1st Sept 2019

I paid for my upcoming class “rock ‘n roll continuation”. I should have done it some days before, but I had to wait until this day, because I had to transfer money from my other account – unfortunately it was not possible to pay directly from the Maltese account. The amount was 625 SEK (58 EUR resp. 64 USD). There will be 13 times we meet. – In the following text you can convert the added prices like it follows (1 EUR = 10,7 SEK, 1 USD = 9,8 SEK).


During the afternoon I was in Flen. I had read before, that there will be hold “The day of the World” including food from Eritrea, Somalia and more countries. I thought, that is maybe the only way I will be able to taste food from those countries. The weather was unstady, though I had my rain jacket with me, but unfortunately not my rain trousers. Anyway the day started with sunshine, but soon there came grey clouds. It takes only 10 minutes by train to go there from Katrineholm, but I had to walk for halv on hour to reach the castle of Stenhammer, which is owned by the State of Sweden, but let to the King of Sweden.


The Castle of Stenhammer


The event started with the grand opening by our king and queen. The king was talking and his wife, the queen just standing on his side. There was life music of three different bands, all bound to the theme of the day as well as the music. It was not such music, as I expected, but that is just the famous thing with those events, that one learn a lot more. All this happened in the outer garden. We were not allowed to go closer to the castle and not at all to visit the castle. The king and his family do live there often on weekends.


Grand Opening of the Event by His Majesty, the Kind and her Majesty, the Queen of Sweden


While the music was playing I started to stand in line for the food. The dark clouds came closer and closer the event and I was thinking, when I finally reach the service, it will rain cats and dogs or they will have run out of food. I actually was right. It started raining heavily, when I had around ten minutes left until it was my turn. People, who just had bought their meals did stay close to the service for eating their meals, though wem who were still waiting, were for longer in the rain. The service was even running out of food, but when I reached it, they had found one more plate. I had to pay 40 SEK for a pasty from Somalia and a chicken dish from Eritrea. The portions were not very big, either. Especially the chicken dish was quite hot. Luckily I had got yoghurt with it. I found a corner, where I could stand – under the roof of the service.


When I had finished that meal I did buy biscuits and cakes, baked of women from other countries like Iraq. There were lots of different kinds and the cashier told me, that she do not have change as well as one piece of cake or one bisquit is for 10 SEK and two for 20 SEK. The smallest note I had was a 50 SEK note. Though I asked her, if I pay 50 SEK, I can take of all of the cakes/biscuits and she told me, that is OK. First when I was taking of the sweets, I though that there were much more than five kinds of them. Anyway all women were eager to give me of that, what they had been baking. Some reminded on German or Swedish Christmas biscuits other more on Turkish baklava, but none of them were really sweet. The cake, who reminded on Turkish baklava was baked on a plat and they were cutting big pieces. We were told, that it was baked of rice flakes. The rain was getting less during the time I enjoyed all the cakes and biscuits.


The Rice Cake


I became really full and was now going back to the bands. Unfortunately it started raining heavily again, though I decided to take a train home. During that half hour walk, I did get really wet. I could buy a ticket for a train, which should soon arrive. Unfortunately, that train was nearly one hour late. We never did get an explanation about the reason, but I could see in the app, that it already had started ca 50 minutes late. I was frozen and wet and decided to buy a cup of tea at the coffee shop at the station. It was for 25 SEK. I was really happy, there is a coffee shop even I think 25 SEK is a lot for a teabag and hot water. We do not have a coffee shop at the railway station in Katrineholm, but close to it. Anyway, that one is too far away, while waiting for a late train. I went out to the platfrom in time. Luckily I saw in time, that I had to go to another platform. This was also soon announced.


Well back in Katrineholm I had to make my 15 minutes walk home and it was raining heavily here, too. Though, when I arrive at home, I was directly going into my bathroom and took off all my clothes, because I was wet on my skin. My rain jacket, which is a quiet expensive one and of a good make, did not stand for all the rain. I actually was agraid to get a cold. Though I pampered me with a warm chocolate.


2nd Sept 2019

I recovered from the day before, but made use of the day to write a menu for my birthday party, because I had decided to celebrate my birthday with my children and relatives this year. I have not done that for some years, because I have been abroad – working or travelling. I also was thinking about, if my wishes come true, I will not be at home during late summer, autumn and vinter next year and cannot celebrate my 70th birthday together with my family.

