Saturday, 16th December 2017

We landed on Stockholm Arlanda Airport (ARN) exactly the time stated by booking. After a detour to the luggage belt, I found easily my way out, but unfortunately not to the car park, where my son Samuel could pick me up. There was a strip for cars as meeting point, beside of the taxi stands, where I was and he did not find the way there. Finally he parked his car and met me by walking. He took care about my suitcases and I only had to carry the rest of my belongings. On the way home we bought bread etc. at the Lidl in Ekerö, just for easy parking. Well at home I was happy to remember the code for door of the house. We took the elevator down one floor to my tiny, cosy and appreciated apartment. My son stayed for a while with me to chat and left for the last ferry home. By the way it was mostly about his and his families new home and the moving.

I emptied my suitcases and bags, put the laundry in the laundry baskets (I have one for 60° and one for 40° washing) and changed the cover of my bed – I had still the summer cover. I also put the souvenirs and my useful things aside. Jessica and I were messaging on WhatsApp. Last but not least I put the time on my alarm clock of my tablet and was going to bed. I tried to update my blog, but did not come far, because I fell asleep.


Sunday, 17th December 2017

I awoke of the alarm clock, took my medicine and started to pack again. Afterwards I had breakfast and a shower. I finished all in time and walked to the bus stop, where all buses to Ekerö are stopping. I just missed one bus, but that did not matter. I was still in time, but when I came to the railway station. I had not adjusted the time zone on my tablet. Normally it does automatically, but for which reason ever, this was not ticked anymore (I saw later, when I checked).

I bought another ticket. Unfortunately this one was much more expensive. I had the choice to pay around 1000 SEK (~100 EUR) or 510 SEK. I chose the cheaper one, of course, because I am not Rockefeller. Now I had to wait for 4 hours. I messaged my children, that I will come and see him the following day respectively the new time, when I will arrive in Malmö. I started sitting on a bench, had lunch at Leary’s Sportsbar. They had mostly Hamburgers, though I chose a Bacon/Blue cheese Hamburger. It was for 183 SEK, the water was for free. Just before they served the Hamburger, a waiter came with Popcorn. I did not know if that was part of the meal or I had to pay extra for, I did not touch them. The Popcorn was on the table during my whole meal. I was not so hungry, that I should have been thinking about to eat them. At the end of my lunch, I was going to the bar to pay, because the waiter was ignoring me. The waiter was called and I had to pay at his cash, but first a waitress told me “Thank you and good-bye”. I had to tell her, that I would like to pay. Actually I could have left without paying for my meal.

There was still a lot of time to spend before I had to enter my train. Though I was looking for the platform, from which my train will depart. Close to it was a shopping are with an Elgiganten/Phone House shop for smartphones etc. Earlier I had decided to buy a smartphone before I will go travelling Mexico for safety reasons. A smartphone I can have in one of my secure pockets in my hiking pants, my tablet not. Therefore I entered the shop, asked about the Samsung phones, but told them, that I have to think about it. That I did – for a short while. I went back to the phone shop and tried to buy a Samsung S8. We were nearly clear with the contract, when there was a problem. I chose 3 Gb data traffic, but could only take a phone directly with me for a contract for 15 GB. I was close to agree to it (the price was 100 SEK more/month), but so I was told by the shop assistant, that the phone will be locked to the operator for a year. I should not be able to use it in Mexico! I had to find another one and was recommended the Samsung S7. I told the shop assistant, that I cannot take it on the plans, but got the answer, that it was only the Samsung Note 7 and that it was never sold in Sweden. To make it short: At the end I left the shop with a Samsung S7 with a “3” contract for two years incl. free insurance. All together for 399 SEK/month. I hope, “3” is a good operator and I also hope it was not a stupid deal. Maybe I should have bought just a phone, because I had another operator already.

Leaving the shop I walked straight to the right platform, but had to wait for the elevator. I was still early at the platform and had to wait for the train. Entering the train with my big suitcase (in which I had a smaller one and my cooling bag) I was offered help, but I did not have any problem to handle it by myself. The ride was quite boring, the only interesting thing was, that there was so much snow in Nässjö (Småland). For a while I wrote my blog, but got tired quickly. I listened to music by my mp3-player and also slept a couple of hours. I had to change train in Lund and continue with a regional train. Even by arrival in Lund I was asked, if I need help with the suitcase. I did it by myself again, but thanked for the offer again. It warms my heart, when people are so kind. I was going further to Malmö Trianglen and walked from there to my daughter and her boyfriend. Outside that house I have seen the message from my daughter’s boyfriend, if he should pick me up at the railway station.

