1st Jan 2020

As you could read on 31st Dec 2019, I was hos my son Samuel and his family for celebrating the New Year. We were going to bed before 1am. I awoke between 7am and 8am, but was very tired. I took my medicine and was going to sleep again. Around 10am I took my other medicine and did sitt down in an armchair. This way I tried to feel good in my head. Around 11am I did dress. We had brunch around high noon.

I helped the little family by vacuum cleaning the kitchen, hall way and living room on the ground floor. Afterwards I wrote down some notes about the last day., but played Mahjong on my smartphone then, because the others were still tired.

In the evening my son and I played table tennis. Partly my daughter in law’s mother played with us. At the end also my daughter in law were playing with us. Before we were going to bed, the boys were already asleep, we watched a Romantic comedy on Netflix. My son and his wife not only have the TV again, they also bought a bigger one and gave the parents in law the old one. I was told, that the other was too small for a good view. I was thinking about the really small TVs in the beginning of the 1960s. The demands have changed so much in the meantime!


2nd Jan 2020

I spent the morning with Samuel and his family, because my appointment at the dentist was not before 3pm. Before I left his home, I did get a message from my employer, asking me, if I can work the upcoming day. I agreed.

I was in good time and took a walk in the city. There is an emporium called NK (Nordiska kompaniet) and they had decorated their display windows very nice with Santa Claus, angels etc. They were on Earth as well as in the space. Lots of children were looking at these displays. Close to NK should be on Oriental shop, selling falafel tools – it is similar like glass scoops, but so much different, that it is not possible to use a glass scoop instead. Unfortunately, this shop did not have the falafel tool. They had no much tools in this shop at all. It was mostly Chinese food and other Chinese items.

My dentist was sick, but I had an appointment with his wife as well. She offers Qinopratic treatments (the site is in Swedish, you are welcome to use Google to translate the whole site). She did treat me different as the times before. In any case, I do not know, what I have to think about it. Is it hocus-pocus and comparable to homoeopathy or is it scientifically proven. I try to trust her, because I hope for help and actually she also set an acupuncture for my right leg (against the cramps) and it was working so far. Anyway, I am still skeptical about the vitamins and minerals, she recommended me to buy from a homepage – not their own. Just the way she told me, how much I should use of these and for how long time made me hesitative. There are a lot of money involved too, of course.

On my account was an for me unknown amount taken, though I was writing to my bank, but I did not get any answer this day.


3rd Jan 2020

I had my alarm clock on 6:30am, 6:45am and 7am, because I am always afraid, that I will not awake in time. I was ready in time and walking to the place, where I had to pick up the key (because I am an extra, I always have to pick up the key just before starting at work and leave it back, when I have finished for the day). There was an employee I had not met before, but she was very kind. The woman, I work for, was sick – not very much, but it was not possible for her to go to her daily activities. Though she was at home at an extraordinary time, which the permanent employees do not cover up. I was asking the employee for the electronic tag, which follows with the key. I claimed, that it is not working, because I thought it was for the port of the house for the woman I work for. Now I was told, that it is for the place, where I have to leave the key, if there is no employee working at that place, where I usually pick up the key. I was happy to know that, but would have been happier, if I had been told that before.

At home again around 4pm, I had a warm drink chocolate and a snack. Afterwards I did take my time to upload more songs on my Sandisk (it is similar to an iPod, but much cheaper. I bought it once on Malta). I use it again, because I accidently deleted all my music from my smartphone and was not able to upload songs on my smartphone again. I am sure, that I will fix that as well – in the future.


4th Jan 2020

I paid my dues for the dance club. It is only 100 SEK a year. They make more money with the dance classes, but I think, most of it is for the dance instructor.


5th Jan 2020

I signed up as a member of the Swedish nature conservation association as well as for a class about climate change, called climate codend (klimatlyftet) – not run be the Swedish nature conversation association. In addition to that, I signed up as a member of an associaton for retired people. I actually have been told, that I am too young for these kind of associations (they did not know my age) and I feel too young as well, but Irene, who strikes for the climate together with me, convinced me to give it a try.

I also sent some late New Years wishes.


6th Jan 2020

I found out in the middle of the day, that it was a holiday. I really had to check it up on the Internet. I started wondering, if it is, because there were so many cars parked on the street. Weekdays there are only a few parked cars here in the street, on weekends and holidays one nearly cannot find a free space. I celebrated by ironing. 😉

We have a special system for extra workers, where we have to put in the hours when we are able and will work. I did fill in my site for the upcoming two month. If I do not fill in anything there, they will not ask me, if I can work.


