1st June 2020

I read in the news, that it from now on was possible to get tested for COVID-19, both for an ongoing and if one have had for antibodies. One of them we have to pay for the usual health tax and the other was for free. I do not remember, which of them, was for free, butt I think, it was, if one has syptoms. Anyway it is not so easy to get the test, because one must have really exact symptoms, which are said are COVID-19 symptoms. The antibody test, one also can buy at the pharmacy, but there it is much more expensive. The health tax is 200 SEK (around 22 USD or 20 EUR), the test at the pharmacy is for 750 SEK (around 79 USD or 70 EUR).

In the evening I attended my class in “Klimatlyftet” (climate relatet items). Usually it is only every second week, but because of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemi we cannot meet at the weekends as planed, though we have less hours during the few weekends and we had one or two more evening class(es). I am not very happy about this class. There are some interesting things like the women, who told about the energy-positive-house and it is also interesting with the other members of different climate action groups, but it seems, there is not a real concept or maybe better said: It seems, that the teachers do not have a very good knowledge, what activists can do, even they have been activist themselves for a long time and still are.


2nd June 2020

I left my home for picking up a parcel as well as picking up groceries at my supermarket. There were no many customers in the shop, where I had to pick up my parcel and the supermarket leave the groceries outside, as soon as they know, the customer is there. Outside means also, at a special place – very close to a door for employees only. No other cars etc are allowed to park in front of that door. I think, I am the only one, who picks up the groceries by bike. I only have seen cars there, so far. The driver and also passengers can stay in the car and the cashier is putting the bags into the trunk. For me, the cashier is putting the bags in front of me, but with a little distans, of course. This time was the first time for me I did pick up my groceries there and I did not find the right door at the beginning, though the cashier called me, asking where I am and then explaining to me, where I have to come. All went well and next time it will be easier. By the way, to let the supermarket pick the groceries I order online and then leave it to me outside that door, is for free and usually it is also easier to get an appointment for this.

Back at home, I took care of my groceries and opened my parcel afterwards. I had ordered som things for my sewing, but it was not really, what I had expected. When I ordered, I could not see the length of the ruler, which also was good for measuring seams. Anyway, I thought it was almost 20 cm long, but it had only 5 cm. Furthermore was the pipe cleaners much shorter, than I expected, but long enough for the face masks. To order online is always a little adventure, but mostly it is the way I expect. It happened a little accident for me, when I tried to understand how the roller knife is working and did cut me in one of my fingers 🙄. It is really sharp.

In the evening i listened to a webinar called “The social economy action plan, which should have been for three others, but became four hours. Ther were people from different countries talking and interpreter service for English, Italian and German was provided. Unfortunately the interpreter service was not easy to listen to, though, when the Spanish participants were talking I took it in the original language and I was happy, that I understood most of it. I only needed the interpreter service for the Italian speaking participiants.


3rd June 2020

I ordered some more items at an online hobby shop, including a 50 cm long ruler.

At 11am I had to be at a polyclinic – and I was, even just in time. I already was leaving ealier than Google maps told me, I have to. Anyway it took much longer time. When I was announcing digital, that I had arrived, the GP was calling my name. His name was Janos (I do not remember his last name, it was not Swedish). He did not wear a face mask. When he asked me, what I am looking for help for, I gave him my documents – those I had written just for this doctor. He did not read the document about my former surgeries etc, but the others. During our conversation, he asked something about my thyroid, though I answered him, if he had read all my documents, he would know now, that I live without thyroid since it was removed for the reason of cancer. There were more things, he asked, what was written in that document about my surgeries etc.

