1st Nov 2019

I was so surprised this morning, because my son Samuel did sent back 1000 SEK of the 1500 SEK I had sent him for the birthday gift for my daughter Maria. He did sent a message with the amount: “Happy Halloween” and you have to know, we usually do not celebrate halloween.

I had some kitchen work to do and was around 11:30am going to the central park for supporting the climate strike. I was this day the only one again, but did get a lot of “thumbs up”, especially because I continue the support.

In the evening, after dinner, I was watching movies again. There were no more children coming, asking: ” Trick or treat”, though they actually only came on the correct day of Halloween.


2nd Nov 2019

Directly after breakfast I went to the shopping area “Lövåsen”, where among others, the supermarket is situated. I did only buy bread at the supermarket, because they did not have the other things I was looking for, but face paint, which was very expensive. Though I continued to a shop called ÖoB – I wrote before about this kind of shops. There I did not find either, what I was looking for, but a plate for 12 muffins for only 39 SEK. That was the lowest price I ever have seen for this plates and, because I like to bake muffins with almond flour, I did buy this plate. At “Biltema” I did not find either, what I was looking for, but the sissors I wished to buy for such a long time, but did not find before.

I also bought more storage cans. It was a set with different sizes of cans, so also some, where I can put grahamsflour, lentils etc into. For the set, it was priceworthy. If I had bought one and one, it had been much more expensive. The cans are of plastic, but I think to use these kinds of can make it more environmentfriendly as plastic bags would be. Last but not least I was to the Dollarstore, where I found a cheap lipstick and a bow tie. I had planned to go as a clown, but with a Halloween theme on Sunday. The lipstick I would use for a very big mouth and also for simulating blood. The bow tie I had not planned to buy, but I think it is good for a clown to have. Furthermore I bought a small grater for grated lemon zest and similar. In addition to that, I found a little mirror, which I would like to have on the inside of my bathroom cabinet.

I was back home for lunch and did sent a message to my son Marcus after lunch, that I am ready to talk by Skype with him. We did that soon and for around 50 minutes. Later on I did put the mirror into the cabinet, but it was not possible to close the cabinet door, because the mirror’s fram is too thick. I did put it on a hook on the side of the towel for guests instead, but will try to get the mirrors out of the frame (there are two in there – one on each side with different enlargements). During the evening there was no special things happening.


3rd Nov 2019

I awoke after a weird dream. I did see mountains and the sun going down, but the light of the sun was deep purple/lilac and later lilac and I was waiting for the climate activist Greta Thunberg, but she did not arrive before I awoke. I cannot really interpret this dream.

The weather rapport told me, that it will be +2°C this day and snowing, but the snow did not come. It was raining instead, what is more usual at this temperature.

I was at home most of the day and reading a lot – even I did it as usual by the Internet. For 6pm I was to our dance club. We had the Halloween theme this evening. I received a lot of praise for my wig. It is the one I bought on Ireland, when I was working there and has the Irish colours. A clown can wear it, too ;-). Not all of the dancers had dressed up and the others had also chosen general themes. We had e.g. two cowboys and the women had something in his hair, but there were no ghosts, witches or similar. I am happy, that my Halloween outfit was for only 40 SEK and I still have the most of the lipstick and also can use the bow tie again.


4th Nov 2019

Finally I have got my contract for the extra job. It is an intermittens contract, that means, that there is stated, that I only will get paid for the days I am working and the contract does not give me an employment during the other days. It is also stated on that contract, that it is for people older than 67 years of age.

This day I also was checking my Christmas decorations and sorted out, which things I do not need anymore. There was e.g. a very little Christmas tree of plastic, which I had in that small secondhand apartment in Ekerö. I did put these things in a bag and was leaving for the Red Cross secondhand shop, but after around 200 meters I remembered, that the shop is no longer open on Mondays. Though I turned around and was going back home.


5th Nov 2019

I called the official in charge for my contract and told her, that I need one more password, than I have got, because I will start this week with the introduction on my new working place. Around 10 o’clock I left for the supermarket. I only bought vegan food this day (fruit, vegetables and a vegan cheese), because I have so much other food in the freezer. Anyway I will try to eat vegan in the future. I have to go there by small steps. I think, I will still eat eggs, because my main reason to become vegan is for the environment and I only buy eggs from free-range hens. I also bought two more reflexes, because it is so dark outside in the evenings now and we share the paths with cyclists, which often are going very fast. Though now I have a reflex each on my right and my left side of my winter jacket as well as in the middle of the back of it. I also use my elder reflexes on my bags.

