1st Feb

What a morning. My son became angry at me, because of my comments. He told me, that he is 30 years old … I washed my clothes, organised my backpack and prepared clothes for the upcoming day. It needs a lot of organisation to live in and have so little space as I have for the moment. It was even more space at the hostels, but it was my decision. In addition to that I formated my mp3-player and added the songs I like. I also made playlists for the player.


2nd Feb

I took the cover over my head, because of the light – the family has to go up early and has to switch on the lights. I understand that, but I think they could switch it of sooner as the do. I became warm under the cover, though that was not an option. I had breakfast around 9am and was afterwards going by public transport to “Sockerbruksgatan” in Stockholm for the filming av a TV series called “Jordskott II”. I was an extra in one of the scenes, just someone who took a walk in the park together with another woman in my age. There were more extras, of course. I young woman and a guy had to walk behind us and some of the extras were police officers. The recording was fast done, only three tries were needed.

Home at my son’s I cooked the dinner. In the evening I signed up for more TV jobs and also a marketing movie.


3rd Feb

I have already got two answers for the extra work. This morning I was to the supermarket and bought ingredients for humus which I prepared, when I was back home. Unfortunately the garlic was too big and it tasted a lot of garlic. It did not matter for me, but my daughter in law and even my son did not like it.

In the evening I was waiting for that the kids fell asleep, though I could work with my laptop. I have had contact with my daughter and we agreed, that I should move in to her and his boyfriend, because the lack of opportunities of an apartment in Stockholm. I told this my son.


4th Feb

I was up around 10am and was going to Skärholmen Centrum around 2pm, where I bought coffee and gloves. This evening there was no need for me to prepare the dinner. My son and his wife had bought pizza at Pizza hut. In the late evening I was on the Internet again, this time attending the site “Connecting Singles”. It is a free site and so is the quality. People who signs up here are often scammers. I am very careful by using this site.


5th Feb

To live three generations together in a small apartment is not easy. For me the worst is, when people are not happy with each other. This was one of the days. My son had an appointment with a friend, but his wife did not like it, though he had to stay home, even she has had an evening off some days ago for going to the temple. I am not sure, that this family will be together for a long time. Anyway they have a lot of help of my daughter in law parents.

In the late afternoon I was to town for a CS-meeting, that means a meeting for people who are registered on http://www.couchsurfing.com and are in Stockholm – because they live here or are visiting the town. We had some great hours together.


6th Feb

I invested in an advertising on “Blocket” looking for an apartment. Most of the people, who answered, were offering a room, sharing their apartments. Anyway it is a success. When I answered on adds, where people offered rooms or apartments, I mostly did not get any answer, but sometimes the did, but did not choose me. In one or two cases I found out afterwards, that the rooms were situated far away from Stockholm city.

I was also at the nurse this day and took the influenza vaccine. It is for free for people 60+. I had never taken it before, but my grandchildren come home with colds all the time and maybe they also will come home with influenza one day. On my way back to my son’s home I bought minced beef and handkerchiefs. I fried “pannbiff” (Swedish hamburgers) for dinner.

In the late evening I was on the Internet again, looking at the answers of my advertising searching for an apartment (se above), checking out “Connecting singles” and I also was working with my PowerPoint representation of my travel throughout New Zealand.


7th Feb

I answered some emails and was preparing for my talk about my travel throughout New Zealand.

I also got ans answer from a woman i Vallentuna about an apartment. We agreed that I will come and see it at the weekend.

I cooked borscht, because of my son had bought beetroot for it looked so nice ;-). Anyway most of the family did not like it. I had to eat of the soup for several days.


8th Feb

This day I hold my presentation about my travel throughout New Zealand. The place was a room at the cinema Victoria in Stockholm, the organiser the “Svenska Vuxenskolan” (a residential college for adult education, but they also have non-residential courses). I had just enough time for my presentation, even it was for two hours.

When finished I walked the city looking for a shoe shop, but finally I was going by underground to the Skärholmen Shopping Centre, where I entered all the shoe shops. It was very hard to find shoes because my small size. Most of the shoes were to big for me, but the size should have been right. At the end I bought a pair of shoes, which fitted quiet good.


My New Shoes


In addition to that I bought a couple of hair accessories. This day I did not have to cook the dinner, my daughter in law dit. She cooked meat sauce, but with very lite tomato paste.