First he checked my journal and told me, that my thyroid results are OK, the FSH a little low and the free F4 a little high, but that this was not a problem. He added, that it was aroud a year ago, I have had the last blood test and should have a new one. Afterwards he took my bloodpressure, which was great, he told me: 125/80 and my puls. He did not tell me, how it was, but later I coud read in my online journal that it was 72. When he listened to my heart and loungs he asked me “you are not smoking, I hope” – even this detalj I had written down in my documents, but his question made me a little confused. Did he hear something, which could be a “bad working heart” or that my lounge is not really OK (maybe a light version of COVID-19), but he did not explain anything. Last but not least he was asking about my weight gain and that I think, I collect fluid in my body. His questions were, if I still could have my clothes or needed to buy some new respectively about me legs. I told him, that I just fit in my clothes and that there are imprints from my socks in the evenings. It seemed, that he thought, that was nothing to care about. At the end, he told me to go to the nurse and take a blood test, he also helped me to pull the correct number – their were numbers in different colours, depending on, if one has to see the doctor afterwards or not. I think it has to do with the priority. The doctor also had told me, that he will send a letter or call me about the results of the blood test. If all is OK, he will sent a letter and he hopes, that all is OK.

The nurse told me, that she could not take blood for a test of me, because I already had taken my thyroid medicine. When I told her, that does not matter, one just has to interprete the result the correct way, she told me, she is not allowed to take it. I think, she was looking for a reason, not to take it, because I was wearing the face mask. She might have thought, that I am wearing it, because I have COVID-19 or almost such a cold. She gave me a tube for my pee with the words, that it could come back the following week. By the way, she did not wear a face mask and, if I remember right, no plastic gloves either.

Back at home I discovered, that I have a few German children books. I read them all and advertised them afterwards on a special Facebook site, which is for free. I offered them for free. Later that day I updated my blog somewhat.


4th June 2020

I had called the tenants compound in Katrineholm, asking for a copy of the annual meeting minutes. It had been ok for me, to get it digital, but I was told, that I have to go to their place and pick it up. The reason, why I had asked for it, was, that I did not know, for which roll I was elected as an official of the compound. This day I was going there by bike and picked up the document. I did not feel welcome.

In the afternoon Lotta picked me up taken me and my three big bags to the dry cleaner. There was one bag each for a mattress cover, a bed cover and my down jacket. When I had left the items, Lotta picked up a colleague and we were going together to a farm outside Katrineholm. They produce and sell ecological food and other items, part of them from other farms. All of them were much more expensive as at the supermarket, of course. Also most of the items were big – not really for a single household. I bought an unplasted cucumber, a little striped tomato and two sourdough bread rolls. By the way, I did get the tomato for free.

They also have a little coffee shop. There were some tables and chairs outside – quite far away from each other. For families or other people, living in the same household a good option. For others, there should only two people sit with the same table. Lotta put cushions on the chairs, all close to each other. When I had bought a vegan cake (of the only kind there was – it was a sour cheesecake with raspberries on the top) and a cup of tea (the cup was as big as a bowl and the tea bags were very big as well) I took one of the cushions on a chair a little bit longer away. Lotta was taking another cushion, putting it on the chair closets to me. I was not comfortable with it, but I did not say anything, because we were close to each other in the car as well.

Later at home I watched another webinar. It was only in German and had a German title, as well “Ist die Klimakrise noch aufzuhalten?” (Can the climate crisis still be stopped?) The discussion was mostly about coal-fired power plants including the new Datteln 4


5th June 2020

I was going to the polyclinic by bike for a blood test and also a urine test. I tried to keep distance, because I had to wait for some time before it was my turn. An elderly nurse did do the tests. She did not say anytinkg about my face mask, but did not wear one herself. She was really nice all the time and also was good in taking the test (it often is a little problem for the nurses to find the right place for sticking in the neel. It was quiet warm this day, though I have had the urine in the fridge and took it with me in a freezer bag. The nurse did praise me for that.

I ate the rest of the sourdoughbread, which I had put in almonddryck during the night. I also checked, what I could use the cucumber for – more than eating it like it is, because the size of it. I decided for tzatziki.

Later this day I did write an email to the tenant compound about my election for negotation about the rent. I told them, that I should have been asked, if I accept the election and that I was not told, that I was elected. I was a little ashamed, when I remembered, that I was ask for it and at the end did agree for nominating, even I had told, that I am not good in negotation.


6th June 2020

It is the Swedish nationalday, but because of the pandemi, there were no party. In addition to that, it was raining this day off and on. I have not even been outside, I do not have a lot of energy for the moment and I am still freezing as soon as the temperature is lower than +25°C.