7th Jan 2020

I awoke early this morning. Actually already between 5 and 6 o’clock. Jag could inte fall asleep again. It was not so bad, because I was able to call my dermatologist. I was told, she will call back at 2pm. I also called my employer for my personal account. I have not got the log on information yet and cannot see my payslips. Anyway it works to get my salary paid to my account, which is the most important part of it.

During the hours before noon the janitor was coming. He dit check my lavatory pan and told me, that I will get a new one as well as he checked the electric contact as well as the radiator in the main room. He did tell me, he will fix the contact soon, maybe already the same afternoon, but that he could not help me with the radiator and he thinks, that it will not matter, because it is fastened at both ends. – He did not come back in the afternoon and he did not come back soon, either.

This day was a Tuesday and as usual I was going shopping at the supermarket. I did buy only vegan food, but also egg. Actually it became my last box of eggs.

When the nurse of my dermatologist called back, she was doubtful about, that I have got rashes after the skin test weeks ago. She told me, it has been too much time since the test. I explained one more time, that the rashes are just in squares like the test had been. Though I did get an appointment with the doctor for half an hour later. Well there the doctor – and the nurse and two more nurses 😉 – understood, that I was right, but they could not figger out, which substances did get me the rashes. Therefore I first have to treat them with cortison cream for getting my skin rashless and afterwards they will make a new skin test, but with fewer substances as last time, because of the place, where the rashes are. The doctor also told me, that I have had the problem (the lichen) for such a long time, that it does not make any difference if I have to wait for four more weeks.

Back at home the bulb of my lamp in my hallway broke. I tried to change it resp. to see, what kind of bulb I need, but I could not open the lamp. Though I was looking on the Internet at the IKEA homepage, what bulb I need, but for that I needed the name of the lamp. I could not find just my lamp on the Swedish site. Fortunatelly I still had the receipt for it and finally found it. The lamp was not longer sold in Sweden, but in Denmark. On that site I also could found the kind of bulp I need for it.

Later this day I was answering some emails, made my notices for the day and became very tired. Though I was to bed quite early.


8th Jan 2020

I cleaned my kitchen during the m2argo ship to Mexico, which will call at ports in the USA. The visa process is very complicated and quite expensive, though I decided to find out if it is possible to cross the Atlantic, hitchhiking by a sailboat. In addition to that, one day and night at a carrier is for almost 130 EUR (~ 140 USD resp. ~ 1400 SEK). The trip is for around two weeks and if the weather is bad or other circumstances make the trip any longer, one has to pay for the extra days on top. Though it would be easy to offer a payment of 50 EUR a day for going by a sailboat. I always was thinking, if I would win 100.000 SEK, I would be able to take the freighter.


9th Jan 2020

This day was one of the days I was going to Stockholm to meet my dentist. There was nothing special happening and I had no opportunity either to make some shopping, because I had my danceclass in the evening.

A guy in his 40’s or maybe 50’s did offer me to take me home by car. He told me, that the area I have to walk through is not safe. I was surprised, but I was going with him. We did not talk so much, because of the short way to go.


10th Jan 2020

Another FridayForFuture. In the afternoon and evening I updated my blog.


11th Jan 2020

I started with Duolingo, the language app and also fixed my gloves before brunch. Most of the day I updated my blog, but took a rest for skyping with my son Marcus.

My dinner was a little different as usual. I cooked a soup of Jerusalem artichokes. I never had done that before, but my daughter in law cooks that kind of food. – Before I was to bed I checked my economy and played Mahjong.


12th Jan 2020

Even this day I started with Duolingo, but after breakfast I was to the supermarket to complain about the Papaya I had bought some days ago, because it was not ripe and it is stated, that it should be. It also had become moldy at one end. I thought, the mold was my fault, but for the white seed, I was going back. I did get twice the price of the Papaya, because the supermarket has a freshness warranty. Well at the supermarket I bought a new bulb for the lamp in the hallway. It was not easy to find the right one, but I did after a while. There are so many kinds of bulbs now. Actually I was surprised, that they still sell the “old fashion bulbs” as well.

