it. I found the recipe in my cookbook some weeks ago and wrote it on my menu. I did not follow the menu for a while, but this day I did make that meal. It was delicious – if you like simple meals with potatoes.

I did not know, where I had got it from, but I had to pee all the time. I was happy, that I made it to the supermarket and back and it also got worse from the afternoon. I could not remember, that I was drinking more than usual. I try always to come up to 2 liter liquid a day and I am not sure, I make it everyday.



21st Aug 2019

At Julita manor there was a tour about Manor House Textiles. It started 1:30pm. By beeing a weekday I could take the bus, living Katrineholm at 11:20am. I arrived at the manor around high noon. Though I did eat my packed lunch, before the tour started. The tour was not as interesting as I thought it would be, because it was mostly kitchen textiles shown. The curtins for example are mostly replicas. Anyway we also got an explanation about the styles of the curtains and the different rugs/carpets – all waved into the story of the manor. Anyway I did find it puzzling, when the guide explained, that all the kitchen towells and the other linen not only have the initial letters of the owner, but also the number of the stock and there were many of everyone, like 24 of a kind. We were explained, that the laundry was done every sixth week, bondager women were helping. The laundry did take around two weeks, so did the ironing. No wonder, that the ironing took such a long time as well, because all the ribbons of the pillow cases etc were pleated. More surprised I was about, that the little older women of the visitors told us, that they can remember, that there mothers did the same – that was in the 1950s and 1960s.

The tour should be for an hour, but was close to one hour and a half. I just made it to a bus going back to Katrineholm, which I was happy about, because for the next one I should have waited for more than an hour.


Bedlinen at Julita Manor – Watch the Pleated Ribbons!


Unusually my postbox were filled by different consignments. It was advertising from the company I had bought my bedspread, was my member magazine from the tenant compound and also a monthly free paper of the Katrineholm’s newspaper company. I started to look at them respectively to read them, but I did not made all of them. Anyway, the monthly paper had interesting information about an association for gymnastics.

By the way, my daughter sent me a message, that she cannot visit me on her way to her new school. I became very sad about it.



22nd Aug 2019

I had decided to go to the nearby town Vingåker. I had not been there, even it is very close to Katrineholm. I did not know anything about the town, but that there is a big outlet shop. I thought, I can take a look and see, what they offer. Maybe there is something for me. I tried with my free summer ticket and, because I started i Katrineholm, it was working. (If you remember, I explained that summer ticket before. It is only for the community of Katrineholm, I was told). I had a feeling, that I did made something unlegal, when I was going all the way to the town of Vingåker by this ticket.

The one before last stop of the bus was “slottet”, which means castle. Actually there is a castle there, but I found out, that it is under renovation and will be reopened the upcoming year. Though I was visiting the Vingåker Outlet, which sells clothes, shoes and bags. All of well known labels. I was going there, because they announced “sale”. I was looking for a pair of jeans, but there were none in my size amoung the jeans for sale and only one model for the ordinary price. Neither did I buy a pair of jeans, nor something else at this shop, but there were more shops around. I continued to a shoe outlet. I hope to start at a gym or similar soon and needed a pair of inhouse shoes for it. I also found one – for 520 SEK, which is nearly the half price for such shoes, even this was cheaper already from the beginning, because it was sold by the outlet. I also found a pair of plastic sandals, I was looking for since I was back from my last long trip. I do not really like flip flops, I cannot have them with socks and I am often freezing on my feet. These are good for using with and without socks.  I continued to a little shop at this area, having sale on hiking clothes and similar. The owner, who seems to be in my age, is shutting down his shop as soon as possible, but still have a lot of clothes for sale. I found a pair of hiking pants, which had enough with pockets and seemed of a good quality. I have got them for 599 SEK, which is less than half of the price I payed for my “Fjällräven” hiking pants. My new ones are red and black. It is not in the colour I prefere, but for the purpose nice enough.

Back at the bus station, I did not have to wait for the bus. It was leaving a minute after I arrived. I tried my summer ticket and it was working, even Vingåker is not a part of the community of Katrineholm. Though I think, the information for the card should be, that it is for one zone, starting in or going to Katrinholms city. I was happy, of course, that the card was working, even 26 SEK – the usual fare, is not very expensive.

Back at home I was wondering, why I bought shoes and clothes I do not really need now, but the one for the gym. I think it would be better to wait until I had paid all my loans back. On the other hand side, where should I be able to get such hiking trousers for that price. Anyway I am angry at me, that I could not wait with these expenses.

I used my notebook in the evening to see a movie, because I could not start my laptop, but before I did finally have my butternut squash soup, which was delicious even I did not follow the recipe about the flavouring.



23rd Aug 2019

The boyfriend of my daughter was contacting me, just to hear, if I am fine. We were chatting for a while – until he had to go to the laundry. I had fed a washing machine as well, but it is easier for me to take the time, when I want. I have no scheme for it.

After my laptop had been down for two days. It crashed the day before yesterday and even I tried that evening as well as yesterday, it was not working. I was sad about it, but tried today again and I became very happy, that I could update my blog by my laptop. The notebook is not as user-friendly as the laptop.

I had another dish today, I never had cooked before. It was with onion, green bell pepper and tomatoes as well as sausage. The name was “skördepanna” = harvest pan. I did like it. It did not only look nice, but was also tasty. Afterwards I continued to clean up my extern disk.





24th Aug 2019

I had planned to visit Julita manor again, because it was a day about hop (an ingredient of beer), but I was too tired in the morning again. I made my laundry instead and also ironed some items.

My food this day came from the fridge, but to use the milk I had bought last Tuesday, I cooked rice pudding and cornflour pudding (with cacoa) for this and the upcoming days.

