1st Feb 2020

I was working until 3pm and afterwards to a supermarket for shopping some food. Well at home I had a meal and was than relaxing before I had a video chat with my eldest son. Before I was going to bed, I watched a movie.


2nd Feb 2020

For breakfast I hade porridge, but I had custard sauce on the top, because I did not remember to make new coconut and oat drinks the day before. I had even run out of homemade almond drink. Therefore I also was eating a banana and som slices Papaya instead of my usual smoothie.

After breakfast the first thing I was doing, was to make new drinks. I would have liked to update my blog, but I had to finish the book I am reading for some days now. Later that day I really did finish it and wrote a letter to the editor of our local newspaper. I sent it by email and asked for publishing on the upcoming Saturday.

It was a sunny day, but I did neither allow me to go out and enjoy the sun nor go to the Sunday dance, we have in our club. Anyway I did check at the pension authority how much the housing benefit will be reduced, but there was a only a message, that my housing benefit is recalculated.


3rd Feb 2020

I was awake very early that morning, though I did sleep a little more between 8am and 9am. I used Duolingo a lot this day to improve my Spanish. Some grammar I have not understand yet, because Duolingo don’t give real lessons in grammar. I think I will learn after a while.

Furthermore I read about the politics in our country and wrote a letter to the editor of Expressen about the oposition, who thinks, they have to overrun our parliament.


4th Feb 2020

I have got an email from the newspaper Expressen. They are writing, that they won’t publish my letter to the editor. I am wondering, where their political home is. I published that letter on twitter, facebook and instagram instead.

I was asked to work for the same day, on which I have an appointment with my dentist. Though I did not take the job. A janitor from my landlord visited me and fixed the electric socket in the bathroom (it is better now, but not really OK) and my stove. Finally it will be easier now to cook and especially to bake. I was even told, that an external company will come in the afternoon and repair my lavatory pan. I did not get any time, but was lucky, that they arrived around 2pm. They came with a new lavatory pan, but had problems to fasten it close on the floor, because the floor is not even, I was told. After a while, they made it. Unfortunately there are som glue on the floor now and I have to try to remove it.

Later that day I have got an email from our local newspaper, telling me, that they will try to publish on Saturday, but maybe it will be Friday. In the evening I joined the meeting of the climate group of the Nature conservation association. We were more members attending now as ever before. The room was just big enough for all of us.


5th Feb 2020

This day I spent with my dentist. I took the train at 12:54pm from Katrineholm station to Stockholm and at 18:47pm from Stockholm Central station home to Katrineholm. This time I was getting my new denture for the lower jaw. In addition to that, the dentist drilled out the amalgam of three teeth. Usually you have to do one in a month, but that would become very expensive for me. Though he made an exception. There happened a wired thing. He called me with mouthguard. When I told him, that I nearly did not recognized him, he took it off, declaring, that it anyway only lasts for 30 minutes. His assistent was helping him during the drilling. She was save. In addition to that, all the necessary equipment for such a work was used.


6th Feb 2020

I was so tired this day! Anyway, I was to my dance class. My neighbour was coming too. Though we made company there. I did take the opportunity to ask her about an idea, how to get my rocking chair home. She has a combi car. She explained that I could take it home by train or by a move transport company. I thanked her for the advice, even it was not, was I had been thinking about, when I asked her.


7th Feb 2020

I was still very tired this day, but made my demonstration in front of the town hall about the clima crisis. However, I slept for three or four hours in the afternoon.


8th Feb 2020

Finally it was time to meet my new online doctor. She is a specialist in thyroid diseases. She told me, that she needs the results of a blood test and told me, which typ of tests she need. There are the usual TSH, T3 free and T4 free as well as a Hb, s-kortisol, folsyra and vitamin B12. In addition to that, she sent a prescription for another kind of thyroid medicin. She told me, that is the only thing she can do for me at the moment.

During the morning I also was answering emails and updated my blog somewhat. When I cleaned my finger and toe nails I recognized, that they have become stronger. I do not know if it is by the new medicin or because I am eating vegan food now.

The great thing this day was, that my letter to the editor of the local newspaper was published and they also had put a picuture of Greta Thunberg (who started to demonstrate for climate action) above my letter:



My letter is about, that the climate change is not “moderate”. In Swedish the word lagom means: Not too much, not too little, just right. Swedes like it “lagom”. Though I chose that word for the title.