In the afternoon I listened to a webinar from Fridays for future with Bill McKibben. He is well-known in the climate scene, but I was very disappointed, because he did not tell about the climate change, but what he had done so far and he told it the way an old grandfather would do. Ok, he is in that age, but he is talking with mostly young people. He was very proud of, what he had done, but I think it is dangerous to be proud of these things. We have to look 100% for what we can do and not who do it. Also at this point Greta Thunberg is a good role model. In addition to that the technical quality of his speech was really bad.

During the evening hours I started to watch an old Swedish TV series.


7th June 2020

As usual I did not get a lot done this day. I was freezing very much and I took the needelwork into my bed for coming a little further on my to-do list.


8th June 2020

I finally had the energy for baking sourdoughsbread. I had bought the sourdough at my grocery a couple of month ago and I actually was afraid, that the package would explode in my fridge, because it had got so big nearly like a baloon.

Around 6pm I had a skype video call with my son Marcus and at 7pm started the webinar about tax evasion and money laundering. The host was the German Green Party in the EU-parliament even this time. Before I was going to bed I updated my online order for the supermarket. Unfortunately I missed the weekly discount by that.


9th June 2020

I worked a lot in the kitchen this day, e.g. I made new coconut drink as well as new oatdrink. For dinner I had homemade pizza. I only ate a quarter of it and put 3 x 1 quarter in the freezer. I really do not need more for a meal, anyway I am gaining weight all the time and I am unhappy about it.

I picked up my food at the supermarket around 5pm. There were too many people close to that backdoor this time, therefore I decided to choose another time the upcoming week. Btw there was no ginger this time either and the supermarket left a note, that the ginger has run out at the supplier.


10th June 2020

Another day mainly working in my kitchen. I tried a new recipe and made a chic pea and almond pay. This means that the botten was made of both chic pea and almond flour. There were a few other ingredients as well in it. I toped it with vegetables and cheese. Even of this meal I ate a quarter and put 3 x 1 quarter in the freezer.



I had to pick up another parcel and was taking the opportunity to check up another grocier. I had been there before, when I was named “Food of the World”. Meanwhile the shop has got a new owner and a new name – something similar to the old name. Mostly I was looking for a bigpack bicarbonate (soda), but they did not had some. Though I have to order that online. I think, I already wrote about, that I use bicarbonate for cleaning. There are special boxes for just that purpose. It is much cheaper than the bicarbonate for baking. Anyway I was lucky. At this grocery shop I found fresh ginger root and even papaya – the kind I like most. On the way back from this shop, I was picking up another parcel.


11th June 2020

Even this Thursday I was in front of real time and was thinking it was Friday. After I had posted my #DigitalClimateStrike photo on twitter, facebook and instagram I started making a new set of Camenbert of cashew, that means that I put them in water over night.

This day I actually was listening to two webinar from the German Green Party in the European Parliament. I also attendet an online kurs of my tenant compound. It was just about, who we feel during the ongoing pandemi. This event was only for elected people. Therefore we were only four partipiciants, but the leader. Most of us were single women only one was a man and he was married and living together with his wife. I had the opportunity to talk about my face masks and recommend them. I was asked for the link, how to sew them of our leader.


12th June 2020

I did pick up my winter jacket and bed clothes at the dry cleaner. I did not ask Lotta for it, because I think the risk is to high, to get the SARS-CoV2 virus. Though I put it all on my bike. Two bags at the handlebars and one on the rack. I had to walk with the bike, but it is only a 15-min walk. Unfortunately I had to wait for my jacket, because the dry cleaner had not dried it. She was working with clothes of another customer, which had rust on it. The jacket did not get so fluffy as it had been before. I hope it will be as warm as before. By the way, we had +50°C this day and the sun was shining, though it was a lovely day for me.

When I was only 2 minutes from home, Lotta called me. She told me, that she just had picked up the car att the workshop and could help me to pick up my clothes.

After I had a Friday snack, which was a glass of cold chocolate and a good sandwich, I continued with my homemade Camenbert. This day I put the cashew “nuts” in the mixer and then formed two cheeses, which I put in the refrigerator. I also tried to make almond paste with the almond flour, which I get, when I make my own almond drink. I added date syrap, but it was not working. I think the problem was, that I had not dried the almond flour. In addition to that, it get brown of the syrap, what I did not like.