We had a nice evening together and talked, of course, also about, how I will spend the following days in Malmö and when I will leave again. I had a very good sleep that night. I have a much better sleep in Sweden as I ever have had in Portugal.


Monday, 18th December 2017

I awoke around 7am and had breakfast around 8am and dressed afterwards, when my daughter came down into the kitchen. We talked as well as she got the Smiley mug of me, I bought in Lisbon. I was a little late when I finally was on my way to Helsingborg to see my eldest son. He wished a candle holder for long candles. I tried to buy one, though I walked all the way to the railway station “Malmö Central”. On my way I entered several shops. I was happy when I found one, even it was of the kind we use during advent, the time before Christmas. I would have preferred to have found a candle holder for seven lights. He was happy about the one he got, when I around two hours later arrived at his apartment.

He told me, that he has to go shopping soon and that we cannot be together for hours as I expected. At the end I helped him to write his shopping note, helped him at the supermarket and stayed until 8pm with him. Unfortunately he still has the same mess, but he has got a new second-hand couch. It looks like new and is only three years old. One of his neighbours bought a new couch and gave this one for free to my son. I would have liked to give him a book shelf as a gift, but he told me to wait until he has found a storage for all his moving boxes, which still are not unpacked. He was moving into this apartment years ago.

I found a bus stop close to my son’s apartment and could pay my ticket for Malmö by credit card. From Malmö Central I did take the bus to her boyfriends apartment, but had to change once. When I arrived there past 10pm, they were already asleep and I was also going to bed soon, but watched some German movies before I fell asleep.


Tuesday, 19th December 2017

This day I visited my second born son. I had sent him a message for the time I wished to arrive at his apartment, but I did not make it in time. That did not matter for him. As usual I made his vacuum cleaning. We had a chat before I checked my belongings, which still are there. I packed mostly Christmas things, but also some kitchen stuff. I was hungry and tried to invite him to a pizza, therefore we checked online. Unfortunately it was not possible for me to pay for it, because I did not order the pizza in my name. My son had to pay for it. I offered him to put the amount on his account, but he told me, that I did not have to pay, because of the vacuum cleaning.

I left around 8pm. When I was back to my daughter and her boyfriend, they were playing cards. I was offered beer and chocolate. My daughter told me, if I eat some chocolate to the beer, I will get heartburn, which I did not believe her, but she was right. I did not have my medicine against heartburn with me, but found some soda (bicarbonate) in the kitchen. It helped!


Wednesday, 20th December 2017

After breakfast my daughter and her boyfriend were going with me to my second born sun to pick up some stuff for charity. We still had time to spend together after that and I was invited for lunch. Actually they had problems to decide where. At least we went to the Opera restaurant. My daughter and me had “The dish of the day” (which was better an its name: Club Sandwich) and her boyfriend a fish dish. Around 3:30pm they brought me to the railway station by car. I was very thankful for it, because I was now travelling with the big suitcase, a smaller suitcase, my little backpack and a cooling bag. Fortunately the big suitcase was not so heavy as for the flight.

The train was already at the platform, though I had time enough to enter the car with all my belongings. It was a calm journey. Once I was to the restaurant car. Even the disembarkment was going smooth. The young man before me had two heavy suitcases, though he put first one of them on the platform and picked then up the other one. Nobody did say anything. Therefore I did similar and it was as quiet as before. No stress! I took the underground to Brommaplan and the bus from there. At this time of the evening – it was already past 10pm, the bus to my nearest stop was not going anymore, but it was just one bus stop away, from where I had to walk. That was OK even there was a lot of small gravel on the pedestrians way, because of the ice on it. When I well was at home, I unpacked directly to see if nothing was broken. All the mugs, baking trays and Christmas decorations were OK. I was happy about it, of course and went to bed.


Thursday, 21st December 2017

I sleep better in Sweden as in Portugal and awoke around 8am. I think it also belongs to, that I do not drink all the time, but mostly to the meals. At work I drank water very often. I got pain in my tooth again! It is the one I already had problems with in Lisbon, even after I had been to the dentist. It sits in the right lower jaw. The dentist repaired a hole in the left upper jaw, which I had not felt anything of. I hoped I can get an appointment before Christmas and googled for dentists in Ekerö. Only the “Folktandvården” (public dental service) will be open on 22nd Dec. There is a possibility to ask online for an appointment, which I used.