I also send messages/email to my children and invited them, because they have to plan as well. I am happy, that my birthday is on a Saturday this year. It is perfect, because my relatives also can stay over night in Katrineholm – some at my apartment and my son Samuel and his family has already talked about to stay over at a hotel. The email I sent to my eldest son, Marcus. I was not sure, he will come, because of his Asperger’s syndrom and the panic disorder, but he answered quite fast, that it is fun and that he will come. It made me so happy!

Later I made part of my laundry – towels again. The evening I spent as usual, watching movies.


3rd Sept 2019

It was Tuesday and my shopping day. I bought a little more than usual, but no meat and no chicken. They supermarket sold 1kg apples in a bag for only 14 SEK. I was looking at them, as good as it was possible and they did look OK. For that price, one has to be aware, that it won’t be the best quality.

Back at home I made an apple pie and a blueberry pie as well, because I still had blueberries from my shopping the week before. I did see too late, that the blueberries were packed in Poland – and I think picked as well, because they did not taste like I am used of Swedish blueberries. They did not really have any taste at all. Though I had not used a lot of them. Furthermore I did cook apple sauce. I decided to make apple sauce, when I peeled the apples for the pie. As I expected there were bruises on them – not very big ones, but once it started, it will become bigger very soon. I anyway have problems to eat raw apples, though it was OK for me.


4th Sept 2019

I started to update my blog and nearly got ready with the month of August 2019, but had problems with the photos I tried to add. Anyway I could not get it done and had to stop, because it became too late.

In the late afternoon I was to a free walking tour of our community about public art. I had hoped, we were explained a lot more, but the tour was only for one hour and we were only walkting in the centre of our town including the railway garden – that is a garden very close to the railway station. It felt like half of the art were busts of important people of the town. Anyway we have got explanations of other sculptures as well. We were lucky, it did not rain during the walk, but unfortunately on my way home.


5th Sept 2019

This day I had been waiting for a long while. I did not leave my home before I was going to my rock ‘n roll class. All the day I was afraid, I would miss to go there in time, but I did not. This class was better than the class “rock ‘n roll basics”, because we were many more attendents and all were very nice. Half of us had been at the basic class together. It was fun to meet again.

One of them asked me, when we were ready to leave, if I was by fot or by bike. He offered me to drive me home, because it was raining again. Unfortunately, when I had to decide, he told me, that it was not raining anymore, but when I was leaving the building, it had started again and it became heavy as well. Though I was really wet again, when I reached my home, even it is only a ten-minutes-walk. Next time – if he will offer me one more time to drive me home, I just will thank him and go with him.


6th Sept 2019

In the morning I checked, when the next Sunday dance at our club will be, unfortunately there is nothing added yet about Sunday dances. I have to write an email and ask. We have a new board and maybe they just did forget it.

Before noon I was going to a pharmacy and two shops by bike. They are all close to the supermarket. I had to buy new medicine. Together with eye drops, lip balms and a little tube of cream I had to pay more than 400 SEK, the most of it (more than 300 SEK) was for the two kinds of medicine. At the shop for electronics, white goods and more I had to buy a new cable for my headphones – the one, which I have to use between the mp3-player and/or the laptop and the headphones. I had recognized, that it was broken inside. I could not hear music and talk in the right part of the headphones anymore. First I thought it was because the quality of the old movies I am watching, but than I found out, that it was the cable. At the other shop I bought some household items. This is a shop, which sales items from bankrupt companies. One never knows, what they are selling for the moment, but there are things, they have for a long time. I think it depends on, that they are buying large quantities, if possible. Amongst others I bought two baking molds. I did give all those things away, when I left Germany for Malta and miss them now, especially by being proud of making all food and bakery from scratch.

I got frozen after my lunch while sitting at my kitchen table and reading. There are still +21°C in my apartment, even it outside is only around +16°C on the middle of the day now. I dressed in a warm cardigan and took my vinter slippers on my feet as well as I dressed in warm wool socks. Than I cooked a cup of coffee. I get warmer for a while, but while updating my blog I did get cold again, especially on my feet.