9th Feb

Unfortunately my youngest grandchild is sick, though all of the family, but my son, are at home. I had an appointment at an audiologist. There I chose a new pair of hearing aids – but cheap ones. They are good enough! The hearing aids has changed so much since I have got my first once. Also here in Sweden the hearing aids are really small again – the ones I have got in Germany were bigger. Furthermore I now can choose of a lot of colours. I first thought I would take skin coloured again, but the audiologist recommended grey ones for me (exactly steel-gray), because they match my hair colour. Though I decided to take the grey ones this time. I also was back with one of the hair accessories, because it was to lite for me, even I do not have much hair anymore. I took a pair of earrings with clips. They are quite hard to find and I did not remember, that I have some in Malmö. In addition to that I bought effervescent tablets with magnesium and vitamines.


10th Feb

My youngest grandson is still sick and all members of my son’s family are at home. Even the mother of my daughter in law is here since yesterday. She was sleeping here. I was thinking about how my daughter in law would cope with it, if she did not have any help – what my situation has been with four kids.

I finally wrote letters to two of my Canadian friends, sending them a cheque each as a gift, because I cannot cash them in Sweden. By the way I never got an answer of my friends about the letters and the cheques. I do not know if the letters were stolen on their’s way to Canada or in Canada, because I did not send them registered.


11th Feb

It is a great day. I have had an ad on “Blocket” – an online second-hand shop, where one also can look for jobs, apartments etc., looking for an apartment. I have got some answers. People were offering me to share their apartment, but there were also two studio apartments offered. Though I am looking for them this day. The first one is in a private house with garden, far away from the city, but there is a good public transport opportunity. The rent is 5,500 SEK/month. On 81-year-old lady is the owner. I went first there and was looking at it, but the room is quite dark and I think, it will be cold from the floor. I am allowed to use the garden the owner told me – it would be a bad thing otherwise! The second studio apartment is in the beautiful city of Ekerö, not far away from the city of Stockholm. The room is maybe smaller than the first one and there is no water in the pantry, but it is bright and has a nice balcony as well as a wonderful view. In addition to that the rent is only 4,500 SEK/month for this one. Though I decided to take that one. The owner is a 74-year-old lady, visiting Mallorca or the Canary Islands during the Swedish winter. Just now she is back for a very limited time and she is very happy, that I will rent her place. We had a long chat and feel very comfortable with each other. Unfortunately the studio is not available before 1st May, but it is worth to wait for.


12th Feb

I relaxed in the morning, but made a file for my expenses. I also have got an offer for a short time rent. It is on a fifth floor, but with an elevator in the building. Therefore I went there in the early afternoon. It is in a big apartment in the middle of the city and a big open room is for rent. The owner told me, that they will hide their belongings before one will move in etc. The tenant also told me, that he will be home from time to time with his family, including two children in the age of nine month and 4 years. The apartment is not my style and I am neither comfortable with the way it is and will be prepared nor with the old elevator in the house. I prefer to live with my son and his family while waiting for the studio apartment.

In the evening I was going to the Sunday CS meeting, where I for instance met a Maori guy, who was living most of his life in Sweden and a traveller from Argentina. The Argentina guy answered my question about hitchhiking and told me, that there is no problem to hitchhike in Argentina, but in the capital Buenos Aires. A German guy, who also attended, told me, that he was robbed with a knife on his throat. Furthermore the guy from Argentina told us, that meat is very cheap there, but fruit very expensive.

I also was an extra for a marketing movie for Swedish Cinemas. It is very cold and we have to film outside. Fortunately we can from time to time be in one of the cinema saloons, where the movie is made. The session is not finished before 3am and I have to look for a bus, taking me home to Sätra. I nearly missed it, because of not finding the right bus stop easily. It was also a quite long walk from the place, where we were working. I am back at my son’s around 5am.


13th Feb

Even I was very late to bed I could not sleep for hours. My left knee was hurting worse than ever that day and I tried to book an appointment at the polyclinics, but I could not get one this day, though I took the opportunity at the next day.

