1st June 2019

It is Saturday, anyway I checked my Swedbank account, looking for, if the transfer from HSBC already has arrived. Surprise! It has. previously it took three or four days, when holidays were in between. I decided to go and buy some groceries, but it was raining, though I did stay at home.

I took my time and wrote a letter – they do not have email, to the fund I asked for hjälp with the payment of the upcoming bills of my dentist, but because of the change of the dentist and that he will make it cheaper for me, I told the fund in the letter, that I do not need hjälp from them anymore. I have to go to the library to print it.

Furthermore I wrote emails to complaints offices for dentists and GPs. I claimed, that both did act wrong, because you can’t just tell someone, you have cancelled the appointment, because it seems, you do not trust the dentist. In addition to that, the GP should not tell me to go to another one for a certificate, that she has tried all to help me, but the problems are not gone. That is my opinion.

I hade fresh cooked vegan pea soup for dinner – and to freeze. In the evening I continued to correct my blog about Mexico.



2nd June 2019

I had a misfortune in the morning. I put lingonberry jam on my tablecloth, though I was washing that and another one directly in my washing machine. The weather was better this day, therefore I was walking to the supermarket. I walked by two reasons: For the first, because I have to walk for almost 30 min a day to care about my bones. For the second, because I cannot transport a lot on my bicycle and I might shop a little more this day. My decision was very good, because my shopping cart was very full, when I left the supermarket. With the unexpected money I bought a lot of cheese, I would not have bought without it – and also other food. I actually only bought food this day.

Back at home and after the dinner I continued with the correcting of my blog about Mexico. It became late this night.



3rd June 2019

Even I usually do my cleaning on Fridays, this time I had postponed it and made it this day. I also washed one machine at the laundry in our house. It was bedlinen. I use the laundry for bedlinen for the opportunity of the drying room. In the early evening I was to my dance class. It should have been on last Thursday, but was postponed. We danced a lot and had also a nice rest with coffee and cup cakes. Our dance teacher offered it. During the rest I also got an offer to go with one of the other dancers to a dance-floor the upcoming evening. I was very happy about it, because even it would be possible to go there by bus, there is no bus back in the evening.

At home again, I had contact with Maria, my daughter. She messaged me, that she will start at a special school, we call it “folkhögskola” here in Sweden. It is on a second education level and there are neither similar in the english speaking countries nor in Germany – as I know. This school is a boarding school for adults. Usually also day students are allowed, that means, students, who are living close to the school do not need to attend at night-time. The graduation is the same level as American senior high school. The school is closer to me, but she won’t leave her home in Malmö. The boarding school will be her second home. Before she will go there, she tries to get her drivers license.

I was too tired either to update or to correct my blog. I am really looking forward to the dance.



4th June 2019

All the day I was thinking about to be ready in time to go to the dance-floor and I was. Markus and his elder sister picked me up at the junction, very close to my home. The sister told me, why Markus started dancing. It is a little unusual story. She will get married this August and because her husband to-be do not dance, she asked her brother Markus for attending a class together. They did in January. You have to know, that Markus is a very good dancer, who helped out in the beginners class. I was surprised, that he did not start earlier than in January this year.

Well at the dance-floor, there was first an offer of our dance club to learn the dance Fox during an hour and for free. That was advertised, though it was the reason, why we were early at the dance floor and there were many more dancers attending. There was nearly as much male as female dancers. In all this classes, we change partner in the ring all the time. I was surprised, how easy the Fox is and that it is really different from the Foxtrott as well, that I did made the correct steps even before this class. I always thought, I make something wrong, because I could not dance it like a Foxtrott. Though it made me happy to know, that I did it right. The leader of the dance class advertised at the end of the class, that we could learn more by the classes of our dance club. I think, there will be figures as well, but usually nobody on the dance-floors use figures while dancing fox.

By the way I did dress up for dance and had my nice dress, which I bought on Malta – with a “belled” skirt. One of the good things is, that this dress has pockets (for my handkerchiefs). I was very happy about the pockets, because I had to sneeze very often – I think there were pollen in the air. We had put our bags (for the dancing shoes and a cardigan) on a bench, but just before the dance started it looked like it soon would start raining and I had seen hooks on the inside of the roofed dance-floor. Therefore I moved my bag. Markus, his syster and I had agreed to go home, when the rest will start, because they have to work the upcoming day. I had been afraid, that nobody will dance with me, because there were a lot of more women than men, but I did dance nearly every dance.

Before the rest I was more and more often asked to dance of the same guy and we enjoyed both the jitter bug (we call it “bugg” in Sweden and we do not dance it as hard as the original), even it seems he does not know so many figures. When the band made the rest, I told him, that I have to leave, because I otherwise cannot come home. He offered me, to drive me home, if I stay longer. Though I told Markus, that I won’t go home with them and the guy and I spent the rest together as well as we were dancing every dance together this evening. By the way, he told me, that at “Gröna Lund” in Stockholm events are for free for retired people, but for me it makes no difference, because I have to pay for the train tickets – and I cannot get home in the late evening. An option would be to sleep at my son Samuel’s home.