7th Sept 2019

My son Samuel had agreed with me, that I could visit him this day as well as stay overnight. His son Leon and his wife has started at a karate club, therefore they would not be able to pick me up at the train station before around 3pm. Anyway I had to go to IKEA and buy some more crockery as well as some more small items.

I did take the 9:57am train to Stockholm and was at IKEA Kungens Kurva at high noon. There were a lot of people on the bus for IKEA and many more visitors at the shop. Actually, I have not been there, when there were so many customers. Used to this shop I did find, what I needed, easily and left the house around 2pm. Just before I thought to call Samuel, he called me and we agreed about the meeting point. He told me, it will take around 15 minutes, before he will arrive there. Actually it took longer, but the weather was quite nice and it did not matter for me.

Will he was driving home, I told him happily, that all his siblings, even Marcus, had promised to join my birthday party. His answer surprised me, because never before he had told me about it and he was not so very infected of it, I thought. He told me, that he will not come – or only without his family, because Marcus has been so violent during his teenage-years. His wife did tell him, that she would like to come anyway and Samuel did confirm, that he will not have the boys with them, if Marcus is coming.

We were not so active this afternoon and evening, just talked a little, played a game and fortunately, he remembered to sign the life certificate for the social security department on Malta. The last had been the main reason, why I was visiting them this time. Samuel was to bed between 8pm and 9pm, because he was so tired – so was I. I was freezing a little, because the cover was thin for the temperatures, but I slept quite well and until 7:30am the next morning.


8th Sept 2019

I was going upstairs shortly after 7:30am to take my thyroid medicine. the boys were already awake and even I tried to be quiet, they did hear me. When I was on my way back downstairs, Tharsiny (my daughter in law) did ask me, what I wish for breakfast. Though I told her, that I have to wait 30 min before breakfast, but also, that I would like to have eggs and agreed to boiled eggs.

Downstairs I did dress and was after a while going to the kitchen for breakfast. They were already heaving breakfast, but saved three eggs for me. I did take two of them and told the adults, someone else could have the third one. I also did take a couple of toast slices, put them in the toaster and had cheese on one of them and a kind of chocolate spread on the other one. I do not buy chocolate or nut-spread myself, but here I could not resist.

During the morning and early afternoon I helped Samuel to fix the guttering av their house. It had been down, when the house was new painted and also put back, but the seams were not sealed, though, when it was raining, the water was not rinsing throughout the waterspouts, but came down by the seams. He had, naturally, to use a ladder och therefore I was a good help for him to hand up the things he needed. We also picked some items out of their garage and drove them to the recycling station. I helped him there as well.

On the way back to my son’s home, we picked up his mother in law and was back in time, though I could have lunch with them as well. Directly after lunch, he was driving me to the railway station and his wife did accompany us, because they had planned, that they on the way back will shop at a market-garden. He also helped me at the railway station to get my shopping-cart on the train. It was very heavy by the china and glasses, I had bought.

Back in Katrineholm, when I left the train, I was happy, that I found a good way to leave it, without crossing my china. I was going backwards and did take the shopping cart at it’s stand, because it is out of metal. The handle is out of plastic and I was afraid, it would brake by the heavy weight. To roll the cart home, was very easy. The first thing I did at home, was to unpack my shopping-cart to see, if all the china was OK and it was! Now I can have up to eleven guests for dinner at the same time. By the way, the weekend has had grey skies, but fortunately it was not raining.

I put as much as possible in the dishwasher and the rest of it in the dishwasher, when the first load was done. Between the two loads I had a smoothie, because I was very hungry, but had not time enough to prepare a meal. I also put the china into my cupboard as soon as the dishwasher finished a load. I had to displace my bowls, but did find good solutions for them.


Half of the China and 2/3 of the Glasses are New


I decided to only have quark for my evening meal, because I already have had meatballs for lunch. So I did and afterwards I was watching movies again.


9th Sept 2019

I had a good nights sleep with my winter cover, which I use all-year-around. Anyway I had late breakfast, which became a brunch, because I had chiapudding, as often, as well as two scrambled eggs and also my daily smoothie. Afterwards I culled some old papers, when I was looking for an envelope. By this I reduced my binders by one and are now able to put a magazine file in my bookshelf instead – to use for envelopes etc.

