I namned the new Coronavirus SARS CoV-2 already last month, but I think for historical reasons I should write a little more about it, even my readers know all this already, but there might be readers in the future, who haven’t heard about it. This virus is the pathogen for COVID-19, a very hard illness for many people, thousands of them have died and this is still ongoing. The first case of this illness was found in China in December 2019. Unfortunately the Chinese parliament was denying the first cases, though this virus spread and even the following quarantine did not help enough. The virus spread from China to other Asian countries and from there as well as from China to other continents. When I write this, there is no continent, which has not to fight the virus. So far, more than 200 countries* suffer from that virus.

On the WHO homepage one can read for 30th March 2020:

Confirmed cases: 693,224 – Confirmed death: 33,106
*Countries, territores and areas with cases: 203.
Therefore it is called a pandemi.

The parliaments of the entire countries try to lock down their countries and recommend people to STAY AT HOME. If possible, employees are working in home offices. Extra ordinary medical treatment is organized and especially elderly (depending on the country from 60+, 65+ or 70+) as well as people with different kinds of diseases are told to be very careful and avoid to meet other people, not even children and grandchildren by the reason that this is a new virus and no vaccine is available yet. More about the virus and COVID-19 you can read at the site of WHO and even on Wikipedia.


1st March 2020

I awoke with a soar throat. I though it was, because of the weather, that means, that I became sweat the day before, even the air was cold. I easily get colds in such situations. Anyway I send a thought to the “Corona pandemi”. Irene and I had an appointment, I thought – for the boules game. Though I called her and left a message, because she was not answering. Later that day, I became aware of, that is was Sunday and our appointment was for Monday.

My neighbour Sussie called at my door in the afternoon and asked me, if I will follow her to our Sunday dance, but I denied, because of my soar throat. I felt frozen as well and that can be a sign of increasing temperature. Therefore I did check it with my thermometer. It was as low as 35.9°C, taken under my tounge. Anyway it was really low instead for too high. I had a cup of coffee and hoped, my temperature will raise.

I became a vegan at the end of last year for climate reasons, but since that, I read a lot about, how we treat domestic animals like cows, pigs, chickens etc. I always believed, that Swedish farmers did care about them, but I was so terrible wrong and scared. I felt so sorry for the domestic animals. Earlier I thought that the “Animal rights association” exaggerated, but I changed my mind and became a member with signing up for a small monthy amount.

Lotta, who also is a member of the “Nature Conservation association”, called me, asking me about the software ZOOM, which we have to use for the class called “climate boost” (klimatlyftet). After a snack I installed the software on both my laptops and my notebook, though I can use whatever I want of them. Now it was time for a Skype video call with my son Marcus and afterwards I called Lotta back, asking her, if she could install ZOOM and it was working. She answered me, that it was. I also tried to clean the drain of the sink in the bathroom, but without success. I was sure, that the pipe has to be opened and it has to be cleaned that way, though I send a message to my landlord.

The rest of the evening I tried to learn more Spanish – by Duolingo and I also was (far too long) on twitter.


2nd March 2020

I called Irene after breakfast and told her, that I had been thinking wrong the day before, but also told her, that I have a soar throat and won’t follow her to play boules. It was more for not to spread the infection than for my soar throat, because it really was not hurting a lot. Even this day I checked my temperature, but it was 36.6°C under my tongue, though it was quite normal.

In the evening I attendet the online calls “climate boost” by ZOOM. Lotta had no image, it seemed, her camera was not working or it just was not put on. This time it was mostly to get to know each other. Most of the participant came from the surroundings of the school, which is the host for the class. All of them are climate activists in one or another way.


3rd March

I made some “homework” like changing my bed linen, reserved a pass for the laundry and check my post box. There was a letter without a sender as well as a leaflet (nearly a book) from an outdoor equipment company – I had bought a pair of trousers of the make last summer. Opening the letter, I saw, it was from the Social Democrates (party). I really hate, that they send their letters without the sender! There was more written about, how great they are and that they will continue that way. I just dropped it into the wastebasket.