13th June 2020

We had the last weekend meeting of the online class “Klimatlyftet” – I wrote about it before. There were even another online event. It was about vegan lifestyle with cooking tips and more. I was watching this during the lunch rest of the class. I would have liked to see all of it.

In the evening I was video chatting with my son Marcus via Skype. He told me, that one of his neighbors has got COVID-19 and that they are not aloud to visit in the common areas, just in their small apartments. They also had to leave the apartments by the back doors. Furthermore they were no longer allowed to go to the supermarket. The carers did shop for them.

I also had a chat with my other children by the “Signal”-app (in our family group) as well I was messaging with my Mexican girlfriend Teresa by WhatsApp.


14th June 2020

This day we had the last online meeting for the class “Klimatlyftet”. It was actually the best meeting we ever have had during the classes. There were no demands anymore.

During the evening I tried to open a Zoom account for a video meeting with all of my children at the same time. I was afraid, that I will sign up for the business version, but at the end I made it. The account is for “GrandmasForFuture”, though I also could use it for that group.


15th June 2020

I had migraine nearly the entire day and also felt very tired, though I was happy, when I could have a meal.


16th June 2020

My parcel arrived at the grocery store. It contained “air in a can” as well a new cabel for my headphone. I will try to clean my laptop with this high pressure air. Then it will be easier to write my blog, because that new, used laptop I bought, that I can scan the negatives of my paper fotos, has a very sensitive keyboard and jump mellan the lines.

It was raining, but I was happy, I did not get wet on the way to pick up my parcel. I could have bought that air at my local tecnic supplier, but they did not have it in stock.

I did not use that high pressure air this day, but answered a letter instead and also updated my blog somewhat.


17th June 2020

This day was grey and it was raining a little off and on. The summer has gone quickly. Though I stayed at home, putting information about the upcoming sko strike on Facebook. This sko strike, if you have not heard about it yet, is for the pandemi, because we are not allowed and it would not be wise either to met a lot of people for a demonstration. Though we put skor with signs in a special area – where a lot of people are moving and tell them this way, that we care about the environment and climate change and hope, that others do as well, especially politicans, because it needs power for taking care about the negative way to live.

I used my new cable for my headphone for the first time. It seems to be OK and I hope it will not break as fast as my others did. I think there must be a way to make this cables lasting for a long time.

I even was creative. I added some “stops” in my cutlery box of my cupboard. I also put a part of the material in the knive part, so I have order by the knifes and save the edges.

I also added some groceries at my order for the supermarket. Unforunately I always miss some things – they disappear from the order, by doing so. Though I really have to make it one time only and have to wait for the next order for additional groceries.

Before I started a small update of my blog, I was ironing a few kitchen clothes. I had one more online meeting with the tenant compound.


18th June 2020

I was reading a lot this day, participated in a webinar of the German Green Party in the EU parliament and watched movies before going to bed.


19th June 2020

Sweden is celebrating “Midsummer”, but this year there are no parties. Last year i was at Julita mansion, but this year they are closed. It does not give the midsummer feeling to see a party on TV. Instead of celebrating I was reading about the SARS-CoV2 and COVID-19 in the world and I was, again, thinking about my family and friends in different countries, especially in Mexico, where the COVID-19 deaths are running high just now.

To make something more festive, I tried to bake meringue of aguafaba. It was working OK.


20th June 2020

The most important this day was the video meeting by Zoom with all of my children, but my son Marcus. We were celebrating my daughters Maria degree as well her admisson to the university program she was looking for. She will study to become a developer of apps etc. We all had some kind of champagne, sekt or prosecco as well as strawberries. I had made a layer cake of the meringue from the day before.

We did get some extra time and were online during 40 minutes. Though Maria also told us, that she has got the apartment she was looking for. She is really happy now, but she has to wait to 1st September to move into the apartment and the university will open their doors some days later.