– When I am with my other laptop, I will add a translation for the whole letter.


9th Feb 2020

I did get a new inquiry for job the same day. I had to start at 3pm and work until the upcoming day at 8:30am – I am allowed to sleep during the night. The employee, who was at my workspace, when I arrived, did lend me her key, but I had to go back there two days later to leave it to her again, because she is living at the countryside.

It was time for shower in the evening of my the woman I work for. It was my first time to shower her and I did not really rember the specila things I had to, though I made it my way. I wiped the floor, before I took her on her feet again. Unfortunately she did slip anyway and it was not the easiest to get her on her feet again, but she is astonishing strong. Together we did it! I was not sure, that he did not hurt herself, though I wrote a note in the book we have for recording.


10th Feb 2020

At my work we always have to hurry in the morning and it was my first morning I had to help the woman to the taxi for her dayly occupation. I did not really remember the exact time, but I really stressed. When we were in front of the elevator it was occupied and we have to use two of them for leaving the house. The first one is a usually elevator, the second one is special for wheel chairs, because the other elevator does not reach the half stairs from the first floor out of the house. Though we have to go to the basement first and from there to take the wheel chair elevator. That one is really slow. First the platform for the wheel chair has to be “folded out”, than the elevator has to go up the halv stair from the basement. At the entrance level, it is not possible to “fold in” the platform, though the elevator has to be send down and than the platform has to be folded in. That cannot wait, because when the platform is “folded ut” none can use the stairs from the entrance level to the basement.

I was sweat, when all this was done, but fortunately the taxi driver of the special wheel chair taxi was waiting for us. All was well when it was time to leave work.

This morning I was going to the place, I was told that there is a computer for us employees and I could change the passwort for a digital work space. I had to ask around to find the computer and well there, I was told that I need a password for it, which I have to get from my employer. I had asked my employer several times for the password, but not got it yet. Though I could not make anything and was finally going home.

At home I called the department, where I usually pick up the key, when I am working and asked, which time they are available on weekends. The answer was, only until 12:30pm. Though if I have to work on weekends I have to pick up the key more than two hours before I start at work. That also means 1 hour I do not get paid for. I am not satisfied with it and I am happy, that I won’t continue working after the upcoming summer.

Later that day I went to a meeting at our association for retired people. It was nice, but it is hard to get to know people there. Either they come as a couple or as friends. New members are the “fifth wheel on the carriage”.

I used the app Duolingo for a while, when I was back at home, but nearly felt asleep while using it.

For the evening meal I had left overs (squash, camenbert, vegetables from the freezer and some seaweed chips). It was delicious. Before I was going to bed I watched a movie.


11th Feb 2020

I did get a job offer for the following day and agreed. During the morning I was to the supermarket, but this time I did not buy a lot. The Christmas Card for my auntie Margret was in my letter box. On the envelop was stated, that she is no longer living/unknown at this address. Though I was on the Internet, looking for an email-adress to the retirement home, which has been her address for some years. I was really happy to find one and sent an email, asking if my auntie still is in life. The answer was arriving quite fast. My auntie had died, but I was not told the date of her death because of the data protection. She was the last one of my relatives from that generation.

In the early afternoon I took a walk to my workplace and left back the key to my colleague (see last Sunday). She told me, that the mother of the woman we are working for, was angry at my colleagues and told them, they did not had tought me good enough how to do. I was very sorry about it, because it was not their fault, that there were so many days between I had to shower that woman.

Back at home I tried to learn more Spanish by Duolingo and spent hours with that app.


12th Feb 2020

I did not do much in the morning, but put together the things I needed for work. There is: Food, slippers, nightdress, skin care products, toothpaste and toothbrush etc as well as my medicines.

The woman I work for was angry, when I arrived, but as soon as the other colleague left, she was a sunshine. We had a good and easy afternoon and evening as well. There were no problems during the night either.


13th Feb 2020

There was no problem either in the morning. We were in good time for the taxi. On my way home I left back the key, which I had picked up the day before on my way to work. I continued to the office of my employer to pick up a special item for digital log-on, because 95% of the conversation with my employer and regarding to the woman, I work for, is done digital. There are several softwares we have to use. One of them is a site for booking, when we are available. I could not enter that site, though I called the responsible officer, but I did not get it right anyway.