I was happy, that my laptop did work again, though I cleaned my extern harddrive, that means, I did delete all the double photographs and I got it finished this evening.



25th Aug 2019

This day I did nothing special, but I was taking my walk.



26th Aug 2019

I was already taking my walk before lunch. I felt for pizza this day and used the rest of the gluten free flour, but I had neither yeast nor a recipe for pizza dough of gluten free flour. Though I did made a pie instead, but did put ingredients for pizza on it. It was not so bad, especially the pie shell was very good. My other meal was a vegetable soup, done of frozen vegetables for wok. I liked that, too.

In the evening I checked at the couchsurfing site, if there are hosts in Central America. My planning for my next trip depends on that.



27th Aug 2019

Finally the day had come, when I had an appointment with a doctor at the polyclinic. I was there in good time, thinking I might have to fill in a paper. I did not need that. When I did meet the doctor, I had to tell him, what I came for and also some of my history. He did not have any idea about, what to do for the attestation for the dentist, even I showed him the letter from my dentist, but promised me to talk with an more experienced colleague. My new doctor has not really finished his education. It is his period of practising after his certification of the theory. Anyway he did take my problem with my thyroid seriously and arranged an appointment for a blood test for me – to test the TSH, T3 and T4 level.

I had to go home, before I could make my usual Tuesday shopping. I did not buy a lot this time and had to use my HSBC card, for not running out of money for my rent and other monthly expenses on my Swedish account. Fortunately I had saved enough money on that foreign account. I really had calculated wrong, when I did buy the sport shoes and the hiking pants.

This day I also got the idea, that I have to put a key for the windows close to them, because if there will be an accident like a big fire and I cannot leave throughout the house, I have to use one of the windows. – I live on the first floor.

I became tired in the afternoon, had a coffee and even I cooked falafel and mixed the Tahini sauce, I did eat left-overs and saved the falafel etc for the upcoming day. I also frooze a lot of falafel.



28th Aug 2019

I was to Julita manor again. This time for a tour about “The wings buildings at the time of the lieutenant”, meant were the North and the South wing. While in the South Wing there was the kitchen for the meals of the owner (lieutnant) and his guests and the rooms for some of the servants, in the North wing was the kitchen and diningroom for the servants and on the second floor, the owner was living during the winter, because the manor house was hard to warm up.

I had a packed lunch with my again. This time it was an omelett. I also had a smoothie with me. Finished my smoothie, I tried to open the lid – though it would not fasten too hard to open for me. Unfortunately I could not open it at all and I had to ask a visitor, who was siting close to me. When I was asking for the favor, I was told in English, that they come from Germany. Though I asked him in German. Luckily he opened it for me. It would have been harder to find someone at home to help me, because I still have got a good connection with our neighbours and it does not happen often at all, to see one of them.


I Took This Photo During the Waiting Time for the Tour


On mig way back home by bus, I meet a female employee from the Julita Manor. We were chatting all the time during the ride to Katrineholm. It was so good to have company.

When I checked my emails, I had got an answer from a freighter vessel company about a trip to Altamira (Tampico), Mexico. They wrote, that it is possible in August 2020 and that I have to return and send them the necessary papers and, when I have got their answer and bill, to pay 25% of the amount for the voyage. The rest I have to pay closer to it. They write on their homepage, that one need a visa for the USA for such a trip, a visa waiver will not make it. I tried to find out, if that is true, but could not really understand at the homepage of the US border protection, if it is OK with a visa waiver or not. On my question by email to the customer care, I did only get links as an answer. They linked to the sites I had read before. Though I think I anyway have to ask for a visa, though I will be allowed to visit the harbour towns, were we are landing. The price for the 15-day-long travel will be around 1500 EUR and I am wondering by myself, if I can afford it. All depends on, if I can get a work and earn som money additionally to my pension.



29th Aug 2019

In the morning, before breakfast, I was going to the polyclinic for the blood test (I wrote about it two days before).

At home again and after have had a meal, I started with my first xls-file for the next part of my trip around the world. It is about Mexico. I did not finish it all, there are some places in the North of Mexico left, which I only will visit to meet friends. Actually I am not sure yet, if I will make it so far north, especially when I will go by a freighter vessel and not by flight to the country. It is still so much time left to decide. Though I have no hurry.

I have not got any job so far, even I am looking for one and I am listed at a company, which employs seniors. I am wondering, if I should send an application to Besedo on Malta, where I was working before I retired. Last time I visited Malta, they told me, that I will be welcome back. Anyway there have been changes among the leaders. If I have not got any job before the end of November, I think, I will try it. It also depends on, what will happen regarding to my teeth.



30th Aug 2019

In the morning I made a transfer from my HSBC account to my Swedish account. I was happy, that my pension from Germany already was credited.

This day was quite chilly, but I was going to Julita manor again – the last time for this season. I dressed a little warmer, but had quark with me. I had added pineapple in small pieces. I arrived around 11am as usual and had my lunch at 1pm, because the tour this day was at 2pm instead of 1:30pm. This tour was one of them, they have every day during the season and is called “Gentry and servants”. Meanwhile the tour throughout the manor house usual is about the owner, this was mostly about the life of the servants. Anyway in all this tours there are lots of overlappings and at this stage, I was quite tired about parts of the tour.



On my way home I met that employee at the bus stop again, I had met two days before. I became tired at the bus and had to care about not to fall asleep. I would have liked to take the city bus home, but it was just leaving, when we were arriving. Though I walked as usual.



31st Aug 2019

I had a “day off” again, but contributed a lot of photos to Google maps. In the evening I was watching movies again, which I often make.


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