Back at home I had lunch and also made more cocosdrink. At 2:15pm I left home for going to my new job. I was afraid to get late if I would leave later, but I had 25 minutes to wait for my colleagues. This day it was Eva. I had to stay there until 9pm – my colleagues had to stay over night, but is allowed to sleep there. I had a dinner bag with me and my colleague as well. She had beetroot balls, though we were starting to talk about vegan food. – I was to bed directly, when I arrived at home again around 9:30pm.


6th Nov 2019

I awoke already at 6:30am and was hungry as well. I used the time until lunch as usual and was leaving at 2:30am this day for the second day of my introduction. There is a lot to remember, even it is not difficult. This day my colleague Anki was working. Both her and Eva I met by my climate strejk activism. Anki is the one, who helped me to get this job. She cared about, that I was working myself, though it is easier to remember.

Even this evening I was at home around 9:30pm and to bed right away. I have to be awake at 5am the next morning, because I will have my introduction from 6:30am to 8:30am to learn the routines for the mornings.


7th Nov 2019

I did not have any problems to be up in time and also the two hours of introduction were going well, but in the middle of the day I was getting very tired and had to take a nap.

In the evening I was going to my dance class again, but this time I was disappointed. There was no much dancing and the things we learned were, as I see it, not very necessary, but if one want become a competition dancer. I had a shower, when I came home, because I have to see a nurse the upcoming day for an allergy test and by this test I am not allowed to shower my back for a whole week. When my hair had dried, I was to bed.


8th Nov 2019

Even this day my introduction was from 6:30am to 8:30am. My colleague was Majda, a woman from Bosnia. She came during the 1990s. She told me, that her parents are living in Berlin, Germany. There is no much time in the morning for answering questions and explanations. Though I talked with her about asking for another day of introduction. She was very positive for it, because she had not shown me, how the electrical wheelchair is working. This one is different to all wheelchairs I have seen before, because only we workers can manage it and not the user. It makes it easier for us, to push the woman, we are working with – there is actually no pushing needed with this wheelchair. Majda also agreed with me, that it would be useful for me to be there daytime – on a Wednesday or weekend, because those days our user is not at her daily activities and one of us has to care about her during the entire day.

Back at home I called the official of charge asking for a day shift, but was answered: “A whole day, that is too expensive. I have been working with that user as well and it is nothing special during daytime. You just are taking a walk with her.” I told her, that the boss had explained for me, that I have 25 hours for introduction and only have had 16. She did not agree with the boss and told me, I could get another evening shift – which is for six hours. I agreed to such one at the upcoming Wednesday. During the shift I not only have to learn how to use that special wheelchair, but also things like, how often I have to take the user to the bathroom, because she is only wearing pampers during the night and has problems to communicate. Afterwards I was thinking, that it would have been only two more hours, if I had been there during daytime and feeled very unsatiesfied about the situation. I am unhappy, I agreed to this job. I am not sure, that I will stay there until summer next year.

At 11am I showed up at the hospital for the allergy test. I told the nurse, that my dentist had asked for a blood test instead for the offered patch test. I also asked her, how I should take of the patches by myself, because I am living alone. She asked me, if I do not know a friend close by, who can help me. I told her, I have not. I think it would be possible to ask Anki or Irene for help, but I do not know them so very well and I have to dress off on my upper part of my body. For my answer, the nurse was going to ask the doctor. When she came back, she explained, that they do not make bloodtests, but that I can leave the patches on my skin until Monday, when I will meet her again. Then she declared, that she will put four patches on my back with 34 substances. Well done this, she marked the corners with a black marker and fixed the patches with medical tape.


Climate Strejk
Climate Strejk


Directly afterwards I walked to the central park demonstrating in front of the town hall. Irene was a little late, but she came with her own sign – as she had promised before. It was raining and the rain was getting worse, though after a while we placed us in the entrance of the town hall, but we were kean to let all people in. There was no problem and office workers told us, that we do great and even that it is ok to stand there. A little while later, another office worker – maybe the secretary of the mayor were coming to us and told us, that we could not stand there, because we were hindering people from entering. It did not help to point out, that another office worker had told us, that it is fine, that we take cover for the rain here. On the way home, I first followed to Irene’s home and got a Zefasit board, because the cardboard did not stand the rain. When I finally arrived at home my cardboard was totally dissolved into the ingredients. By the way, Irene did write a submitter for the local newspaper about it.

