1st May 2017

It is a very good day for me. I am moving into my own apartment. My son drove me with all my belongings. He had taken out the children safety seats again and showed me later that day, how to put them in again. We had a long talk with my landlady. She is from the North of Sweden and likes to talk a lot. While my son was going back home I took my belongings into the wardrobe etc. Later I was going back to my son’s home by bus and T-bana (underground). It took very long time by a problem with the rails, but it was easier for me than the ferry.

I had dinner together with my son and his family and stayed over there for going to Malmö by my son’s car the next day.


2nd May 2017

My son and his family were going on holidays early in the morning. The father of my daughter in law did bring them to the airport by my son’s car. I left around 9am, after I had taken out the children’s safety seats again. My destination was Malmö, where I have the most of my things at the attic of my other son’s home. Google maps told me, it will take five and a half hour to go there, but I needed seven hours. My son was already waiting for me since 2pm, but I arrived 5pm. He was cooking home-made pizza for me – vegetarian and very healthy with tomatoes, bananas, peanuts and cheese. I was so happy about it. Not only to have some meal, but that he made that effort. He also helped me to carry all the things I was taking with me to the car. It was not possible to park the car close to the building, where my son in Malmö lives. I was happy, I have got a parking space at all in the same street.

I actually thought, there were more and other things in the boxes from Malta, but maybe they are in another box, because I already sent home things with him and my daughter, when they were visiting me. I was not thinking about that, but later. Fortunately I took 2 times bed linen, but I should have taken more to host couch surfers. One time, when I stayed over in Malmö, someone broke in my car, though I was prepared to drive back during the night. I was happy as long as I had daylight, but the car has good lights and it was not difficult to drive in the dark. When I got tired I took a rest on a car park, even it was hard to find one – most of them were for truck drivers.


3rd May 2017

What a hard days night! I only had a 20 minutes sleep, because of the difficulty to find a good car park. I was close to fall asleep while driving before I found the place, where I could take a rest. I used all the tricks I know: Music – singing by myself (happily it is only me, who hear it ;-)) and listening to the radio. I did not scratch the car and put it in the garage, when coming back to my son’s home. I was happy about the garage for all my belongings in the car!

After I had slept a couple of hours I drove to Ekerö, using the ferry. There I emptied the car and unpacked all my things. I took the empty moving boxes back to my son’s home, where I had to leave the car, because of the recycling opportunities there. At my son’s home I had a meal and was going to sleep.

This day I also had got a letter from the Social service on Malta about my pension, but it was in Maltese. Though I sent them an email asking for an English version.


4th May 2017

This day I washed the bed linen I had used, started and later emptied the dishwasher and cooked rice pudding, because there were so much milk left. I also took groceries out of the fridge, especially vegetables. When I had done this as well as put the children’s safety seats back in the car I took my bicycle and was going back to Ekerö.

I took three hours for me to go there by taking a detour. At my new home I managed my things, put up my curtains, ate outside on the balcony (I love it!) and used my table-cloth from Malta. I feel so good!

I have got a CS request for Saturday to Tuesday and agreed even I still have to put up my children’s paintings on the wall. I also already have got an answer from the Social service on Malta. They wrote, that I will have pension from Malta and get around 40 EUR/month as well as I will get an additional payment for the time from 27/01/2017, when I applied for pension by the Swedish authority. I was disappointed, that I did not get it from November 2015. I had asked for it before – how it is working and how to do – already in October 2015, but had not got any answer. Anyway I do not complain about it.

I have lots of things left in Malmö – most of them on the attic of my son, but also things at my daughter’s home. By unpacking the moving boxes i found a plate – a souvenir from Tunisia, I had got of my youngest son – broken in some pieces. I am unhappy about it, of course, but anyway it was not a souvenir I bought somewhere by myself. In addition to that, it is only a dead thing. There was also a mug broken – one I had bought years ago in Lübeck, Germany.  The handle had been glued already, but now the mug was broken – the handle was OK ;-). I put it in the trash. I am happy, that I took the hangers as well as the extra mattress with me from Malmö – there were not many hangers and not the one I like in the wardrobe and the mattress in the bed was not really clean. I think it was only a colour think after dry cleaning, but it looked not good.

In the apartment are not cutlery, no pots, no pan. Though I have to go to IKEA again.