After the last dance, we were going to his car – a nice Volvo. He did bring me to the door. Before I left the car, he was asking for my phone number, which I gave him. He had told me before, that he would like to dance with me again. He also gave me his and so he also told me his Christian name: Göran as well as his surname. I enjoyed this evening so much and look forward to more opportunities to dance.



5th June 2019

I was awake around 8am as usual, even I had not been to bed before midnight. When I had taken my medicine and took a little extra rest in my bed, I have got a message from Göran. He ended the message with “HUGS”, what I was surprised about. Swedish people are often more reserved, but it seems, that there is a change ongoing, because Markus, who is married and a father of a six year old boy, gave me a hug for good-bye. The migrants from southern countries seems to have influenced our culture.

I tumble dries my towels, which I had been washing the day before and took care about my houshold as well as I was trying to update my blog, but became tired. Therefore I decided to have a meal and afterwards to take a walk. While preparing my meal, my son Daniel messaged me. We hade a chat for a while – even during my meal. When I had finished my meal, I told him, that I will take the walk. Furthermore I messaged my son Samuel about Göran. He told me, that it is nice, that I met Göran.

We have up to +26°C this day and I took a walk to the lake Djulö. There I was enjoying the view for a while and had a snack. Afterwards I was walking back another way as I was coming. On Google maps Iater could see, that I had been walking 5,7 km in 58 minutes. Though I made nearly twice the time, which  I am recommended and I am also proud, that I was walking nearly 6 km during this time. I am still going strong :-).

Back at home I updated my blog until this day, had my evening meal and corrected the last sites of my blog about Mexico.


6th June 2019


Swedish National Day – Flags at the Entrance of Our City Park


It is the National Day of Sweden. In our small town, we did celebrate in our city park. Most of the time was for children respectively families, but the last hour was for everyone. I did find a good place in front of the scene and in the shade. The shade was necessary, because we had +28°C at that time. I was thinking about to take my hat, but it was so windy, though I did not and was very happy about the shade. I had a nice chat with a man, who is living in the same street as I, but not in my block. It was pure random, that we did sitt side by side with each other. I had a big ice cream today. One scoop was for 27 SEK, two scoops for 36 SEK and three scoops for 39 SEK. Though I dit take three scoops – by this the price of one scoop was only 13 SEK 😉 and it was like a meal for me. Most of the shops in the centrum were closed, which surprised me a little. I also dit see, that the shops regularly are closed on Sundays. I have not seen that before, because I have not tried to buy clothes or houshold items on a Sunday. The town center was very empty, but there were lots of people at the city park.


Flowering Bushes in the City Park. Our town has a good gardener, there are so many nice flower beds in town.


Back at home I had a meal and a smoothie, which I had saved from the day before. I had put an original lid on the smoothie cup, but could not open it. Fortunately I could empty it by the opening of the lid. Later I tried different ways to open it, but first, when I had the idea to put the cup in the freezer for a little while, I could open it afterwards. By the way, I have seen a very big rabbit crossing our street in the morning. It was not the first one I have seen on our street and I am wondering, where they are living.

The evening I was on the Internet again. For a little while I did work with my blog, but later I did watch movies by my library – connecting to two different collaborators.



7th June 2019

I had decided to walk to town and make my errands, because of the recommendation of my GP to walk almost for 30 min/day. My first goal was the customer service of our municipality to pick up a bus ticket (card), lasting until 31st Aug. Retired people here are eligible for free busrides in the borders of our community between 1st June to 31st Aug this year. First I thought, it would be added on my usual bus ticket (card), when that had not been done I contacted the customer service of the bus company “Sörmlands trafiken” and asked, why it was not done. Finally I have got the answer, that I need a special ticket for it, which I could pick up at the customer service of the municipality. Therefore I was doing that later then 1st June.

The customer service of our municipality is in the same building as our library, though I continued directly to our library, where I made some print outs, e.g. for a letter, but also an elder journal from a dentist, when I was living in Perstorp, Scania. I think, it can be of use for my new dentist. I actually was happy, when I found that files on my computer. The next stop was at my grocery shop, which also has a kind of post office attached. There I bought stamps and posted one of my letters. For the other I only took copies of important documents and still have to write the letter. I did not remember, that I had not done that and saved on my USB-stick.

From the grocery I was walking back into town, looking for a goldsmith, because I have to bracelets, which are a little to big for my wrist and also for my hand. I am always afraid to drop them, when I wear them. Unfortunately, it was not easy to shorten them, but most of the problem, was the price. I did not pay as much for each of them, what the work with the shortening of them would cost. Therefore I told the goldsmith, that I have to think about it. I also needed a new battery for my watch, but had to go to another shop – a real watchmaker. The new battery was for 140 SEK, while I had bought the watch in Canada for around 160 SEK three years ago. A new watch in Sweden would be much more expensive, of course.