Back at home I was tired again. I fell asleep at my couch and awoke again around 4pm. I was freezing. Anyway I put my laundry on the drying rack and had a meal, before I answered emails and was on the Internet.


9th Nov 2019

After breakfast I was waiting for, that my son Marcus will contact me by Skype – as agreed. When it took too long time, I did send him a message, that I have to leave home and will send another message, when I am back. I was going to the Red Cross again. I had checked my Christmas items one more time and did not find any Advent candelabra. I remember, that I did give away the one from Germany, but did not remember, that I did give or throw away the Swedish one, I have had. Maybe one of my children has got that one. I had found a little Santa Claus, which could be connected to a computer, laptop or similar. This Santa Claus was made of plastic and did drum. I have got it as a gift, but have never liked it. Maybe there is a person, who does. Though I did take that with me to the Red Cross.

At the Red Cross I did not need long time to find, what I am looking for, but I also found metal cans, which I was looking for before and have not found. Though I bought all their cans on the table. I will have Christmas cookies in them and need one more, because we have seven kinds of cookies for big parties as well as Christmas. The most important for Christmas is the Ginger bread, of course.


Cans for Cookies and a Swedish Advent Candelabra
Cans for Cookies and a Swedish Advent Candelabra


On my way home I was at the shop for electrical items like lights, stoves etc. I bought the things I need for my pendant for my main room. This one will be close to my couch. Unfortunately, back home again, I saw, that I have bought two wrong items. One of them is just to small, but the other one the wrong kind of. Though I have to go there on Monday again and try to change the items.

After lunch I skyped with my son Marcus, who finally was awake ;-). We were talking for around 45 minutes. Just before I became aware, that I did ruin the battery of my smartphone. I was never careful about it. I used the phone even with the battery under 15% and did charge it always for 100%. I often did not take it from the charger at 100% as well. To buy a new battery and a new display (which is broken again) will not be rational. I will nearly get a new phone for that price. Though I will use it with my extern battery, if necessary.

The rest of the day I was on the Internet again, but for dinner. Late I was watching the movie about the painter Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. It was an interesting movie.


10th Nov 2019

It snowed tonight – not much, but snow is laying on the ground and the cars.


The First Snow for this Winter
The First Snow for this Winter


After breakfast I started with the update of my blog. I had to continue after lunch as well, but before I was going back to my laptop I also made new coconutdrink. I got so many coconut flakes, though I think I have to bake coconut cookies and give them away for Christmas. Already a quarter to three it is getting dark. The sky is still grey, but so dark grey and no sun anymore, that I have to put the lights on in my apartment.

By the way, since I have got the patches for the allergy test on my back, I am not cold anymore. On the contrary I am close to sweat all the time. I should not do it, though I do not dress so warm. I do not know, how this is working, but think I will get the answer tomorrow. After the update of my blog I was reading vegan recipes and recipes without gluten. I finished the day by watching a movie on my laptop.


11th Nov 2019

I try to avoid the medicine for my stomage, because it is bad for every body to take the medicin under long time. I also have been at the polyclinic for the removal of the test patches as well as the check of the result. I had to wait for a long time, even I had an appointment. The nurse did apologize for the waiting time. There was no rash, not of any of the patches.

After lunch I was one more time to the electricity shop and changed most of the things I had bought on Saturday. I have got 23 SEK back, because the things I finally bought were cheaper than the others, I had bought before and I was happy, that I did get it in cash. I also told this the expedit and thanked one more time to help me so well.

The rest of the day I was on the Internet – first I used social media and later I watched a movie. I did get heartburn in the evening, though I have to continue with the medicine for my stomach.


12th Nov 2019

I made my weekly shopping at the supermarket directly after breakfast to avoid the crowds and it helped. I also was to another shop, where I bought new lights for the Christmas tree, batteries for the lights and a curtain rail. My youngest son still have some curtain rails I could use, but I won’t wait for the next time, I will go there. I am interested in to have it fastened before 1st advent – to hang a Christmas curtain I have got from my eldest son, när he was a teenager. On the side of the shop for these items, there was also a shoe shop, but closing down. The shop offered 70% off the regular prices. I was looking for a warm pair of boots and warm slippers. A pair of warm slippers I bought in Portugal (when I was working there), but they only look warm, they are not really warm. I think it is, because they are made of synthetic skin. I actually find a pair of lambskin flipppers this day. Instead for 600 SEK (around 60 EUR), I have got them for 180 SEK (around 18 EUR). I felt happy about them – actually they are really warm.