In the evening I attendet the talk of Staffan Laestadius, who has written a book with the titel “climate and readjustment”. The original titel is “Klimatet och omställningen”. It is about what we can do for holding up the man-made climate change. Laestadius is a professor for industrial science. Actually I was disappointed by his lecture. He tried to bring in all the stuff from the book in a one hour talk and he had nothing new to add, even the book is two years old. He also took the old examples, when Germany still was good in expansion of the numbers of wind power plants. He did not know about the change happened in Germany.

When I was back home, the mother of the woman I work with did call me and was talking about the accident, which happened some days ago. She offered to show me, how to do, when I have to shower her daughter and we agreed, she will do it next time I am working. She did not sound angry at all.

Before I was going to bed I read the daily email about “Good news”. One of the subjects was, that PET bottles will become forbidden in a close future, which I welcomed.


14th Feb 2020

It is Friday again and I am demonstrating about climate emergency in front of the town hall as we do most of all Fridays. People stopped by and were talking with us. All of them told us, that we make a great work. Unfortunately we could not find anyone, who want join us. A male municipal employee told us, that he is working in the town hall and sees us every Friday.

In the afternoon it was not happen anything special, but I have got a letter for data collection from the Swedish Government Agency for Statistics. I filled it out during the evening.


15th Feb 2020

Most of the day I was reading the novel “Glaspärlespelet” (The Glass Bead Game / Das Glasperlensspiel) by Hermann Hesse. In the evening I met my son Marcus via Skype.


16th Feb 2020

I finished the book from the day before. There were two more, but shorter novels in this book – both of Hermann Hesse as well, and I did read one of them, too.


17th Feb 2020

I read the third and last novel in that book of Hermann Hesse. This day I only had left overs for dinner. Though I made a paj with different kinds of vegetables. It was delicious.


18th Feb 2020

I communicated with my mate Irene about a Question to the city council. We also left our paper to the office of the city council. It is the way people can get attention and answers from the city council. We prepared of course a question about the councils work to reduce the climate change – especially their climate strategy – our council only has an old one from 2005, which should have been achieved in 2010.

I was shopping groceries for about 1,500 SEK. It became so expensive because I agreed to bake for an event, where we could sell cakes and cookies and the profit was going to our asscociation (the Association for protection of the nature). We were talking about to donate the final amount to “Doctors without borders” or another project helping refugees.


19th Feb 2020

I have got a call from the office of the city council and was told, that we only could ask one (1) question – we have had seven or eight. There is also a possibility to ask one (1) more question at the meeting of the city council after we have got the answer on our question. Though we hade to write a new question and leave it to the office – and it had to be done before Thursday at high noon. Irene was not late to help me. She also has a printer, though we did leave the new question in good time.

In the evening it was the annual meeting of the association for protection of the nature. There were only 12 people showing up, most of them were of the board. I do not really know, who many members we have, but I have been told, that there are around 350 members in Katrineholm. I was a little disappointed of the fact, that most of the other members did not participate. No wonder, that the board has only male members. For me it was a very good opportunity to get to know the members of the board. Furthermore we were talking about a pin bog in town, which the city council will destroy by allowing an industry company to use it. The city council explains, that they will label another area nearby, where the will remake the nature from the pin bog, which is impossible. The pin bog has been there for hundreds of years. There is so much life in it, you cannot move. There are three (3) red listet species there as well. We were also talking about “fagning”, a word I never have heard before. It comes from “fager”, which means good-looking and with “fagning” it is meant to make the area more good-looking. In real it is about a meadow, which we care about.

Before we left that evening, Lotta told me, that she is not happy in taking the car and would like to go by train to our class in another part of Sweden. The training is for the most online, but there are three occasions, where we wil meet in person. The course is about climate change and how we can make people attentive and influence our politicans.


20th Feb 2020

I was up quiet early, because I had to leave our question to the city council before high noon, otherwise, they won’t answer it the upcoming meeting. I left it in good time.

This day, our teacher for the dance classes answered me on Facebook. I had asked her, if she can and is willing to help me to pick up the rocking chair in Eskilstuna (I wrote about it before). She apologized, that she had not seen my message before. She also agreed to help me. Hanna even sells shoes for dancing and has a little bigger carriage.

In the middle of the day I went to the information meeting for elderly people. Most of the associations for retired people had arranged it together. There was a rest with snacks as well and Irene, who helps with the serving of coffee and snacks, had bought a special bun for me, a vegan one. The name is Karlsbader bun.

