1st July 2020

An employee of my landlord called me, because I was asking for another kind of bicycle rack. I think, I already wrote about that. He was very angry and told me, that we only are for lazy and could use other racks around as well as the landlord has no obligation to hold with bike racks. He added, that we also have a room in the basement of the house, where we can put bikes. Though I answered him, that I would like to put my bike inside, but I cannot both force the door and push my bike trough it and added, that I am 69 years old. When I named my age, he was a little more kind. I think it should not be a question of age, how landlords and their employees treat people. Especially not, when they take out such high rents as mine.

After the call I sent an email to the tenants compound, asking if that is true, that we do not have a right of bike racks. I thought, it is a part of the rent – the more special spaces, the higher the rent (which had been an explanation for our high rents). Unfortunately the landlords really have much more rights than tenants even we are the ones, who pay the rents and help them making their livings. They would be very poor, if they would build apartmenthouses and none would rent the apartments. Of the tenants compound I got the advice to get in touch with the “housing developer” of the compound for Katrineholm. I also got the phone number. I will call her as soon as I feel for it.

I did buy a secondhand bowl and jug (see below) of a private person. They were actually in a very good condition and looked in real nicer than on the photo I have seen. The seller was really good in keeping the distance to me, when I picked up my bargain. I was waiting outside the house and she was only coming to the door and put it just outside the door. I really like people, who keep the distance. Unfortunately there are too few.


A turquoise bowl (with some strawberries) and jug


On the way home I picked up another parcel. It was one with food again, I cannot find here in Katrineholm. I would prefer, to get all the parcel delivered to my door, but that is very expensive. Though since I have my face masks and there are no longer so very much people dying of COVID-19 I am going to the grocery shop, supermarket, whatever where I have to pick up my parcels. Mostly the service employees keep the distance. I also try to be very clear about the distance and extend my arm as long as possible for keeping the distance.

It was raining again most of the day, around +15°C and the weather report told us, that there will be small tornados over our part of Sweden, but we were happy here, it has not been even one close to us.


2nd July 2020

My smoothie blender has broken. Therefore I had to contact the company, I bought it of. I took the opportunity and complained even about the safety button of the food processor. I tried to glue it before, but even 2-component-glue did not help. In addition to that I sent them photos of the broken items. Naturally I had to wait for the answer of the company. I thought, it will take some time.



It seems the summer already has coming to its end. It does not make me happy. I feel cold again, even other people won’t. This evening and night I was watching a whole TV series on my laptop. Though it became very early when I finished and I did not go to sleep this night. I have given me movie restrictions now, because I know it is not judicious to do so.


3rd July 2020

The weather was bad, so felt I (see above for the reason). Around 8pm I was to the supermarket picking up my order for the week.


4th July 2020

I think it was the first time I did not make my DigitalStrikeForClimate on a Friday, but Swedish holidays. Anyway I did it this day and also uploaded two “Photos of the Day” – one for Friday and the other one for this Saturday. I think I have not written about it, but I started a while ago to upload “Photos of the Day” on my twitter account “GrandmasForFuture” = @ForGrandmas. The reason is, that I experienced so many amazing and stunning views on my travels and have seen so many cultural specialities, that I started sharing them, because the world is changing – not only now, but faster now than before and who knows, maybe all these views will disappear by the climate change. I actually go backwards. Just now I am uploading photos from Mexico and in between I was uploading photos from Belize.

In the middle of the day I had my weekly video chat with my son Marcus. He told me, that he is watching a lot of TV series, where people are making a lot ot things like layer cakes, model trains etc. It is on the Swedish TV4 play, which also is for free like the SVT play. Though, in the evening I watched a couple of the layer cake movies. There are people, making fantastic layer cakes for different themes. All are originals – they only make them once and I think it is a shame, that the layer cakes later are eaten. They were done for special birthdays or other memorial days.

I also got an answer from the company about my Ninja kitchen system (machine). I was told, that this company had contacted the manufacturer. By the way, it was raining all the day.


5th July 2020

It was another rainy day. I wrote a blog post about China and also updated my blog. My old laptop is working better now again, but it still gets a little too warm. Though I have to try one more time to fix it. Anyway I can use it and it is not crashing so fast anymore.