My soar throat is not so soar anymore, therefore I was going to the supermarket and shopped groceries, mostly fruits and vegetables. Anyway I also bought a “semla” (I think I explained about this bun last month). This one was much better, than the one I had bought before. The almond paste was not so watery anymore and there were more and better vegan cream on it.

Back at home I had a snack, which was the “semla”, of course. I furthermore prepared for the bicycle group of our climate group, which started at 5pm. Our climate group started at 6pm, which I attendet as well. In the first group we were talking about an event around cycling, in the other group we first gave feedback about the evening with Laestadius and planned afterwards for the future. We did not really see results, but were sure, we want to join the global strike for climate on 24th April.


4th March 2020

This morning I did no longer have a soar throat. Therefore I was sure, it could not be the Coronavirus and was happy about it. I was to work between 7:30am and 12:30pm. These were not many hours, but I was needed because of the ordinary carers class in ergonomics. The weather was really bad with snow and rain and raelly gruesome, though I decided not to go to the supermarket with the woman, I had to care for. The notice, what to buy was very short and there were no items, which were needed within a few days.

When the ordinary carer was back, she was not happy about my decision and told me, that I should have checked, if there were more to shop. She added, that she will go with the woman and make the shopping after lunch – which I already had prepared and the woman also was already eating. Furthermore, my colleague told me, that I next time have to come just in time, though I do not wake the woman up too early. The woman need to sleep for longer on her days off. In addition to that, my colleague told me, that there is no need for me to go for the key those days, when she is coming back before I am leaving.

Well at home, the janitor from my landlord came to me and cleaned my drain. It was a quite hard work, because he had to be very careful to really get all old hair out of the drain. Before he had done that, the water was not rinning down as it should.

I had got a magazine from the association “animal rights” and was reading it, before I was making my lessons on Duolingo and read a lot online.


5th March 2020

I had booked the laundry for this day, actually from 1pm. When I was there, I could not open the door, even the system told me, that the door was opened. I tried it several times, but it was all the same every time. Therefore I called my landlord, but I was told, there will be none to help me before next Tuesday (this day was Thursday). I was also told, that there were sick leaves by the Coronavirus. Later I was called back by another employee of my employer, who told me, that there will be a janitor looking for the trouble next day, which did not help me either, of course.

Last time at the supermarket I had bought Portabello mushrooms. This day I used it for a dish called “forest stew”. The mushroom was instead for the forest animal. The dish was so delicious!


Forest Stew
Forest Stew

Btw I had the potatoe and the vegetables on the side of it – and as it should for a venison dish, I had lingon berries as well


I made a part of my laundry at home, but saved the bed linen and my table clothes for another time, when it is possible to use the laundry room again.

This evening I was to my dance class as usual.


6th March 2020

Another Friday for Future. This time I had company for a while of a mother with her little child as well as the grandma, who always is taking her exercise with the Nordic walking sticks. Irene did not have time to attend, she had to be a babysitter for her grandchildren.

In the afternoon I was washing more clothes. Later on I had a salad with kidney beans. Even that was delicious. As an extra I had Papadums:



Papadums – an Indian Kind of Bread, Which I got to know by my Daughter in Law from Sri Lanka – On the Right Hand side is the bread before frying, on the Left Hand Side you see the Fried Bread. Fried it is Very Thin and Crunchy!


Before I was going to bed I was reading online again.


7th March 2020

My purpose this day was to clean my apartment, but I was reading most of the time. In addition to that I downloaded the “Telegram”-app (a messanger software), because we will use it for the “climate boost” class. Anyway I finally started to update my blog somewhat. It had been more than a month ago, I had done it. Sometimes I feel it like a burden to update it promptly, other times I really like to work with it and I told myself, that I can do it just the way I like to.


8th March 2020

I did not do something special this day, but updated my blog somewhat. Even this Sunday I did not go to dance at our club. I just had a Sunday at home. Finally I tried to use the Christmas gift of my son Marcus, a three month free use of ViaPlay, a platform for movies like Netflix, but I did not find, where to put in my code. Though I used YouTube instead. The movie I watched had the titel: It’s the singer, not the song.


