1st Oct 2019

In the morning, between 10 and 11 o’clock I called the polyclinic, because I have not got the results of my blood test yet. The nurse did call me back around 30 minutes later and told me, that I should not get any thyroid medicine, because the results were OK, though I told her, that I am living without my thyroid and do not understand, how I could live without medicine. She told me, she has to ask the doctor to call me. I was so scared, that I emailed my new friend Jost and asked him for an online book, we had talked about a week or two before. At high noon he did. It seemed to me, it was not the one, who ordered the test. I had to explain all about my thyroid for him and told him, that I had left lots of information, which should be scanned in at the polyclinic and if he had not read it. He was honest enough to answer, that he had not. He told me, that he had talked with another GP and will sent a recipe to the pharmacy system and that we will see each other in a year. I tried to ask more, but that was not possible. He had already hanged up.

I was looking for extra beds on the Internet, when my daughter send a message, that she expects, that she cannot attend my birthday party. The will have a lan installation at her school just during that weekend and more at the upcoming weekend but next – when she will become 30 years old. We were both disappointed, but she did promise to try to visit me anyway. I thought it was good, that I not already had bought an extra bed.

When I made my cooking, the smoke alarm did start. I could not put it out, but had to climb and take the battery out. When I later tried to set it back under the ceiling, I saw, that also the other part for holding it up, was broken. Therefore I put it on one of my wardrobes and decided to ask the “Fixar-Malte” (I wrote about him before) to fasten my smoke alarm, which was coming with the fire-extinguisher and the fire-blanket.

Afterwards I was walking to the supermarket. When I paid, I was not allowed to use the 5% discount for retired people and the 125 SEK I have got, because I had bought for more than a defined amount. Though I decided to take the discount and to come another day and buy something I need for a lite more than 125 SEK and use that discount.

In the evening I was going to the study circle about the climate change. I did not really recognize, what I had read, but enough to engage in the discussion anyway.

I was to bed around 11pm. During the night I was freezing so much, that I did order three long night gowns with long sleeves in the hope, they will be warm enough.


2nd Oct 2019

I did shorten three of four of the new tull curtains for the allroom. I need all heat I can get from the radiator heating, though I shorten them, that they do not fall over the radiator. Actually one of them was wrong. I left it for the upcoming day.

I also was to the laundry room, washing bed linen. In addition to that I was in email contact with Jost and his friend Sandra. Even this night I was to bed around 11pm, but I did sleep very well during the night.


3rd Oct 2019

Den här dagen I slept to 10am, but I had been awake twice during the night. Later that morning I was walking to the centrum of our town and bought hooks for my curtains and also for the fire-blanket, because like I have fastened it on the wall now, I think it will not be possible to get the blanket out of the cover, when I really need it.

At home again, I shortened the other two tull curtains, that means, I corrected one of them and sew the other one as well.

I was so happy, my daughter messaged me, that she is allowed to visit me anyway at my birthday. She will arrive around high noon on Saturday and leave on Sunday even on the middle of the day. Though I have to buy an extra bed anyway.

In the evening I attendet my dance class. That is the best evening of the week ;-).


4th Oct 2019

After breakfast I checked the tracking for my night gowns and could read, that they were distributed to my post box, which surprised me, because I had chosen to pick it up at the supermarket, though I did not have to pay for the delivery. Unbelieving, that the parcel was in my post box, I checked it and it was there! Though there is no extra fee if the parcel is small enough to put it into the post box. – It would not fit through the slot, but here the postman open all of the boxes at the same time to put the respective letters into the boxes for the receivers. This makes it possible to insert small parcels as well. I was happy for it, of course.

I also was ironing my curtains in the morning, though Fixar-Malte could put them up, when he will come at 1pm. I was waiting for Fixar-Malte, he was not in time – actually, he was not coming at all. Instead three firefighters in red uniforms came and one of them told me, that Fixar-Malte is sick, though they will help me. I could see that one of them was mentally retarded, but was wondering by myself, if Fixar-Malte is so efficient, that there has to come two men instead. The curtains came down and the other up, even I had to use my short ladder and show/help them, but the service is meant, that retired people should not use ladders anymore. I am happy, I am still able to do without a risk to fall, but I am not able to change my curtains by myself anymore. Most of the job was done by the one, who told me, that Fixar-Malte is sick. He was able to get some assistance of the other one, but the mentally retarded one. This last, but not least. one did hold the jacket of the first one, when he became warm.

I did not get my hooks fastened, because on their paper was only written to switch curtains. They did not have any tools with them. If I would not have my own tools, they would not have been able to switch my curtains either. The first of them told me, that I could call Fixar-Malte and ask for another appointment, that I will get the hooks fastened in the walls. Fortunately I did get my new smoke alarm fastened.

When they had left, I took a rest and was on twitter. Afterwards I updated my blog, but only made September and opened a site for October 2019.


5th Oct 2019

I was to the shopping centre and bought a stick blender at the supermarket, where a visp and more was included. It was a special price and for 349 SEK. I did use the 125 SEK discount for this item.

In another shop I bought a small basket to have on my rack in the entrance hall. I will use it for my gloves and hats, because they are too small to be put directly on the rack.

Last but not least I tried to buy an extra bed, but did not find any, though I did buy a folded mattress instead. It is 190 x 60 x 7cm. I would have liked a broader one as well as a thicker one, but this was the only kind they had. I could have bought a real and more comfortable mattress, but I do not have space to keep it.