I am a little depressed. This is not a summer I like and I always have some problems with such rainy periods. Additional the stress of this pandemi makes me feeling low. I do not get done what I want, because all takes a lot of time for me. From coming up in the morning until going to sleep in the evening. Reading takes hours for me. There are so many interesting things both on twitter, facebook and other sites. I am always happy, when I am in contact with my children, which usually not happens every day. They have their own lifes, of course. I think it is also about my health. Even I have no bigger problems, but to freeze as much as I do is not normal and hard for me.


6th July 2020

I signed a petition from the smaller Swedish farms about the preparedness for crisis, where this farmers have an important roll to play. Even this day I updated my blog and finished June 2020. The news told us, that our parliament has new directives in the case of a second strong part of the now pandemi. Anyway they did not tell exactly what, but it seems, it will not be very different to the rules, they have now. – I still feel low.


7th July 2020

In the morning the sun was back, but in the afternoon it was raining again. At its best we had +18°C this day. I finally sewed my blue curtains for the kitchen. I had to take down the one I had put up before. It is not so easy with the kind of curtain rails I have. I was thinking about the curtain rails we had, when I was a child and I think, they were easier to handle.


8th July 2020

I called the polyclinic, because I was ready in time this morning. The nurse, I was talking with, told me, that the doctor will call me back the upcoming Friday at 1pm and also ask, if that suits me, because I had told her about my problems with the dizziness in the mornings. I was happy, about the early afternoon appointment.

I also packed my Ninja kitchen system in the original package. I did not really find out, what should be where, though I did get some inner packages over, but put the rest in bubble plastic and in the rest space, there was. I think it was good enough for the transport. Anyway, I was happy, that I did save the package. It would have been hard to send it away in another one. I was bringing the parcel of 10 kg to the post office in the grocery shop. I had got a parcel sticker by email and printed as well as glued it onto the parcel. Though the transport of the parcel was prepaid, which I was happy about.


9th July 2020

I had planned to wash my kitchen window and hang up my kitchen curtains, but I did not do it. Neither did I pick up another parcel at the grocery shop.

The reason was, that I started to tidy up in my drawer for sew accessories like sewing threads, buttons etc. I also was undoing a crocheted pocket, because I did not really like it and thought, I can use the yarn for something else. Furthermore, I can sew pockets in fabrics, which will be much nicer.

After dinner it was time for another webinar of the German Green Party in the European parliament. It was about lobbying and even with Kevin Kuhnert from the Social Democratic Party. I listened to the politicans and the representative of the Lobbyregister as well as a few questions of the listeners, than I had another webinar. It was one of the 100 of the Times, this time featuring among others the Ugandan climate activist Vanessa Nakate and also Dalai Lama. Meanwhile Vanessa was very exciting, Dalai Lama actually was boring, though I switched off meanwhile Dalai Lama was interviewed. I rounded off the evening with my Spanish lessons on Duolingo. Unfortunately I had to go to the kitchen in between and put my notebook on top of a glass 🙄 on my little additional table on the side of my rocking chair. All was well until I was back and sitting down in my rocking chair. Even neither me nor the rocking chair did touch the notebook, it crashed onto the floor. The notebook did shut down by itself and I could not get i working again.


10th July 2020

My doctor called me already at 10am instead of the promised 1pm. Luckily I already was in the kitchen, that means I could already handle my dizziness. By the way, the best way to do it is to read, I found out. He told me, what bloodtest were done and that all was normal and that the TSH and T4 (which has to do with the thyroid gland) was the same as last time. I cannot remember all he namned. I would have liked to get it in written. I asked him for the Euthyrox medicine instead for Levaxin – these are the names for medicine with the active substance Levotyroxin. They are quite similar. Anyway I tried Euthyrox for three months and under that time I did not have the dizziness. He told me, that the GPs in our region only are allowed to prescribe Levaxin and only endocrinology doctors are allowed to prescribe Euthyrox. Though I asked him for a remittance to such a doctor and he promised me. I also asked him for a check up of my osteopeni and he told me, that he had not ordered a calcium test before, therefore I should drop into the polyclinic for another bloodtest during the upcoming week. I thought, it has to be made a new check of my bone density, but I can ask the endocrinology doctor about it, when I once will meet one.