Later in the afternoon I finished to update my blog until 31st December 2019. I was happy, that I did come so far. Afterwards I read in my new vegan cookbook. I think, I will have most use of it, when I have guests, because the book is about well-known meals like meatballs, but the vegan way. I will try to learn to cook real vegan meals, but sometimes I think, I also will have lunch or dinner like those in the book. Anyway, I was not eating meat everyday, though I have a lot of experiences in vegetarian and vegan meals already.


13th Jan 2020

I was looking for my glasses in the morning at all the usual places, I am used to put them, but could not find them, though I took the older glasses and I was surprised. The strength of my older glasses did fit me better. Therefore I continued to use them even after I found the newer ones soon after I started use the older ones. I had put them on my dryer in the bathroom. I never have done that before. This older glasses has not as much metal as the newer ones. By that, they help me twice.

I made som calls: One to my employer for a log in and the other one for getting help by “Fixer Malta” a service for 65+ people to hang curtains, switch bulps and similares. The service is meant, that elderly people will not climb on chairs etc with a big chance to fall and break bones. Anyway I switched the curtains in the kitchen myself, because it is not so hard to do.

I got along with a lesson of Duolingo for practising Spanish. Afterwards I was to a meeting for retired people. My new friend Irene was there as well and she had cut out an article about me of the local newspaper, which she gave me.



Back at home I read my messages and had a chat with one of my former Mexican hosts Alberto in Cancun. It has been one year ago we met and the couchsurfing up reminded us about it. My son Daniel called me by Signal – also a messenger app – and asked me about, what he coud have for dinner. When he answered my question about, what he has at home, I made him a couple of suggestions. Now it was time for me to cook. I had a meal with vegan mince again.

In the evening I updated my blog somewhat. When I got tired I played some mahjong, but soon I was going to bed.


14th Jan 2020

Unfortunately I had a problem with the wi-fi, though all I had written about this day got lost. I also had deleted my, though I have to try to recall the day in my mind or better: To recall, what I had written. Fortunately I still have my calender, which is a little help.

Most of the day I used to remove my Christmas decorations. Yes, I am late, but only one day. The Swedish tradition says, that the last day of Christmas is the 13th of January, called “20 (tjugonde) Knut” It is the day, when Knut has his day. In other circumstances, there would be a dance around the Christmas tree and the children would get the sweets from the Christmas tree, but I was alone that day and I do not have sweets on the Christmas tree either. I put away all the decoration, thinking about, that it would rest there for a couple of years – if my dreams will come true one more time.

I also was to the supermarket. Among all the items I bought, there was tablets for the dishwasher. I had seen, that they were for sell – just perfect timing, because I had them on my list. When I had paid my groceries etc and had packed down all together, I checked the receipt (I always do). The dishwasher was for the full price. Though I was going to the service desk and asking if I did remember wrong or if the price in the cash was incorrect. I was right and I did get the difference of 25 SEK back, but also another 25 SEK, because I told them about the miss.

In the evening I joined the meeting of the nature conservancy association. We were talking about the upcoming event, a lecture about the climate change and the adjustment, we have to do and what is possible. The lecturer will be Staffan Laestadius. He is retired, but quite so up-to-date. I had read his book with the same name. We were talking about all the practical things and whom would be able to help that upcoming evening, because we planned to offer a pumpkin soup an hour before the lecture will start and also had invited politicans, though they could have a chat with the Mr. Laestadius. We had a snack, halftime in the meeting, as usual. It was gingerbread this time. By the way, we always have coffee, tea or water and some snack. It is always another member of the group, who offer it. We also agreed, that three of us will write a letter to the editor of our local newspaper to push for the lecture. I was one of them.


15th Jan 2020

Meanwhile I the day before did put away the Christmas decorations, this day I did clean my apartment. All takes a lot of time for me now. I was much more alert, when I was traveling. This grey weather makes me slow. I am close to get depressions

I also was thinking about, how to cross the Atlantic Ocean next time and wondering if it would be possible to hitchhike with a sailboat. Though I used Internet to find out. On Facebook I found a group called “Sailboat hitchhikers”, where both hitchhikers and boatowners meet – virtually, of course. I posted questions about, how it is working even telling them, that I am a grandma and a climate activist. There were some people making thumb up and writing “Go, grandma, go” and other did answer my questions. This way I found out, that the best time to cross the Atlantic is at the beginning of the year – w.o.w. in January, but it should be possible until June. From July to December there are no sailboats going cross the Atlantic because of the Hurricans. I also got to know, that one has to share the costs, which means to pay 20 – 50 EUR/day. A very important piece is to have some sailing experiences or almost has been joining a class as well as had made a trip on e.g. the Mediterranen for three nights to be sure, this way to travel will fit the own personality. I thank all the people, who answered and decided to look for sailing-classes. I found some, most of them quite expensive and others for lower prices. One of them was a sailing club. When I found classes for adults, I did sign up, but was also asking, if it is possible to change my mind. I was thinking about, things may happen, which makes it unpossible for me to join the weekends classes.