5th May 2017

I was to Täby for a meeting with the manager of Veteranpoolen. I think it is a good opportunity to get a job, to meet in person. The meeting was at the “Arbetsförmedlingen”, Kanalvägen 15 at 1pm. It took more than an hour to go there and, being in good time, asking the assistant at the place, where exactly the meeting will be, I have been told, that she do not know anything about it, though I had to call and I have got to know, that I was at the right place.

There were three more people showing up – two women in different ages and a man. The manager told us, that he is looking for a long-term employee and even it only is a part-time job now, it might become a full-time job. I told him, before I left, if he will not take me, maybe he can find a summer job for me. I already had the feeling, that the meeting was not successful as well as they won’t have a summer job.

After that meeting I went to IKEA Barkeby, I was curious about the other IKEA. Now living in Ekerö, maybe that one might be better for me, but I found out, it is not! I had to pay twice to come home, because it takes to long time and I have to change buses and underground several times. I was not back at home before 9pm! At IKEA I made off with around 1,000 SEK. I paid with my HSBC card from Malta. I was thinking before, that it might not be necessary to pick up more of my belongings in Malmö, I could buy new things instead. After this shopping I changed my mind! I have not decided yet how and when I will do it, but I will! – Actually my daughter should have brought it to my, when visiting me, but she is not feeling well, though I have to pick it up by myself.


6th May 2017

I was very tired that morning and also hungry again soon after breakfast. I ate on the balcony, but it was very cloudy and the clouds were grey. It looked like it would start raining soon. The Lake Malar looked grey, too, because of the clouds. I had two cups of coffee.



In the afternoon I put the paintings of my children and other things, like the car plates from Canada, on the walls. I have lots of paintings left in Malmö, but here is no room to put all of them up. Afterwards I was to a Lidl shop. It is quite close to my place. I bought mostly paper products there like kitchen rolls. The evening itself was calm and I was waiting for my first CS in my new home. Unfortunately she was arriving so late, that she could not get a bus from the airport and had to stay there during the night.



7th May 2017

My CS came around 9am. I was already up at 7am to be ready for her. She fell asleep very quickly after that she had told me, that she never can sleep on flights. She was sleeping until lunch and I filled the time with reading and surfing. Around noon I started cooking meat sauce and she awoke in time, when lunch was ready. We had lunch on the balcony and it was warm and sunny.

After lunch and the dishes we were going to the city, exactly to “Gamla stan” – the old town by bus and underground. Unfortunately the weather was not so nice anymore. It was really cold and windy now. We walked the “Gamla stan” and just passed the Royal Palace – she was not interested in it. In the evening we stayed at Espresso house at Drottninggatan 90B and attended the CS-meeting. I left around 8am, my CS came home much later. I tried to be awake until she was coming home. I only have one key for my apartment, though I had to be awake. She was coming close to midnight.


8th May 2017

My CS only stayed one night with me, because the bus connection from Brommaplan did not suit her flight. She went to town around noon after breakfast and writing some postcards, she had bought the day before. The weather was still cold and windy. When she had left I was going by bus to Ekerö Centrum because of the weather. Had it been nicer, I had taken the bicycle. In Ekerö Centrum there are not many shops, but an ICA supermarket, a pharmacy and some more. I bought food, a potato peeler and storage boxes. I cooked chicken with cocoscream that evening. I liked it very much. I am happy to eat my home-made dishes ;-). I also applied for summer jobs.


9th May 2017

This day I had an appointment at the Mexican embassy / consulate. I met Claudia K/L. I had to wait because her assistant was not showing up, she was sick. Though Claudia had to manage things, she usually does not do. In this case it was about a passport, she told me. She also told me, that Swedish people are staying from home more often an Mexican. The latter would not have to opportunity to do it, they do not have the economy for it.

When it was my turn, she told me, that Mexico does not have any visitors visas, because of the generosity that all visitors are allowed to stay for 180 days in a row and easily can come in again after some days in stay for 180 days again. There is only a possibility to stay for a year with a temporary visa, when one has an address in Mexico. She was eager to explain that for me in person and told me, that I could leave Mexico for Guatemala or Belize and come back after a week,  but I have to be careful. that I have my stamps from the different countries including from the first visit in Mexico.

I went home and had a tea (to become warm again) and afterwards a chocolate/banana/papaya smoothie as well as two sandwiches. Later that evening I took care about my economy and took photographs of the receipts from November 2015, which I had found in my belongings I had taken home from Malmö. I also filled my xls-file.