It was raining most of the day, though I did stay at home. For lunch I had some sandwiches with different kinds of cheese and a tea. I do not often drink tea, but the weather and even that I was cold as well, made me the decision easy. For dinner I had taken sliced, boiled potatoes and two slices of smoked pork out of the freezer, but they were not really melt yet. I will have pickled slices of beetroot for dinner as well.


10th Sept 2019

I was shopping at the supermarket again, the weather was nice and I was quite early, though there were no queues at the cash points. Back at home I made my laundry.

I started to look for a job again, because with my pension, I cannot save the amount I need for my travel. I need to get rid off my overdraft, which is as much as around 1500 EUR as well as I need around 2000 EUR for the travel by freighter, around 2000 EUR for a travel insurance and also the same amount as a back up for unexpected expenses.

The problem is to find references for my job applications, because it is a time ago I was working and I did not even asked for a paper of my last employer about the time I worked with them, because I was so unsatisfied of that company. Luckily I found one former employer and I will ask a teamleader for it at another one.

In fact I had decided to start with gymnastics, which will be held in a school very close to me, but I did decide against it. I was surprised about myself, because I was thinking, how to find the right entrance at that school etc. When I am traveling, I have no problems to ask people for directions, at home, I do not like it so much. Maybe it is the Swedish way, which makes me feel that way. Instead for going there, I wrote down more of my plans for my next travel – I finished about Mexico and did made one for Guatemala.


11th Sept 2019

I was to the library to scan my “Life Certificate” for an Maltese authority and continued to the post office at our grocery to send the original to Malta. I scanned it, though I have a copy, if the original won’t arrive in Malta.

At home again, I send a job application to a company. It is a job for two month only and I hope, I have a chance to get it, even I have read, that the unemployment rate is going uppwards again and we now have more than 7% of unemployed people.

After noon I started to shorten curtains for the window in my combined living and bedroom. I have lots of curtains from other places, where I lived. These are not long enough to go down to the floor, though I decided to shorten them, though they will look nice, when I get help to put them up. By that way, they will not hang over the heating either.

The last thing for the day was to continue with my travel itinerary. This time I made both El Salvador and Honduras.


12th Sept 2019

Även this day I have applied for jobs. Afterwards I was repairing some of my socks. I always make holes by my big toes. I try to keep the nails of them short, but sometimes they are not short enough and destroy my socks.

I remembered, that I need an authorization from the police department for the strike/demonstration on Friday, 20th Sept – the start of the week of the global climate strikes. Unfortunately I was late, thinking about it and I hoped, the bureaucracy will not be too heavy, though I will be able to put up information about it in time. I had to fill in a form, which I could sign digital and sent it directly by email to the police.

In the afternoon I did sew the first pair of my old curtains. Actually my window is so big, though it is not enough with one pair and luckily I had two windows in that dwelling before, where they are from.


13th Sept 2019

I used the whole day for looking for jobs. I would prefer a job in Spain, if I cannot get one in Sweden, because I would like to become better in Spanish. Though I was also looking for jobs in Spain and was applying for a couple of them.

I have got an email from the police department, that I immediately have to pay 250 SEK, though they can handle my application. So I did.


14th Sept 2019

It was time for cleaning my apartment. In the afternoon I worked with my xls-file (the plan) for Nicaragua.


15th Sept 2019

I had breakfast a couple of hours earlier as usual. Though I was getting tired in the middle of the day and had a cup of tea and three biscuits. In Sweden we call that for “fika”.

The weather was very windy. In parts of Sweden was really bad weather with flooding. Safe in my cozy home I made my xls-files for Costa Rica and Panama. Coming to the end of the planning for my second trip, I was counting, how much time I would need for the whole trip including all the seven countries and I understood, that there are too many stops for making it in six or seven month only. Another time, I think it will not be before the start of next year I have to fix my itinerary, though I won’t go around by bus more than necessary as well as I have to decide, if I will make all the stops and see all the things, I have written down. Starting in Augusti next year, I am able to use 10 month for the whole trip – without having any problems for my housing benefit. Maybe I anyway will try to rent out my apartment second hand during my travel. In that case I do not need to care about any housing benefit, because I will not get one meanwhile I have rented out the apartment, of course.