It was raining the entire day at 5°C. Well back at home, I took care about my groceries and had lunch. Only afterwards I cared about the rest of my shopping and I also checked, if the Christmas lights are working – each one of them. They are. In the description is stated, that the lights, which are led lights, have a burning time of 10,000 hours. That did not sound so much for me, but than I was counting and I think, they will shine for the rest of my life – for Christmas only, of course.

In the afternoon it was time for the class about climate change again. On the way home from this class I had company for a part of the way with Anki (who recommended me for the extra job). Before going to bed, I used twitter again. It helps me to be updated about climate demonstrations and much more.


13th Nov 2019

I awoke with a headache, though I did not dress before lunch. In the afternoon I had my last and extra induction for my new work. I did get answers on my many questions. I had a snack just before 10pm, because I left that induction at 9pm. Before going to sleep I was on twitter as usual.


14th Nov 2019

While I was having breakfast, I did see a rabbit, crossing the street in front of my window. In the afternoon I was to the supermarket, even it was not Tuesday.


15th Nov 2019

I was to the hospital to take a blood test, which I had paid for, because I was eager to know, if I have problems with gluten or not. There were some signs, telling me, it might be, that I do not feel well of eating gluten.

Directly afterwards it was time to visit the dermatologist – about my allergy for metals. Even this day, there were no signs after the patch test, but the doctor did tell me, that she can help me with my “lichen” (in this case it is a health term – coming from Latin – and not from the flora). She did fint shingles on my back – not on the places, where the patches had been and took a test of them as well as she took a test of my scalp. Furthermore she asked me, if I have liver problems and send me than for a blood test. She did neither tell me, why she asked me about my liver nor did she explain, what the blood test is for.

It was nearly lunchtime, when I was coming home and I was very hungry. Though I only had sandwiches. I was eager to be in time for the FridaysForFuture-action. Still at home, I have got a call from the radiostation SR Sörmland and was asked if I was willing to have an interview.

The reporter met me and my co-striker in front of the town hall, when we were demonstrating there. It was quite cold, but she did get the interview, even we had to make it twice, because the technican made a mistake the first time and the interview was not saved.

I hurried home after our action, tried to get warm again with hot chocolate, a warm cover and using twitter. Dinner I had as usual.


16th Nov 2019

The day before I already had got a prescription av the doctor for the lichen in my mouth and on my scalp. Because I was so frozen in the afternoon I did not visit the pharmacy the day before. I was early on the way to my new job, though I had a chance to buy the medicin before I was going to work, but one of the medicines was missing at the pharmacy and they recommended me another one. Unfortunately, that one did not open before 10am and I had to be at my work at their opening hour. My pass ended at 3pm and the pharmacies were already closed. It does not matter so much, because I have lived with this problem for more than ten years. Some days will not make a difference. – Well at home after work I relaxed.


17th Nov 2019

Since I am back from my last travel, I do not have that energy I am used to. Though, when I had baked some biscuits, I did play a quiz. I did not have the calmnes I need for updating my blog.


18th Nov 2019

I did buy my medicin this day. There are different: One I have to swallow, that I won’t get funghi, another one to rinse my mouth with, the third one is a cream for my back and the final one is a liquid for my scalp. There is a lot to do and to remember during the upcoming days, though I put in reminders in my digital calendar. I also put a notice on my billboard.

I also got the answer on the blood test regardin the celiac. I have not. Though the signs have to do with another kind of intolerance or maybe anyway with my missing thyroid gland. I sent a message to my son Samuel about the result.

I did dust my furniture this day, but did not have the energy to vacuum clean the floors.


19th Nov 2019

So far the month of November has been very grey and rainy, so is my mood. I always feel much better, when the sun is shining. The rain is a good thing, of course. The groundwater level has not raised enough yet since summer 2018.

I was going shopping a little. Just some fruits and carrots, Christmas flowers and a notebook. Before I was going to the supermarket, I called for an appointment with Fixar-Malte (I wrote about this service before). He will come on Friday, at 8pm. That is very early for me, but I am happy, he will come before the 1st advent, because I like traditions even I am not believing in God.