All this done I went to shops for clothes, because I would like to have another skirt – I only have one left and I do not really remember, what I did with the others I have had, but I think, I gave them all away in Germany, just before moving to Malta. Now I really regret it. Skirts are very hard to find this summer, they mostly sell dresses, but I have a lot of nice blouses, which I would like to wear with skirts, especially for the dans evenings. I also was looking for another pair of jeans. I would have liked to buy a pair of thin jeans fabrics, but I only could find some in thick jeans fabrics or in a style, which is strange for jeans. In addition to that, there was one shop, which only had skinny models, which I cannot wear.

After a walk for around one hour, not counted the visiting of the shops, I was back at home again and decided to look at the Internet for the clothes I am looking for. I did not find them on the original Swedish online shops. They had skirts, but not such one I would like to have. I decided to have a white one, because it will fit with all my blouses. Furthermore it had to be a belled or similar one, though I can dance jitterbug, wearing it. At the end I found what I was looking for at an online shop called Shein. It sells worldwide. I hope it is a shop to trust. When I had found the skirt, I always was looking for a pair of jeans and did find that as well. I ordered both and I am now waiting for them. There is a delivery period of two weeks announced. The upcoming Thursday I will have the only skirt I have left, which I bought on Malta, together with one of my few one-colored blouses. I could wash my dress and dress in it, but I think I need some more clothes, but one dress for the dance, though people are not thinking, that I only have that one dress. I also would like to find a similar dress, too, but I cannot afford it just now.

The rest of the day, I was on the Internet. In the evening I watched two old movies on YouTube. They were nice.



8th June 2019

I do not understand, why I am sleeping so many hours. I almost was to bed at 11pm and anyway did not awake before 8:30 this morning. I have had this problem the passed days as well. Often I awake between midnight and 2am and cannot fall asleep directly again. Though I guess I have to go and pee, but there is not a lot coming. It cannot be lack of vitamines, because my last blood test showed, that I have enough of all tested and I am keen in to eat food with a lot of vitamines (I still have my smoothies) and also take extra vitamines in the case of not having enough by my meals. I hope it will soon become better again.

I started my day as usual, even late. Afterwards I checked one more time, how much money I used for my travel throughout Mexico. I just want to remember it. Likewise I updated my blog until these lines.

I took another walk to the Djulö area, where I took a rest on a bench with lake view and had a snack. I did take another way back as I had come, though it will not be so boring to walk. The weather was warm, sunny, but even cloudy. Anyway I did not take a swim in the lake. During the late evening I was watching movies again.



9th June 2019

After breakfast I was asking myself, where I should take my daily walk. The weather was not as nice as the day before, though I decided to make some arrends in the area, where the supermarket is and further. I walked all the way und visited three or four shops, but did not find all the things I was looking for. Anyway, I still have to be careful with my money, though it was good, that I did not use much of it.

The walk including the shopping took some hours, though I had a late lunch and was afterwards on the Internet again, watching movies in the evening.



10th June 2019

Weeks ago I had decided to walk all the 10 km of the “Health walk”. In Swedish they call it “Hälsans stig” and it would be something like “Gesundheitspfad” in German. The Swedish organisation of the heart- and lounge diseases state, that it is an idea coming from the Republic of Ireland and there called “Slí”, which is Gaelic and simply means “way”. Though this day it was coming true. I have nearly 1 km to a start point of this walk and of course, the same distance back home from it. Furthermore the map is very simple, though sametimes I had to walk more than stated, because I did not find the correct directions, but was always going back to the (badly) signed walk. At the end I walked between 13 and 14 kms. Even I took a little longer rest of maybe 20 min and two short restes of 5 – 10 minutes, I made this walk in four (4) hours as Google told me. I am proud of it, when I compare with the hikings I did in Hamburg. I did not need longer time, than we did at that time and if I put it in relation to our 20 km walks, I even made it faster.


Sheep at the Lake

A Picutre from the Walk


In the evening my danspartner Göran was calling me. We agreed, that he will pick me up at 7pm at my home for the Tuesday nights dance at Broby.



11th June 2019

I awoke early this day – around 6am, but did fall asleep again and was dreaming, when the phone was calling. I first thought, it was from my polyclinic, therefore I answered the questions, but when they offered me a two month contract for checking, if I get all the vitamines I need, I understood, that it was not. I told them, that I do not need their company, because my GP does that from time to time. It became quiet on the other end of the line and I ended the call. I was angry at me, that I had not heard, that it was not from the polyclinic and answered them with details about my daily walks, meals etc.

This day it was raining a lot. I had to buy some groceries and was going by bicycle to the supermarket, because I will have a healthy evening. Fortunately, I had taken my rain jacket with me, but unfortunately, not my rain trousers. When I had done my shopping and left the supermarket, it was raining again. Though I was walking back with my bicycle – otherwise my pants would had got very wet.

I had my dinner around 6pm and had planned very carefully, to be ready in time and even a little earlier for the pick up of Göran, but he was already arriving twenty minutes to 7pm. I was anyway ready 5 minutes later. Outside I was looking for his car. I did not find it easily, because I thought it was a black one. In real it is blue. I could not see that in the dark last week. During the trip to the dance floor, he told me, that he had been on a cruise to Åland on Sunday and was coming home on Monday. When I asked him, how Åland looks like, he told me, that he had not has time to visit the island and the meaning with the cruise was the dance on board.