My son Daniel started chatting with me about his problems. He has no longer the status of disabled by his ADHD, but has had help of the rehabilitation department of the employment authority. They had told him the day before, that he no longer will get any money, because he is not looking for enough of jobs. Though I had to ask him some different questions and told him, that such a decision he has to get in written and also with an information about, how he can appeal against it. The problem is, that he has very small chances to get a job without education. He has not even a Secondary school leaving certificate. All the internships he has had and not even for full time, has not given him a job. The companies offering those internships have cheap workers this way, though they offer the next internship to another person etc. One of the problems Daniel has for his ADHD is, that he cannot organize his living. Though it also is hard for him to look for jobs (he anyway never will get). He has no driver licence either and even the test at the authority for employment has told him, that he could have a future as a professional driver, he did not get the drivers licence paid of them. He did not get any qualification either. I promised him, to help him with an appeal. I hope, I can help him.

In the afternoon, children did throw small stones against my kitchen window. Though I opened it and told them, if the window will break, their parents have to pay for it. They stopped with the mischief. I hope for all future as well.

I did get my netbook to work again. It looked like the main problem was, that the on/off button was not in the usual place. Though I fixed it with a little luck. I think, you cannot imagine, how happy I am. 😃 The notebook is only two years old.

In the evening I was first going by bike to pick up my little parcel at the grocery shop and, when I left the parcel at home, continuing to the supermarket to pick up my order. Though this day I got some exercises!


11th July 2020

I was video chatting with my son Marcus as usual, but shorter as usual. He had not to tell me a lot and I could not fill more time than half an hour. He was wearing the face mask, he had got of me – that I could not infect him 😉. He also told me, that his dad had sent him a hug by email.

I learned some more Spanish before I had my dinner. Actually I only had Guacamole and Papadums (I did not have Nacho chips at home) and as a dessert fresh strawberries. I also had a cup of cold chocolate drink. That is really not the kind of dinner I am used to have, but it was tasty. Then I was ready to update my blog and I finished it until this day!

A former Mexican host, which I was staying with in Cancun, contacted me by WhatsApp, first sending a photo of homemade meatballs. Afterwards he was writing, that they were not as good as the one I had cooked for him and his friend. I asked him, if he made them too big, because it looked at the picture, that they were not really well-done. Also there was something green in the balls, though I asked him about that as well. He answered, that it was parsley and he had already found out, that this was wrong as well. I told him, it may taste good with parsley, but that original Swedish meatballs do not contain parsley. During the short chat, I also get to know, that he and his friend had moved to his family in Guadalajara. I do not know, for how long he will stay there. By the way, another host of mine from Mexico is living with her mother for the moment. It seems to be a trend, that Mexican people are moving home to their parents in difficult times.


12th July 2020

I actually used the whole day by learning Spanish.


13th July 2020

Finally I washed my kitchen window and changed the curtains. It was warm enough this day, that I could have short sleeves meanwhile I was washing the window. I also checked a site of an Internet doctor and asked there about the COVID-19 tests. I was told, they do, but was linked to our usual health support homepage. I do not meet their requirements to be free of a cold for two weeks. Even I think it is only my allergy, I do not know, if I have a cold instead or not. Though I can neither get an antibody test nor are my symptoms enough for an active COVID-19 test.


14th July 2020

My son Samuel was calling me. He was with his family on the way to a town called Linköping. He told me, he will check the grave of his father and stay over in town. Though I asked him, if he will visit Lill-Valla (a very big playground) and “Old Linköping” (there are old houses from other places in Linköping saved and it looks like a suburb) with the children. He was not remembering those areas and was happy about my tips. Then he asked me, if I would like, that they visit me the following day, because it is only 1-hours drive from Linköping to me and added, if I dare. I was so happy about the thought to meet again, I told him, that I dare.

Around 6pm, I was going by bike to pick up my veggies and potato I had ordered hos farmers and now will be delivered. I was the last customer for the day, because I was born in the second half of the year and there is an instruction, that customers born from January to June should pick up their orders between 6pm and 6:15pm, meanwhile customers born between July and December should come between 6:15pm and 6:30pm all for avoiding crowds because of the SARS-CoV2 (Coronavirus).