In the afternoon I was to the “Filmhuset” at Borgvägen 1 i Stockholm. I should have been audience to the TV series “Time out”, but unfortunately they told us, when we filled the seats in the studio, that they had overbooked – as they use to do, so they can be sure, that the fill the studio. We were a lot of people, who did not get a seat and had to went back even we had been waiting there for more than an hour and the assistant hade made a line for everyone. I told them, that was a very bad planning. Another woman had taken time of from here job, though it was more bad for her than me. Anyway I was very disappointed, angry and tired starting on my way back home.

When I was back home I wrote an email to the TV company and told them the situation, pointing out the bad reputation for the horrible organisation they will get. Back “home” there was no dinner. My daughter in law had told me, that she will cook the dinner, but she did not. Her mother did finally warmed up fish sticks for the children with rice to it, but no vegetables.


14th Feb

It was time for a new session for the marketing movie for Swedish Cinemas. This time the scene was in an office. It was about a conference. Some of us had a long waiting time, but there was bread, butter, cheese and something to drink. At the start they decided, whom should be in which scene – there were only two scenes that day. I was first chosen for the first scene, but before starting with it, the organiser changed his mind and told me, that I and some other extras with me had to wait until later.

We extras had a good chat during the waiting time and I was told about the German series “Inga Lindström”.

Finally we had to act, I had to be a woman, falling asleep during the conference. Our part was finished around 5pm, but we had to be there in the morning before 10am. The payment was for both parts of the movie tickets for the cinemas.

Anyway I could message my son in time, that I could not be back “home” in time for cooking dinner. This day none had cooked dinner either, but we ate warm sandwiches later on. When all was asleep I watched 3 parts of “Inga Lindström”.


15th Feb

was a day I do not remember anything special.


16th Feb

I did my laundry, but I had to buy more washing detergent, because of that I bought before was used of my daughter in law. That does not matter of course, because I have free meals.

I bought a book about Smoothies, when I was shopping some new note books. I also finally filled in a form “Verzicht auf die deutsche Staatsangehörigkeit” (renouncement of the German citizenship) and printed it. I was thinking about to do that already while I was travelling. The reason for it was mostly the German immigration politics, exactly the contract with Erdogan, the President of Turkey. I only became a German citizen again, when I was working in Germany, because my wish to vote. When I was in politics, I learned, that it is worse than I expected. Though the contract with Turkey was just the last bolt for my decision. I am happy, I am Swedish and was able to do this. German citizen usually need their citizenship.


17th Feb

I was in bed until around 9am, though my son and family had some time together by their own. When the elder one of my grandkids were screaming in falsetto I just called him by his name. He was surprised and did not do anything for a moment, but then he started weeping and the day became bad.

Later on I was on the site statist.se again and applied for being an extra as a secret service person for three days. I also was at the shopping centre again. This time for buying ingredients for the healthy smoothies. They were quite expensive, though I did not buy all of them.

Furthermore I prepared to go to the cinema the upcoming day. I was searching on YouTube for “Hundraåringen som klev ut genom fönstret och försvann” (The one hundred year old man, who stepped out of the window and disappeared), found it and watch it. I planned to see the follow-up movie next day at the cinema.


18th Feb

The whole little family of my son is sick, but I did not get it (not later either). I am happy, that I am ok and can help somewhat, but even my daughter in law parents came and helped – with the kids.

In the middle of the day I was to the cinema and watched the movie “Hundraåringen som smet från notan och försvann” (The one hundred and one year old man, who run off the bill and disappeared). It was quite funny.

I also wrote a menu for the upcoming week, because of my daughter in law had asked me for it. In addition to that I finally tried to collect all the papers I need for applying for the change of my last name. Actually it is not important for me, but my son and his wife would like to change their family name to one of my ancestors and that is only possible if I change mine, because of the regulations about names in Sweden. Anyway it is relatively easy to change names in Sweden, both first names and family names. The name we are asking for is one of our ancestors. They were immigrating to Germany as refugees from France. They were Huguenots – protestants who followed the reformed tradition (see Wikipedia), but the official religion in France was Roman catholics at that time. It is absolutely not for the faith, we try to get that name, but it is more uncommon than the ones we have and beautiful as well. It is only possible to take a name of an ancestor if it is not longer back than four generations, that means not longer back than four generations, calculated from ones parents (that means the grandparents of ones grandparents are the last, one can take the name of). The name also has to be worn for almost two generations in a row and that is me, who meet that regulations not my son.