In the afternoon I started a facebook group “GrandmasForFuture” and invited the two grandmas I met during the last global demonstration, here in Katrineholm. I also opened a twitter account “GrandmasForFuture”. Furthermore I tried to open such an account on Instagram, but it was not possible. There is an explanation, how to do, but there is not the link provided, which is refered to.


6th Oct 2019

Most of the time I wasted by trying to open an Instagram account for “GrandmasForFuture”, but without success.


7th Oct 2019

I did check my weight, because I was gaining weight after I had lost a lot some months ago for the problem with the blisters in my mouth. I was afraid to have more than before I did loose weight. Fortunately I have not, I even have not reached the weight I had before the blister problem. I was happy about it.

I had an interview by phone for a job in Spain and was promised, that they will come back to me about the job soon, maybe always the same day.

Afterwards I called Fixar-Malte for an new appointment and was offered one on Friday, this week – at 10am. I was happy, that it was before my birthday. I also washed my newly shortened curtains in our laundry home and dried it in the very good drying room. Though they became quite plain.

When I had started my cooking for the day, Anki was calling me. Anki is one of the women I met by the “FridaysForFuture” demonstration. She told me, that she had talked with her boss about a job for me and that he will call me soon. She was eager to prepare me for the call.


8th Oct 2019

I spent a lot of time at the supermarket and because I had bought a lot of food, it took time to walk home with it as well – it was heavy and even I had my shopping cart, but also my backpack and another little bag, in which I had only a toast bread and some fresh herbs in pots. At home I had to find space for all of it, but it was working.


9th Oct 2019

I congratulated my cousin and godmother Ursula for her (83rd) birthday by email. Already having the laptop opened I was locking for jobs, because Anki’s boss had not called yet.

In the middle of the day I have got a call from the working place of Anki’s boss, but it was not him. We agreed about a job interview for Monday, 14th Oct at 9am and I also got the address, of course.

This day I also cleaned my windows – from both sides. I had to use my short ladder again – to reach the upper window frames. I also made my laundry again, but only one washing machine at home.

After a short rest with a snack I updated my CS account. I had thought about before to add hours, when the last busses and trains are going from the surrounding airports, though one can reach my home as well as the first busses respectively trains leaving here and telling, when couch surfers can be at the airports. Now I did.

I also had planned to clean my apartment, but it became too late, that means to dark, because my big light is not under the ceiling yet. I need a special wooden arm to fasten it, though it will be possible to take it to another position, when someone is sleeping on my couch.


10th Oct 2019

I was baking cakes for my birthday party. I was neither sure, that they will taste good nor that they will be eatable, when I had done them. I have not used my oven often and I still have to learn, what temperature to put and also the whole stove is tilting to the back, though it is not easy to use the oven. Anyway I learned, that I have not to heat it up as high as it is written in the cookbook. In addition to that, cakes are finished earlier as stated in the cookbook. Against the tilt I have not found a solution yet.


11th Oct 2019

The real Fixar-Malte did visit me and fastened the hooks in the walls. I asked him, if his real name is Malte (that is a Swedish male name), but he told me “no”. He did not tell me his real name, but added, that this service is adopted in most municipalities in Sweden and with the name “Fixar-Malte”.

When he left I started my cooking for the upcoming day. There were special pork meat and chicken meat to roast and I also made a special vegetarian pie, which is called “Pie of the Provence” with eggplants, bell pepper, tomatoes and more. The amount of ingredienses was a little to much for my pie tin, especially the stew. Though there was a little rinning over the form and into the own, but it was very little. I could not see it either, before I had taken the ready pie out of the oven, because of the tilt.

My son Samuel sent me a message, that I should not forget to pick up my parcel at the grocery shop. I did not know anything about the parcel and not got a message from the shop either, but could track it. I had anyway to buy some more food items and was going there. Actually, when I talked with Samuel about a birthday gift – even I had told all my children, I won’t have any, we did not know, that my eldest son could not come and I was afraid, he will get bad conscience, when he has nothing for me, but the others. Though this parcel was the birthday gift of Samuel. A new toaster, because I do not have one and sometimes it is very enjoyable with roasted bread.

I did not open the parcel at home and saved that for the upcoming day. I had a meal and was taking care about the dishes, when my son Daniel sent a message, that I might meet him at the railway station. It was dark now, because it was just 9pm and that might make the directions hard to find for Daniel. Though I promised and hurried, because it takes more than 13 minutes, which was left for the arrival of the train, to walk to the railway station. We met outside the railway station and we were happy, that I made it in time.


12th Oct 2019

It is my birthday. This day I became 69. My son Daniel and I was up around 8am. Before we had breakfast, I opened the parcel I had picked up the evening before. It was a toaster, a very nice and expensive model. I do not remember, what happened to my last toaster – if it broke or if I gave it awaz, anyway I did not have one for some years. Though I was very happy about that gift. It was already 10am when we finished breakfast and I had a lot to prepare for my birthday party. Though I started immediately. Even I had prepared so much before, there was still a lot to do, like the salad and I also had to put the food on saucers. Together with Daniel I set the table in an oval one instead of the round one, as I have it usually. The salad was the last thing I did before my youngest son with his family arrived. Though I put placemats on the table and the dishes. I also had to put a lot of the food on the table, before I could manage to put all on the kitchen counter. I only left the round, rotating plate in the middle of the table and had sauces and dressings on it as well as salt and peppar. How the table looked like, when my relatives were with me, you can see below:



How the kitchen counter with all the food looked like, you can see below:



The entrance dishes were:

Smoked salmon, homemade hummus and small bits of Parma ham and melon as well as of Pumpernickel, Gorgonzola cheese and pears. There were also more melon, more pears, pineapple pieces and black olives.