10th May 2017

I made my laundry at my landlady’s place, because there is no wash-house around. I used her dryer for my towels, too, but put the 40°C laundry on my dry rack. I have to wait for every machine, even it takes only a little more than an hour. In a wash-house one can wash almost two machines at the same time. It is much faster. Anyway I will not have the opportunity to get an own apartment – not a second-hand one, like this is – with such a nice view and also I have to wait for it for years.

While doing my laundry at my landlady’s I made my dishes at home. I do them directly in the bathroom. It is easier than in the pentry, because there is no water. I do have the box with dishes on my right hand side on my laundry box and on the left hand side I have another laundry box, but empty one, with a dry rack on the top. This way I can rinse the dishes as well. There is no problems for a leak either.


11th May 2017

I offered an emergency couch for Vadim from 12th to 14th May. I cleaned my apartment and took a shower afterwards, ordered food at mat.se for Saturday. I just ordered meat, bread and similar food, no vegetables or fruit. I prefer to see them before I buy them. I also had a phone call offering to be an extra for the series “Advokaten” on 16th of May. I have to be someone, who is taking a walk. I agreed. I will get 350 SEK for the entire day.

My son Samuel called me and told me, that there are letters for me:
From PRV – they agreed to the change of my name, but the errand will be announced officially and there is a risk, that someone with the name disagree to it. We have to wait for the final answer.
From the Social Security in Ireland: I will have pension from them as well. The amount will be around 40 EUR/month and the first day of my pension is the 12th Oct 2016 – there is a 66 years border on Ireland – though soon I will get around 300 EUR and afterwards around 40 EUR monthly.

My son and his family will visit me the upcoming Saturday and have the letters with them. I also surfed on the Internet for Ekebyhov slott and park, because we will go somewhere with the kids, where it is good for them to be and not so far away from me.


12th May 2017

Also this day I had a phone call for being an extra. It was for 15th May – the entire day. It was about a stupid scetch series. I also was applying for summer jobs again. I had prepared for my CS, but he did change his mind and did not show up. He was very late with his information about it. He told me, it depended on the lack of access to the Internet.


13th May 2017

I prepared for the visit of my son and family, that means I took away all the things, which breaks easily and hided them. I did get my food delivered before they arrived. For lunch his wife and me were going by car to a pizza place nearby. She ordered two pizzas and they really were enough for all of us, even it was not family size.

After lunch we went ot Ekebyhov slott and park. My son and family were going by car and I was going by bicycle. The weather was nice and a great day for it. We took a walk in the park, found a play ground for the kids and had a coffee and cake at the palace. The playground was close to town houses, though the park was not very big, but really nice. By the way, we were walking on cut tree trunks and jumping down from them. One time I lost my balance and fell, but my body is still so soft, though it did not matter. There were a garden as well and lots of different apple trees. The wood anemones were in bloom. I like them so much! After the coffee break my son and family were going home by car and I was going back to my place by my bicycle.

At home I packed the most of the meat I ordered in small portions in the freezer and sent then more job applications. Unfortunately I have not had time for Spanish by duolingo since I moved.



14th May 2017

I showered after breakfast and had planned to go to Rörby gård for an opening ceremony of a new nature reserve area, but the weather was neither sunny nor warm, though I stayed at home, wrote my CV in English and German and continued with my blog. I uploaded the CV:s on the site “Europe Language Jobs”. I also had got an email that day, asking for an English version, because I had signed up on the site the day before.


15th May 2017

I was early at the place for the scetch series, called Bauta. I usually do not have any lines, but this day I had one. It was no problem. I had only to say “Jag har lite bråttom” (I am in a hurry). The weather changed between sunshine and clouds and at the end there was some rain drops, too. It was very chilly, but we were prepared and had jackets. We had free lunch and it was arranged at “Baliban” an Arabic restaurant. I liked the food. All the scenes were taken around the Santa Clara Church in Stockholm. We got our compensation the same day by “Switch”, I was happy, that I had signed up for the system a couple of weeks before.



16th May 2017

Also this day I was an extra, but for the “Advokaten”. We had some scenes inhouse and some outside. Also this day the weather changed between sunny and cloudy. It was windy and chilly, too. The scene should be in summer, though we had to have short sleeves. The scenes were on different places and we were driven by mini buses from one point to the other. Also this day we had free lunch. I had a “Schweizer Schnitzel”, which means a Schnitzel with cheese. It was big, but not very tasty.