After dinner I started to read the book of S. Laestadius about klimat and adjustment. I have to finish it in time, because the promised letter to the editor.


16th Jan 2020

My new dance classes started this evening. Yes, it is the truth: I signed up for two classes. The first one is for beginners, but I enlisted for the roll of man, because there are always more women on the dance floor and for being sure, that I will dance, I thought, I have to learn to take the part of the man. For the advanced course I had enrolled as usual. Surprisingly my direct neighbour was at the dance club as well. She had signed up for beginners. I was happy, thinking about, that we will get to know each other better. After the advanced classes one of the male dancers did drive me home to my apartment. He told me, that it is not safe in the evening in Katrineholm anymore. There had been trouble close to a fast food restaurant in the center by ung peope using drugs.


17th Jan 2020

My son Daniel was celebrating his birthday. He is already 36 years old. Unfortunately I did neither celebrate him, when he became 30 nor, when he became 35. This day I am not with him either. We only had a chat via the Internet.

The “Fixar Malte” (se above) was here, but not the ordinary one. There is a resource group and some of the group were coming. Actually this time only two of them came. They changed my curtins in the all-room. It is hard to do and really needs a man or two

Later that day the laptop I had bought via the Internet came to me – not by it’s own, of course. It was a retired man, I had bought it of. Unfortunately he had forgotten the charger, though he had to come one more time. It was my luck, because it was only a notebook, he came with and when we were talking about it, he told me, he has a laptop as well for the same price. We agreed, that he will sell the laptop to me instead and bring that soon.

When I was demonstraiting for the climate this day, some other women were coming and talking with me and even joined me for a while. An eightyfour year old woman, who still was walking without help, told me, that she moved to Katrineholm a short time ago and that she also rent an aportment of the same company as I do. Furthermore she explained, that her apartment also is “concept renovated”, but that she has a 20% discount on her rent for two years. I became disappointed, because tenants moving in earlier than this woman do not have any discount. For me it does not matter so much, because half of my rent a get as a benefit of the social service of Sweden, but I was thinking it would have been a win – win situation for myself and the social service, w.o.w. the tax payers, if I also would get the discount.

At home again, I think it was in the late afternoon, my son Samuel was calling me. I also found a used rocking chair – an american model – for sell in Katrineholm. I was not exactly looking for rocking chairs, even I had done that off and on. I like to swing and think, I am in the age, I should have a rocking chair. I called the seller and we agreed, that I will take a look on it the following day. The chair was for only 200 SEK.


18th Jan 2020

I was going and checked in the rocking chair. It was so comfortable and the fabrics was in a good condition. The wood was painted in grey color, but had a really shabby look. It is modern, therefore I did not care about it. The question was, how to get it home to my place. Even they only lived around a 20 minutes walk away from my home, I could not carry it that way, though I asked, if they could help me and bring it by car – they had a big Volvo combi on the yard and also a horse trailer. I offer them an extra amount, if they will bring it to me. Only the wife was at home and she answered me, that her husband is to a course and she has to ask him as well as she will call me the upcoming day and tell me, how they decided.

I was thinking so much about that rocking chair, that I forgot to meet my son Marcus in the afternoon by skype. I got very bad conscience, when he emailed me, asking what happened.


19th Jan 2020

I was waiting for the call, regarding to the rocking chair, in the morning and at noon as well, but as lat as in the afternoon I did get it. Unfortunately I was told, that the rocking chair was sold to a woman with a car. I blamed myself, that I did not pay for the rocking chair the day before.

I had used the time before the call came to lock for sailing classes again and also booked a beginners clase as well as an advanced class at the sailing club. The beginners should be hold on a weekend in June and the advanced one on a weekend in August.

I also checked all my curtains, I have left from my different places I lived. I saved half of them and put the others in a pappers bag for the Red Cross secondhand shop. It was hard to decide to give away the curtains I had bought on Irleand. They are really nice. In addition to that, they have a lining. Unfortunately they don’t fit my big window in the all-room and are not of the kind, one would like to have in the kitchen. I still have two changes for both windows I have plus the Christmas curtains and curtains for the open doorspace to the all-room.