The main dishes were:

Falafel, meatloaf, chicken in strips, outer fillet of pork (which was very popular), pie provencale (vegetarian pie) as well as “cauliflower rice” and fried potatoes, salad with feta cheese and pickled beetroot. All was homemade but the feta cheese and the pickled beetroot. I bought the ingredienses, of course.

There were the following cheeses:

A white mold cheese, a blue mold cheese, a white mold cheese with goat milk and the hard cheeses were a cheese with spices and the so called “prästost” (clergyman cheese). Beside them I had different kinds of bread – some of them free of gluten.


Daniel had bought two bottles of red wine and a small bottle of real champagne as a birthday gift for me, when he was meeting my daughter at the railway station. It was her first time to visit me at this place. She had taken crockery with her, that we had used, when we still lived in Sweden together, that means before 2007. She told me, she does not need it anymore and it actually was me, who bought it. I was very happy about it, because I really like it, even there are only five plates left, but the six mugs as well as two breakfast dishes and a cream jug and two small bowls with locks for jam or similar. I was in need of more mugs and these dishes have a nice blue coloured pattern.


Here you can see some of the blue patterned dishes


This dinner took time and we did not have the planned “glace au-four” directly afterwards, because we all were too full for it. The boys of all ages were playing hide and seek in my apartment, meanwhile I took care about the rest of the dishes and put the plates etc in the dishwasher. My daughter in law asked me twice, if she can help me with something, but my kitchen is not done for it. We only would get in each other’s way. After I had finished that, I did take a look at the hamper I have got from my son Samuel and his family – his wife had picked all the ingredienses by herself. There was a big bottle of champagen (which we forgot in the fridge and never opened that evening), three kinds of soft, mold cheese, special cheese bread, sweets and dried fruits for my smoothies. I might have forgotten things as well. The hamper is good for using for picnic. My daughter in law’s mother send a 500 SEK-note with the hamper. I was very surprised about it, because I never have given her a gift. I do not know her birthday.


Between 5pm and 6pm it was time for the “glace au-four” and the cakes. Nobody is perfect, so am I. The first time I tried to whisk the egg white for the meringue I did wrong and had the sugar and a little amount of crushed nuts directly put into the egg white, that means, before I started whisk it. That was not working. I tried one more time – with only the egg white, a very little amount of salt and some drops of lime, because my children told me, there has to be something sour like vineger in it for making meringue. It worked. I put the sponge cake in the bottom of a plate with high edges, the ice cream blocks on it and on the top lots of whisk egg white. At the very top I had some crushed nuts. It only took some minutes, before the meringue was done. It actually was only hard at the top, though I should have taken a little less of it. The important thing for me was, that the kids could see, that it is possible to have ice cream in the oven without it is melting. By the way, my children did not remember that either. They have been to small last time I did that.

In addition to the glace au-four I had baked a mazarin cake, cup cakes and a cake with bisquits and coconut fat, called hedgehog slice (we call it “radiokaka” and in German it is called “Kalter Hund”). The cake is not baked in the oven. Samuel did like the mazarin cake very much and he could not really understand, that one of the ingrediences is potatoe – because I made it free of gluten. The cup cakes I also did free of gluten – with using almond flour. They were loved of all of us. The hedgehog slice was the favourite of my grandchildren. I was asked for whipped cream and I told them, I have cream to whip, but I never did it ;-). By the way, the mazarin cake did not look like it was shown beside the recipe. Mine was much lower and I could not even use a third of the topping, which I had to make for it according to the recipe. The rest of the topping I now use like “Nutella” on toast.


The Left Overs of My Birthday Cakes. From the Left to the Right: Mazarin cake – it is decorated with Lemon Balm, the Hedgehog slice and the Cupcakes


There were no more meal this evening for my son Samuel’s family, because they denied. They were leaving around 8pm for their 2-hours-drive home. Even my son Daniel and my daughter were neither interested in the Mexican omelette nor the tomato and Mozarella cheese I had prepared for. Around 9pm we started with a cheese overindulge. We also had some sweets before we were going to bed.

I was using that small extra mattress, I had bought during the last days. It is only 60 cm wide, but I was able to sleep on it. I left my bed to my daughter, because of her POTS. She was very happy about this bed and told me, that she would like to get such one for her 30th birthday, which is at the end of this month. Unfortunately I cannot afford that. My son Daniel was sleeping on my couch – as he did the night before as well.


13th Oct 2019

We started in the morning like we ended the day before – with the cheese plate. My daughter had to catch the train around 12:30pm. She was walking to the railway station alone – I was not dressed yet, because I left the turn to my children. She told me, that will not be any problem, because she was coming that way the day before and she also has the GPS.

Daniel and I were sitting in the allroom and using the Internet as well as we had a conversation, when my eldest son – who was not able to be with us at my birthday, did contact me via Skype. It was suitable I was using my laptop, because I did have a good video view. He was talking with me for a while, even Daniel talked to him. Marcus also told me, that he will get in contact with me each Saturday and that it is my birthday gift of him.

Daniel stayed until 16:30pm. His round trip ticket had been for 1,000 SEK, though I sent a packed meal with him. For lunch we have had the rest of the pie provencale, because he is vegetarian. We also had a smoothie with the rest of the fruits from the buffet. The packed meal was an omelett as well as a sandwich with cheese and a bottle of water. I packed it in my cooler bag and also sent a fork with him. I will get back the things next time we meet.