17th May 2017

I have had a call from a job opportunity in Bruno, Czech Republic. It was for the German airline Lufthansa and a permanent job. At that time I still hoped for a summer job and told them, that I won’t work for a year.

I also got another call this day. It was from Teleperformance in Portugal. They did not tell me right away, that I have to stay for a year and made me their offer. This was a job with German as well.

The third call was from Ireland. They were recruiting people for Teleperformance, too, but have later seen, that I directly applied to Teleperformance and told me, that they cannot help me. I told them, that I applied for some jobs and do not know the system.

Short time after I have got a call from Teleperformance in Athens for a job with Swedish. It was an IT-related job.

This same day I also made a test for the Portuguese Teleperformance. I had the feeling, that I did not made a good job, but that was wrong I heard later.

In the evening a CS from Pakistan arrived. He actually was in business, but he needed someone to help him to see the city. His brother, living in Munich, had recommended him CS and me. We met at COOP in Ekerö, because most of the buses for Ekerö are arriving there and it is not far away from my place, but he was lucky, that his business partner from Örebro did bring him there by car. They had met at the airport in Arlanda. Ali is a nice guy, vegetarian and muslim – an example that muslims are people like you and me. He told me, that his mother, who is 50+ do not work anymore, not even in the household. Her daughter and daughters in law has to care about it. All the relatives live in a big house and every family has one room, all meet and eat in the TV-room.


18th May 2017

This day started with a busy morning. I had a call from Athens, was then walking with Ali to Ekerö Centrum, because he needed an ATM as well as a SL-card (the card for the public transport). I was awaiting a call from Portugal at noon, though I was hurrying him. He did not walk as fast as me and I am not a very fast walker. He told me, that they are not used to walk.

We agreed, that he is going to the city center and making the first sightseeing. I will met up with him as soon as possible. I was back at home just in time and waiting for the call from Portugal. There was none, but instead I had a video call with Athens. Unfortunately it was not working in Athens. When I told the manager, I was speaking with, that I only will stay for a year – that is the maximum I can agree to, he told me, that he has to think about it. I also had to make a test.

After this video call I was going to town by public transport and met Ali. He was very happy about it. He had only been on Sergels torg so far and would not have seen anything more of Stockholm, if I not had helped him. I was eager to show him “Gamla stan”, but it did not work as I expected. Anyway we had a great time together and he was really generous. I had asked him before, what he is interested in and he told me, while we were walking, when we saw something. Even I first was walking with him in the wrong direction, he did not became angry at all even he might not have been walking so much in his entire life. By the way, while walking on Drottninggatan I have got a call from Portugal again, explaining that they have had a technical issue and if it was OK to talk now. I told him – and he could hear it – that I was in the city center and it was very noisy. We agreed to have the interview the upcoming day with his female colleague. When reaching the Swedish House of Parliament (riksdagen) Ali was interested in to visit it. Though I asked one of the officers, if it is possible. She answered, that tours only are on Saturdays and Sundays, but that a session is taking place in the Plenarsalen (plenary) and we could see it from the visitors department. Though we did. It was in the new part of the house, even one could not see it from outside. There were a security check, where he not only had to show his passport, but also his visa.

Actually it was my first time there and I was disappointed, when I was aware of the system. There were no discussions, though we left early. We continued to the palace and was just in time for the changing of the guard, which he was interested in to see. Afterwards I tried to show him “Gamla stan” anyway and told him about the visitor centrum if he has a question. When he were coming out of it again he told me, that he will visit the “Nobelmuseum” and another one as well, but they were closing down. Anyway it was half an hour left for the Nobelmuseum and we got a special price. He paid for both of us. From the palace you can see Riddarfjärden and he was interested in to go by boat. There were only one tour possible at that time of the day and he happily paid for it – again for both of us. This was the first time for me making a boat tour in or around Stockholm, but the ferries. It was not so bad ;-).

During the boat tour we also could see the tivoli “Gröna Lund” and he was interested in to try one of the rides. I would never use that one, I told him and that was true – because of my fear of heights. Meanwhile his brother had booked a flight for him, starting at 4:50am and we knew, that we had to go back to my home soon, though he could catch that flight. Otherwise he had needed to take a taxi, what is really expensive. Therefore it was just a very short visit and only one ride for him. We used the tram no 7 to go to “Gröna Lund”.