From 7pm to 9pm I was joining the webinar from the German Green Party in the EU-parliament about Racism. It was co-organized with Italian members of the EU-parliament. I was very surprised, when the Italian told, that refugees and other immigrants do not get any Italian pappers, have no right to vote at all in Italy, even the have lived there for many years and even people, born in Italy, whose parents or grandparents came as immigrants to Italy face the same problems, wherever they come from. We were told, that the Italians are afraid, that they will be known as not white people. There is still a lot to do in Europe!


15th July 2020

I was on my way by bike to the polyclinic around 11:30am. Well there, a lot of people were meeting me, though, wenn I entered the building, where the polyclinic is situated and the door on the lower flor was closed and even it was not light in their, I was thinking, that it has closed, even on the homepage was stated, that the blodtest could be done the entire day between 8am and 5pm. I was going back, but stopped by at the grocery to buy vegan balls for the afternoon, when I will have my son Samuel and his family at my home for a late lunch.

My son came with his family around 4:30pm against the time we first had agreed, which was 2pm. Anyway he called in time, telling me, that they will arrive later. When they entered my apartment, I used one of my face masks and asked them to put on one each of my others. They did, but unfortunately I have no extra for the children.

They were not hungry at this time, though instead for lunch, it became a dinner at 6pm. I offered new potatoes as well and vegetables, of course. I am not used to have sauce to my meals, though I did forget it this time, but nobody had to eat the potatoes without a kind of sauce. I offered all I had – vegan creme fraiche, vegan cream and vegan margarin. Though there were a kind of sauce for everyone, I thought, but the children did eat the potatoes without any sauce. My daughter in law told the children by a reason, that they will not get any dessert, if they do not obey her. For the children’s sake I offered different fruits as a dessert, but the kids were already full.

Actually the children were a little rowdy. Vincent, the 4-year-old, did highen and lowering the different parts of my bed and was very happy to find out, how it works. I would not write about it, if he had done it once or maybe two times, but he did it many times. He also must have been under the bed, because he told his mom, that he became dusty under my bed. – I had not vacuum-cleaned it for some days. I do it only once a week. I had to smile, when he told her. The kids could not sit still and I offered colored pencils and sheets of paper, but they were not interested in to draw. It was high life until after the meal, when they were using a mobile phone, playing a game. I am sorry about, that it is not common anymore, that children sit and draw. On the other hand side, I did not say anything about their behavior, because of the time, when my children were young.


16th July 2020

This day I was going a little earlier to the polyclinic and I was ashamed, when I saw the sign, that the polyclinic is on the next floor. The nurse for the blood test asked me, if I will have an antibody test made. I think, it was because of me wearing a face mask. I told her, why I am there and I was disappointed again, that she was not wearing a face mask herself, but I did not tell her.

This afternoon it was kitchen time, taking care about the vegetables I had bought at the farmer’s. The problem is, that my fridge is not big enough, that I could store a lot of fresh vegetables. There is an for me unneccessary box for meat included in the fridge. I cannot store much there, because all will become damp. As an extra I had got a bunch of Siberian kale, which is similar to usual kale. I also had bought Mangold. I ate the Siberian kale for dinner, because I was afraid, it will lose the crispiness, if I store it. The Mangold I prepared for the upcoming days. For the fennel I found an exciting recipe – to mix it raw with vegan mayo and vegan creme fraiche. The “dill” of the fånkål I was cleaning, devided it and also cut it into small pieces and froze it for using it in homemade bread. I also had real dill, which I cleaned and cut and froze as well. By looking for, how to use the dill of the fennel, I found a side about, how to use the haulm of a lot of vegetables. It took time to read it all.


17th July 2020

I had to pick up my order at the supermarket in the evening and had planned to even pick up a two parcels on the way there. I did not do something special during the day, but was in contact with the environment office, because of people are interested in to buy my vegan Camenbert/Brie. I have not got the final answer, if I am allowed. Generally one is allowed to cook at home and sell, but one has to get an allowance of the environment office. When I was arriving at the gasoline station, where my first parcel was waiting for me – with a book about cupcakes, I was asked of the assistant, if she should wear gloves, when handeling my parcel. I think, it was because I am using the face mask or maybe for my age. The other parcel I had to pick out of a box in the entrance of the supermarket. I did not feel well, that I needed to use a touch screen. If I had known that, I would have taken gloves with me or desinfection tissues. The last stop was the delivery place for my order – at the back of the supermarket. That went well. I was back about 8pm and had my (late) dinner. During this I did get an email of my son Marcus, asking me for chatting on Sunday instead for on Saturday.