I could not attend my online timetool (for my work) this day again, the code was not working. Though I called the responsible officer for the code and got a new one. Finally it was working and I put in my availability until May this year.

My neighbor did call at my door and told me, that she is taking the car to the dance club tonight, because of the rain and that I am welcome to come with her. As usual I attendet both dancing classes. I feel, that the first one, the one for beginners, which I attend with the roll of the men, is very hard. I do mot know, if I will make it. Maybe I have to take this class one more time. The other class, the one for advanced dancers, was fun as usual. After the class, I did talk with Hanna and we discussed the date of our trip. It seemed hard to find a good one, because Hanna mostly is engaged on evenings and weekends. Another member of the class was still there and she called him, telling me, that he is very kind and helpfull. At the end, this guy and I agreed, that we will go to Eskilstuna together on Saturday. He will pick me up by his car at my home.

Back at home I learned more Spanish by Duolingo


21st Feb 2020

Irene and I demonstrated in front of the town hall between 11am and 1pm. If I have not mentioned this before, we have changed the time, because it is easier to combain with other arrends, e.g. if I have to go to work in the afternoon.

Irene and I were talking about different things like the opportunities for water gymnastics and by that we also were talking about boules. She invited me to follow her upcoming Monday. I just had to come to the corner of the street, where she livs and we will go together by her car. She also told me, that she is going by bycicle, when it is getting warmer. Furthermore she recommended me to take a drink and a snack with me as well as I should dress in comfortable clothes.

I was really frozen on my way home – which I always am as long as the temperature is less than +20 degree Celsius – and I dress really well. Though I hade a cup of warm chocolate at home and hold me warm as good as I could.


22nd Feb 2020

They guy from the dancing club did pick me up around 10am. He has a kind of Ford panel truck. It is a very old one, but they guy is not only handy, his education is in this subject. The car he likes best is the Ford Granada. So here I just call him Granada. When I thanked him, that he had picked me up at my home, he answered, that he anyway has to drive through Katrineholm to go to Eskilstuna. He is used to drive in Eskilstuna as well and had no problem to find the place, where I had to pick up the rocking chair – also it was close to the hospital in Eskilstuna.

The woman, who had offered the rocking chair on Facebook, was not the owner of it, but her retired colleague, who lives close to the first namned woman. She told me, that she offered the chair by her account, beclause her retired colleague does not have Facebook and all the other opportunities are not for free. She also explained, that the retired woman had bought a couch and no longer space for the rocking chair. This woman lives in an 1-bedroom apartment, but the bedroom is also her living room, similar to my place, but her apartment is much smaller than mine.



On the way home, Granada asked me, if I have more arrends in Eskilstuna, but I had not. Though he asked me, if it is ok, that he will go to a shop. I did not mind, of course. I also was happy, that there was a bathroom. I already had needed one at the place, where I picked up the rocking chair, but I thought it is no good behavior, to ask those women. Granada did by some items needed, but all was not to find in the shop. When I was talking about, that it is a pitty, that there is no branch of that shop in Katrineholm, he told me, that it is possible to buy online as well.

Well back at my place, he carried the rocking chair into my apartment. He was really looking around in my “all room”, but did not ask, where I have my TV (there is none). When I asked him, how much I have to pay for the trip, he first told me nothing, but when I insisted he changed to “not much”, I should save my money for the next dance class instead. I gave him 100 SEK for the trip, which had been ok for a car, which needs between 5 and 6 l/100 km, but this old car, I think, use the double. Later I got a bad conscience to pay so little.

After lunch I started to bake cupcakes, but could not bake as much as I wanted, because I had a meeting to go to. Anyway I was not happy with the result. My cupcakes were too fat! That means, I had taken all the ingredientes as it was stated in the recipe, but I just had replaced the eggs by aquafaba (the water, where the chickpeas are cooked in. It is usual to replace eggs with aquafaba for vegan recipes, but you cannot do it the way you add eggs, I learned this day. Though the first sheet was so bad I could not think to leave them for sale.

The meeting at our retirement association was just for listening to music – and have a snack as well as socialise, while the socialising is not easy in such cases. The musican this evening was “Plura”. I think it is his nickname, but also his artist name. He told us, that he is a sober alcoholic. The kind of music, he was singing, was not the kind of music I like, but now I know, whom he is. He lives in the municipality of Katrineholm as well and therefore he is very well-known by the people who lived in Katrineholm for many years.