When Daniel had left, I ate the left overs of the Parma ham and made omelette with the left over of the salmon, but I actually froze the omelette in quarters. I asked my son Samuel for photos, he and his wife had taken on my birthday and they sent them to me. Though I also have a photo of me of that day:


My Son Samuel and I


Now it was time to go to the Sunday social dance at our dance club. I had the left overs of the cakes with me, because they are always happy, if someone give a cake and I had promised for this evening. Unfortunately the few people, who came that night, were not happy in cakes, though we (the woman of the board and I) did put them in the freezer, after she had taken of them. Luckily we were dancing in a ring at the start of the dances, though I did dance a lot, even we were nearly double up with women than men. I told our dancing teacher, I would like to try to dance like the guide (man) for havening a possibility to dance all the evening through. We did try, but it is more complicated as I thought, therefore I will attend a basic class again, but this time as the guide.

Well at home after the dance, I did put the dishes in the dishwasher and had another meal. Again I had bread and cheese and this time even homemade warm chocklad and the rest of the ice cream, which I found in the freezer, when I put some other food in.

Before I was going to bed I prepared for the job interview for the upcoming day. That means: I did pick the my job related certificates and two extra, which would be good to have, I thought as well as I put my CV on the notebook, though I can show it, if the employer will be interested in it. The last thing I did that night was to send photos from my birthday party to my Mexican friends in Tijuana and Mexico City.


14th Oct 2019

I came, I saw, I conquered. So I can describe the outcome of the job interview. Anki had done a good work, of course. She recommended me. It was her attitud, which gave me the opportunity to meet her boss. I was up at 7am that day and left my home just before 8:30am. On Google maps I was told, that it takes 30 minutes to the place for the job interview, I remembered only, that it takes 20 minutes, though I had a hurry and I was walking really fast – a good training, by the way. 8 minutes to 9am (the time for my interview) I knocked at the door of the authority, which I was invited to. It was raining, therefore I had my rain jacket on, but my glasses were very wet. When the receptionist called to the person I asked to meet, he also told me, where the bathroom is, though I could dry my glasses.

I was picked up by my new boss and we were going to his room at the second floor. There were already two women waiting. One of them was a colleague and the other, a young one, was there for having a practic, which is common in Sweden at the 8th and 9th grade, to see working places and as a help to decide, which education they will choose. I had to ask, where I could put my rain jacket and when I was offered to put it in a wardrobe, I told him, that the jacket is wet. Though I was allowed to hang it over his chair in front of his desk. He was not using it at that time, because we were sitting at a round table instead. It took not a long time, when he decided, that he will get me a contract, if the people, I should help, are ok with it. Otherwise, I think, he will find other people to help, because they have a need of helpers. We were going through the papers related to the job after the elder woman was looking at my certificates and had taken copies of them. At the end, I was asked, what I wish for a salary. I told them, that I was not working in Sweden for such a long time, though I do not know, how much it will be paid nowadays, but I remembered my last job, where I had 70 SEK/hour, but I am expecting more now, of course. I was offered 130 SEK/hour and I was OK with it. While explaining the apps and other computer software, I have to use, my boss told me, that all is explained in the papers and I can ask, if I will have difficulties, but added than, maybe he is wrong about, what I am able to do with computers. He also asked for my CV by email. I think he will see, that I am good with computers, when he is reading my CV.

What a job did I get, you will wonder. It is as an extra (during ordinary employees vacations, illness and other days off. It is as a personal carer for people with disabilities, e.g. people who are not in the mental or physical condition to make their living by themselves, but also other even more serious conditions. I will have to people to help with and be trained before I can start. The training will be paid for as well.

Back at home, I sent an email to the agent of an employer in Spain, where I still am in the race and told her, that I will not take that job, because I have got another one. Furthermore I deleted my account on EURES and all the other job sites. Afterwards I prepared for the study circle the upcoming evening.

Why did I take a job as an extra, when I can get a full time job in such a nice country like Spain? There are several circumstances, which made me to decide the way I did. The first one is, that, even I like to work abroad, I also like my home and, because I plan to be away from home from august next year, I like to stay at my home for a while. The second is, the amount one can earn abroad. It is not more than half of it I can earn in Sweden, but the expenses are more than half of it. Though with the same amount of income, I do only need to work half of time here in Sweden. The third reason is the kind of work. Mostly there are phone jobs offered abroad. I have difficulties with that, because the headphones are not made for using them with hearing aids. There are only a few opportunities, working by email and chat only. I do not have problems with my hearing in direct conversations and it is easier to ask, when I do not hear in this situation as well. Though now I am only waiting for my contract and continue to enjoy my Swedish home.


15th Oct 2019

After breakfast I was to the supermarket. This time I did not buy a lot of food, but I bought two Kalanchoë with orange flowers. They sell them 2 for 65 SEK. I paid the pot plants of the money I had got at my birthday.

Back at home I made my laundry – this time dark 40°C clothes in my washing machine and bed-linens as well as table clothes in our laundry room.

In the evening I was to the study circle about climate change again. I med Anki there as well and she were asking me, if I had got a job of the municipality. There is always “fika” (snacks) at the study circle. This time there were cinnamon buns and cardamon buns offered. They were bought at a coffee shop. Before the end of the circle we where ask, whom will buy the bread for the next meeting. I told them, that I can have sweet bread with me, but I will bring homemade bread. That was OK, though I asked, if there is anything the participant är allergic to and one told me, he is allergic to nuts. Though I have to think about, what I will bake. Anki and I had company to the door of the house she is living in. It is very close to the place of the study circle, but we had a chat about my new job anyway.