9th March 2020

My throat was soar again und i was freeying more than usual. Around noon I had a temperature of only 35°C (measured under the tongue). I was wondering if such a low temperature also may be a sign, that I was infected by the new Corona virus. Therefore I tried to call 1177, our number for medical information. It was not working, the artificial voice told me, that a technical problem occurred. Therefore I tried with an “Internet doctor site” and asked for a reply by email. I can tell you already now, that I never dit get any answer on my question.

Anyway, I attendet the monthly meeting at our association for retired people in the afternoon. At our table for six (all the tables here are for six, but sometimes they put them together to a very long table) there were only women sitting and they did know each other. I tried to find a way into the conversation, but they were talking about personal things, though I kept quiet. A little later another member was joining us – also o woman, but she did introduce herself and chatted than with me. That made me feeling much better. During the meeting organized travel were offered. The first I think was for May or June and the other one for September this year. The first one was to Andalusia (in the South of Spain) and was for 7 days and for around 7,000 SEK = around 700 USD resp. 640 EUR (incl. flight). The other one was to Albania for 8 days and for around 12,500 SEK = around 1,250 USD resp. 1,140 EUR. I have been in Andalusia, thought that was not an option for me, but Albania sounded interesting, even not the price. I would be able to attend that travel, but that will mean, that I neither can go back to Mexico nor see Central America for six month more. As I planned, I will wait with such travels until I have seen the other continents and there are the most left.

Back at home I did check my temperature one more time and it was now up to 36,4°C. I was happy about that. This evening I also was in contact with my friend Teresa from Mexico City by WhatsApp – we often are, even I do not write so much about it. I wrote to her, that I am trying to improve my Spanish and she answered, that my Spanish is good enough for my needs. That was very kind of her, but I would like to be better in Spanish anyway. Though I continue with Duolingo.


10th March 2020

I was to the supermarket for my weekly shopping, but I did buy a little more of groceries, especially canned food. It had been my goal for a while to follow the recommendations of the Red Cross, Sweden to be prepared for natural disasters. I was also thinking about to buy a radio with batteries and maybe also a camping kitchen, but have not done it yet.

Back at home I was to the laundry. Unfortunately one of the three washing machines did take very long time. It seems, there is something wrong with the software. I was happy it worked at all. I was, of course not so happy about this and thought, I just may use the washing machine in my apartment for 100% of my laundry.

Meanwhile I was waiting for my bed clothes to get clean and dry, I did use Facebook and Signal, that means, I follow some vegan cooking groups on Facebook and I had a chat with my children, but my eldest son. My son Daniel sent me a link to an video of an USA expert about the new Corona virus. During the evening I used Duolingo.


11th March 2020

I was working between 7:30am and 12:30pm again. There was not happening anything special. Not even the rest of the day either.


12th March 2020

I was ask of my employer to work from 3pm until next morning, even I had put me as unavailable until 10pm in our system. I won’t miss my dancing class. Though I answered, that I am not available before 10pm. My employer changed the question and I had to pick up the key for work before 4pm.

At the dancing class, people were afraid, to get infected of the new Corona virus, though I had to explain to all of them, that I am allergic and that I therefore always have a running nose. We did have the two classes as usual, but afterwards the attendies were discussing about the risk to get infected by the virus by the dance class even more. Anyway, nobody said out loud, that they won’t come next time.

I was going straight home to have a shower and to pick up my backpack with my necessities for working and arrived in time to work.


13th March 2020

The woman I work with did not sleep well during the night, anyway I have had some sleep. The taxi was quite early, though I was in time at home for a shower and changed my belongings in my backpack. I also made a lunch pack before I was going to the town hall and “climate strejking”. Irene was there as well.

We were there until 1pm and I had just time enough to pick up my backpack at home and go to the central station for my train. This weekend, almost most of the students of the online class “climate boost” were meeting in real. There were three such weekends planned for the training. The first one (this) and the last one will be at the school, which is situated in a little village in Gästrikland, which is the Southern part of the County of Gävleborg. The other meeting was planned in Gothenburg.