We also had dinner, which we had paid for in advance. There were potato salad, chicken and mixed salad. There were a small bowl with mixed salad and bigger bowls. I was not told, that the salad in the small bowl was without dressing and all the salad in the bigger bowls had non vegan dressing. Fortunately I did take of the small bowl. I did get a box with food, they had bought by the catering. There was no declaration, what it contained, though I did not know if the cheese was vegan or not. I tasted a little it of it and I thought, it was not. Therefore I did not eat the cheese. Furthermore there were three falafel in the box, which were very dry and two or three very tiny balls of unknown ingredienses. In addition to that there were some red grapes in the box. I think it was the meaning to eat the food of the (plastic!) box together with the potato salad, but the potato salad was not vegan. I think, it is hard for them to understand, what vegan means. I would like to have a cooking clase for them, where I during the first lesson explain, what vegan food means and during the following lessons I could teach them a little vegan cooking. It seems to be quite unusual to eat vegan in my age. There is no other one in our association or almost of the around 100 people, who usually attend the meetings. By the way, the man, who sat next to me did make som conversation with me, but his wife were sitting on the other side of him and he had to speak with her as well, of course.

Back at home I had another meal and afterwards I did bake a spong cake. I used my homemade oatdrink instead of milk. This cake was not good either, but good enough to eat it by myself – as sweet bread. 😉


23rd Feb 2020

This day I baked cupcakes again. They were still not very good, but I thought I give it a try to leave them to our group, who will sale them. Actually it is not so easy to bake with aquafaba. I think I need special recipes.

In the evening I was attending the Sunday dance at our dancing club.


24th Feb 2020

Early that morning I have got a message from my employer to work the upcoming Thursday. between 3pm until the day after at 8:30am. I agreed only from 10pm on Thursday, because of my dancing classes. I also have marked my as not available on Thursdays between 9am and 10pm.

I did not have the time to bake more cakes in the morning, I had to cook humus, because of all the cooked chickpeas I had for getting aquafaba. I had to freeze most of it.

I meet Irene like agreed last Friday and followed her to the boules game. There were already a lot of people, around two third were women. I was dressed in my jogging pants and my running shoes, but the other all were dressed in jeans and street shoes. I feelt uncomfortable! It also took a while before I understood the system. We were paired in groups of two or three and had to compete against all the other groups. There are six path and that was totally enough. The paths were not even, which surprised me, because I was told, that all of them were new done. I was paired with a woman, who previously had lived in the neighboring town. She told me, that there were no much activities at all. I am happy, I did not move there, even I think that there does not happen einough here in Katrineholm. It is like the sidewalk would be folded up for the night in the evenings at 6 and during the entire weekends.

Back at home i finally baked cupcakes – I baked two plates (24 of them). They were a little better, than the first ones. I also baked two sponge cakes. Anyway I was not really happy with them. On the other hand, I had to except the result, because I had made them with almond flour and did not have money to buy more of it.

This day I lived on left overs and even of one or two of the failed cupcakes. I arrived at the House of Music, where the performance should be held, at 5:15pm. I did not know about the side door, though I was waiting outside. A quarter of en hour arrived Lotta and I left the cupcakes and a sponge cake to her, because I had to go to the meeting of the city councel.

Irene and I had agreed to meet at 5:45pm in front of the building for the meeting of the city council. I was 10 minutes early. She was prepared with a copy of our question we had left to the council some days before. None of both of us did know, how the routins are here. After a while a woman welcomed us and told us, how it works. It was a little tricky, because we had to read our question and on the way there we had to force the canvas for the information of the meeting. There we could see, who of the members had signed in and later, who was talking etc. I was happy, that Irene dit read it, because I felt, the people will be distracted of my small accent, if I had read it. The muncipal, Göran Dahlström, was answering us. He admitted, that our municipality does not have a current climate strategy, but that we will get a new one almost next year. He added, that the municipality does not have money to work with it right now. Furthermore he told us, that the goal for the climate work is included in the municipal plan. We were allowed to ask a follow up question, but did not, because we had to read the municipal plan, before we can ask more questions.

When we left during the break, both members of the Green party and the Left Party told us, that it was very good, that we had asked that question. In addition to that, a member of the Left Party, who also is a member of the Nature Rescue Association and a member of the board of the group, which is working for the climate, told me, that the association have had the same question in 2018 and got the same answer as well.