This afternoon I did skype with my son Marcus and as usual for around one hour. I even had a chat with my son Daniel and ordered a kitchen scale for him. It was hard to find an online shop, where I could put in an other delivery address than my billing address. It was not the cheapest choice, but worth it. I promised him that scale as a birthday gift, because he had not get one for some years.

During the evening I read another part of the book of Staffan Laestadius, which I, by the way, lent.


20th Jan 2020

I was just awake – or was I awoken by the phone, anyway I was taken by surprise, when I did get the call from my employer. I was asked, if I could go and work with the family, which told us before, they won’t have me as one more extraordinary helper. I had some objections, but finally agreed, even I told them, that I cannot be there before 9am. Initially I was ask to go there at once. I had to work until 4:30 in the afternoon. Though I grabbed a lunch box in the freezer and walk all the way to that family.

It was ok to work with the father of that unfortunated boy and I left, when the mother was coming home. When I left she looked at me, like she did not like that it was me, who was working there during the day. Maybe there will not be more emergency calls for me.

At home again I looked for any letters in my postbox and there was one. When I opened I did get a surprise. It was a reminder to pay the fee for the MediCheck doctor, but the performance had not been carried out. The appointment is for 8th Februari. There was also stated, that I could see the claim at a special homepage. When I checked it, the bill had already been send for debt collection. It seemed to get the reminder tog 10 days by mail and was already sent one week after the stated day of payment. Therefore I called the bank and asked about it. They promised me to delete the debt collection. They also told me, that it was the mistake of the MediCheck doctor. The doctors there were instrukted to send the bills after the performance was carried out. I payed immediately and with the extra amount for the reminder, but thought, next time I will contact the bank immediately, when I get a bill for a performance in the future. Afterwards I also was thinking about, that I will look for another bank (the one I had to do with this day is a sister company to my ordinary bank. Unfortunately my ordinary bank is not trustworthy either. They had a lot to do with money laundry. I have been a customer at this bank since I had my first income in Sweden. It is time to look further. By the way my Maltese bank is not trustworthy either, even there is no problem I know on Malta, but for the Mexican branch. So far I decided to stay with my Maltese bank.


21st Jan 2020

I did get an email from the bank regarding to MediCheck, confirming that the debt collection of the bill was withdrawn.

It was one of my shopping days. Though I went to the supermarket. I had planned to go further to two other stores, but I could not cope with it. At the supermarket i bought as much as possible of eco and fairtrade food.

In the afternoon and evening I read that book again, but did not come very far, because I became tired early.


22nd 2020

I had an appointment with my dentist at 10:50am, that meant I had to raise early for cathing a train and continue with the underground. I also put in some extra time. I am always afraid to be late. This time the dentist dit take a model of my teeth of the lower jaw. In addition to that, he did drill out amalgam of three of my teeth – all of the lower jaw. I was surprised, there were no more. By the way, usually it is done one and one, that means an appointment for each tooth. By the lack of time, my dentist made an exception. For the rest he was very careful, what means he used the special equipment for this kind of dental work.

When I was back in the city center I was looking for ski pants – for the very cold days, when I am demonstrating about the climate change. I did found one for half price. It was for 400 SEK (around 43 USD resp 38 EUR) I also found warm gloves for a low price. I was very hungry now and visited a Burger King restaurant at the Central station. They had one (1) vegan alternative and actually it was not tasty.

I have had the book I am reading this month with me, but did not read any page, because at the train I am always afraid to miss the stop I have too leave and at the dentist I did not have any waiting time.

I had to hurry home from the train station in Katrineholm, because I needed a toilet. I cannot remember, that I have had such a problem before and I hope, it will not happen again.

This evening I did eat in my bed, because I was freezing even it had been a nice and sunny day.


23rd Jan 2020

I awoke after a horrible dream. I dreamed, that all my hair was falling of my head. I had slept for a long time and was still tired, when I awoke – much more tired as usual. Maybe it was because of the amalgan drill out the day before. I read, even if it is done very well, one can be impacted.

Later that day I read the magazine of our tenant compound. They asked for tips about unfairness in the rental market. Though I wrote an email and told them about the 20% discount for some tenants of the concept renovated rented apartments.