I had also been to my favorite supermarket this day to buy some missing food for the holidays. I walked all the way to the shop – it takes around 30 minutes for me, even the temperature was around 0°C. It does not feel so very could in Sweden, it was not windy either and I was wearing my real winter jacket and shoes. Back home I was going by bus, because I had to carry quite heavy bags.


Friday, 22nd December 2017

The pain in my tooth is getting worse. It is difficult to eat and I feel as well as I see in the mirror, that my under-jaw is swollen. I have not got any answer of the dentist, though in the evening I check one more time for an appointment at another dentist, because the first one will not have any service the upcoming day. There are some Distriktstandläkare (regional public dental services) on jour during the holidays. I pick the one, who is easiest to reach from my place. Even here I can book online and this time it is working. I get an appointment for next morning 10:30am. It is a good time for me, because there is no need to awake before 7am.

By the way I had cooked minced meat sauce during the day. It was enough for four people and I thought about to invite someone for 24th. I tried by the couch surfing site to invite a solo traveller, but none answered. Maybe next time I should try by twitter. This day I also changed the curtains and put the Christmas light (it is an electrical snowman-light) in the window as well as I changed the table clothes. The little Christmas table-cloth I bought on Malta is perfect for the table I eat at. For the coffee table I use one I have had for very many years.




Saturday, 23rd December 2017

I was in good time to the dentist, therefore I was going to take my last vaccinations for my next travel at Svea Vaccin in Stockholm’s city before I finally was entering the dentist’s. They were quite close to each other. I was still a little early at the dentist and had to wait for around ten minutes. Exactly at the time for the booked appointment I was welcomed into the room for treatments. I had to tell my issue and was interrupted because the female dentist did not wait for all of my explanation. I answered her on her question and continued to explain. My tooth was x-rayed. Afterwards she told me, that I have a big hole in the tooth as well as an infection. Though the tooth has to be pulled out, but that is only possible, when the infection is healed, she told me. I explained to her, that I have been at a dentist in Lisbon in November and that he did a full x-ray of my jaws, but only recommended me “Sensivel” for my toothbrush damage. She was surprised because of the size of the hole. He should have seen it. She told me, that I have to call my ordinary dentist 27th December for an appointment and sent a digital prescription to the pharmacies. By this system I can go to any pharmacy in my are (Stockholm’s län). With the help of an ID-CARD or passport l can get my medicine there. I have to pay for it, of course. When I left the dentist I was looking for a pharmacy and bought not only the penicillin and strong pain killers, but also a new box of my thyroid medicine. There was just one box left from an earlier prescription. This digital way makes it easy to get the whole prescription, but not more. They have a similar system in Canada I learned, when I travelled that country.

I should be at my son’s home around 3:30pm this day, but messaged him, that I will come earlier, because I am already halfway. He met me by car at the final underground station Fruängen, because he had been shopping some food not far away. The house they bought and where they are living since last month is situated in an area close to a forest and I would have to walk for ten minutes from the nearest bus stop. My daughter in law was happy about my early arrival, though I could help them preparing the dishes for the “julbord” (buffet). It is like “smörgåsbord”, but with some special dishes, we usually only have for Christmas. My daughter in law was very interested in, that the dishes should be traditional Swedish. It was her first big julbord and she checked in a food magazine. Before I started to help her I checked out the house. It has two levels with 125 sq m on each level. The basement includes a garage and a party room, which they use as a bedroom, because her parents are living in the house, too. On the first floor is a very big wonderful kitchen, an en suite bedroom, two smaller bedrooms with the bathroom outside. In one of the smaller bedrooms both my grandchildren has their beds. The other one is used for playing. For the age of the boys I think it is a good decision. The garden is great for playing trapper and Indians etc.