On the way back he told me that the flight was for Zurich, but he had to change flight in Kiev. I was very surprised about Kiev and told him, that I could have found a better flight for him. Anyway I found cheap public transport for him to the airport. He had to change buses, but all went well and it was cheaper than with the “flygbussarna”, which goes directly, but not in the middle of the night. He arrived in good time at the airport, but messaged me around 2am, that he cannot take that flight and have to call his brother. The brother was not answering on WhatsApp, though he asked me for calling his brother. Unfortunately I only can call Swedish numbers and could not help him. The problem was, he told me, that his visa only was working if he was staying in the Schengen area. If he would take the flight to Kiev, the visa would not be valid anymore.

I was using skyscanner for finding another flight for him and recommended him a flight around 8am, where he had a flight change in Hamburg, Germany. It was the shortest one, taking 6 to 7 hours and to a price for around 1,200 SEK. Even he first was not happy about that choice he later messaged me, that he had been in touch with his brother and he will take that flight.



19th May 2017

While waiting for the call from Portugal I updated my laptop. I had to install the camera, though I could use it for the Greek test. They will be sure that it is really me, who does the test.

The Portuguese test had been very well done, I got to know today and there will be another interview. It was a confirmation of that. They also told me, that I have to send an updated CV as well as a copy of my passport and a copy of my certification “Verwaltungsprüfung” as well as a copy of my credit card – for the account details. I sent it all, but forget the copy of the credit card.

Ali had written a reference on CS. It was very good. I also wrote a positive one for him.

Later that day I was to the recycling in Träkvista (where the COOP is), continued to Ekerö Centrum for a print out of the form for a police conduct letter at the library, bought envelops at the ICA supermarket and sent it away. Last but not least I picked up the parcel from IKEA with the drawers for my shelf.

This day is really warm. I love it, but have to change clothes. I am dressed for chilly weather. At home again I have got one more call from Portugal, preparing me for another one on Monday. I also was preparing for the test for Greece by refreshing my knowledge about short cuts on the keyboard. Actually it did not help in the test, it was totally different from the one for Portugal and I could not answer lots of questions. Though I think it will be Portugal not Greece I am going to for work.

I became tired earlier as usual and watched movies in the evening, but also checked the balance of my Swedish account. It was not as good as I wished.


20th May 2017

My son was visiting me. He was running from home all the way to my place and had left really early, though he arrived at 7am. It was a little more than a Swedish mile.  We had a chat and coffee before we started to put the shelf together. He did the most of it. He also put in the doors and the drawers perfectly! For the way home he called his wife and asked her to meet him on the other side of  the ferry, though he only had to run the way back to the ferry on the Ekerö side. It was a great effort he had done!

When he left I started filling the shelf – it was too little space in it for all my things, but I put more than one thing in each department. It looks good anyway. Because I moved things from my wardrobe to the shelf I have got some space in the wardrobe, but there is not space for towels and table clothes in the wardrobe. Though I still have them in the boxes in the shelf. Anyway I am very happy about my new home and I took some photos.

I was to the recycling center again, but it was full. I wrote an email to the contractor, as it is stated, but they only answered me with the days the empty them. I think that is stupid!

In the afternoon I put some of my travel photos on a SD-card for my photo frame, but it is not working, though I put them on a USB-stick instead. I only put the frame on, when I am at home and have time to relax – and watch them.



21st May 2017

Lazy morning with shower just in time for meeting Joana, a Mexican girl, who answered my question at the CS site for Stockholm. She is willing to help me to become better in Spanish and also told me, that she knows a lot about Mexico, because she was born and grew up there. The bus 312 at Sanduddens vägskäl was very late, though I was not expecting it anymore and walked down to Träkvista to catch another bus. Anyway I was only 5 minutes late, even I had messaged Joana I will be late almost 15 minutes.

We met in front of Café 60, which I can recommend. I have never been there before and was surprised about the prices, the selection and the size of the cookies and pie slices. Unfortunately she could not give me an answer about couch surfing in Mexico, but told me, I could stay with her relatives. The most important for me was, that she told me, that the cooks always ask, which kind of chilly one will have, though it is possible to answer “sin chilly” (without chilly).

When we separated, I was walking Drottninggatan and window seeing, because I was too early for the CS meeting at Espresso House. I took the opportunity and bought the birthday present for my grandchild Vincent. He will become two years old 26th May. I bought a cutlery for children, because his brother Leon had got similar, the day he became 2 years old.