24th Jan 2020

Another FridayForFuture. A police car was driving around in the park this day and I understood, that the police was checking. This day we were three people, but Irene was not with us. One of them, who joined me, was an elderly woman, who told me her lifes history (about mobbing, a soccer club, where she for the first time was met like all the other supporters etc). The other one was the woman with the walking sticks. They were not with me all the time, but the whole time, when the police checked us. After their first check up, they drow away, but they were coming back after a while. That time, they did ask me, what was on the sign. Though I turned it around in their direction. I did get a thumb up and the police did drive away. They did not bother us anymore.


25th Jan 2020

I tried to log on into “Mina sidor” (my pages” at the homepage of my landlord. I could not manage it (I neither remembered my user name nor my code), though I wrote an email to my landlord instead.

Later this day I took a walk to a secondhand shop, but they did not have anything, I was looking for (mostly a pipe wrench) and most of the things had a very bad quality. On the way home I stopped at the Chinese shop and bought white miso, Srirache sauce etc. Unfortunately they did not have Kala Namak (black salt).

I did remember the skype appointment with my son Marcus. We talked around one hour with each other again.


26th Jan 2020

Most of the time I was reading the bok of Laestadius. I have to finish it soon, that I can write my letter to the editor. For dinner I tried to cook pea guacamole – or better, I did it, but I did not like it. It is so different to real guacamole. I only tried it, because avocado are not good for the climate. They need a lot of water as well as some areas, where avocado are grown, the avocado take parts of rainforest away. I decided to eat less avocado instead.


27th Jan 2020

I visited the tenants compound this morning. I had taken my necklace with the copper pendant on, but unfortunately I lost it. The necklace opened itself under my vinterjacket, though, when I arrived at the tenants compound I only could save the necklace and not the pendant. I was looking for it on my way home, but did not find it. I made a notice on Facebook, that I was looking for it, but without luck. The policestation, where one also can find the lost and found department was closed for the whole week because of some refurbishing.

At the tenants compound I was asked to become a member of a group working with “climate and environmental questions”. I agreed. At home I did write down all my ideas.

I was back before high noon and though I could take the call of my employer. I was asked to work fulltime during the summer season. I tried to agree about 75% at the most, but at the end I agreed for the asked 100%. Actually it will only be two full time passes a week.


28th Jan 2020

It rained all the day. Anyway I was to the supermarket, shopping groceries. Most of the rest of the day I continued reading the book of Laestadius.


29th Jan 2020

I had the new contract of my employer in my mailbox. I was surprised, that it arrived so soon. For the first contract I had to wait for weeks and ask another time to get it.

I also ordered a t-shirt with the “FridaysForFuture” emblem on it, but the text “Grandmas For Future” a friend of mine had helped me to create it. I was thinking about to wear that t-shirt, when asking questions at the meetings of our local council and, of course, during summertime, when I am demonstrating. It took time to find a print shop with low prices. It also took time to customize the original for printing.


30th Jan 2020

Our local supermarket sent invitings for a Saturday for “stammiser” (regular and loyal customers). That is a new marketing gag to change the system, how they tread customers so far. It is the whole chain, of course, which is bound to this new system. The customers are told, that it is more beneficial for them, but in real it seems more beneficial for the shops instead. On the invitation was announced, that the customer woud get layer cakes. That is nothing for people eating vegan meals, of course. Though I wrote an email to my supermarket, asking if there will be vegan layer cakes as well. They answered soon, apologizing, that there will not be any vegan layer cake, but some cakes for vegans, too.

Since the police did check us in front of the town hall, when we were demonstrating for the future of our children and grandchilren, I found out, that actually groups of two or more people need a special allowance to do so. Last time I asked for such an allowance at the police administration, I paid the whole amount for it by my own. Now, when we are more than 10 people in the Facebook group, I asked to split the costs. I did neither get any amount nor an answer. Though Facebook is not as good as I read about for groups.


31st Jan 2020

As I usual do the last day of the month, I tranfered money from my Maltese to my Swedish account. I had one of the annoying phone calls, telling me, that I was very close to win the first price (an electric bike) of the contest, I had participated in. They asked one or another question and then tried to sell items “very cheap”. I promised myself, never again answer such a contest!

I was demonstrating for the climate emergency for only one hour this day, because I have had a phone call from my employer and had to work from 3pm (this day) until 3pm the upcoming day. Unfortunately it was only me this day.


I you will follow me further in my life, follow the link for February 2020.

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