16th Oct 2019

I started the day with making my ironing after breakfast. Before noon I also had a chat with a former couch surfing host from Malta. He is now living close to Stockholm. Even my daughter did chat with me. It was about the bed she whishs. I have not promised her anything, but if I earn a lot, I will buy such a bed like I have for her. My son Marcus did sent an email. He installed the chat program all his brothers are using as well, but he does not use that tablet for the moment ;-).

This day I also called my dentist again. I had to postpone the next meeting – again, because of the allergy test. In the afternoon I tried to call Greta, which I know from the 27th Sept and the strejk “Fridays for future”. She did not answer. Later I have got a message from her, that she will not be on Facebook and not with us “Grandmas for future” for that reason. I answered – with a sms, that we could have contact by phone, but she did not answer that message.

In the evening I read the second part of the online book I have got of Jost – a book about “Optimize Health and Performance”. I read it ot it’s end. Even there are some difficult terms in the book, it was quite easy to read. It was about the bio-chemistry of the human body. Regarding to, what to eat, I did know it all. I just have not hade these profound explanations before. Meanwhile I was reading I ate a lot of the chocolates I had got on my birthday. I saved a few for the upcoming day ;-).


17th Oct 2019

It was high time to update my blog. I did it enjoying my bed. For lunch I was up and dressed. After lunch I have had a call from my new employer for a first meeting with one of the people I have to work with. The meeting was scheduled for Monday, at 4pm. Anyway I have not got my contract yet. I hope, I will get it on Monday, as the latest.

Later I did eat the last chocolates, took a shower and had another meal, before I was joining my dance class. Back at home I wrote an email to Jost, telling him, that I had finished that book and what I thing about it. Directly afterwards I was going to bed.


18th Oct 2019

I was at the Stadspark in Katrineholm again, supporting the climate strejk. Irene was with me. She also is on Facebook. In addition to that, I have to find a way to spread the knowledege about our, so far very small, group. I hope, we will become some more. I do not have a lot of time for it, I have a lot of other things I will do and, when I am working soon, I will have even less time.

For lunch I had the rest of the cauliflower rice. I already ate of it the days before. This day I warmed it in the microwave, melting Gorgonzola on the top of it. It was actually delicous.

I also put my new Christmas curtains in my washing machine – and washed them. I did buy them after Christmas last year, though I have got them for half of the ordinary price. I bought four pieces, because I did almost need three for the windows in the apartment I did rent at that time, but took four, thinking about, that I may need them, once I will move.

In the evening I was on the Internet for a short while and was then watching my photographs from Mexico. I just did get such a longing for Mexico, therefore I was watching the photos. I could not see all of them, I have to many.


19th Oct 2019

For some days, I was thinking about to buy a sewing machine. They have sale on them at our supermarket. Instead for 1500 SEK, the price is 995 SEK. I was close to buy one, but I do not sew often. It is just now, when I shorten my curtains and will sew some other things of the fabrics I have. I do not longer sew clothes, just add pockets or some small accessoires. Though I decided, I can continue do it by hand and not buy a sewing machine.

In the morning I was to the second hand shop of the Swedish Red Cross. I have been there before, buying some small items. It is sustainable. I was looking for outer pots for my flower pots. I did not know, if they will have some, but I gave it a try. This second hand shop has moved a few weeks ago and is now in a much bigger place as before. It was so fun to come there. It is so nice now. By the way, they had lots of outer pots, though I was buying four of them, but I also bought two cushions. I was thinking about cushions before and saw some in the catalogue, an online shop is sending me, but they are too expensive. At the Red Cross I found one for 40 SEK and one for 30 SEK. They look very similar, but the more expensive one has a thicker inlay.


The Red cushions and the Outer Pots I Bought at the Second Hand Shop of the Red Cross


Back at home I met my son Marcus on Skype. We are talking about his birthday as well as Christmas. If I can afford it, I will rent a car and get him at his place and take him home to me for a couple of days.

Later this day I did iron the Christmas curtains I had cleaned the day before. Though I saw, that one of them had a hole. It is not possible to make a claim about it. Therefore I measured, if the hole will not be in the part I need for short curtains – and, fortunately, it was not. I was wondering before, if I should have them down to the floor or short as the ones I have now. The hole made the decision for me. Of any of the four curtains I will have 45cm x 120cm for other things like cushions, but the one with the hole – of it is less left.

I do not have my pendant in the allroom yet, though it is hard to see in the light from the floor-lamp. In daylight I did shorten one of the Christmas curtains. For the bad light in the evening I usually am only reading on the Internet or watching movies in the evening. This evening I did see two or three movies. One was a real story about a woman with three personalities. At the end the psychologist found the problem and the woman was cured. The last movie for the evening was “The bridge over the river Kwai”. I have heard so much about it – especially the song is very well-known, but never seen the movie before. I am happy, that it was possible to see it by YouTube. Now I know, what it all is about – a real mad story!


20th Oct 2019

My daughter did contact me by chat and was asking for the train I will go with to my son on Sunday, 27th Oct – which is her birthday. We all had agreed to celebrate it at my son Samuel’s home. Both my daughter and I have direct trains to Södertälje Syd, where Samuel usual pick me up. Fortunately on Sundays, my daughter’s and my train are arriving only 9 minutes from each other. Though we booked the trains. We will arrive some minutes to 4pm and my son only need to go by car once to meet us.

Before and even after lunch I did shorten one each of the Christmas curtains. I did not shorten the last one, because I had planned to go to the Sunday social dance. Anyway I had to pee very often after lunch, though I decided to stay at home. Instead I was looking at the Internet for a “light arm” (see below). The company selling them is “Vrida“.