18th July 2020

Two of my neighbors hold a kind of flea market in front of the house. I was there around 10am, the starttime for the flea market, but did not find anything I am in need of. I am still looking for a used water pump pliers, because new ones cost a lot and I do not need it often.

In the middle of the day an oldtimer car parked in front of my windows. For the time it took for the driver to park the car I closed my windows. When the car was leaving, I unfortunately was a little late to close my windows and it was smelling gasoline in my room for a while, when the engine finally was working after a jump start. I was thinking about, how much gasoline theese cars need and that it would be better, they only would stay in museums and not be driven anymore.

In the evening I improved my face masks. I had taken different material for the nose bow, because I was not willing to use all the metal strips of my folders. I thought it was waste of the folders. Instead I had taken floral wire and pipe cleaner, but they were not at all as good as the metal strips of the folders, though I took out all the metal strips of all the few folders I have and changed it against the other inlays. By the way, I saved the rest of the folders. The important thing, why I am using this strips in my face masks is, that without that strips, my glasses get covered of condensation. I also was looking for binders. It was hard to find the correct Swedish name for them and they are very rare in Sweden. The only I found online were the Durable and it is only possible to order 250 pieces at the same time. They have German punch, but that does not matter in this case. They are really not expensive, but when will I need 250 pieces of them? I could think about 100 pieces for sewing more face masks, when they also will become officially necessary here in Sweden. So far I have some metal strips left from my folders.

I had read about to make face masks of bras, checked the videos and this day I tried to make the first one, but of one with no insertion. I just had to try if it is possible and started with the one, which had a broad lace. That was not such a good decision. I have to try with the others another time. I have read, that the Swedish Public Health Agency is thinking about to change the recommendations for face masks and if they decide, that we should use them, I think I could sell some, but I have to be in time, otherwise it will not be possible. That idea with the bras I thought is good, because now I have replaced all my bras with new ones because of my allergy against metal. The new ones have no metal at all. I dress them over my head. It took a long time for me to decide this, but at the end I understood, that it will be the best decision.


19th July 2020

The sun was shining again and it was warm enough, that I was thinking about a walk after the video chat with my son Marcus. For the sun, I had dressed in one of my summer dresses. Unfortunately after the video chat and a meal, the sun had gone and it looked like it soon will come a thunderstorm, though I did not leave my apartment even I read in the online papers, that the following days won’t be summer days. It will rain a lot and be very windy as well.

The video chat was good again and we did not stop before after an hour and ten minutes. When I looked out of the kitchen window after my lunch, I did see another oldtimer car in front of hour house. I later read in the online paper, that there has been a car meeting the evening before at the shopping area, close to were the supermarket is. There should have been around 200 people and the police had checked it, but did not do anything, because the meeting was not announced. Some participants claimed, that the drivers and passengers from the different cars were not close to each other, but later a photo showed, that they did not even keep the distance. I continued to read the online paper until i started to update my blog.


20th July 2020

I read the blog of a woman, I only know by twitter and not in person. She has been in Canada in 2015 and liked it very much. She is still longing for to go back to Canada. Though she was writing about it on twitter, because it was five years ago. I became interested in to see Canada with her eyes as well. In addition to that I started reading about my trips on my own blog, but started with Mexico and my longing to see that country and my friends there again was getting worse.


21st July 2020

I baked bread and sent afterwards a letter to the editor of the local newspaper about wearing of face mask (see my blog post).


22nd July 2020

I was to the inner city and bought more fabrics for sewing face masks. I also cut it to the sizes men, women and children. Furthermore I found more of the fabrics with cars on and cut more face masks for children. Most of them with a different back, only one I used the same fabrics for the back. I was thinking about, that people can choose more that way. I started with this project, because I still hope, that face masks will be recommended in Sweden as well and the fabric face masks are more environmental friendly as the one-time-face masks as well as I think, there will be a lack of one-time-face masks as soon as face masks will be recommended. I hope, I can get some money on the top of the costs for the fabrics etc, but just a very small amount. It would be better to buy from our own country but via Amazon or similar sites (the most are American sites).