16th Sept 2019

Before noon I have got the allowance for the demonstration and was soon going to the library for ten copies of the information sheet. Directly afterwards i put them up. The first one I put on the pinboard at the library, after I had asked for allowance. Furthermore I used a couple of other pinboards, two electrical cabinets at the streets and also were asking at the grocery, where I was told, that I can leave that and the boss will decide, if it will be put somewhere. The grocery advertise, that they are environment friendly, but I have no hope, that they will put my sheet somewhere. Two of the sheets I put on my bicycle baskets.


The Info Sheet


After noon I shared a photo of the sheet on twitter and Instagram. I think there will not be a lot of retweets, because I have not a lot of followers, even I have more on twitter, but the most of them are Germans.

I also got an email from an employer in Spain this day. I was asked, if I can start 1st October. I answered, I will be fine to start 15th October. I chose that day, because I will celebrate my birthday this year together with all my four children as I wrote before. I did not get an answer. – I also registered on EURES again.


17th Sept 2019

It was very cold this morning – only +7°C at 8am, +10°C at 10am and +13°C at 2pm. It is always getting warmer in the afternoon. I would like, if the warmth would come before noon, around 10am instead.

As usual on Tuesdays, I was going by bicycle to the supermarket and made my weekly shopping. It was for around 600 SEK. I put all my shopping into the baskets of my bicycle, but when I unlocked it, the bicycle was crashing down. All my fruits and vegetables were falling onto the asphalt. I woman sitting close to me, did asked, if I need help, but I told her, thanks, I am OK. Another woman was just arriving and did help me without asking. My bicycle was not steady, though she did hold it, meanwhile I was putting back all the things into the baskets. Only a green bell pepper was broken, but it could have been worse. It was still good for use.

Back at home I took of the green bell pepper and the tomato – I made a Mexican omelette. I put the rest of the green bell pepper into the freezer. I also checked the other fruits and vegetables and e.g. I did take care about the papaya, because I was afraid it will become moldy. I prepared it for using in my smoothies. Furthermore I used half of the water melon. I cut a part of it in cubs and frooze them, another part I did make water melon water of, that means I flavored water with it – be using my blender. The rest I stored in my fridge. That was a lot of work and it was 5pm, when I finished. I had teatime before I was reading on the Internet. I did have my evening meal and continued reading. It was about climate change and more.

I also detected, that the municipality of Katrineholm is looking for teachers as well as teacher assistants. I applied for a job as a teacher assistant for sports and as a pupil assistant. The jobs start 1st October and will continue for three to six month. I will see, if I will be lucky and get one of them.


18th Sept 2019

The registration on EURES did already show result. I have got an email from Portugal offering a job. I answered him and told him, that I am looking for a job for six month only as well as I won’t start before 15th October. – I have not got any answer yet.

I called our authority for the “Fixer-Malte”. This is an offer for 65+ people to get free help with things like to hang curtains, to clean windows etc. This service is for protecting elderly against falling and hurting themselves. I think I will have my curtains changed before my birthday. I was promised that the helper will come Friday, 4th October. I actually was free to choose, when I want him to come and help me.

This day I had a letter in my mailbox. This does not happen often. It was from the region authority of Sörmland and I was adviced, that the referral from my doctor was sent to the wrong department. It is about my expected allergy against metals. The referral was sent to the allergy department, but should be send to the department for skin deseases, because it would be a contact allergy. Though I was going to the polyclinic and showed them the letter. I also asked them for the result of the blood test and told them, that I need more medicine for my thyroid. I was told, that another referral was already sent. The receptionist did not find, that I have had medicine for my thyroid before – I had not at this polyclinic, of course. Though she told me, that she will leave a message to the doctor as well as I will get the result of my blood test by letter. She was not allowed to tell me.

Furthermore I took a leaflet about how to avoid fall accidents. There are exercises for balance and physical strenght in it. I read the whole leaflet and decided to try the exercises the upcoming day.

In addition to that I have got a new catalogue from an Online shop. I am pissed off, that they continue to send them, but did have a cup of tea and was looking, what they try to sell. There was nothing I needed and not much I liked. I also prefer to use my clothes as long as it is possible and not as long as they are in.

I had left my bicycle in town, when I had been at the polyclinic – for the advertising of the demonstration next Friday and did go and pick it up in the late afternoon. At home again I had my dinner and was then watching movies. I actually was not so very late to bed as usual. I really try to go to bed earlier.