I was looking at that site before, but I did not find a solution for my allroom, because the distance is too far for using even the longest one of them, which is two meter long. One has to think about the weight of the lamp and mine has a weight of between four and five kg. I also need to move my lamp, when someone is sleeping on my couch and these arms make it possible. Though I did sent an email to the company, asking “how to” and got quickly the perfect answer. Now I only have to wait for the money, because such an arm is for 2000+ SEK – depending on the length of it.

I also was using my library’s homepage and ordered the book “Glasperlenspiel” of Hermann Hesse. I know about the book by a tweet on twitter. I was happy, they have it and I am curious about, if I will like it.

Afterwards I was updating my blog. The result you have in front of you.


21st Oct 2019

I hemmed my Christmas Curtains – the last one of the four. I also had a visit at one of my new working places. The family decided to give it a try. By secrecy reasons I cannot tell you anything about this work, but that I will work at the families home.

I have not got my contract from the municipality yet and I am awaiting it every day. I hope it will come soon.


22nd Oct 2019

I did mig usual Tuesday shopping. I still have money I have got for my birthday and I think I was using them wise. In addition to the groceries, I also bought three glass bottels, a lid to my biggest frying pan and two more pot plants. Instead of buying a lot of almond drinks, coconut drinks and oat drinks, I bought almonds and coconut flakes – I always have oats at home. I did not buy any milk product this time, even I usual buy one liter of milk/week and sometimes whipped cream and ” Crème fraîche”. I try not to use so much of these products anymore. By the way, before I was using almond drinks etc, I did buy lots of milk every week. This day it was less heavy as usual to get my groceries home. This is a side effect of my sustainable living. More about this change you can find at my corresponding blogpost.

In the afternoon I made slits in two of my Christmas curtains. The slits I made because of the kind of curtain rails I have and the simple channel for the hanging of the curtains. Where the rails are fastened at the wall, the curtains need that slits, but only two of the four, because the other two will not go as far as to the walls. I did it with blanket stitches and it took a lot of time. I became so tired of it, that I was watching (three) movies for the rest of the evening.

I still have not got my contract from the municipality, but I tried to call. Unfotunately there were only an answering machine.


23rd Oct 2019

It was time to use my glass bottles and the ingredients I had bought the day before. I started with the coconut flakes. One has to put boiling water in the amount 1:1 on the coconut flakes (in a bowl, of course) and afterwards to wait, that this blend is cooling down to room temperature. Meanwhile I did start with the oat drink, which was very easy. You need only 2 dl of oats, 1 l of water, some salt and 2 to 3 tablespoons of neutral oil like colza oil. You have to mix it in a blender until there are no dollops in it left and afterwards to filter it. The left oat flakes are very small, but you can use them for porridge or when you are baking bread.

The almonds you can either put in a bowl and have cold water on them before you put them in the fridge for almost 4 hours – you can have them there over night as well or you can scald them with hot water and peel them. You have to mix them in a blender and filter them afterwards. In my recipe there are recommended to take 350 g almonds for 1 l of water, but I did just take a packet with 200 g. It is just the question, how thick and tasty you want to have the drink. In convenienced packages from the supermarket are only 2% almonds in the drink. Though you anyway will have more and, by the way, you do not need to filter the drink if you scald and peel the almonds. If you filter the almonds from the drink, you can use that for baking, pancakes, mush or in your smoothies. You can also dry it in the oven at 100°C and use it later. I did bake almond biscuits with a part of it, but the recipe was not matching to my almond pulp. I think it is better to dry the almonds before using it for baking.


My Home Made Drinks
From the Left to the Right: Oat Drink, Coconut Drink, Almond Drink


Now it was possible to mix the coconut flakes for the coconut drink. If you take the same amount of water as of coconut flakes (in dl) you will get cocosmilk, which you can use for cooking. You can dilute with more water for a coconut drink. I did first use 5 dl coconut flakes and 5 dl boiled water. When I mixed it, I filled my blender upp to 1,2 liter and mixed it one more time. The result was about 1 liter tasty coconut drink. – Like in coconut milk, there will be a fat lock on the top of it, once you put it in the fridge. Though you might fill it in a bottle with a wider opening as I did. Of a part of the rest of the flakes – which are very small now, I baked a coconut biscuit. You have to bake it for a little longer while than in the recipe, because of the moisture. The rest I did dry in the oven at 100°C. You also can use this for more baking, mush, smoothies etc.

All this was done before lunch. No contract in the postbox this day either. After lunch I sewed the tie-backs for my Christmas curtains. I used the tie-backs from the curtains I now use in my allroom as a template. I did not have enough with fabrics, because I was not willing to spend too much for them, though they became a little smaller, but are nice anyway. – I actually used the piece with the hole in it for them. I did finish them after my dinner. I was going to bed right afterwards, but did watch a movie anyway, because I felt, it was not time to sleep yet – even the hour was late enough.


The Tie-Backs of my Christmas Curtains
The Tie-Backs of my Christmas Curtains – I Know They are Different, but I Think, That is Charming. By the Way, the Rings are Recycled.


24th Oct 2019

I did cook porridge of the left over of the oat drink, that means, the oats, which I filtered. I also had an egg, because I read that eggs contain the vitamin D. Therefore I decided to eat almost one egg/day.

I switched on the underfloor in my bathroom, because it is the only possibility to varm up the bathroom, but that takes time. Though, from now on – during the winter, I will not switch off it again.