In the late evening I was working with my new, used laptop, because it takes such a long time to start it up. Therefore I was on the Internet, looking for, how to avoid that problem. I found a really good site, which I printed, though it will be easier to work after it. I did change some software to start manually and others I did inactivate. In that paper also were named, if the software is a security risk and it was mainly that software I inactivated after the devise “Shoot the messenger”. Actually the messenger is not installed on that laptop, but it has the professional software and therefore also software for remote controll etc. I made a good work. The laptop was not only still working afterwards, but starts up much faster now. I saved that paper, of course.


21st June 2020

Marcus and I had a video chat by Skype as usual at the weekends, but earlier than usual. We have had our video chats the earliest at 3pm and the latest we were starting at 6pm, but there were always a problem to see him properly, because the sun is shining in his apartment. This time we tried at 12:30pm and that was much better. He told me again, that he has to use the patio to leave his apartment and the people living on the upper floor has to use the fire stairs. All because of the one with COVID-19, but I am happy, that this is serious taken.

After the video chat, I was out and walking. The weather was a little better than the days before. I felt lonely, I would have liked to take the walk together with someone I know or a new fellow. At home again, I tried to make a banana ice cream, but I did not take enough of banana respectively too much coconut drink. Afterwards I made a cold chocolate drink. I had more success with this.

Last but not least this day I tried to update my blog again, but I only wrote about one day, because I was too tired to continue.


22nd June 2020

This day was a little warmer, but cloudy. After breakfast I started to clean my kitchen, but I did not come far with the vacuum cleaning. I had to charge my vaccuum cleaner. Therefore I made some paperwork. I had via facebook ordered a new kind of bra. They had announced, that it will be send soon, but it was a quite long time ago. All emails I tried to send them, were rejected – of different reasons. Especially when I order from new companies I pay by a kind of bank, which care about, that the delivery is done, before their customers paid and if there are any problems with it – even when the delivery will be returned, they care about it. It usually does not costs the one, who orders, anything. The make the income by the companies, they are working together with. Though I contact this bank, but online, as well.

After lunch I continued with the cleaning of my kitchen. I had planned to clean the oven and fridge/freezer as well, but I only cleaned the microwave oven. I had read, that it is easy to clean by using half a lemon and it really was. I was very surprised, how much “dirt” I could wash out. The microwave did look clean to me. I only tried this way of cleaning, because I have not cleaned it for a while.


23rd June 2020

I updated my blog again, but only for three days. I had subscribed a webinar of the FridaysForFuture organisation about having constructive climate talks. The webinar was very different to that, what I had expected. It was just about to start and manage talks. There were nearly nothing climate related. I was very disappointed.

Before going to bed I watch a serie called “Crime on Mallorca”. It was a little different, therefore I liked it a lot and it made me watching some of the parts of the series, which means I was late to bed.


24th June 2020

The parcel from the shop “Etnomat” (Etnofood) has arrived at the delivery point. I have to pick up it there. My new bras has finally arrived. I found them in my postbox. They are quite OK, but not as good as I hoped. Anyway I will keep them.

Summeren is here for full!

When I am on twitter I see, that my German friend Michael has written about a new earthquake in Mexico. It was worst at the coast of Mexico in the state of Oaxaca and as well in Mexico city. Though I am sending a WhatsApp message to my friend Teresa in Mexico city and contact a former host of me in Oaxaca city by Instagram. The rest of the day I was looking for the dimensions of the damage in Mexico city and who bad it was in the area my girlfriend is living. I was to bed late.


25th June 2020

I awoke later than usual. The first I checked was, if I have got an answer from Mexico. The former host i Oaxaca had answered me. He told me, that it was a hard feeling, but nothing was damage around where he is living. I was happy for him.

I picked up my parcel with groceries from the delivery point and, before I was entering my apartment, checked my postbox. The results from the bloodtest at the polyclinic has finally arrived. There was no special result, but that is all, what is written in the letter – nothing about, which tests were done or the results of the tests. When I was living in the greater area of Stockholm, I could read my results on a very secure site of the health authority. Here in Sörmland, they are not connected to that site. I am very disappointed about this!

In the afternoon I folded a pair of summer pants with help of my sewing machine. It was the pair of pants I bought online from China, not knowing, that the business was seated there. The pants were a little short, even for a bootcut, though, instead of sending them all the way back, I cut them off.