It was difficult to get all the papers, we needed, because of Word War II. My hometown was bombed at the end of the war and lots of documents on fire or never found again. Also my ancestors did not live at the same place all the time. Fortunately a late cousin of mine were persevering with the pedigree and found out a lot as well as she collected documents about it.


19th Feb

I attended a couch surfing community meeting in the late afternoon again. We meet at 5 pm at the Espresso House, Drottninggatan 90B, Stockholm. It is a good location. This time there were people from Brazil, Portugal, US etc attending. It was nice as, but shorter as usual. The organizer was not there.


20th Feb

I was an audience again for a TV show. It was called “Upp till bevis” and is about different professions and the people, who are working with the professions. Two teams of two people have to guess, whom is working with what. I cooked the dinner, before I was leaving for the show. That one was really good organised.


21st Feb

At last I did take my first vaccination for my trip throughout Mexico and Central America. I started with Hepatitis A + B, because I have to take more than one before leaving Sweden. I also posted the letter with the form “Verzicht auf die deutsche Staatsangehörigkeit”.

I was asked to cook lunch at high noon, but before I could start, the mother of my daughter in law did it. She though I will not make it in time. I hate that kind of acting! I could have done it in half of the time she did, because she did not see the potatoes in the fridge, which I should have fried. She was cooking rice instead.

I was going to the shopping centre, were I did take the vaccine (se above), cut my hair for 100 SEK by a hairdresser pupil – she did a great work, and was to the supermarket as well as sending the named letter as a registered letter.


22nd Feb

During the day I started to fold the clothes, my daughter in law had done before and was dry now. Her mother did not only participate, she also told me, how I have to do it. Though I was going to the room, where I sleep and used my tablet instead. I thought it is stupid, how she behaves against me. Later on I found the dry clothes in a bag in the wardrobe. She had not finished it!

That day I cooked “köttfärspaj” (mince-pie) after a recipe I have got of a former neighbor, long time ago, when we were living in Frinnaryd, Aneby kommun. Even my daughter in law did like it – which surprised me.


23rd Feb

I had got an email. that I am welcome being one of the audience to the TV show Babel. It was stated in the email, that the show would be this day, but when I came to the TV-house, nobody was there. I was waiting for half an hour, but nobody showed up. I think they did write the wrong month in the confirmation email.


24th Feb

I was watching crime stories most of the day, but also did my laundry.


25th Feb

This day I had pointed out in my calendar. In Solna there was a record fair and I planned to look for the Swedish Freddy Quinn records from the 1970s. Therefore I had the alarm clock on 6:30, but left my bed at 6:45. I was leaving my son’s home as planned and was in good time to the opening of the fair. There I was looking for all the “singles” they offered. There were a lot. Some sellers had the things in order, though I easily saw, that there was no record of Freddy Quinn. Other sellers had no order at all and it took a very long time and lots of patience to have the same result. At one place I found a record of the artist, but it was from Germany. One seller told me, that he give all the records of German artists to a friend in Denmark, who take them to Germany.

When I have been there for around 5 hours, there were no records left – nobody had shellac records, and I was very hungry, though I bought a filled sausage to eat at the restaurant in that building. There were a salads table, too. That I like so much here in Sweden. Finally I went straight home by underground. I was so tired, I nearly fell asleep in the underground.


26th Feb

I have got a cold or anyway a lot of mucus in my throat, though I did not make anything with sence this day.


27th Feb

I was invited to be one of the audience for the TV show “Dolly” this day, but the final confirmation was missing, though I emailed and asked, if the show will take place that day. I have got a positive answer and in time, though I went there and watched it. For my opinion it was a little too boring. It was all recorded directly and now retakes were necessary.

I was back in time at my son’s for cooking the dinner, which I did. I was asked for cooking fish, though I was eating left overs.


28th Feb

My German pension has not come yet, even it usually is on my Malta account the last day of the month. It does not matter, especially because of the appointment for my new hearing aids was changed to a later day. The audiologist was sick.

I took time and managed my gmail account with new labels and assigning the emails. I had early lunch, because of the appointment with a doctor att the polyclinics nearby. I met Dr. Eero Hinkkanen, a Finnish doctor. He was great. He was sovereign, close to my German heart specialist. He explained, why I could have pain – how the knee is build up and how it is working. He also gave me a remittance to an X-ray and sonography clinic.


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