Actually I felt a little doubtful to go by train and bus to that school, but there were not so many words said, that one should not have meetings or go by train etc. by our authorities. My train was a direct one to Sala. There I had to change to a regional train. The train station in Sala was much smaller as i expected. Even my train would leave in 5 minutes, it would not have been a problem. However, I had a whole hour waiting time for the regional train, I had to continue with. Fortunately there was a station house with lots of benches but when I entered that building, I saw something wet on the floor. First I was thinking, they may clean the floor, but there was no cleaner. Soon I found out, that it was beer. There were two men, waiting for someone, talking by phone with high voices and drinking. A woman around my age, who arrived around a quarter of an hour later than me, asked them to talk less loud and, when the men did not care about it, she showed them the finger. I was really surprised about her behavior. Finally the regional train arrived. It was for Uppsala, but I had to leave at the first stop. The place was namned Heby. This place was far smaller than Sala and it was easy to find the bus stop, even it was a little longer away, as I expected and just one stop. Though there were not a lot of bus routes.

I had to wait for a while. A bus arrived, but it was the wrong number and I let it pass. I checked the time table at the stop one more time, when another bus, with the same number, arrived.. He did wait there and changed the destination after a while. Though I checked the time table again, there should not be another bus at this time than for my direction and actually, they direction the bus had changed to, was the direction for my bus as well. Therefore I asked the bus driver, if the bus will stop in Ärligbo. He answered: Yes and I told him, that he has the wrong number at the bus. He checked and changed. In Ärligbo, a teacher was awaiting me, because he had offered it before to all students, arriving from the South. Nevertheless I was the only one, coming this way and by bus. He was driving through the “Färnebofjärdens Nationalpark” and I could enjoy the nature. It is really beautiful there.

Arrived at Färnebo school in Österfärnebo, Lotta already was there. She had booked her ticket weeks ago, before the teachers offered us to pick us up in Ärlingbo. Though she had bought a ticket for Gävle and from there she was going by bus directly to Österfärnebo, but that was nearly twice the price of my ticket and also twice as long. She also had to start around 12pm. The school is housed in three buildings. There were donated to the school resp. bought for little money. We have got a tour to the different school buildings and were back to the first building, were we got our rooms and also had our meals. The dinner was cooked by the help of us students.

All of us, who already had arrived, were lucky, because the railway company had a problem with one or two signals, though a lot of trains could not go. There was an ex-student, who should have come and cooked for us, but she could not made it this evening. There was also a student from another place, who could not join us for the same reason. Furthermore we had only one teacher, but the plan had been to have tree. One of them was very sick, which fever – she could not work att all. The other one was not really so bad, but he only could work from home.


Färnebo Folkhögskola, Österfärnebo
Färnebo Folkhögskola, Österfärnebo


After dinner our small group had an eager discussion about climate change and what to do to get politicians to take the right decisions. We used ZOOM, the same online-platform we use, when we meet online, though the other students and the other teacher could join us as well. Btw, it was really cold in the house. I remembered, when I was going to school in Sweden for a whole year at a similar place and we had only +17°C in the classroom, but that was many years ago and in the real North of Sweden. Luckily we had single bedrooms and there were working heatings in all of them.


14th March 2020

I am still at the Färnebo Folkhögskola. The night was calm and the heating was working very well, though I have had a really good sleep. After a drop-in breakfast, we had our first meeting for the day. Afterwards our teacher picked up the x-pupil from a bus stop nearby. He already had prepared the meal, though we were eating son afterwards. This girl, he had picked up, was used to vegetarian food, but she (as well as the teacher had done) did make a part of the food vegan. Though at the whole, we had the same food, but the vegan had less ingredienses, which made our food not really as tasty as it could have been. All the dishes I have had at home were much more tasty and the dishes here.

Directly after lunch we had a break, going to the beautiful area, we had come trouth the day before. We had to go by two cars and even our driver and I asked if we could drive at the same time and the teacher in front of us, they teacher told us, that we should start first. He told us about the car park, where we should meet. Unfortunately, it was not so easy to find as he tought, therefore we were waiting on a car park for a while until Lotta was calling me. We were on the wrong car park and got a new explanation. There are a lot of car parks in the area and shortly before the car park was a similar sign as the one, we were told to cross. All went well and we were following a path and had a snack at a nice place. There was a rest area with a barbecue before, but that was occupied.