Almost at 5pm, maybe a little earlier, all the siblings as well as grandparents and grandchildren were gathered. There is a dining table for up to six guests in the kitchen as well one for up to eight guests in the living room. With the open design of the rooms they are good for so many relatives. It would even be possible to put another dining table in the “corner” of the entry hall. We started with the julbord. Everyone could take what she/he likes and is not allergic against it. Everyone was happy and full after the meal. The meal was followed by the opening of the Christmas gifts. If you are wondering about the date. It is not usual in Sweden either, that Christmas already is celebrated 23rd December, but it was the only day around Christmas the siblings could gather. Traditional the Tamils do not celebrate Christmas at all, but all of them has European, Christian partners. Though they celebrate it now as an extra feast, especially for the children, because they learn in kindergarten about it. Swedes usually celebrate Christmas 24th to 26th December like the Germans.

I took some pictures with my new smartphone, but I am not happy about the quality, maybe I did something wrong. I hope so. My son was driving me to the ferry, as I had asked him for. Well there he decided to drive me the whole way home. The ferry was already arriving, though I bought two ferry tickets online. They are issued for the license number of the car. Unfortunately he only got one. We were wondering why. He drove back the long way throughout the city. He decided that, because he would have to wait for the next ferry for half an hour and in this time he would already be back at home by the low traffic.


Sunday, 24th December 2017

This day I was sending emails with Christmas greetings to friends and relatives. I also called a cousin, who usually calls me. I was very tired and had to take rests for several times. Some emails became very short for that reason. I think it is for the penicillin I feel so tired. I was already to bed around 8pm, but before I had macaroni with minced meat sauce. It was a very long time ago I had eaten such a dish. In Lisbon I could not cook it and I did not find a restaurant, where they sold it.



I have got an email confirmation for the paid tickets for the ferry and forwarded it to my son. He answered me, that I once wrote the letters for his registration plate incorrect. I remember the self correction function on my smartphone did change the letters, but I changed them back. Therefore I also checked them one more time, before I sent them and both were the same. Though I did contact the customer service for the payment and asked if I could get the amount back for the wrong part of the order. They stated, they will answer at least after 24 hours, but I do not expect an answer during the holidays.


Monday, 25th December 2017

It is foggy. I am still more tired as usual. I concentrate on matching the times for my medicines and my meals. First the thyroid pill between 7am and 8am. Half an hour later the penicillin and the pain-killer. I have to wait for one more hour before I can eat breakfast. Around 2pm penicillin and pain-killer again. Almost one hour later I had lunch. At 8pm I have to take the penicillin and pain-killer again as well as I have to wait for almost another hour to have another meal. In between I answer a couple of emails. My “big project” for the day was to dust off the furniture. I hade to make my dishes, too, of course. I feel still much more tired as usual and I was happy, that I managed to update my blog somewhat. I was falling asleep at 10pm.


Tuesday, 26th December 2017

Also this day I had the time frame from the day before. I wrote a couple of emails again. In addition to that I saved photos from my SD-cards on my laptop and fixed my albums on Google photos. Therefore I had a late shower, directly before my lunch. It was the first time since May that I cooked potato mash from scratch again. In Lisbon it was not easy to cook more than macaroni and something on my little pan. The restaurant at work did serve potato mash sometimes, but it was disgusting. It was absolutely not homemade.



After lunch I blogged again before I was working with transfers of the elder blogs. I also had a short chat with my former flatmate Jessica. She told me, that a Norwegian guy has moved into the room I have had. – It is raining in the afternoon and during the evening. The temperature is between 4°C and 1°C.


Wednesdays, 27th December 2017

This day I called the public dentist service in Ekerö, where I live. Unfortunately they told me, they are not open for subscriptions of new patients. I also have got explained, that I can call for an acute appointment the same morning as I would like to come. Maybe they are able to offer me one and it is necessary to call 7:30am.

After my pills and my breakfast I was going downtown to the city centre of Stockholm. I had some shopping to do for my upcoming travel and hoped I will get some, which are on sale. Unfortunately neither the icebreaker underwear nor the socks were. I also bought some other items. All together was for around 130 EUR. I have to try at home, if that will be enough. I have to go downtown one more time for my mammography and hope I can spend a couple of hours afterwards to by the additional necessary travel stuff. If you are wondering why I did buy icebreaker underwear for Mexico, I can tell you I will be prepared for the diverse climate in the country. I like to see the mountains as well as the coast and all in between as well I will be prepared for the rainy season and I know from travelling New Zealand, that my backpacks do not stop for heavy rain.