23rd July 2020

I had a parcel with new bra:s (;-)) in my postbox. I bought them, because they do not have any metal. As you maybe remember, I am allergisk to some kind of metal.

My letter to the editor has been printed! I actually was surprised about it, because I wrote to the newspaper before about face masks etc and it was not published.

I made the ribbons for the face masks and sew five face masks for women. The fabric is red with white dots. I was using that fabrics before, but as the second sides of face masks.

I also sent an email to the tax authority, asking if it still counts as a hobby, when I will try to sell face masks with 20 SEK (around 2,2 USD and 2 EUR) on top of my costs). It would be a really bad wage. I need around 1 hour for a face mask, especially the face masks with ribbons. When I was working with the disabled woman, I had more than 6 times as much of hourly wage. By the way, if I never can sell the face masks, it depends on the situation her in Sweden, either I will give them away to people with low income or I will give them to the Red Cross.


24th July 2020

It has a lot of negative things, buying online. The worst is, that one cannot try clothes on, especially regarding to bra:s. The ones I ordered were to big for me, though I sent an email to the seller asking for an direct replacement in a smaller size. I also made the parcel ready for sending back to the seller.

I striked online – as usual on Fridays. I also wrote an reminder on Facebook for the upcoming day about the planned shoestrike. This time not only Sweden will have this environmental event, but also Canada and the USA.

During the afternoon I was sewing face mask for men. One of them I made with ribbons, the others I made with elastic bands, because that was the best way to use the fabrics I had bought. The one with ribbons I will keep at home, maybe I will get help to change my curtains, I will ask the helper to use it. Around 5 pm I was getting dizzy and remembered, that I had not eaten since breakfast. Though I drank a lot of water and cooked a meal. After a while I was fit again.

Around 7pm I was to the supermarket to pick up my groceries. I had to leave back a papaya, because it was rotten. That was not a problem, but on the other hand, that papaya should not been given to me at all.

Back at home again I decided to dispose the one bra I had cut in parts, trying to make a face mask of – I had seen a short movie on YouTube about that, but I used the wrong kind of bra:s.

My son Samuel send me a message with a photo, stating and showing, that he had been with the kids and picked blueberries. They are growing in the forest behind their site.


25th July 2020

Some minutes before 10am I was in the center of Katrineholm and put shoes on the ground for the shoe strike. I always put there more than one pair, because not all of our group can go there for the distance or other reasons.


Shoe Strike in the Center of Katrineholm


I left the shoes as I had did before. I was expecting to find all of them again later this day.

Before going back to the center, picking up the shoes, I should have had a video chat with my son Marcus, but he did not answer. Later that day he told me, that he had slept too long.

When I was picking up the shoes, my co-activist Irene was coming as well to pick up her shoes. I had to pick the signs up lite around the shoes – actually most on the other side of the pedestrians street. When Irene told me, that one pair of her shoes was missing, I told her to take a look around, but she answered, that the sign still had been on her place. I am so sorry for he missed a pair of shoes. The good thing was, that she told me, she did put her shoes there around 12pm and that she could count 17 pairs of shoes. I am so happy, that some more poeple were participating in this shoe strike. It is so hard here in Katrineholm to get people to follow our example.

Left my shoes at home, I was going by bike to the shopping center outside our city center. I visit two shops, which are selling cheaper items, but I did not find, what I was looking for – one of it was thread to sew. These shops have a lot of different items and it is changing, though one never know if one will find the things one is looking for or not. Anyway I found a water pump pliers for 50 SEK only. That was a good price, though I bought one and returned home, I did change the extension to the water tap.

Before I was going to bed, I made an order for the REKO-ring (the farmers group, where I can buy vegetables etc directly – I always ask them to avoid plastic for their delivery.) and answered emails.


26th July 2020

I woke up during the night, because I was freezing. After a while I felt asleep again. In the middle of the day I had a video chat with my son Marcus for around 30 minutes. Later I was sewing face masks again. Unfortunately I did not come as far as I wished.


27th July 2020

I sent another face mask to my son Marcus, because he cannot handle the ribbons of the first I sent him. He always has to ask the helpers at his place to tie them. Even this day I sewed some more face masks – actually some for kids.