Furthermore I emailed my son Marcus, asking him about splitting the costs for the birthday gift of my daughter Maria. Usually we do not give birthday presents any more, but she will become 30 years this year and we will celebrate her. Her boyfriend as well as my sons Daniel and Samuel are participating in the splitting of the costs, but Marcus answered, that he already have a birthday gift for her.

I updated my blogg before lunch and after lunch I was reading at the Internet.


25th Oct 2019

I had chia pudding in the morning. This time prepared by my home made almond drink. It is so delicious! The almond drink is more creamy and the chia pudding gets a lift.

I started my laundry and was then leaving for my “FridaysForFuture”-demonstration like nearly every friday since i started here in Katrineholm. I had company of a woman, named Irene this time. She is very nice.

Back at home I had tea and as snack, because I was cold. I did not get warm during the entire rest of the day. I was sitting on my couch in the afternoon and evening with the cover of my bed. For dinner I cooked minced liver beef. It was so disgusting to handel the liver, though I won’t cook this again, even it is very healthy to eat liver.


26th Oct 2019

After breakfast I was video chatting with my son Marcus on Skype. We were talking more than 50 minutes. Unfortunately the sound quality became very bad.

Also this day I made a part of my laundry and even ironed things, I had washed the day before.

After lunch I baked lchf “coconut balls” for my daughter. She does not like cream, though there will not be any birthday cake and I med the “coconut balls” instead. The dough is mainly made of almonds flour, coconut ripples and butter. The balls are rolled in coconut ripples. I put them in a glass jar and decorated with a silvery ribbon and a very small Swedish flagg.

Later I did delete all the music on my mp3-player and did put new on – only such music, by which I can dance rock’n’roll. I planned to take some minutes every evening and dance.


27th Oct 2019

It is my daughters birthday. I prepared for the party at my son Samuel’s home and for the overnight stay before lunch.

After lunch I was taking the train to Södertälje Syd, where Samuel picked my daughter and me up. When I came down the stairs from the platform, I saw her immediately. Her train had arrived 9 minutes before min. She was pushing a wheel chair and her bag on it. I was wondering about that and she told me, that she has had the wheel chair at the place, where she lift before, but has to require another one at the place she livs now and leave this one back. I was wondering, why she needed a wheel chair and she told me, that she cannot walk for a long time. It is depending on her disability called POTS. I had not understand earlier, that it is so bad.

At Samuel’s home we had champagne, I have had with me. Actually the bottle came with my birthday gift of him, but we did not have the opportunity to have it and, because it was a big bottle, I asked him, if it is OK to have it for Maria’s birthday. He was OK with it.

Afterwards we, that means: Samuel, Tharsiny (his wife), Maria and I, where going into town. Samuel drove the car to an underground station from where we did take the underground to the city center, where the restaurant is. Maria had chosen it herself – by the Internet and also booked online. The name of the restaurant is “Spanorskan”, that means “The Spanish woman”. It was an interesting place, so were the dishes. There were two waiters and a waitress. The waitress only speaks Spanish. One of the waiters speaks Spanish and English and the other waiter is Swedish. The waitress did speak very fast and with a low voice, though I did not understand her. The Swedish waiter only spoke Swedish with us and in a very relaxed manner. The other waiter did speak English with us, though from the beginning I did not know, that he speaks Spanish as well, but when I ordered in perfect Spanish, he was very happy about it and did praise me enthusiastic. My relatives does not speak Spanish, therefore I continued to speak English with the waiter, but the pronounciation of the dishes.

We had tapas and had asked the waiter about the size. Though we were told, that we should order three or four for each person. Samuel and Maria did share a mainmeal, though the only ordered two tapas/each. Tharsiny and I had three tapas each. I had a maíz (corn) tapas, which I was disappointed of, because it came as a half, small grilled corn cob – it was hard to loosen the kernels and the potatoe/Chorizo both Tharsiny and I were disappointed of, because there were only a few crumbs of the Chorizo. We both had also ordered a kind of sandwiches with ham (jamón). It was better, but the roasted sandwiches were burnt and really black from one side. I could not claim that, because it was the word “negro” (dark) included in the name of the dish. Anyway I did not expect to get such an unhealthy sandwich.

The most interesting dish was the suckling, Samuel and Maria had ordered. The plate was called “grisfest” (pig party) and it was stated, that it was an original Catalan dish. First, when the dish was served and they were eating, they did ask me, what cochinillo means in Swedish. I had to look it up at Google translate and found out, that it is a suckling. Maria was later searching it on the Internet and could read, that there are only four to six weeks old, when they were cooked (in the oven). Samuel had got the head and Maria the rest of the body, but there were lots of bones in Marias part. We did not understand from the beginning, that Samuel had got a head, but we did see teeth. He was eating of it anyway. He did eat all that was possible to eat, but the eye and the tongue. Maria actually did eat the tongue. The Swedish waiter did praise Samuel a lot, that he did eat the head. The waiter told us, that not all guests are eating it. Though Samuel might have been able to claim another part of the dish, but we did not know that.


A Half Head of a Suckling
A Half Head of a Suckling – Here You can See the Eye as Well.


We had a dessert as well and had all chosen the “Crema Catalan”, which is discribed as a Crème brûlée, but was not very close to it. In addition to that, the portions were very small. We had sangria as drink and my son also had a beer and Tharsiny a tea. All together was for nearly 2,000 SEK (nearly 190 EUR or 209 USD). I offered to pay for my own dishes, but Samuel had invited us and told me, he will pay all of it.