The shop, where I bought my travel equipment is not far away from the branch, where I took my last vaccinations. Though I was going there asking about the cholera vaccine and the penicillin. As I expected, I have been told, that I should wait with the cholera vaccine until I finished with the penicillin. Furthermore I was asking for the bathroom and was allowed to use it, where I also took the 2 o’clock penicillin dose of the day. I continued looking for other things and was to an Espresso House on Drottninggatan. I had a coffee with milk free of lactose and a sandwich with chicken and mozzarella. All the sandwich options included cheese. Actually I did not feel well afterwards and that to almost the early morning hours. Next time I have to ask for, that they may take off the cheese. Unfortunately I needed a bathroom again, when I had finished eating, but this coffee shop did not have a bathroom. I do no another branch of this brand in the same street and I used theirs even it was used paper towels everywhere. It is also very tiny. By the way I did not know, that it is allowed to run a coffee shop in Sweden without offering a bathroom.

I was still looking for a credit card case similar to mine, but did not find the shop it was bought (they only have branches in Scania, Sweden I found out by surfing the Internet). I did not find one either in other shops selling bags. When I at home in the evening ordered new business cards I have seen, that these cases are aimed for business cards instead, though I will try to find them in a shop for office accessories. Now you already got to know, that I ordered new business cards and may be wondering why. It is of the simple reason that people I meet during my travels are interested in my blog and it is the easiest way to let them know my blog address.

I bought a selfie stick with bluetooth function and was back home around 6pm and took the penicillin at 8pm. Now I had to wait with my evening meal for almost an hour. I was still not feeling well and finally had pancakes with agave syrup around 11pm. I tried to sign up for another dentist in Ekerö, checked the incorrect registration number from the ticket at 23rd (maybe the ticket will already have been used, maybe there is no car with that registration number – there is a car with that plate, but it is no longer registered) and send a reminder to the payment handling company as well an email to the authority one buys the tickets of), watched German series like Heldt and Soko until 3am, when I finally fell asleep.


Thursday, 28th December 2017

This day was only grey in grey. The whole day it is not really looking daytime. It seems to be snow in the air, but it does not snow at all. With 5°C it is too warm for it as well. If I would not have a 24-hours-day setting on my devices it would be hard to know if it is day or night. The dawn was already falling at 3pm.

I first thought it was already Friday, 29th. Luckily my devices showed me the correct date and time. After my pills I started already with my blog. Soon it was time for breakfast. Afterwards I proof packed my big backpack. There was enough with space, but I felt it a little heavy. I am happy I do not need to carry it on my back. You might know, that all bags etc. with a weight of more than 10 kg feel really heavy for me. I have never been a strong carrier.


Some of the items ready for proof packing.


I also found out, that I need new walking rods, mine are too long for the backpack even I have them the shortest way possible. I have seen others, which can be folded and become shorter, but I should measure my backpack before buying new ones. I also have to remember to look for an International driver’s license (if I wish to rent a car at one occasion).

While writing my blog, I have got an answer from the authority about the ferry ticket. The customer service representative wrote, that he had changed the letters and we can use the ticket until 2020. What a great service! Most time of this day I used to put more pictures in my blog about my travel throughout New Zealand. I am happy that I could finish it, even my laptop shot down twice. The laptop is fast getting very hot. I am afraid it will break soon.


Friday, 29th December 2017

I awoke around 7am and was thinking about the upcoming travel. I took two decisions. For the first: I will go to Mexico as planned. For the second: I will change my route. I will start as planned, but after the Copper Canyon I will go further West and down all the way to Belize. That also means, that I want to fly out from Mexico City to Canada. It saves me around 500 EUR. From Belize I will go back to Mexico, up in the “middle” and down in the East. This way I should not get in trouble by hurricanes either. From the South of Mexico I will continue as planned to Guatemala and all of Central America to Panama, from where I will take a flight home.

I still hade a lot on my “to-do”-list, though I was going to Stockholm’s city center again, but this time I left the underground at Friedhemsplan. It was high time to go to “Motormännen”, which is an automobile club and ask for an International Driver’s Permit (IDP). I had tried it online, but there were some difficulties, which made it easier to show up in person. There was a short waiting time only, though I could go further by underground on the same ticket. I have to go back there 8th January 2018 to pick up that document. Here I should explain, why I had to go to this automobile club. The first reason is, that the Swedish Authority for driver’s licenses authorised Swedish automobile clubs to issue IDPs. There are five of them, but during holidays the most of them are closed. The Motormännen automobile club holds open most of the days and fortunately is easy to reach. Leaving the underground station in the right direction, one can see the club from the exit.

