1st May 2020

I was tired, even I did sleep a lot. It is raining today, though it is easier to work with my blog. I had brunch around 1pm. I also started to have some licorice powder in my morning tea. I hope I will be less cold, because it gives higher bloodpressure. It is just a try and I am carefull not to use too much. However, I read, that one can eat up to 60ml/day – which is the amount of the whole can.


2nd May 2020

The only important thing I had this day was the online class “Klimatlyftet” (I wrote and explained it before). We should have had a meeting in person this entire weekend, but had even this online because of the pandemi. A founder and member from a collective in Göteborg-Bergjsön, where they had bought a building and had made it to a Zero energy apartment house, visited us online. She explained to us all around the collective and the building. It was amazing. The entire house is covered by sun panels. Al the electricity they use, they make by these panels. It is a very well known object and was the first of this kind, though they get a lot of visitors, who would like to know all about it and start similar projects. We also met climate activists from other towns online. It was interesting to hear about their activities as well.


3rd May 2020

This was the second day of the class and we did get homework of our leaders/teachers. We hade to read some newspaper articles for the next time we will meet. All about klimat activites, of course. We also had to contact leaders of municipalities, climate organitions etc. to find out, which municipalites have climatestrategies and budgets as well if there is onging work as well if there are proposals of citizens or associations. We had already at the end of the class devided regions and counties between us. The class was ending in the early afternoon.

In the early evening, people of the climate group of our local association for nature conservation met for checking the route for our bike activity on 26th May. We were meeting on bikes, of course – which gives a naturally distancing. Anyway I used my home made face mask. Unfortunately I fell with my bike, when I dismounted it, because I could not force a hill. By this the wire of the gears came off and I had to continue in the highest (the most hard) gear once I had reached the top of the hill. In addition to that, my seat was not high enough – it actually was always going down again after I had fastened it on a higher level, because I have not force enough to lock it properly neither had the seller of my bike. As you can read, I have had that problem since I bought the bike. The shop was not close enough, that I could ask for help there and in Ekerö (where I lived before) I did not find a bike shop. A member of this group recommended a bike shop for me, which also serves bikes.

By the lack of the working gears, I missed the skype meeting with my son Marcus. We postponed it until the following week. I was early to bed, because I was so tired and nearly falling asleep, when I learned Spanish by Duolingo.


4th May 2020

I had put on my alarmclock, because I was awaiting the delivery from the supermarket and their timeframe is between 9am and 12pm. I also transfered most of my pension benefit from my EURO account to my Swedish account.

Some hours I spent with popping up stitches on my fitted sheets. I just think to remove the elastic bands, though they will be easier to fold and take less space in the warderobe for my linen. They still will have the fitting shape. I did not get far with it, because it is a really time consuming work.

My budy Lotta at the class “Klimatlyftet” called me that evening, asking for the homework to do. I explained it to her and told her, what I will do.

5th May 2020

I was leaving my bike to the bike and repair shop I was recommended last Saturday. I used my first, home made, face mask again. I ordered a full service – which is for 550 SEK (around 55 USD and 52 EUR) and told them, that the brake is not working well either. I ask for the adjustment of the seat as well, of course. On my way home I was very careful not to go too close to other people. It was a little hard to do so, because some were not thinking about the distance, though sometimes I had to use the road. Fortunately there was not a lot of traffic.

I started with my homework. We had got a list with email addresses for people, who can know a lot regarding to our homework, but there was none for the counties of Östergötland and Sörmland, which was my area. First I wrote down the names of all the municipalities of these counties. Then I was looking for email adresses for the municipalities as well as for climate associations, the Green party and the FridaysForFuture organisation.

When I had written down all of it, I was tired at it and wrote a note on the GrandmasForFuture – Katrineholm group page on Facebook about Face masks also announcing a design and discription for it.


6th May 2020

With my face mask I dared to go to a smaller shop to pick up a package with Vegan specialities mostly made of Seitan (wheat gluten). I have to try, if I can eat it (eating a lot of this food will show if I am allergic against gluten or not) and what it tastes. The company had packed it in two parcels and tied them together. Though I asked for siccors at the shop and with some luck I could put each of them in my shopper. It just fitted – I could not close the lid.

On the way home, I also was to a haberdashery, where i bought two fabric remnants and sewing cotton for my blue curtains, which I will reuse). I asked for a pen marker, that will disapear by washing. They neither did have such one nor French chalk as pens. I paid with the Easter gift from our municipality, but had to pay a little more. Anyway I did get two really big remnant pieces – one white and red chequered and the other had a red background and middle-sized white dots. Both were cotton and good for a 90°C washing. Theses shops are never overrun, though I dared to go there. I tried with another haberdashery as well, but it was closed for lunch. Back at home I was looking on the Internet for this item.