In the afternoon I was to the polyclinic for vaccination against influensa and pneumonia. That was the first opportunity this winter and there were many other citizens waiting with me. In former years, the polyclinics run out of vaccin, though everyone tries to be amoung the first to get it. The pneumonia vaccion one gets only on special request. This vaccination has not to be done more than one time. I missed that before and asked for it this time. I was lucky this time. Anyway I was late to the class about climate change, because of the long waiting time at the polyclinic.

In the class we were also talking about the demonstration the upcoming Friday, which is a global demonstration again as well as the day is called “Black Friday” and shops are trying to sell more as usual. Actually, they call the whole week a Black Friday Week. We were searching for an idea for a sign about it. The Black Friday is not sustainable for the climate. I came with the idea for the text “Black Friday is a black day for the climate” and had to promise to attend with such a sign. The other classmates did have other things to organize.

It was late, when I was coming home, though my dinner was the first I was interested in. The rest of the evening I spent as usual.


20th Nov 2019

I awoke already at 6:30am and played a quiz with Mats (the boyfriend of my daughter). In addition to that I was reading emails and sent some. For a short moment I was on twitter as well. Afterwards I wrote some lines on Facebook regarding “GrandmasForFuture”. I also signed up at the group of the local tenant compound at Facebook.

Around 8am I did dress and had breakfast. I cared about the carrots I had bought lately and cleared fruit for my smoothie. Furthermore it was time to brew a new liter of coconut drink. This time I first forgot to filter it, but did it before I poured the drink into the bottle.

Now it was time for lunch. I still eat of the food I have in the fridge, that I can start to become a vegan inch by inch. Then it was time for the Internet again. It is so easy to inform oneself by the Internet.

I had an early dinner this day and watched movies afterwards. I also had a candle lit. It was a beeswax candle, which I had put in a tea candle holder, though it should not fall over. Unfortunately the candle holder did crack, when the candle was burning in the holder. I was sorry, because it was a gift of a former colleague. I have had that candle holder for many years and it was moving with me all the time. Even the table cloth, which is a souvenir from Madeira, got a lot of beeswax on it. Though I put it in the freezer – in the hope I will be able to get the beeswax out of it again.


Broken Candle Holder – it was one of my Favorits


21st Nov 2019

I was up at 8am. In the morning I did take the table cloth out of the freezer and took away as much as possible of the beeswax. Afterwards I had to iron it. It did not get clean anyway, but later that day in the washing machine. I was very happy about the final success, because I have nice memories of, when I bought the table cloth and it is a pretty one, of course.

In the afternoon I sewed two small table clothes of fabrics from the Christmas curtains. In the evening it was time again for my dance class. As often I spend the hours before sleeping by watching movies on the Internet. Dit I already tell you, that I like to watch movies from the 1950s and 1960s?


22nd Nov 2019

Around 10am my door bell was ringing. There were two women in front of my door. They asked me to show me a video on their smartphone about the “meaning of life”. I told them, that I know that – which could both mean the movie and the meaning of life, and closed my door. I do not know if they came from the Pentacost church, the church of the vitness of Jehova or another church. Anyway I was not interested in to listen to them. Actually I was a little surprised about, that they used their smart phone and tried to show a video. You see, here in Sweden even the churches are up-to-date in their methods.

Even this Friday I was with my sign in front of the town hall, supporting the Climate Strika action FridaysForFuture. Irene came as well. During the time we were there, some pupils in the age of 13 or 14 years, started a discussion with us. They told us, they do not believe in the climate crisis. I asked them, if they do not learn about it at school and they did answer “no”. I do not know, if that was the truth or if they maybe only tried to provoke us.

Back at home I warmed up with a cup of tea and later I repaired one of my clothes I use for baking. The two clothes I have for baking are from my time in Bergsjö, Nordanstigs kommun – in the early 1980s. I took a part of a broken dishcloth (for trying) – I have them between my pans. They are big enough, though I could take a part of one of them. I am attached to this old things, especially those I have embroidered by myself. I am sorry about all the things I gave away. On the other hand, I love to know, that other people like them as well.

My girlfriend Doris contacted me by WhatsApp and sent some photos, which I was happy about, of course.


23rd Nov 2019

I had to buy more medicine at the pharmacy, but now I only have to pay half of the price by myself. I also was to the second hand shop at the Red Cross again. I could not find my Christmas hat. I remeber I bought one on Ireland. I did need one for the Christmas party at my dancing club.