During the dance, he told me, that I could dance with other men as well, but I told him, that I think we are a good couple belonging to the dancing. I added the question, if he would like to dance with other women, but he answered, that he will not. We danced all the first two hours before the rest. Sitting on a bench, we came to talk about my world-travel. He asked me, how much money I had needed for it. When I tried to tell him about my hiking in the Copper Canyon, I asked him, if he understands English. I was awaiting a “yes”, but he told me “no”. I was surprised, what I also told him, with the words: I think all Swedes are speaking English. Later I was thinking about, that he may have been one of them, who had to learn German, but I did not ask him about it. By the way, he told me, that he was on holidays with a caravan, when his wife was still alive.

Even the second part of the dancing time, we did dance all the time until the last dance. He showed me, that he can some more figures of the jitterbug as the last Tuesday. Though it was not as boring as it became last time. On the way home, he was asking me again (he had did that before), when I will travel again and for how long time I will be away. I answered him, as it is, that I will not travel this year – almost not overseas and also, that I think, I will be away for six month. For his reaction, I told him, he could accompany me. He answered, that he cannot be away from home for such a long time. I do not know, what keeps him at home, even his adult and married daughter could be a reason.

When we were talking about the next dance, he asked me for the upcoming day, but I told him, I cannot go and dance the upcoming evening. I did not tell him, that it will be too expensive for me. The entrance fee for the dance is 180 SEK and for the moment I cannot afford it more often than once a week and that is already so much for me, that I have to think about to save money, when buying food. I asked him for the next Tuesday, but he answered, he does not know, he will think about it. I am not expecting, that he will call me again. – He left me outside my door around midnight.



12th June 2019

I could not fall asleep for two hours. I think it was by the adrenaline I have got of the dancing. Finally asleep, I was awake off and on and already at 7am again, though I was upp earlier as usual this day. I wrote some lines in my blog directly after breakfast.

I made part of my laundry. In the afternoon I attendet the inauguration of nature exhibition in the bird tower Tornstugan, Katrineholm. This place is around 3 km from home and I did take my bicycle. With the help of my gps and later the signposts it was easy to find and there were also people coming at the same time as me. The advertising for the inauguration was this “We inaugurate the new nature exhibition in the bird tower Tornstugan and keep an open house during the afternoon and evening. You will learn more about animals and plant life at Lake Näsnaren, biodiversity and much more. The Nature Conservation Association in Katrineholm also organizes a nature walk at 5 pm in the area. Take a picnic and coffee together in the green.” I did not have any picnic basket with me, because I was not hungry. Well there, I was waiting for the formell inauguration with a speech, but there was no speech. Anyway I was looking around in the building and tried to get the birds right in a kind of puzzle. Of eight I did switch just one pair and I was proud of me, that I anyway know so many by their names. I also was on the bird tower, but without a telescope I could not see so much. Afterwards two guides did explain the flora just around this building for the people, who were interested in it. I was one of them. It is really amazing, which rich bird life and which rich flora this part of Sörmland has. There were also three employees of the municipality of Katrineholm present. One of  them had lit a fire and kept it alive all the time even it was raining less or more during these hours. He offered me a hotdog. I could have got more, but I only did take one.

Finally all gets an end and I was starting on my way back home. It had been lightnings for a while, but there was long time in between. When I was going home – and the first part was throughout the forest, there was a real thunderstorm with lightning and the lightning now was very close to me. I actually was a little scared and very happy, when I could left the forest and ride my bike. Anyway it was still scaring, because it took almost five minutes more, before I reached the settlement again. Even I wore my rain jacket and my rain trousers I was very wet, when I reached my home. I felt cold as well. In Sweden, when it is raining, it automatically gets much colder, than with sunshine. If I remember right, we only had +12°C at that time. I changed clothes and dressed in a warm sweater, warm pants and warm socks.

While I had a warm chocolate and some cheese, I have got a message by the couchsurfing-app. Three hitchhiking travelers were looking for a place to crash during the night and they also wrote, that it was because of the weather. I welcomed them and send them my directions. It still took a while, until they arrived. They were close to, where the supermarket is and were looking for a hitch to the city center, which they also found. They did message me, that they are at the COOP Kvarnen, which is directly in the city center. Though I answered them, that it is only a 10 minutes walk to my home and was expecting them in around 10 minutes. They did need almost half an hour, because they were shopping at the COOP, which is a grocery shop. I was going outside – it had stopped raining now, and expecting them at the corner of my street, thinking, they may not find the way. I could not see them in any direction, but after around five minutes, when they were coming the street, I had told them to use.