Beautiful day at Fjärnebofjärdens National park


We had another class in the afternoon with a break and a snack (chocolate balls) and after the class as usual in Sweden another warm meal. During the evening we actually had board and parlor games. One of the games was to play a song (from spotify – by the laptop of the teacher) and the others should guess some facts about the song like the name of the singer or group, the name of the song, the name of the songwriter, you name it). I think it was around 11pm when we were going to bed. I checked my emails. Among them was one of our dancing club and the board did inform us, that all classes were postponed and dance aftons were canceled until further notice because of the SARS-CoV-2.


15th March 2020

I did already pack my backpack before breakfast. The theme for the day was activities – what we are doing already and what we can do more. The most of the ideas our teacher was named, we were were using already – not all of us, but most of us. There were other ideas practised as well, depending on the surroundings, where the pupil lives.

For lunch we had left overs from the two days before, followed by cleaning our rooms. It was like in a Youth hostel, but one had to clean it’s own room as well as a part of the other surfaces including the kitchen. There was no problem, all worked very well.

For the way home, we got a ride by the teacher. The car was full this time, anyway, he left a couple of pupils at his home and continued with Lotta and me to another place, from which we were able to take the bus. That bus was already waiting and the bus driver very nice. He gave us a special welcome, because we were not from the area. Lotta and I had a good chat during the bus ride, but for the train, we had to enter different departments. The train was between Uppsala and Stockholm, where we then had to change. There were many people on the train, all seats were occupied. I was awaiting that, because this is a very busy part of Sweden.

Vi had an hour to spend on Stockholms Central station and had a meal at a restaurant. It was easier for Lotta to find something, but anyway we had a meal at the same restaurant, after I had asked there, if Vego is vegan. Usually vego means vegetarian as well as vegan. at least here in Sweden. I head a kebab made of black beans. It was really tasty. For company with Lotta I had to buy an expensive ticket. I could have bought a much cheaper one, but that meant three hours more in waiting time. Our ticket was for the same car, but a couple of seats away from each other. The place next to mine, a girl in her twenties should have taken her seat, but she did not like at all to go by train with the back in the direction of the travel, though she was looking for another seat and Lotta was able to take hers. Anyway we did not chat as much as on the bus.

My son Samuel did call me during the ride for Katrineholm. He told me, that they will work in home office from the following day as well as they can decide, if they want to have the children to stay home from school. They will not get any help of Tharsiny’s mother, because she also is in the age, one should care about her health more than usual – even she is some years younger than me.

Finally in Katrineholm, Lotta was picked up by her husband and I was walking home. I also had a chat via Skype with my son Marcus. Afterwards I did unpack, ate the left over from the bean kebab and was to bed as early as 10pm.


16th March 2020

I was awake early this day and had breakfast around 9am. Meanwhile I still ate breakfast, I got a message from Irene, that the association for retired people had cancelled all meetings and activities, though there will be no boule this day either.

Nonetheless I had an appointment at the Gynecology department at the hospital for a regular cell sample – the last one because of my age. This appointment was not cancelled. I went there a little late and because of I did not know, where to go, I was just in time at this department. I was on my way to the reception, but a nurse or maybe helpnurse met me, though I asked her about this test and she told me, that I have to seat down and wait until I will be called. The waiting time was very long. There were nobody left, but me, but I was not called for. Therefore I tried to ask someone about, how long more I have to wait. Surprisingly I was told, that they did not take more patients this afternoon. Jag told them about the advice I had gotten from the other nurse and they made it possible for me to get my test done, even the midwife, who takes this test had to come back. I think she was still in the building, because she arrived in nearly no time. She was a little angry and told the receptionist, that she won’t log on, but when I was with the midwife, she anyway did it. I was also told, that I should have registered – as my intention had been. By the way, I read the following day, that also the midwives did not make these tests anymore because of the new Coronavirus.

Beyond was I heard and have seen this day, the authority for health and the president of Sweden recommended us for the first time to stay at home, if we do not have a special and urgent need to go somewhere. They also told us, that especially people 70+ should stay at home. I had already read about Germany and other countries, that these recommendations were for 60+ respectively 65+ people. Though I applied it to me as well, because I might become 70 this year. In addition to that, it was announced, that people with one or more disease/s like heart- or loungediseas and diabetes have a bigger risk to become very ill and die. The term they used in Sweden is: Underlying diseases.