On our way home, we still were discussing the suckling. Back at Samuel’s and Tharsiny’s place, Samuel was so tired, that he soon fell asleep. He had told us, that she feels tired for a long time already and we were talking about to make a test for celiac, but he told me, that he has to eat dishes with gluten for almost two weeks before such a test and he will feel very sick during that time, though he is not having such a test. I know, that it is the case (I do it myself for such a test), if you will take a blood test – which is the easiest way to check it. Anyway the colon does not returned to healthy quickly after eating products with gluten. Though by a stomach tube it is possible to see it for weeks, but it is not a prefered way to get a stomach tube in your stomach.

Maria and I stayed over at Samuel’s and Tharsiny’s home.


28th Oct 2019

I have got porridge in the morning, the children had yogurt with Müsli och the other adults, just what they liked. Afterwards we were playing table tennis in the basement of the house. I have not played table tennis for over 45 years, but I was not bad.

For lunch Tharsiny cooked chicken in the oven with a home made sauce and haricot verts. Samuel had cooked cauliflower rice. The children did not try it, they were eating white rice. The meal was delicious as usual at their’s home.

Maria had already booked her train to go further and I did book mine regarding to her time to leave. Hers was leaving 3:05pm at Södertälje Syd and mine 3:15pm. That was very comfortable and I was able to help Maria to find the correct car, she had booked a seat. I also had booked a seat and I was wondering about car no three, because the train had only two cars, but they were namned car 1 and car 3.

At home I had one more meal and was then reading at the Internet again. This evening I was to bed at 10pm. I actually was really tired.


29th Oct 2019

Actually, I awoke at 7am. I had been sleeping all the night through, but for going to the bathroom. After breakfast I started with my laundry and was then going to the supermarket. This time I only bought vegetables, fruits and nuts. I still have so much food in my freezer. Unfortunately I forgot to buy icing sugar, but was not aware of it, before I started to bake a cake.

I had promised the study circle to have a home made cake with me. I would have loved to bake the muffins with almond flour, but one of the participants is allergic for nuts and I was careful not using nuts or similar at all. By the way I spread coconut ripple on half of the top and decorating hearts on the other half of the tops, even coconut is not really a nut, but there are people allergic to coconut as well.

After lunch I made my homework for the class. It took only two hours, even I wrote down all the questions as well. We get the questions by email – as a word.doc. Though it would be possible to print them, but for that I have to go to the library.

At the study circle a pensioner is a former engineer. He did tell us, that he had read the book in half a day and that our discussions do not give him anything new. Though he decided to end coming, but before that he told us, we should think about, what we will do and what we think the politicans can do about the climate change. The study circle is just about the book, therefore we others will continue as plant.

At home I did put the rest of the cake in the freezer and made afterwards a list about, what I already do and what I think I can do more as well as what I am expecting politicans will decide about and make laws for.

I was to bed then and on twitter. There I read, that Greta Thunberg and “FridaysForFurture” had been awarded of the Nordic Council with a sum of around 500,000 SEK. She wrote, that she declined to accept the award, because the “FridayForFuture” already has enough of money and she wants instead, that the politicans listen to the science. In the twitter tweet was also a link to her Instagram account. I was reading that as well and could see there all the progress of her and the “FridaysForFuture”-movement. I also shared her tweet on twitter och Facebook – as “GrandmasForFuture”.


30th Oct 2019

It became 1am before I fell asleep. A couple of hours later I awoke again, freezing very much. I also felt sick i my stomach. I did not have a fever. Though I tried to fight it by eating something and it helped almost for my stomach, but I still did freeze. First around 8am I fell asleep and awoke again around 11am.

I had a late breakfast and was continuing working in the kitchen. E.g. did I put the cauliflower into the blender – for cauliflower rice, but saved a little for lunch. I also made new almond drink as well as coleslaw och a winter salad (containing cabbage, carrots, raisins and pineapple). I had bought a cabbage of only 500gr and was happy for that, but it became a lot of salad anyway.

For lunch or maybe I should say dinner I had a sausage, a potato and some boiled cauliflower.


31st Oct 2019

During the morning until high noon I was reading in my vegetarian cookbook. I am thinking about, to eat less meat and less diary products until I will become vegan. I do not know, if I can make it, but every kg less counts, I think.

My son Samuel was asking me, when my son Marcus will stay with me, because I told him before, that Marcus and I agreed, that I will pick him up by car at his place and take him to my home for Christmas – if I have money enough. It depends, how much I will earn during the month of November. He also told me, that his family and the relatives of Tharsiny will celebrate Christmas the 23rd at their home. I think, Tharsiny’s relatives will be with their other relatives for Christmas Eve. That can sound confusing: I mean, they are all married or live like married. Though the brothers and sisters of Tharsiny will be with their wifes resp. husbands relatives.

Samuel put forward, that he could come 24th Dec – together with Maria and Daniel and stay over at my place and we could go to Stockholm the upcoming day.

As usual at Thursdays I had a soup for lunch. Afterwards I decorated my window with the ceramic pumpkin I bought many years ago. It was getting dark and the Halloween kids were coming. They got sweets and were leaving happily and pleased.

At 7:20pm I left for my dance class, as I do every Thursday. We were not so many attendees, because of the holidays.

Before I was going to bed this evening I transfered money by “Swish” to Samuels account. It was for the birthday present of my daughter. He had paid for and got different amounts of us others. I actually sent 1,500 SEK, because there were still more than 2,000 SEK left and I thought, I should pay the most of it – as the mother of her, I am.


Another month already is finished, though, if you wish to follow me further, please use the link for November 2019.

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