One of the guys, the Swede Mathias, had been hitchhiking for 10 years. He started directly after the college. A girl, Joni and another guy, Alexander, were with him. Joni is Mathias’ new girlfriend. She is Dutch. They met in Amsterdam. Where Alexander comes from, I have not really understood, but he speaks Swedish like a mother tongue. He told us, that he is from or lives/lived in the Czech Republic, but his parents were from Swedish Finland and someone of the grandparents were from Russia. This amazing people were wonderful guests. We were talking about hitchhiking and especially hiking with the police. We had all such references and only good such references. The most amazing story was Mathias’. He told us, that he crossed Pakistan by the help of the police, because it is so dangerous for the Talibans, he was told. There also had been news at the TV and in the papers about him in Pakistan. It seemed, they had a hard day behind them and were going to sleep around 10pm, so was I – to not disturb then.



13th June 2019

I had agreed with Mathias to have the alarm clock on 7am. I was so tired, though I took my medicine and did get back to bed for a short while. Afterwards I made breakfast for all of us. My couch surfers were not so early, though I had to tell them, that the porridge and the coffee is getting cold. They had been awake for a while already, but were not eager to start the day. Anyway Mathias had already had a shower, when the breakfast was ready. Nobody of us had a hurry during the breakfast and I actually asked Mathias, why he told me, they will have the alarm clock on 7am. His answer was, that it is to help them, not to go further too late. He is used to, that it takes time in the morning.

All fun takes an end and the three left with hugs around 10am. They were happy, that they have had a host like me. I had to send a message to them, because Alexander had forgotten his towel, but when they read the message, around half an hour after they left, they had already got a hitch to there next destination. They were on their way to Falun, but with a break in Köping. They also send me a message, when they arrived in Köping, where Mathias will have a job intervju.

I did make the couch a couch again, took care about all the bed linen, my couch surfers had used etc and booked our laundry for the upcoming day. For that I took the opportunity and also changed my bedlinen. At home I was washing towels and similar, but started with my kitchen table cloth, because Alexander happened to spill tea on it the evening before, because the tea had been very hot, when he started to drink it.

Soon it was time for lunch and afterwards I was going to our library again. I needed another print out. I am quite exaggerated to have to go to the library every time I need a print out and was looking for a printer by the homepage of two shops in Katrineholm. There were quite cheap printers, but I changed my mind. I have anyway to make my daily 30 min walk, though it will be fine to go to the library. I do not think either, that I will have so much use of the printer in the future. I think, it is just now, I have to print a little more. Well at the library I also was to the art gallery, which is in the same building. There was a new exhibition. It was one, I did not understand, but I have seen the art.

Back home I was still full of my lunch. I did not eat so much. I only had a spinach soup with one egg and a slice of bread, but I have had a snack before – a cup of coffee and a bit of a cake, which was not free of gluten. I am trying to eat usual bread etc again, because I have got the feeling, that it does not help to eat gluten free. My symptoms kan come from so many different problems. The most likely is now, that they really depend on the amalgam fillings in my teeth and the tooth bridge in my mouth.



14th June 2019

I had booked the laundry again. This time for the washing of the bed linen after my couch surfers and I did take my own bed linen as well. I had booked the laundry for 1pm to 5pm and therefore I did not much more this day, but using the Internet and watching movies in the evening, but I had a walk after the laundry as well.



15th June 2019

I had decided to do another part of the geocatching this day and because there was a flea market in one of the areas, I chose that area. I started with the flea market, but there was not much to see and nothing I was looking for. I actually am looking for some items at flea markets now, because of all my IKEA furniture, I try to put a soul into my place.

I did half of the geocatching area this time, because the other half would be easier to do without my bike. I will do that next time, when the weather is nice and I have time for it.


Checkpoint – Geocatching


Back at home, I was so thirty, that I made a big smoothie and was drinking in in a sweep. Afterwards I had an ice cream from the freezer. It is a very good one, a straciatella – with lots of chocolate ripples and even chocolate sauce. Later this evening I also had a real meal, of course.

This evening I also had contact with my son Samuel about the upcoming Sunday. I asked to visit them, because I have an appointment at the dentist on Monday and it would not cost any extra money, if I would visit my son’s family and stay over there over night. Unfortunately, my son has to work and they also will have a lot of guests, this day. I do not remember if I already wrote, that my grandson Leon has broken one of his legs. Samuel is staying at home with him during the weekdays, though I think it is for that, he has to work at the weekends. Maybe he also works from home during the weekdays, but not 8-hours-days. It is a very unlucky situation, not only for my grandson, but also for my son, because he started at a new job some weeks ago. Anyway, I decided not to visit his family this weekend.



16th June 2019

I had a coffee before noon, because I felt not really awake during the whole morning. After lunch I was taking a walk to our town park, enjoying the flowers and afterwards taking another way home, that I at least made my 30 minutes walk.


In the Town Park – there are often changes made and I enjoy this one, which is new.


The rest of the day, but during the evening meal, I was on the Internet again and watching old movies most of the time. The last movie made me not falling asleep, even I tried to think not about it.



17th June 2019

I was up at 6am – after a half an hours sleep just before the alarm clock was ringing, because I was afraid that I otherwise won’t make it to the railway station in time. I had to be at 10am at my dentist and the train was leaving before 8am. It takes around 2 hours to go to my new dentist.