In the evening I checked, when the next meeting of the local council will take place, because I am thinking about to send another question to them. Unfortunately this month the third Monday was really early, already the 16th and I had to admit, that I had missed the chance for this month. Later I read, that there was no meeting this month, because of the new Coronavirus.


17th March 2020

This was the first possible day for declaration of the tax records and only by putting it through online. I already had prepared for this day and did it with a click. This early declaration makes it possible to get the tax return before Easter.

I had got another pass to work with my special client and I had to be there at 3pm. My hours of work this time was until 3pm next time, but I was allowed to sleep between 10pm and 6am at my clients home. The mother of my client came in the evening and showed me, how to shower her without risk for her to fall. Actually this risk appears after the shower, when she leaves the shower chair. When the mother had left, I tried to apply my new knowledge, but my client made it her own way.


18th March 2020

The night was calm, but my client was awake earlier than usual at her days off from her occupation, because she had to go to the toilet and she did not fall asleep afterwards again. It was raining until noon, though I did not take her outside and thought, in the worst case I will buy the food necessary after my work pass was over and the other helper had come.

At home I lay my first order at my supermarket, but before that I made a menu for the next two weeks. It is quite expensive to get the order delivered home, though I decided to only lay orders twice a month. Anyway it makes it possible for me to stay at home and not enter the supermarket. There is another option: One can ask for, that the food is picked by the employees at the supermarket and one only has to pick it up there, but I decided also to get some extra food home as a preparedness for other crisis as the Corona is. It would be too much for me to carry.


19 March 2020

My boss called a quarter past 7am and asked me, if I could work this day between 12pm and 3pm as well as the following day between 8:30am and 3pm, because of the closing down of the place, where my client usually has her occupation. I first agreed, even I still had a little soar throat, but a couple of hours later I had to call back. I had started to sneeze and it was not the usual allergic reaction. I was afraid, that I had got the Coronavirus and won’t transfer my infection to my client. I also told, that I am very sorry, but I have not had that reaction in the morning, when I was called. There was no problem for my, but I think the did get a real problem at work to find another carer.

I also called the polyclinic, asking for help with a blood test and with my shoulder. I have pain in my shoulder since the last but one dance class. The blood test is for my online doctor, bcause it is not possible to take blood tests online.

I used my time instead for creating a group on a messanger service for our family, though it would be easy for me to inform my children, if I have to go to the hospital or similar problems. For that, we can use that for all contacts between us as well, of course.

In the evening I finally started to use the Christmas gift of my eldest son. It was a sign up for a movie provider and three months of use. The first movie I watched was Notting Hill with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant.


20th March 2020

The physiotherapist called me and gave me an appointment. Later that day I saw, that I could not attend her during our appointment and because of more recommendations about the Coronavirus I cancelled that appointment totally.

My landlord called and told me, that the janitor will come on Monday, but first I was asked if I could not have the Coronavirus. I also was talking about the wreath at the outside of my door. I had got green light for it, when I moved in, but now it was taken down twice and I was wondering, if the janitor had done that.

I ordered items form the pharmacy – also this online. I have done it before and usually they send it directly home.

During the afternoon I got a call from my employer and was asked, if I coud work again. I told them, that I still am sick.


21st March 2020

I was reading the entire day, mostly about the Coronavirus. I also should have had a chat with my son Marcus and tried to reach him for an whole our, but without access, even we had agreed to meet online at this time.

During the evening I made my Spanish lessons at Duolingo and rounded of the day by watching another movie. The name was BOM and it was a funny movie about retired women, chearleading. Anyway it also were some serious parts in it – one of these women died in cancer soon after they have had their big success.


22nd March 2020

I read a lot this day as well, but also updated my blog, made my Spanish lessons, had a chat by Skype with my eldest son (who apologized for the day before), listened to the speach of our Prime Minister and saw another movie.


23rd March 2020

I called the clinic for dermatology and cancelled all my apointments. It would have been time to take a new test about my allergy for some metal, maybe gold. I was not willing to go to the clinic for this test by thinking of the Coronavirus.