Irene and I had company the part of the way home, which we have in common. Well at home I had a snack and was exercising Spanish.


25th Febr 2020

I had to go to the dentist again. My appointment was 10:50am and I had to go by train from Katrineholm at 8:47am, that means I had to leave 25 min earlier. I had put on the alarm, though I will be awake in time. I also had to eat breakfast, of course. All went smoothly and even the change to and the ride by the underground. I was in good time at my dentist’s.

The first treatment was in the “health room”, where the dentist’s wife checked, if it is ok, that her husband use a special material to adjust my dentures. Well at the dentist’s room, he did grind off a little of the denture in my lower jaw and changed something on the denture for the upper jaw. Finally, he asked me to use my dentures for a while as little as possible, because I am still bleeding from one of the teeth, he did pull out a time ago. I think it is the one, where it was a lot of pus under it. My gums need time to heal. It was my last time at the dentist’s for now. Anyway I was allowed to pay just a part of the charge left.

I was going back to the city center of Stockholm and looking for a special shop, which sells a lot of and only vegan food. The shop also has a coffee shop. It was quite easy to find. The name is: Goodstore. Inside I first only saw the coffee shop, the grocery shop is behind. I was waiting for my former CS-host from Malta, who had moved to Sweden some month ago. He called me and told me, that he missed the bus. Though I started with the shopping. It took a while to see all of the food, they have stored, mostly dry food, tea, coffee etc, but “diary” and “meat” products as well. These products were, of course, not real diary or meat, but soya and nutproducts. I did not have so much many left, therefore I only bought a few items. By the way, I was happy, that I found egg replacement.



After my shopping, I bought a lasagne to eat at the coffee shop, thinking about, that I need a lot of time for each meal and lasagne usually is very hot directly after it is served. I started eating soon and was halfway with my lasagne, when Mustafa arrived I invited him for dinner. Finally having time for conversation, he started with saying, that he had not been outside his Swedish home, since he was back from Vietnam. He told me, that he had been at home at his mother’s place – his father had died last year, but he did not like, that all of his relatives told him to marry soon. He added, that he do not like the Pakistani way to marry – it is for three days and all of the days you have to offer meals all the time. There are usually awaited 1500 guests. Furthermore he explained, that he has four brothers and four sisters and he is the only one, who is not married. Though, he continued, he was going to Vietnam instead and was to even to a dentist there, which are much cheaper as the Swedish ones. He added, that it also is cheaper in Romania to go to the dentist, even not as cheap as in Vietnam. I was wondering for myself, that he had the money for this trip and the dental work, because he is unemployed and has been so in Italy, where he was living for some years, as well. After a couple of hours I told him, that I have to go to the Central Station to go home to Katrineholm. It was only a walk of half an hour Google told me, thought I did take the opportunity to exercise a little. Mustafa did follow me to the Central Station – and was carrying my little bag. He told me, that it is common in Pakistan, where he is coming from – independent of the age of the woman. He also told me, that in his country white people are something special. Though he loves white people, especially with blond hair. As an answer on my question, he replied, that regarding to the skin colour, it is the same in the countries around as well like India, Sri Lanka etc. By the way, he was very polite and very open. On the way from the coffee shop to the Central station he told me about all (?) his adventures with females.

Back in Katrineholm I remembered on my way home, that I needed more cupcake molds. I bought them in the closests grocery shop. Guess, that I was tired now. I only ate some left overs before I was going to bed – before 10pm.


26th Feb 2020

This day I baked 24 more muffins, this time with the egg replacer and it worked fin. Anyway I still have some problems with my oven – about time and temperature to use.

Because of baking takes time, I had a meal from the freezer, varmed up by the microwave. Though I was in time at the House of Music (in Swedish: Musikens hus) to leave my baking including a sponge cake I had baked some days before and to help with the sale and serving of the cakes and cookies. When we organized the whole thing, we were like chickens at the beginning, but we all found our place before the sale. By the way my cupcakes were dearly beloved. I even got positive comments about the cupcakes I had left on Monday. Unfortunately not all pastries were vegan and only mine were also free of gluten. Anyway they were sold to everyone as long as they were in stock. A woman were asking for sugar free cookies. I was ashamed, that I had not thought about that. When all were going home there was just so much left, that each of us “sellers” got a cake and a cooky. Regrettably there were only one (1) cupcake left and I was not the lycky one, who got it. Though I only had a little cookie I knew it was vegan as well. There were a lot of buns in the freezer, which will be sold the following day and I could prevent, that they were thawed in the fridge, but in room temperature.