I arrived just in time, because of problems with the subway, which I also have to take. First I was visiting his wife, who is a quinopraktik. She had to find out, which dental material I am not allergic against. Actually she found out, that I am allergic against most of the metals. Only gold could be an option, but it is not without any risk. Fortunately I am not allergic against the, in the dental works, mostly used composite.

I had a rest, where I was sitting in the waiting room and ate a sandwich, which I had taken from home. I was served water of the dentist’s wife. When it was my turn for the dentist, I was expecting, that he will pull out some teeth, but he did repair two teeth instead and did also take a dental “impression” for making a dental bridge. My dentist will wait for the dental bridge, before he will pull out my teeth, though I do not need to walk around without teeth for a while. I did not know, that this was possible and was very happy about that solution. He also promised me to write a remittance for my GP, that I do not need to have another GP to get my dental work of my lower jaw done for free.

Even I did not stroll around after I have been at the dentist’s, I was not at home before 4pm. Back at home, I had a meal. I was too tired to make other things, than watching one movie on the Internet. I was to bed around 8pm and actually did sleep the whole night trough, without even to have to go to the bathroom. – By the way, I do not feel real awake during daytime anymore. I hope, it will soon become better again.



18th June 2019

While I ate breakfast this morning, my dans partner Göran dit call me and tell me, that he will not go to Broby for dance this day. I thanked him for his call, but did not ask anything – not about, when it will be next time or similar. I actually was surprised, that he called at all.

Around 11am I was going to shop to the supermarket, because of the 5% discount for retired people on this weekday. I had to fill up something in my larder as well as I needed vegetables, fruits and beverages. I also bought something more – as I often do. There was a offer about mediteranean ham and sliced sauces. I like ham Serrano and took of it as well as Bresaola, which are thin slices of beef. The ham Serrano is Spanish, the Bresaola is Italian. The bill was higher as expected, therefore I checked it very well and found out, that the offer was not applied for the Serrano ham and the Bresaola. Though I was going to the customer service and asking for it. It could have been, that one of this two were not part of the offer, in that case I would leave the more expensive Bresaola back. The customer service found out, that the offer was not applied for the Serrano ham. I did get the difference back and not only that. I also got 25 SEK as a thank you, that I told them the issue. Guess, if I was happy about it!

Back at home, it was time for lunch. I hade a Spanish omelette. During the afternoon I made part of my files for 2017. I still am not further than in Augusti 2017, but I hope, I will get the rest done the upcoming day. What I am interested in is, to see, how much money the extra job really gave me. I do not mean my salary, that I know exactly, but what was left after I had bought items for the living in Lisbon and the flights to Lisbon and home. I also am interested in the costs for the travels I did in Portugal. It was getting dark and also time for dinner. I put the files away and was going to the kitchen, when it became even darker and it started raining.

In the evening it become lighten again and I updated my blog before I was watching movies again.



19th June 2019

I had planned to continue with the geocatching, but it was raining. Though I stayed at home, but made my files for 2017 – to the end. What was most interesting for me, was the amount I had spent on things I bought for the room in Lisbon as well how much money I had spent on travels (including souvenirs) in Portugal. The result backed up my feeling, that half of the money I had earned, I used for those. Therefore I think, I am right, who does not work anymore for getting more money for travels. The best way is just to save money every month, which I will start with as soon as I had paid my dentist.



20th June 2019

The sun was shining, when I started walking to the “Stalls Backe” to try to find more checkpoints of the geocatching. When I was close to the startpoint for this day, there were very grey clouds worrying me. I did not wish to be in the forest during a thunderstorm. Anyway I was walking further and entering the forest. The first checkpoint was very hard to find. Meanwhile I still was looking for it, it started raining. I put my rain clothes on and turned around. I made it out of the forest before the thunderstorm and was lucky, that I could catch a bus only five minutes afterwards.- The difficulty to find that first checkpoint – there were no really paths into the forest, where I had to look for that checkpoint, made me thinking about to quit this section of the geocatching. I am not sure either, I will continue with the other area left.



21st June 2019

It is Midsummer Eve – the whole day. That is genuine Swedish. I had read before, that it will be celebrated at Julita gård (Julita manor). I prepared to go there by bus. This manor is owned by the Nordiska museet (Nordic museum). It was donated by the last owner and contains lots of different buildings including the mansion and also stalls. The sun was shining and it was around +24°C. Though I dressed in my red longdress and my white bolero (both I had bought on Malta, but did not use it since I was back). Unfortunately at the manor it was very windy and I was freezing.

The manor was opening at 10am and, because there is an entrance fee to pay, I decided to be there at this hour. I had chosen a bus at 9:20am, but I was ready really early and, because there was a direct bus at 8:55am, I left early and caught that bus. That bus makes a lot of detours and therefore, it takes around an hour to go to the manor. By the way, I was the only passenger all the time on this trip. The bus stop for the manor is at another gate, but the entrance. There were no people to pay the entrance fee and a woman, open the gate for a car getting out of the area, went away directly again. Though I entered the area, thinking I may pay the entrance fee later. I anyway had decided to buy a season ticket, because it is for only 250 SEK, meanwhile a day ticket is for 120 SEK. There are lots of events at the manor during the year.