19th Sept 2019

I sew curtains, but did not finished, because it was time for my dance class. That evening is the best evening of the week! Back at home again, I did watch movies again and was to bed before midnight.


20th Sept 2019

It is the #FridayForFuture, when all over the world people will demonstrate about the climate change. I was in good time in the citypark. I put my sign up 5 minutes to 12pm. Noboday showed up, but some minutes later two women, who did know each other. They also arrived together. This was so far the coldest day after the summer and it was less than +10°C, when we were standing there. Therefore we only was there until 1pm, even we were allowed to be there until 2pm. I had been wise and had hat and gloves, but was still freezing on my fingers. I left my bike in the park, though more people could read about the demonstration, because there will be held one every day until and included Friday, 27th. This period is choosen world-wide.


One of the Accompanying Women and I at the City Park in Katrineholm


This two women was good, because they did go and make more copies of my information sheets and told me, they will spreed them. They also told me, that they, unfortunately were not able to attend during the weekend and hoped, there will be other people attending. By the way, one of them did not live in the urban area, but in a village.

When I finally was back at home I was so frozen, that I only tried to warm up. I had two more meals this day as well, of course, but did not sew, not look for jobs or read anything. Anyway I was on twitter, looking for other climate-strikes. It was amazing, what I saw. There were – together all over the world – around 4 million people demonstrating. The streets of many towns in different continents were full of people in all ages.

I had sent the husband of my cousin and godmother Ursula birthday wishes in the morning and asked, if there will be a climate strike there as well – they are using their apartment in Estepona, Spain for the moment, but got the answer, that the Spanish people has other problems. Later that day I have seen on twitter, that almost in Madrid, Spain, there were thousands of people demonstrating as well.

I had another email by the EURES-site. It was about an enquiry for a customer support job in Athens, Greece and one in Lisbon, Portugal as well, starting this and/or next month. I answered, that I need to know more about the jobs and if I will be interested in one, I would prefer Greece, because I have never been in Greece before. I will see, if I will get an answer. It will not arrive before Monday, anyway. – I also have got a promise for another reference (from a former teamleader at my former job on Malta).


21st Sept 2019

I was the only one this day in the citypark, who was supporting the climate-strike. People were telling me, that it is good, that I am doing it, but a man in his 40s told me, that it is just hysteria and he is so fed up of this climate -strike. There are other problems as well as he was angry about Greta Thunberg, the founder of the climate-strike, because she is an upper-class girl. He also called her a scamp and a bitch. I answered him, that she neither is a scamp nor a bitch, but a very brave girl. He answered, that she may be that. Another man did tell me, that we in Sweden can not change anything, because we are only a very small number of citizen of the world. I told him, that he cannot see it that way, because we emit more CO2 than other countries, which do not live in such a affluence. He continued, if I know about the climate politics of Katrineholm and Sweden etc. It was a nice day with up to +21°C, though I was in the park until 2pm.


The Only Supporter of the Strike in Katrineholm – My Selfistick was not working 😦


Back at home I checked again on twitter, if there were more demonstrations and there were more posted, but from the day before. I think it had to do with the different timezones around the world. I posted a photo and a comment from mine this day, like I had done the day before.

I ended the day by watching a couple of movies.


22nd Sept 2019

When I was to bed around midnight I started reading curriculum for sports. This is valid for all Swedish schools. I was interested in, which kind of sports has to be tought in the different classes. I was surprised about the subject, because it is so much more as physical training and so all kinds of training both in house and outside. What I did not think about, when I was applying for the job, was the fact that there is ice skating included – and if possible also skiing. I think, if I will get a call for an interview I really have to ask, if I have to do that, too, because I am not good in it.

I did sleep around six hours in a row and was happy about it, because I am usually only sleep around four hours in a row and then I have to go to the bathroom. I was up around 8am and 11:30am I was walking to the citypark for my support of the climate-strike. I was the only one again, but this day, I only have got positive comments. A priest made thumb up for me. There were people as well, who did not comment, but were looking not understanding or wondering. It was cold again, just about +12°C, though I was only there until 1pm.


Checking my Bike After I had Supported the Climate-Strike (Citypark Katrineholm)


In the afternoon I did update my blog and I also was on twitter again, of course. looking for more success stories as well as posting a photo of the day. – The rest of the evening I was watching movies again.