Furthermore I have got an email from the seller of my kitchen system (machine). The message was, that the producer dit agree with, that the problem was his, but that this kitchen system is not produced anymore, though I could choose to get my money back or buy another item of the seller. I decided to get my money back in the hope, I will find this kitchen system at another seller. I spent a lot of time to find it. There was an American homepage (what I later find out), who had similar of the same make, but it was a waiting time for it. It was more expensive, as my had been and also there were not all functions anymore. It was possible to buy the extras separatly, but that would be very expensive. When I found out, that this site was an American, I decided not to buy from there because of the customs. I also found a site in the UK, but I was aware, that it will have a UK plug. Though I was looking further.


28th July 2020

I was more tired than usual this day. It did not make my situation better, that it was raining. I always get a little depressed, when it is raining, and in the contrary happier, when the sun is shining.

I update my blog somewhat and picked up my vegetables in the early evening. This time I was not the last customer to pick up the vegetables. By the way, part of the vegetables were eatable flowers. I had to try them!


29th July 2020

I took care of my vegetables. After a while I did get dizzy. Though I thought, I had not drank enough and checked the clock on my kitchen wall. It was already around 5pm and I did understand, that it was not only the lack of water, but also of food. I did drink to big glasses of water. These glasses has a volym of 0,35 liter. Directly afterwords I cooked a meal for me. Finally, when I had eaten, I was OK again. Anyway I decided to make an apointment with an optician, because none of my glasses really fit my eye problems and I was thinking about for a longer while to buy new glasses. The glasses could be a part of the problem.


30th July 2020

I tog care about the cabbage I had bought from the supermarket past Friday. I was afraid it will become ruined, because of it is fresh and it is the month, when vegetables will rot fast. Though I made coleslaw, a sallad with pineapple, raisins and carrots. Furthermore I fried a part of it for “cabbage pudding”. Unfortunately I had no (vegan) minced biff at home. Though I could not make it in full.

The most food I miss as a vegan is cheese. I know I am not the only one. I bought two books about making vegan cheese and, beside the camenbert/brie, which I have done twice and I make after a recipe I found on the Internet, I finally started to try to make Feta cheese. I had bought Lupine seads a time ago, but know I saw that I had not the correct kind of tofu at home. I had to postpone that again, but tried online to find out about the necessary tofu. Though I read, that it is possible to make it by myself. I ordered tofu from the supermarket.

I was still looking for the kitchen system and found a NL-site and at least a German one. At the German homepage it was stated that the kitchen system is in stock. It was more expensive than I had bought my for, but it was the best option. Though I bought to buy it. I understood, that they only deliver to German addresses. Therefore I asked a German girlfriend, if she is willing to send it to me, once it has arrived at her home – and she was! Though I tried it again. I used the Visa card for my EUR account, but it was not working, though I tried with the MasterCard of my Swedish account, that was not working either even it was stated, that both are accepted. Now I mailed to the company and asked, why my cards are not accepted and I was told, that only German cards are accepted. That made me asking my girlfriend to order it for me as well, after I have send her the amount for the kitchen system. She agreed with it as well. I transfered the amount the same day and now I am waiting for the kitchen system. I know, it will take time, but it is better than all the alternatives. I am very thankful to her.


31st July 2020

Since the pandemi was real, I have been “striking online” because of the climate crises. I did and do it on twitter, facebook and Instagram. I did not have a lot of retweets or likes for it. I think, that is not necessary either. My wish is, that politicans will see it and understand, that there are more people, thinking about the future for the now generations and the climate change. I am always writing a line as well and this time I was writing: “I am with all of you” on twitter. I did not know, what that meant for all the people around the world and their digital strikes about the climate change. I got more than 2,000 likes, around 400 retweets and some comments. I also got a lot of new followers – I started following many of them as well. I was overwhelmed of the reactions and by the comments I understood, that the youth is happy by the back up of my generation as well.

In the late afternoon I finished the face mask for kids 4 – 7 years. I did not really have enough of thin elastic band, though for two of the face mask I used a little wider one. I saved one for my grandchild and put the others in a reused plastic bag.

I picked up my groceries at the supermarket, cooked the “cabbage pudding” and because of I prepared to much vegan minced biff, I saved around half of it for a pie.


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