7th May 2020

After breakfast I started with the pattern for the face mask. I had saved too many sites, but found the one I liked most in women size as well measures for children and men. The one I prefered was only on video and in German. Though I wrote down the important information of the video. The woman, who had made the video had a lot of nice stuff, which made it easier for her to measure and to cut. That impressed me and I started thinking to buy similar even I do not sew very often, but just during the next weeks and month I have a lot to do. Maybe also the recommendation for face masks from our health authority will change and I will pe prepared for it. – For the moment, our health authority do not recommend face masks at all – in the contrary, they tell us, we cannot handle to use face masks and will make the dispersion worse. I personally think, it is only a whitewash, because we cannot buy face masks and the leaders at the authority cannot imagine, that there are people, who are able and willing to sew face masks.

Maria, my daughter, messaged me, that she got the place at the university, which was her first choice. She was very happy about it and so was I. We were talking about to drink to it online at the same time, but she told me to do that another time, she still have too many work to do at the school she is now – and she is very stressed. A little ater that day I picked up another parcel. It was from a rawfood store. I also bought two small bottles of champagne and opened one of them, making a video, when I was drinking it. I soon sent the video to her.

Unfortunately, when I was working in the kitchen for cooking dinner, I crashed the champagne glass, because I had not put it long enough in on the kitchen counter. I was very unhappy about it. It was the only champagne glass I had and in addition to that, it was a memory from Mexico.


8th May 2020

My bad luck continued this day. An opened box of oat cream was tumbling over in my fridge and a lot of it spilled in the fridge, though I had to empty and clean it. By the way I became aware, how stupid this frigde is placed in my kitchen. Ok, it is at the end of the cupboards, but by the wall it is not possible to get out the lower box (the one for the vegetables. There is another one above, meant for fish, chicken and meat, which is smaller. I actually cannot open the door of the fridge wide enough.

I finally continued with my homework, but did not come so far as sending emails, because my Internet provider had problems to deliver what I pay for. Instead I translated the discription for the face mask in Swedish and made a nice document of it, but it took too much time of my day. Trying to print it out, I first had to install the driver for the CD-player, but did not find one, even it is a hp driver, but made in China (I think, they all are). There was a CD following with my printer with the driver for it. Then I tried to find the driver for the printer on the homepage of Epson, but I did not either. Anyway I registered my printer at Epson’s. I had to do it twice or three times, before it was saved, because I had to look up things meanwhile the form was emptied. For the registration I needed the serialnumber. When looking for it underneath, because I could not find it somewhere else (and I had read the discription of the printer before I was looking for it at the printer), the lid and the scanner did open themselves with a very speed. I had tried to hold them closed, but my hands were not big enough. When I had written down the serial number, I could neither close the scanner nor the lid and was very afraid, that I could not get any help with it and had to buy a new one. At the end I wrote an email to Epson customer service. The address has been very hard to find, therer were only options for software problems.

I have got a message at 4:30pm, that my bike is ready to pick up. I have only had breakfast and had to postpone that. Aftervards I tried again to close the scanner as well as the lid of the printer, but without success. Finally I gave up and was looking at the Internet for nice fabrics for children face masks. I found one, which I ordered. It was a lot more, than I needed, but it is impossible to order less than one meter. My Duolingo time was very short this day.


9th May 2020

I was awaking between 6am and 7am, but was still tired. Though I was not leaving my bed before 8am.

I walked to the bike shop. Nearly there, I remembered, that I did forget the ticket at home. I tried it anyway and it was no problem for my phone number. I was told, that I only had to pay a little more than 400 SEK, which I told them, could not be right, because a service is for 550 SEK (I told you before). The shop assistant was looking it up and found out, that the price is 585 SEK. There was the price for the new brake pad added.

Well back home again I had my lunch. This day consisting of seitan sausage with the taste of “Thuringer sausage”, but actually the taste is not so strong like in original Thuringer sausage, which I like very much. I had the sausage in a baguette with garlic. That was my choice, because the bread has short best before date.

I continued with my homework, this time I send a lot of emails, even I put a lot of email addresses in the same email by using bcc. I did not send all of them. My son Marcus was waiting on Skype for me. At start we hade some technical problems. That often happens on my side, I think it belongs to my internet provider. Afterwards I continued with my homework and did so until 1am next day. I had a break for a meal. of course. It was a meal from the freezer.


10th May 2020

… is coming soon, please stay tuned!

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