23rd Sept 2019

Another day demonstrating for the future. Another day, being the only one in Katrineholm, demonstrating for the future, but I have had a short chat with the Chairman of the Municipal Board. He did not talk with me about the Climate Change, but just about, that it is cold and if I am not cold.

At home I was online, reading the “The climate study” by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. I stopped, when I found that there are too many “ifs” in that study. It is like the politicans do – just talking about it and not deciding anything, which would be positive for the climate.

I have got two emails regarding job offers. One was for the gaming industry. I did decline, because I would have bad conscience working for that industry. There are so many poor people, which got dependent on it and have a lot of indebtednesses. The other email was about a job in Greece and I was told, that the sender will call me Thursday. Actually I would prefer to work in Spain, but I will listen to, what the Greece offer is about.


24th Sept 2019

Eva, Anki’s friend, did call me and told me, that the local Nature conservation association will have a meeting at 6pm. She thought, I may find partners for my “FridaysForFuture” activity.

When I was leaving my apartment for my daily two hours for the future, I met another neighbor. She is living on the next floor and lived there for a little more than one year, she told me. Her name is Susanne and she does not like spiders, she told me, because there was a spider with long legs on the floor close to the laundry room. I do not like spiders either, I told her, though, unfortunately. I could not help her.

Sitting in the citypark with my sign “I support the climate strike” some youngsters did laugh at me and told each other, that they have to take a picture of me. I did tell them, that the climate change is serious and asked them, what they learn at school. They did not answer me. Anyway, I think they are not aware of, that they support the climate strike with their picutures, because I am sure, they will spread them.

Later a journalist from the paper Katrineholms Kuriren did pass by me by bicycle, but did stop and return and made an interview with me. She told me, it is for the web version of the paper, because she does not have a better camera, but her smartphone.


25th Sept 2019

I checked the web for the article about me in the paper. It was there, but I only could read the headline, because it was an article with a payment lock. Usually there is nothing interesting in that paper – or, at least, very little, though I decided not to waste my money for this paper. I hope I will find someone, who has paid for it and I can read it that way.

Later I was at the citypark again, sitting there for two hours with my sign. Nothing special was happening this day.

At home again, I was reading a lot – at the Internet and in my new book: “Det minsta vi kan göra är så mycket som möjligt och lite till” (The least we can do is as much as possible and a little more) of Pär Holmgren. It is about the climate and what we can do, of course. The book is for the “study circle” about climate change.


26th Sept 2019

An HR agent was calling me about a job in Greece (Athens). He told me, that I had applied for a job with working language English, but I told him, that I will work with Swedish or German. I will choose the language with the best payment. It is Swedish I was told. After his name, I thought he is Swedish, too and he also told me, that he is working in Stockholm. Actually he is from Norway, but his Swedish is not bad. After the phone call I checked the income taxes in Greece and it seemed, that one has to pay around 48% in taxes, without the tax for the pension scheme. There are 22% in income tax and additionally two other taxes (for social securtiy).

When I was sitting in the citypark with my sign for the climate strike, Anki was joining me for around an hour. We talked a lot about private things, like the disabilities of hour children. I also was telling her, that I try to get a job to get rid of my overdraft. She told me, that there are jobs for veterans in Katrineholm as well. There is a website “Hyr en pensionär” (Rent a veteran) and she also could ask her employer, if it was possible for me to get a job there. Anki is working as a personal assistent for disabled people. She has one girl she is helping.

In the evening I was to the dance class again. I love it so much!


27th Sept 2019

Even this year I congratulatet the former singer, actor and entertainer Freddy Quinn via the website http://www.freddy-quinn-archiv.at/, but first I checked on the Internet if he is still alive. It seems so.

This was the last day of the “FridaysForFuture”-week or, with other words, the week for the FN Climate Meeting in New York. I started by myself as usual, but got company of a mother with her child and the associated grandmother. Before I took my seat in the citypark, I was looking for the action of the local Nature conservation association. Some of them had put a snow hump in front of the entrance of the office of the municipality with a flag on the top for +1,5% and a letter about the climate change.



This association had already at 5 o’clock in the morning given apples to people going by train to their work. With the apples, they have got a paper with the text “Thank you for going by train to your work”. This is typical Swedish, I think. You have always to tell others, how good they are and I think, when they all will drown by the climate change, they will still be thankful – that it did not happen earlier or so. People will not learn of it, people need a Greta Thunberg for becoming awake and aware.