The janitor came this day – as appointed, because it has been weekend, I could not call och tell them, that I have got a real cold. Though I told the janitor about my cold, before he was entering. He told me, that he was already here, though he could take a look anyway. I had called, before I thought it is smelling cigarett smoke in my bathroom and the fan system in the bathroom may not work properly. He checked the system, but it was working as it should. Anyway, he could not find the reason for the smell and also told me, that it does not smell smoke, but something else, something weird. He asked me to have the bathrooms door open a bit all the time and to call him after a week to tell him wether that smell had disappeared or not.

I have got my food from the supermarket, which I ordered last week. The funny thing was, that they also delivered to the elder woman on the first floor. All was well with the food, even I have got a lot of bananas – a lite more than I had ordered.

I used the common laundry for my bed linen and my table clothes. There was time for Duolingo this day as well. A member of the board from the Nature conservation association came for a few minutes with the minutes from the last annual meeting. I had to sign it – and first to read, of course. I also read a lot about the conditions for farmed animals in Sweden as well as about the Coronavirus.

When I had my meal I only ate half of it, that does not happen often. In the evening I attendet the online class called Klimatlyftet (I read about it before) by Zoom. We were talking about, if we in the climate movement active should welcome people with other interests like feminists, people of colour etc.

I rounded of the day by another movie.


24th March 2020

I had a late start of the day, or more correct, I started my day by reading the news online and working with my Spanish lessons.

For lunch I tried a new recipe again. I usually do not write about, what I eat, but special meals. This was such a special one. I had waffles for lunch, even these were no usual waffles. They were mixed of sweet potatoes and other ingredients. Unfortunately they stuck in the waffle iron and it did not help with more oil or more butter (vegan of course). Though I will not try these again. The rest of the day I updated my blog.


25th March 2020

I had to care about mushrooms and papayas I had ordered. I don’t like to waste food, though I have to care it in time. There are always different options. The mushrooms became a meal and the papayas (peeled, cored and cut in pieces) got a place in the fridge. I tried this before and it works. If I have too much at all, a part of it goes into the freezer.

I had a cup of coffee at the middle of the day, trying to get some warmth. It seems I have problems with my blood flow and suffer of low temperature.

I tried to update my blog, but was interupted of the news and also had to answer a couple of emails. In addition to that, I updated my work schedule, I mean the time I am willing to work. I did take away all time I had put in, because I do not know yet, wether I have got the Coronavirus. At the same time I checked my extra income and it was more than 5,000 SEK this month (earned the month before). Though I can pay all the rest of the dentists bill and still have som extra money. I am feeling good. Before going to bad I had a Spanish lesson on Duolingo. I really try to work with it everyday.


26th March 2020

I am very happy about our postbox system. Though the postman could put that big letter from the spice company in my box. There were only two items in the letter: Rose hip powder and Maca powder. I had read about them and how healthy they are, though I had to try them. Actually I think the taste of the Maca powder is too strong, I cannot taste the fruits I put in my smoothies.

Furtheremore I have got an information about the big letter from the pharmacy – announcing, that it is on the way. Unfortunately, it is medicine inside this time, therefore they do not send it home to me, but to a kind of postbox at the entrance of our supermarket. I have to find someone, who can pick it upp for me. I tried to get it directly home like the other big letters of the pharmacy, but they tell me, it is secure enough, if I am not at home, when the postman arrives. It is so stupid!

By the way, to get this medicine (again) I contacted my polyclinic online. We have a special system for it with a special security, which is called BankID. This ID we have on our computer or Smartphone or both. None else can use this BankID, if you do not tell someone your personal code for it. Unfortunately it happens, that deceivers call elderly people, telling them a story and asking for the code. Nobody tried with me so far and I would not leave it to anybody anyway.


27th March 2020

Most of my time I read about the new Coronavirus. I also try to update my blog every day again, but I have not reached that level again. I am keen in learning more Spanish and use Duolingo every day, even some days I only complete one simple lessons and other times a whole class. There is a function, which makes people to compete with all the other learners, using this app. Some days I try to compete, some days I think, there is no need for it at all. I set my own competition. I am competing myself. Every new word I remember is a victory for me. I actually have no big problem to remember all the words and grammar in the app, but when I try to remember them, when I have closed the app it is harder.