My second goal was a charity shop to leave a few items, I do not need anymore. With my empty (little) backpack I was one more time to the Outdoor Equipment store, where I had been some days ago. I was looking for trekking poles. I actually have a pair at home, but they are too long for my backpack and to check them separately in, will be more expensive after a while than buying shorter ones now. I think I will need them, I would have needed them on the first part of my trip, especially on the Coromandel peninsula in New Zealand. In addition to that, when I proof packed my big backpack I found out, how good the drysacks are and that I need some more. I had to wait for a while in the shop until I could get help with the trekking poles. I wished to be sure to buy the right ones for me. I already checked them in, last time I had been here and got confused, but did not know the length they may have, when they are “folded”. I did not realise, that there are different poles for men and women. The shop assistant picked a pair under 900 SEK (~90 EUR) and explained for me, how they work. They are very easy to handle, even for the length of them there are signs on the poles. He also measured them for me. They are just perfect. Copper canyon here I come!

Well, this was done. For saving the environment I put, what was possible in my little backpack and was carrying the poles right as they come from the shop. In Sweden you mostly will be asked if you need a bag respectively if you want to buy a bag. It is not only common at the supermarket. I continued to another shop and nearly passed a shop for bags, suitcases and similar items. I was looking for such one last time, when I was shopping in the city. I entered and finally found the present for my second son. I was back home around 7pm, taking my medicine in a pharmacy around 2pm and have had a meal between 4pm and 5pm. I came home with all things on my list, but one I did not find, but I was thinking about, that I will feel comfortable as well. Some of the items I bought, I found by luck, others I had to look for in several similar shops.

I was to bed quite early after have taken the third penicillin pill for the day. I slept well for a while, but awoke after a couple of hours for heartburn and nausea. When I finally was sleeping again I awoke after a while, that someone was opening my door and with a female voice screaming “Leo” or “Leon”. I was still not really clear in my head and I was asking in English: “What are you doing in my apartment.” Suddenly the door was locked by a key. I had really weird reflections, because one of my grandchildren is called Leon. I thought it could have been my son’s mother in law together with my grandson, but on the other hand I thought, there is no reason, that she should do that and how should she make all the way to Ekerö in the middle of the night. I was up to my entrance, checked the door and my belongings as well as I wrote an email to my landlady, who is on holidays on the Canaries. Fortunately I have got more sleep this night.


Saturday, 30th December 2018

I slept until 9am or 10am, but was aware what happened last night. I took my thyroid medicine and discovered, that my fridge as well as the small things I have in front of the door to my landlady’s apartment were moved. I felt the door and it was locked. Because of that my entrance door and this one are close to each other I did not realise before, that it might have been this one. The email answer of my landlady gave clarity. First she apologised, then she explained, that her grandson Leon is visiting his father, who also lives in the apartment of my landlady (what I know) together with his girlfriend. She was looking for the bathroom and took wrong door.

It feels better now and I spent my day adding photos and links for my tab Australia and all related tabs, here on The upcoming project will be to move hit all I already have written about North America and uploading the related photos as well, but that I will start with next year. There was time enough today to make an appointment with my son Samuel for New Years Eve and I also cooked a healthy meal.

This day I also vacuum cleaned my apartment. It was the first time I did since I am back home, because it did not seem to be dirty. Anyway I expected a lot of dust under my bed and my sofa. To get it clean, I moved the sofa, but there was not much dust. It was the same with my bed. I was surprised and happy, because of a totally different experience from my room in Lisbon. Maybe it depends on the size of the room, the climate and/or the way they are build.


Sunday, 31st December 2017

The last day of the year 2017 I was on twitter in the morning, meanwhile I was waiting for breakfast – because of the penicillin. After breakfast I was tweaking with my things, before I was going to my son and his family with my daypack. We had planned that I will stay over with them the upcoming night. None of os had neither planned any special nor bought fireworks. We usually do not, even when my children were younger and living with me. We always enjoyed the fireworks of the neighbours or the one of the city council.

My son was the serving chef and cooked a tasty spaghetti Carbonaro for dinner. We chatted as much as the care of the children allowed and the year was slowly coming to its end.

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