During the music sessions we did not sale anything, though we were able to listen to the music. The first session was blues and jazz and I could not enjoy it. Maybe there are better jazz players somewhere else. The other session was a chorus entertaining us. It was a little more for my taste, but it was not very good class. The entertainers were all local I think and I it is very good, they got a scene.

27th Feb 2020

As usual I was awake around 8am, but I read a lot, staying in bed, that I then had brunch instead for breakfast.

Granada, who I had met during the dancing class again, told me, that I could get the cigarett smell out of the rocking chair with the help of vinegar. I had not smelled it, but at home I was putting my nose into the chair cushion and now I sniffed it as well. Usually I am very sensitive for smoke, but in this case I have not been close enough to detect it. I mixed some vinegar with water in a spray bottle and sprayed the rocking chair as well as I put a bowl with vinegar under it. It smelled vinegar in my little apartment for days ;-).

By the way, on my way home from my dancing class, I slipped over. It had been snowing during daytime and the pavement was newly cleaned, but there was snow left. It was hard and shiny. I did go very carefully, but I did slip anyway. The first time I felt on my right knee, though it was easy to raise again. Fortunately it did not really hurt. The second time I felt on my back, that was a little more difficult to raise again, but I did it as well. The good thing was, that there was a car catching up with me – but on the street of course. The driver did stop the car and check, if I made it on my feet again. I think, even this is nowadays only happening in such small towns like this one.


28th Feb 2020

Together with Irene I was climate striking in front of the town hall again. It was very sunny this day and most of the time I had my back to the sun, because I did not have my sunglasses as well as the town hall is in that direction. Though I got sweat. I did wear a lot of clothes as well as my down jacket, therefore I opened the down jacket a little. I was sweat anyway.

Back at home I had lunch, transfered money between my two accounts, learnd Spanish by Duolingo, read news, washed towels etc and put them in the dryer.

Afterwards I was going to the supermarket. Here I picked up my new cookbook and bought some groceries, especially fruits and vegetables. I was back at home around 7pm and cooked my dinner. The evening I spent by reading my new cookbook 😉


Vegan Cookbook
Vegan Cookbook; The Vegan Kitchen


29th Feb 2020

I had a sore throat in the morning and it did not become better during the day. I was quite sure, that I had got it because of the day before, when the sun was shining on me and I had too much clothes for that. I could not put it into context with the new Coronavirus, the SARS CoV-2, which now also reach Sweden, because I have not been outside Sweden and I did not know anyone, who had been that during the last weeks.

I had planned to go by train to the city of Linköping and visit a fair for Vegan lifestyle including sale of Vegan food. I was thinking about, if I should do that or refrain from it, but in our area as well the other areas no case of Coronavirus had been reported. Though I hoped for the best and was going there. None was caughing or sneezing on the train to Linköping as well as at the fair. The fair was not big either. Anyway I tasted different kind of vegan cheese and also spreads, sausages and balls. There was one kind of vegan sausage, I really liked, but it is sold by a supermarket chain, where I usually do not shop. Though I have to find a similar at my supermarket instead. I also bought a piece of vegan layer cake. The company is from Göteborg, though I cannot buy the cakes close to my home. Maybe that is a good thing, because there are a lot of calories in those cakes. The most interesting information was about “Research without animal experiments”. The scientists, who work with that, have problems to get money for their research, but there is an organisation, who helps them. Unfortunately this organisation cannot support a lot of scientists.

Before I left the fair, I bought a lot of vegan cheese (between 2 und 3 kg) for only 60 SEK. The cheeses best before day was overrun, but the company, which sold the cheese, guaranteed, that it will be save to eat that cheese during the following month. I felt like a “food-saver”. On my way back home, the train was very full. Not all of the passengers got a seat. For a while, there was no passenger on the site of me, but around halfways an Asian looking guy was happy, that there was a seat. Unfortunately, he did caugh (but only once). Fortunately I had my head in another direction and hoped, I won’t get the virus (if he has it). He also were talking by using his cellular phone and told the person on the other end, that he (the man on the seat at the side of me) feel very tired and has no explanation for it. I became a little scared.


Vegan Cheese
Food Saving: Vegan Cheese


Back at home I had a snack and read the leaflets I had taken at the fair. I was quite early to bed that night.


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