Friday, 1st September 2017

My daughter was driving to school as a learner, though her boyfriend was with her as well. From the school, my daughter’s boyfriend was driving me to the authority for driver’s licenses: Trafikverket – for taking a photo for my new driver’s license. Actually all the assistants I had to do with regarding my Swedish driver’s license were very kind and helpful. Though things were done an unusual way and with phone calls between the different authorities (parts of the maintenance of driver’s licenses has to be done at the authority called: Transportstyrelsen). There is still hope I will have a Swedish driver’s license and an International driver’s license as well, when I am travelling Mexico.

At Trafikverket my errand was soon expedited even by taking a little longer as usual by the phone calls. On the way home to my daughter’s boyfriend’s apartment, he got a call. He had an add about selling some of his fishing rods. The guy, who came and also bought them, told us, he was from Romania, but declared, that he is not a gipsy and is working. Afterwards my daughter’s boyfriend took me to the park, which is situated close to his place, the park is called “Pildamms Park”. I have not been at that end of the park before and I liked it very much. At a coffee shop he invited me for an ice cream.

Later that day (around 1:30pm) he drove me to the station Triangeln, where I took the commuter train to the airport of Copenhagen. I arrived at 2:30pm at the airport and was passing the security by 10 minutes. Though I had a long wait at the airport. The gate number was not shown yet and we had to wait in a shopping area with a few seats. Fortunately I have got one. I also bought a little bottle of water after passing the security and had to pay 10 DKK (around 1,30 EUR).

Finally on the plane I fell asleep.


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