Julita Gård Mansion


I was walking around and visiting the museum, which is on different places and in different buildings. I also attendet a tour in the mansion. Though I had a lot to do. In good time I was at the green, where the midsummer was celebrated. I was afraid, not to get a seat for the awaited 4,000 visitors this day. All of the benches were never filled. Lots of people had picnic with them and were sitting on the gras. The official opening of the festivity started with the arriving of the maypole, but before there was a band playing old Swedish melodies.


Swedish Musicians were Playing Old Swedish Melodies


The maypole was carried in parts of several people. In front of them a band was walking and playing. It is really hard to raise a maypole, but the group suceeded with it.


Maypole at Julita Manor


Directly afterwards the dancing around the maypole started. There were so many people attending, that there were seven rings around the maypole. The dancers were in all ages. I did not participate, because I did take photos and videos. Next year, if I will be here, I also will dance with the others. We have special songs for this occasion, e.g. “little frogs“. Actually we also sing these songs at 13th January, when we celebrate the end of Christmas holidays by stripping the Christmas tree of it’s decorations. That day is called in Sweden “Tjugonde Knut” and similar. It is the 20th day after Christmas Eve.

There was a rest for the dancers, when another group showed old Swedish dances on the stage. With the other section of dancing around the maypole, the official holiday was over. There was lot of time left for visiting other buildings:


The Forecastle of the Manor


and the peonies garden:


Part of the Garden of Peonies with the Campanile of the Forecastle in the Background

For more photos of this day please follow the link: Midsummer Eve at Julita Manor


I would have liked to spend more time here, but it was now already 5pm and all visitors had to leave. I was leaving throughout the shop, which is the official entrance and also bought an ice cream during it. I was looking for a bus on the related app and therefore I was walking to Äsköping, a village nearby the manor. I did get different answers about time a bus will leave. I think it was just for the Midsummer eve. I had to wait more than half an hour and surprisingly, there was a bus of another route arriving some minutes before the official announced bus would leave. The bus driver did change the text in the window to “not in use”, but we were allowed to enter and I also was asking him, if the bus is going to Katrineholm. He told me, yes and something with 05. I actually did not hear, that he was telling me, that the route is 405. The same, which I was coming with earlier this day and needs around an hour for the whole trip. The bus I was waiting for was of the route 414, which only needs 35 minutes to go to Katrineholm. I did realize the wrong route first after a while and there was no possibility to change to the faster bus. Anyway I was coming home.



22nd June 2019

This day is called Midsummer day. Actually the dates are changing, because we always celebrate midsummer friday/saturday. Sometimes it also is the official day of the summer solstice. Our celebration days can vary between 19th and 26th June, but 19th is very unusual. I had planned before to go and dans this day, but unfortunately to go there by bus was not as easy, as I was awaiting – I thought, because it is an event for retired people, it will be easy to go there by bus. I found out, that I had to be there two hours before the event would start. There was not bus, closer in time. Even to go home would have been difficult. I should have used another route, further away from the dans-floor, that means to walk a bit. Therefore I decided to stay at home instead.



23rd June 2019

This Sunday I used for repairing and modify a few of my clothes. I had planned that a time ago, now it became true. My son Samuel was calling me and he told me inter alla, that my son Daniel had asked him, why I did not answer his (Daniels) message, he had sent to me on Friday. Though I answered Daniels message and we were chatting for a while – mostly about a sailboat, he was trying out for a friend.



24th June 2019

It was raining off and on and very windy and cold, because always, when it is raining in Sweden, the temperature is going down some degress. Anyway I was to a shop, buying yarn to chrochet a simple, very small bag, which I could have with my skirts for my handkerchiefs. I also bought fabrics for sewing a kind of bag for my metal water bottle. The bag for the handkerchiefs I was crocheting this day. The other one has to wait for another day.



25th June 2019

It was my weekly shopping day. Unfortunately on my way to the supermarket, the handle of my shopping cart broke. I had to continue with it anyway and it was also possible to carry my shopping home by the broken cart. I also was making some laundry this day.


The Shopping Cart with the Broken Handle



26th June 2019

This was a lost day! I was a little tired and dizzy in the morning as I often am and had breakfast before I dressed. Just before I was ready to dress the water supply was not working anymore. First I thought, it will be back soon, because I had not got any advertisement about it. Unfortunately I tried to call at high noon and had to wait until the customer service of my lessor would open again an hour later.

When I reached the customer service, I was told, that it was a planned interruption of the water supply, the water will be back at 6pm and I could read more about it on the homepage of the company “Vattenfall”. This company is an electricity supplier, but I was thinking, that the customer service laday was a temporary employee during the holiday periode and did not know the name of our water supplier. Though I was on the Internet, checking the homepage of our water supplier “Sörmlands vatten” and also sending an email, asking for the interruption, because there was nothing stated at their homepage. They answered me quickly, that they have not planned any interruption this day and it has to be an interruption by my lessor.