On the way home I entered the electrical shop for insulation tape, which I need for my pendant. In the afternoon I chatted with my son Marcus by Skype.


24th Nov 2019

I started to sew my advent calendar. I planned to sew the basis before 1st December and from the 1st of December one pocket a day, that I would finish it the 24th of December. The following years, I will fill the pockets, predicted I am at home and not travelling.

In the evening I was to the sunday social dance. We had a competition. The best dancers did get a cup. The board wished, that all of us participate, but nobody of us novices had a chance. The winners were the pairs, who had danced for several years. I was disappointed, because there should have been different classes.


25th Nov 2019

My dermatologist did call me an hour earlier as agreed. I was in the bathroom at her first call and could not answer, but she tried a second time. You have to know, that the hospital and polyclinics save money by using phone calls for results etc. In my case I do not think it is a good idea, that I cannot meet the dermatologist more often. I think she should take a look at my eczema, that she can see, if it is getting better or worse. Anyway she told me, that the blodtest gave good results and I have to start with the new medicine. The next blood test will be after a month, she told me as well.

I had to go to the pharmacy to buy my medicine. At home I read the leaflet, which follows with the medicine. There was written, that I should not take that medicine, if I am bleeding in the mouth. I trusted my doctor and did take the first dose, even I am bleeding from the gum under my denture. I also read, that it is dangerous, to take too much of the medicine, but that I won’t do, of course. To reduce the side effects, I had to take folate the day after I have taken the first medicine, which is a cytostatics. I am not happy in that medicine and I have the feeling, that the doctor is treating the symptom and not the illness itself.

In the evening I made my homework for the class about climate change.


26th Nov 2019

During the day I made my shopping and picked up a book at the library.

At the class for climate change in the evening, we were asked, if one of us would like to be a leader for a new class the upcoming year. Nobody, including me, would like to do that. We were also talking about a class for climate change at a place called Forsnäsbo. The class is for free and at weekends, but one has to go there for own costs. By train it is very complicated. The leader offered me, that we could go there together by her car – which is driven by biogas. She also told me, that she will ask the organizers for more information about the class.


27th Nov 2019

I had a bad sleep during the night and had a late morning. Anyway I wrote the sign for the Climate strike with the “Nature management association” with the text “Black Friday – a black day for the climate”.

I have got an offer to work on Sunday between 7am to 5pm. I agreed. During the afternoon I was working with my advents kalender.


28th Nov 2019

Also this day I had a late morning. I dit iron my Christmas curtains and Christmas table clothes as well as I made my laundry. In the evening I attended my dancing class.


29th Nov 2019

At 8am Fixar-Malte arrived as agreed. He changed my curtains in the main room and put the pendant under the ceiling. I had more work to do, but he told me, that the time he has for every household was gone. He has only 45 minutes for everyone. He added, that I could call and ask for a new appointment. By the way, I discovered, that my curtains for the main room have different length. Two of them are 10 cm shorter than the other two. I was ashamed, when I realized that.

When Fixar-Malte had left, I changed the curtains in my kitchen. They are much easier to change than the ones in the main room. I also put Christmas table clothes on all my tables and some at the bookshelfs as well as I put the advent’s candle holder on the tea table and electric lights on the window sills. I have a “church” with a light, which I also put on the window sill.


My Kitchen During the Time of Advent and Christmas

My Kitchen During the Time of Advent and Christmas. The Curtains are very old, but I like them very much.


At high noon I was in front of the town hall again with my sign about the climate strike. It was -2°C and it had been snowing. I only made it for an hour this day. Irene was not with me, because she had to babysitt at her daugther’s home.

In the late afternoon I attendet the climate strike of the nature conservation compound with my sign about Black Friday:


Climate Strike on Black Friday at Katrineholm’s Centre


Even here we only was for one hour, because of the cold.

At home again I made it cozy for me for getting warm again and enjoying myself.


30th Nov 2019

The first in the morning I did was to send an email to my brother Norbert with congratulations for his birthday. After breakfast I was to the pharmacy and did not only buy the backordered medicine, but also sprigs for my shoes. I bought a pair for the heels of my boots.

At home again I continue to decorate my apartment for advent and Christmas. Only the Christmas tree is missing and that I will fetch from the cellar 23rd December. Later on I was on Skype, talking with me son Marcus.

I also was sewing the first pocket for my advents calendar and fastened it. It is easier for me now, because of the pendant.

Before I was going to bed I prepared my breakfast, because I have to leave early next morning.


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