When I was at home again, I have got an email from Greece. I answered that mail and did get a phone call soon afterwards. I was told, that there for the moment are no opportunities for email/chat only positions and that the tax is only 22% – that has always only be shown on his payslip. Regarding to the language course, which is promised for employees, he told me, that we would get a password for Skype and the classes would be on Skype. That was not the way I expected language classes. When I told him, I would like to think about, if I am still interested in the work, he answered me, that he has to know, if he will keep me on the list or not. Though I told him, that he can take me off his list. By the way it was Teleperformance Greece and with my quite bad experiences from Portugal and his answers I was not longer interested in to work for them. One has also to think about, that the salary is quite low even compared with the little cheaper costs of living.

In the afternoon I joinded the local Nature conservation association, when they were striking for the climate. Actually nobody of them did really strike. They did take time off at work or was off duty anyway. Two women told me, that they hade been looking for me at the citypark in the morning. One of them was already looking for me at 11am, even on my information sheets I stated, I will start 5 minutes before 12pm. Anyway I have been there around half an hour earlier every day. The other woman did not find me, because she was only looking at the wrong side of the office of the municipality. I took the opportunity and told the grandmother in the morning and one of the women in the evening, that I try to start a group “GrandmasForFuture” and asked them, if they are interested in to be one of the group. I got their phone numbers. As soon as I have the possibility to start such a group, I will call them.

This day I also took down most of the information sheets I had put at different places. When I was at the library for taking down that sheet I also was looking for the paper from the day before, because I was told, that the article about me also had been in the real paper. I found it and took a photo of it.


I became a personality in Katrineholm


28th Sept 2019

I was up early and roasted the chicken I had bought last Tuesday. After high noon I was going to our dance club for cleaning it. I did a really good work, because I did not only clean the extra rooms and the kitchen, called café, but also the the actual dance venue. It took a lot of hours, but I am happy I did that, because I have had such problems with a runny nose every dance class.


29th Sept 2019

Daytime I was reading a lot about climate change and similar items. In the evening I was to the dance club again – for the Sunday social dance. I had a really good time there, even it only lasted for around one hour instead for the announced two. The guys are not willing to work hard enough, even they do not really work as hard as we women.


30th Sept 2019

Finally the last day of the month and my old-age pension from Germany arrived. I did move the money between my both accounts, because it is cheaper than using the HSBC account in Sweden.

My daughter Maria did contact my by chat, telling me, that she maybe cannot come to my birthday. The school had decided, that the pupils have to work that weekend as well as the weekend for my daughters birthday. She will become 30 years old and was disappointed, of course.

My oldest son Marcus was writing emails to me, because he had not used the tablet, I had given to him, before and he needed the password to open it etc.

After lunch I was handing in my vinter jacket to the only dry cleaner we have in town. I have to wait for the clean jacket for the start of next week and the price for the cleaning is 350 SEK (ca. 33 EUR). I do not know if that is a common price, anyway there is no other way for me, because I am afraid, the jacket will get damaged if I try to wash it in the washing machine and dry it in the dryer. Just the drying is difficult. Many years ago I washed my son’s fluff jacket, as this one also is, and the dun never get back to the original shape. I think, they never really dried.

Back at home I sew the hems of two more curtains. There are all together eight curtains for the big window in my allroom. Four of them are net curtains and the others are fabrics. I also put rings on the net curtain for the kitchen. It is a three meter long curtain I have had in my allroom in Hamburg-Finkenwerder, Germany. For my curtain rails, I cannot use other things than rings together with this curtain. All the other curtains I can thread.

I did read in my new book, when I had gone to bed. When I tried to sleep, I was freezing a lot, though I decided to buy some long nightgown with long sleeves. I have problems with pyjamas. I cannot stand with, that the legs of the pants slides up on my legs. The sleep did not come, though I did look for such nightgowns on the Internet. When I did not find any in the shops we have here in Katrineholm, I did order three of them online. I hope, I will not be disappointed, when they are arriving. I fell asleep after 3am, that means we already have 1st October.

For reading about my bigger or smaller adventures during next month, please click on October 2019.

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