Anyway I was the first one of the CS group at the Espresso House and put my tablet up with CS on the screen. There were not as many people as usual this evening, but all had an interesting story to tell. One of the late arrivals was Peter. He is Swedish and a curler, but this evening he told us about his travel by the Transsiberian Railway, when he was staying at the countryside with a Russian farmer, which did not speak any foreign language. Peter had to learn to ride a horse and they were sleeping in a tent, there were no house at all.

I was leaving already at 7:30pm, but arrived at home as late as 9pm, because I walked from Ekerö Centrum. The problem is, that the buses are not going often in the evening and changing a bus in Ekerö centrum or waiting for a later bus at Brommaplan, which has a bus stop closer to my home makes, that I have to pay twice for the ride from Stockholm city to my home for the time limit.


22nd May 2017

I awoke several times during the night, also around 6am, but took my medicine around 7:30am. I was on the Internet looking for a Comviq shop in Stockholm before breakfast, but did not find any. Maybe Tele2 is working together with Comviq. Later I was asking in a Tele2 shop and they told me, there is not any company agreement between them and Comviq is only to reach online.

I also was preparing for the next interview with Teleperformance Portugal. Even I was looking for a job for saving money for my travels, an employer is interested in another reason. Though I have to tell them, that I like the employer. Actually to sell hotel nights and maybe one and another time a night in a hostel is more fun than selling something else, because I love travelling. Also that I was working abroad before and love the international environment is a plus, of course. In addition to that I have seen there videos on YouTube and if it is half as positive as the tell, it should be a good employer, because they care about their employees. It could not be a better opportunity for me to work with a subject I like, also Lisbon and Portugal is a good destination. I have been there before and like it. I also was sure, that I have to go to Portugal one more time. Finally the Portuguese language is good to know when I’ll travel Brazil.

I had a call from Frau Dabrowski and was talking with her as well as with Frau Kuhme. Frau D. told me, she will call me again in the afternoon.

I also have got a call from the Pensionsmyndigheten in Östersund about the pensionstillägg (pension supplement), I had applied for. She was wondering about the apartment, because it has the same number as the apartment of my landlady and there are three persons registered. I sent her the contract and the explanation I had got of my landlady. I was asking for the name of the assistant, who called, but she did not tell me her name, just told me, where I have to send my papers. I was thinking about to complain about it, but I do neither have to time nor the energy for it.

In the afternoon Frau Nürnberger from Teleperformance called me and asked me, what I think about the interview, which has been. I told her, it went quite well and she told me, it was very well and that I have got the job! I had to sent all the documents I have been asked for before to her, but I have also to send a document, were my IBAN and BIC/SWIFT can be seen. It is not on my card. I tried to make a print out of my account, but there is not IBAN etc either. I was happy, that I found the contract for the opening of my account and sent a copy of it. Afterwards I booked my flight to Lisbon.


23rd May 2017

When I prepared for moving to Lisbon I found my spare battery for the tablet, which I had been looking for during a long time. It was in my college bag, I use for my laptop. I have to fix the handle of it. In the bag were also receipts from Malta and Sweden, which I took photos of and put the receipts in the bin. It actually took a while to photograph all these receipts.

I had a meal and charged the battery of my camera before I was going to the city centre. I was at:
Audika = where I left my old hearing aid from Germany – for audiologists without borders
ÖoB = bought Karlssons klister, vinyl gloves, flip-flops and some sweets
Svea Vaccin = took the Salmonella vaccine, bought the vaccine against Cholera and tourist diarrhea
Synoptik = left two pairs of glasses I also found in the college bag – for opticians without borders
and was going home

where I fixed my belongings:
repair of the shelf – just a little bar, which had to be glued
repair of my college bag – stitched and glued
repair of the hanger of my rain jacket – stitched it
checked the vaccine against cholera and tourist diarrhea, it was to take oral

Then I prepared a meal and ate it on the balcony.

I was on the Internet by using my laptop. I checked if I could check in online for my flight to Lisbon and when I could do that. It was already possible 36 hours before departure and no printed boarding pass was necessary, which I like, because I do not have an own printer. In addition to that I updated my blog about my life in Sweden, but came only to the 21st March 2017 before I was too tired to continue. By the way: The vaccination against Salmonella hurts.