Now I was looking at the homepage of our municipialtiy, but there was nothing stated either. I did contact the authority for water and electricity by email. The answer came quickly as well and was, that only the “Sörmlands vatten” is responsible for it. To be really sure, that it has nothing to do with electrictiy, I also asked the company Vattenfall, if they know anything. I was assured, that the company has nothing to do with the water supply.

I could not make anything more, than to wait for 6pm. There was no water at 6pm and not at 7pm either. Around half an hour later, there was still no water supply and I was looking for a jour number, which I also found. It was a number of a security company, but I had no other choice. I was asked a lot of questions, of course, like “if I had asked my neighbours, if they also are lacking water” and “why are you calling so late”. After I had explained all of it, the employee told me, he will call back, what he did after a while. Now he told me, that “Sörmlands vatten” did not know anything about my problem, there are no maintenance in this area. I answered, that I already had checked that. At least, the securtiy man did call the jour of my lessor. They have a special number, which is not stated on the homepage of my lessor.

Finally I have got a call from that employee on duty. He also were asking a lot and told me, that I was the only one in the building, where I live, being without water supply. He added, that he will come here, but that he is in Eskilstuna and has an hour to drive. That was better than nothing, of course. Meanwhile I was waiting for him, I was watching a movie by “viddla.se” (the homepage, where my library is connected to). I had checked the time and was looking out of the window, when that employee of duty should arrive. I saw his car. When I was looking through the kitchen window, he was leaving his car, ringed my bell and asked me, if I am still without water supply. That I just had checked. He was going into the aisle, where the door for the laundry is and opened the pipeline for the water to my apartment. It was done very fast. I asked him, when he passed my door, what happened and he told me, that maybe a child had closed it. I remembered him, that the door into the aisle is looked and only is to open by the keys of people, living in this building. Though he told me, that people of both entrances 5A and 5B can attend the aisle and one never knows, whom is using the keys. I was happy, that I could brush my teeth, but unsatisfied, that it is so easy to shut down my water supply.



27th June 2019

This morning I checked, how I can get in touch with the leader in Katrineholm of my lessor. When I found it, I wrote an email asking for an appointment. I think, there has a change to be made, both for the customer service – the routins, not the employee and for the way, how my water supply can be shut down. I think there should be a seal, which not everyone with a key for the aisle can handle. Around 2pm I have not heard anything from my lessor, but I will not drop it.

Also this day I took a walk, even I do not take a walk everyday, like I should.



28th June 2019

I am still waiting for an email or a call from my lessor. Nevertheless I was going to the second hand shop of the Red Cross, after I had checked my accounts. I did not expect, that my pension from Germany had come, even the following two days are a weekend, but I was surprised, that the amount already arrived. I found two bowls, a basket for my fruits and saucers. I was looking for the saucers since I was moving in here, but had not found any before. There are neither selling saucers in home decoration shops nor could I found some second hand. The only option had been to buy second hand saucers and cups. This day I was so lucky, that I could get saucers without cups. They have flower pattern, but are quite nice to see as well. The most important is, that they have the size I was looking for. I do not like to use small plates for one biscuit or similar.



29th June 2019

I was up early to catch the bus to the Julita manor for visiting the folk music festival. The festival was for free, only the entrance fee for the manor had to be paid. I was buying a season ticket. There were not as much musicians as I had expected and the morning program was for musicians only, but I was allowed to listen anyway. I would have gone there later, but there are no buses in the middle of the day. The first official event was held in the small church. There was a female group playing and a singer as well.


Folk Music in the Church – Here with Violin and Keyed Fiddle


After the event in the church, musicians were playing together for us visitors. The place was in front of the church. I was surprised, that some musicans played the guitarr and others the flute. I have not seen that, when I was living in the North of Sweden and since that time, I have not had the possibility to visit a folk music festival in Sweden. I was used to hear viol, accordion and the keyed fiddle – which I love.


Folk Music Festival – Musicians Playing in Private


Later there where a place, were musicians were playing for visitors. They were chosing their own favorites. Unfortunately, many of the musicians were leaving before it was their turn. The instruments they used were in addition to the named even bagpipes. It was a quite young musician, who was playing the bag pipes. It seems, also folk music is changing.


One of the Couples, who were Playing for us Visitors.


I was leaving, when the festival had come to its end. I still had to wait for more than half an hour for the only evening bus, even the bus stop is a 10 minutes walk away from the manor. There is neither bench at the bus stop, nor a shelter. It seemed, that it would start raining soon, but fortunately the clouds were going by. It was late, when I was coming back home.



30th June 2019

The weather was nice – not only, that the sun was shining, but it also was warm enough to enjoy to be outside. Many people were going to swim. I also went to the bathing place at Djulö lake, but I did not take a swim. Actually, I did not have my swim wear with me, because I am so frozen and could not imagine, that the lake would be warm enough for my needs. It was interesting to watch the people at the beach.



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