I am also on the correct path regarding my account. I am on my way to get rid of my credit. Anyway, I think I need two or three more month to totally become rid of it.


28th March 2020

I should have cleaned my apartment, but did not do it. Instead I was on the Internet, but I did not read so much about the new Coronavirus. I used twitter and got the news from Germany – how they handle the virus as well as I was for some hours on Duolingo, trying to learn more Spanish.

I have had brunch this day with hot chocolate, yogurt and a zucchini pie from the freezer. When I have brunch I only have one more meal that day. I am not eating more than usual. Anyway by the lack of motion, it is hard to keep my weight.

During the late evening I was watching a movie again. I have to use the gift of my eldest son for full.


29th March 2020

Actually I was early up today. I hope I can keep this as a routine. After breakfast I checked the news, but was then reading about the association “Djurens rätt” (Animals rights) again and subscripted for my grandsons. They have to share that one. They will get coloring books and infomation about animals on farms. I think it is a good gift for them to learn more and stopping to care about only themselves. From the association an email was send to my son and he was first thinking, that it is a spam. Though I had to tell him already today, that I subscripted and it is only 100 SEK/year.

I put a letter in my neighbor Susanne’s postbox, asking her, if she is able to help me and can pick up mig medicine. I put my phone number on this letter and she messaged me that she is sick of that new Coronavirus, but at home and has help of a nephew. She also told me, that she could ask him to help me too, if I cannot find another person to help me.

Though I sent an email to a church in Katrineholm, asking if they know a group, helping elderly with picking up medicines and similar. In this small municipalities like ours, there are the churches together with the Red Cross and maybe some more “official associations” gathering and offering help together. In towns with around more than 100,000 people there is an authority caring about this.

I also sent my next order to our supermarket. Anyway I have to wait for two weeks. Until two days before the delivery day we can change and add to the order.

After dinner I used Duolingo for a short time and rounded off the evening by watching a movie or two.


30th March 2020

I was very tired in the morning. The female deacon of the church called me and told me, that she can help me. Though I sent her the code by email – it easily can be understood wrong if given by mouth and also, it was a more secure, that the woman, who called me, was the one she told me to be. She was coming soon with the little package and left it to me. When I unpacked it, I saw, there was so much air in the package, that it would have been ok, with a much smaller one. I do not know, if that was a security thing, because there was medicine in it or if the pharmacy had run out of smaller packages.

I checked both my accounts and was wondering, why my rent was not paid yet as well, why the German pension had not come. While wondering I found the answer. It was not the last day of the month ;-).

I found the energy to update my blog and did the rest of February. I also used Duolingo and read a lot about the new Coronavirus at the Internet. By the way my little cough became better.


31st March 2020

I was on the Internet as usual with, using all the apps I used to during the last weeks. I also checked my accounts again this day and all was like it should.

I meet my son Daniel as well as my daughter Maria by Signal and we were chatting about smartphones, because mine is really bad again – the dispay will crash totally soon, I have the feeling and, when I am buying a new one, I will be a really tuff one, thought I won’t get problems with the display again.

I usually do not write so much about my meals, but this day it happened something unforeseen. I had taken a glass jar out of the freezer the evening before with a dinner. When I, this day, took the jar in my hand I only got half of it with me, the downpart was still on the kitchen desk. I did not find all of the glass from the jar at once and also there can be small parts, blending with the food, though I had to dispose all of it in the waste bin. I was very unhappy about it. There was no problem to get hungry. I really have food enough at home and in the freezer, but I do not like to dispose food. It really was the first time, such thing happened to me, because I do not fill glass jars full before I put them in the freezer.

In the evening we Nature rescue associations climat group had a meeting by Zoom, which I attendet. It seems, Zoom is the new Skype and also the schools here in Katrineholm is using that software. The meeting was between 6pm and 8pm. Afterwards I read more news and also, that the Hungarian president made himself a dictator, telling the peope, it is necessary for tackling the Coronavirus. That was a black day for Europe and it was more serious, because the EU did not distance from Hungary and its dictator.


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