24th May 2017

I started the day with breakfast on the balcony again after being awake off and on since 4am. It is around 13°C and sunny with clouds. I checked the weather in Lisbon. They already have 17°C and it will be up to 30°C this day. In Stockholm it will be only 21°C at its best.

I took a shower and prepared for my visit at the polyclinics as well for my other errands. I need new medicine for my thyroid, have to go to my bank and ask for moving my account to Ekerö, need to go to the library again for a print out and also to the Post office. I have a letter for my son Daniel, because I found the charger for the smart phone, he had got of me.

I was very happy with the doctor at the polyclinics, He is very good in explaining how the body and medicines are working as well as it is easy to ask him questions. Unfortunately I cannot sign up for just him. I continued to the pharmacy and bought my medicine and tooth brushes. The little brush heads are not easy to get outside Sweden and I need them.  At the supermarket I bought some food and also strawberries.



At home again I ate the strawberries in the sunshine on the balcony. I love my flat! I also love the shelf with all my memories. After a short rest I was sewing hooks onto towels and did my files about my expenses. I took photographs of my receipts and wrote my notes. Furthermore I looked up, when I have to leave home for my flight the upcoming Sunday (10:50 = bus 312 from Sanduddens vägskälat 11:03am, arrives 11:26am at Brommaplan, flygbus from Brommaplan leaves 11:30 and 12:00 – with both of  them I will be in time, arriving at Arlanda airport 12:18 resp. 12:48), The flight leaves 14:50 (TAP).


25th May 2017

I stayed at home the entire day and was mostly working with my blog for Rome in 2010. I thought, I have to do it as long as I remember something. Fortunately I found a file with the key data for the trip. All my meals I ate on the balcony. My son Samuel called me, telling me that I was welcome the upcoming day from 5pm to celebrate his son Vincent’s birthday. In the late evening I was watching crime stories by my tablet.


26th May 2017

I had a bad sleep that night, even I have had Camomile tea in the evening. I only slept around 3 hours that night. I had breakfast, dressed and made my laundry between 10am and 5pm at my landlady’s apartment. Afterwards I was going to the birthday party of my grandchild (I had to cook my coffee and take of the cake in the fridge ;-)). I was going by bus and underground, even I had prefered to take the ferry, but it is not going after 10pm and if I miss it, I will not come home. I was not sure, that I could reach it by bicycle in time. On the way home I had to pay two fares for the public transport, because the bus is not going often enough for fitting the time zone.


27th May 2017

Even I decided to pack my suitcase the 28th, I already did it this morning. I packed easy care clothes – nothing to iron. I tried not to overload my suitcase. I won’t pay extra, though I did not put my dressing-gown in the suitcase and also left other things at home I thought would be good to have.

After lunch I was going to Heron City for the cinema. I still had a free card for the cinema and decided to see the Beauty and the Beast. I know it is a children movie, but I still like stories for children, but not aliens or other horrible figures as well as lots of hard crime. I would loved to watch the movie “Sameblod”, but that was only shown in a few cinemas, not in Heron City. I was just in time for the afternoon movie. Afterwards I was to Skärholmen Centrum for spare keys for my letter box. I gave one to my landlady, who had ask for one – and would pay for it – and one for my son. My landlady will care about my letter box and my apartment. I am happy about it. My son will take care of my letters and also have a look at the apartment as well. Though it is easy for me to live somewhere else or travel around.

The way back by bicycle was easier this time. I found a shorter one and also it was not really so hilly – there are lots of hills around Stockholm, too. Even I was on the Internet in the evening, I neither wrote anything in my blog nor did I watch movies. I just sent a short message on twitter and a sms to my son Samuel.


28th May 2017

I was up around 8am, ate breakfast, made the dishes and did some cleaning, took a shower and was on the Internet for checking in at the airport. Afterwards I was awaiting my son, because he offered me to drive me to the airport, because it is Mother’s day in Sweden. I took my suitcases out, put my bicycle into my apartment – for the insurance and that it is not good to have it unattended outside for a long time. I was waiting for my son, sitting on the bench in front of our door. The weather was sunny and quite warm.

He was in time and we were in good time at the airport. I asked him to wait until I hade dropped off my luggage, because i was afraid, that it might be to heavy or to big, but it was neither nor. The big suitcase had only 15 kg and I repent, that I have not taken my dressing-gown and the useful things with me. I also repent, that I had asked my son to park the car and follow me to the drop off, because it is very expensive to park a car at the airport. Anyway:

Here I come, Lisbon!


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