Finally in the evening my Mexican girlfriend was answering me on WhatsApp. Her house was still totally OK, but she did also write, that some houses close to, where she is living, had been damaged. They had been damaged during the earthquake in 2017 and had not been repaired. Therefore the buildings were getting worse now. For these people it is extraordinary difficult because of the pandemi. All her relatives were OK. I am so happy about it.


26th June 2020

I had my digital climate strike as usual on Fridays and announced the Shoestrike for the following day. I did get a lot of stupid comments for that. It is actually a site for announcements of events. There should not be other answers than “I will come” and similar, but climate change deniers take all chances the have to vicious bugs. I actually answered them, but decided not to do that next time.

Around 8pm I picked up my groceries at the supermarket.


27th June 2020

I was a little earlier for putting shoes at the namned place for the shoe strike. I did put there six pairs of shoes, hopping, that there will be more in a little while, but it was only my partner from GrandmasForFuture, who put there another pair of shoes. Even this day I did get a lot of stupids comments about this event.


Shoe Strike Centrum of Katrineholm
Shoe Strike in the Center of Katrineholm


When I had been and picked up the shoes, I wrote on that site for events on Facebook a thank you for all participiants and told them also, that the next shoe strike will be 25th July 10am to 2pm. This was mostly a psychologic think, that it should look like, that there have been a lot of participiants, but it was also to tell people, that this kind of strike will continue. I made similar announcments on twitter and Instagram.

I got very tider in the afternoon as well as I started freezing, even it was +26°C in my apartment. Therefore I checked my (human) temperature. It was only 36,8°C – taken in my mouth, but I was going to bed early this evening.


28th June 2020

Marcus and I had our usual video chat in the middle of the day while I in the afternoon opened my windows in the living room for full by the sunny weather and the lack of a balcony or patio. Two kids were starting a talk with me and also looking into my room, telling me than, that it is nice.


29th June 2020

I had a bad night, because I could not fall asleep. On the other hand, it was not so bad, because my Mexican friends in Tijuana called me. They first sent me a message by the Couchsurfing App. So they know, that I was not asleep. The call was interrupted twice, but at the end, we got a chat for around 5 minutes. Unfortunately all the Spanish I try to learn by Duolingo disappeared in the morning hours. I hope, it will be better, when I am visiting Mexico next time. Anyway I was very happy about their calls.


30th June 2020

I made it, I really made it! I did cut my hair myself. I was thinking about to cut it for several weeks and looking for electric haircutters for a while. The one I would like to buy was not in stock, but I feel, that my hair is so horrible now, though I started to shorten my hair. I put the rubber band in my hair, which I used for some weeks now. After this done, I cut with the sciccors on the upper side of the rubber band. I had to cut some streaks afterwards, but it became quiet good – even at the back, what I checked later with a second mirror. I anyway always go by bike into town and have my hjelmet. Even the hair is not exactly cut, nobody can see it – and for sunny days, if I will go out for a walk, I have my sun hat.


Me with my new hair cut


I also checked one more time, how to get a COVID-19 test, but they are not for me. Even I would have a fever, I still cannot get one, because I am not working. Though it is not correct, when it is said, that the test is for everyone.

I tried to get an appointment with the nurse at the polyclinic to know my results of the bloodtest as well as asking her, how to continue. Even I do not have cold hands and feet when it is over +25°C, I have to find out, what that belongs to and I want to get rid off my dizziness in the morning.

This day I finally cleaned my old laptop. It is better now – it is not getting so very hot anymore, and I am using it again, but I think, I have to try one more time with the cleaning. I think, the temperature should be even lower.

In the afternoon I updated my blog again, but had to finish, when it was time for picking up my vegetables from a farmer. This is called Rekoring and means something like “old fashian sale” There is a facebook group of farmers, where public can order of their offers. The vegetables will be ready for the pick up every second Tuesday, when the farmers are coming to a carpark in the center of Katrineholm. They are only there for 30 minutes and one can only get, what one his ordered earlier. The god thing is, that the vegetables are from the farms close to Katrineholm and most of them are ecological. The bad thing is, that the vegetables also are packed in plastic bags, which I do not like at all. By the way, I had to go there in between rain showers. Summer has already come to it’s end.


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