1st Jan 2019

The year started like 2018 ended – with my son Samuel, his family and my daughter. We were in the garden on a little hill and watching the fireworks. We had a really good view and saw a lot of fireworks, even I had the feeling, that it was less, than the years before. Maybe it just seemed that way, because we were in a detached area.

Neither my son nor my daughter or I had bought own fireworks. We are used to look at the others to reduce the impact of the environment.

I guess we were looking for around half an hour before we were going into the house again. The kids were soon to bed and we did not wait for much longer as well. I shared the recreation room with my daughter again. It works very well.

In the morning we were up as usual. Actually, the kids and my son were up earlier as me. I was thinking to take my medicine, but did not find it. Even I had thought about it several times the day before, I had forgotten to take it with me. I had breakfast and get dressed and my son did drive me home before lunch. That was not the way I had thought to start the New Year, but it was a fact that I had to spend the rest of the day by my own.

The day was calm and I was on the Internet to look for a new apartment, because I am longing for one with a real kitchen relatively a kitchenette with a real stove with an oven and above all running water and drain.


2nd Jan 2019

I was awake during the night and had to go to the bathroom. When I tried to switch on the light, it was not possible. First, I thought it was just the bedside lamp, but when I reached another lamp switch, it was not working either. Though I understood, that the electricity was gone. I used my smartphone and tried to find out, what was the reason for it. At that time, there was no information about it. Later, when it already was daylight, I found out, that a storm, named Alfrida, had rolled over trees over the lines in the nearby Stockholm suburb Bromma and also in other parts of the country.

We were lucky, because the repair of the lines did not take so very long time. I had a brunch and enjoyed the day by picking up a big parcel. The advertisement was for a parcel of 10 kg and 0,6 sq. m. Indeed, I had ordered a blender and the sender was the company I had ordered it, but I could not understand, why that was such a big and heavy parcel. I was wondering if I could take one of my cabin bags and pick the blender up, but this parcel was too big for my cabin bags I understood. Though I took one of my big suitcases instead. The pick-up point was around a 10-min-walk away and I won’t use the bus for a 10 min walk. I would have needed something for transporting the parcel anyway. Well at the pick up point I was handed out that parcel and it was really big, as I had thought. It did not really fit in my suitcase either. I would have done it, if the shape had been a little different, but I opened the expander zip and could easily bring it home.

For safety reasons – if I had to make a complaint, I took photos of the parcel as it was and of every step while unpacking. I soon understood, that the very expensive blender was a whole food processor and a special one with different blenders: The one I had bought it for with a knife tower with three knives, a smoothie blender with an extra jar and two lids as well as it also was a food processor for cut and slicing vegetables, preparing dough etc. This time I was happily surprised and the price (ca 160 EUR) was not much at all. The food processor with all its parts had a practical and safe design and is strong, both the motor and the jars and bowl. The make is NINJA and is the one I have seen at my host and nowadays friends in Tijuana, Mexico. I look forward to use it!




3rd Jan 2019

Directly in the morning I started working with my photos from my Mexico trip. I saved them on my laptop. I was interested in being sure, they will not be deleted. I worked much longer with them as intended, though I had a brunch instead for breakfast. I wrote a shopping list for food needed. Most of the day I continued with the upload of my photos. In the evening I watched the movie “Salt on Earth” on YouTube, which is about the Mexicans labourers in the mines and their wives including the right of voting for women. I was recommended this movie by a Mexican guy, when I told him, that I have been in Durango and at the “movieland”. It is really good and partly history, well worth to watch it. I fully recommend it.


4th Jan 2019

I made my laundry this day – as usual at my landladies’ apartment. It took all the day and I had too much new washed clothes for my dry rack, though I saved a part in a bag for the next day. While waiting for the washing machine and the dryer to get ready with the loads, I wrote my blog about New York (be free and follow the link if you have not read it yet).


5th Jan 2019

It is already Saturday again. I changed my dry clothes on the dry rack against the wet clothes from the IKEA bag before I had breakfast. After breakfast I was to the grocery shop. I did not buy so much, but I had to pay more than 900 SEK anyway. For reducing costs, I bought Swedish drinks, which one can dilute instead of juice. I know, juice is healthier, but also much more water to carry home. I finally had tomato soup – from the rest of the crossed tomatoes in the can.

One of my upcoming CS was asking me, what to do in Stockholm and I found a site with activities for free or for very low fees. I sent the link to him. I bookmarked it for myself, of course. I also read about vegan food, because these two couch surfers are vegan and I discovered, that I have a lot of vegan stuff at home, but not only, because I like meatballs etc. Though I told them, that they do not need to carry a lot of food with them, but should check the food I have at home. If they need more or other food, there is a grocery shop five minutes away by walking.

Before I was on YouTube to watch movies with John Wayne, I did my files (economy). I still have to make my xls-files for my trip during 2018, but I cannot make all at the same time and I need some time for leisure as well.


6th Jan 2019

I started this day with a healthy smoothie, avoiding coffee, but I have got problems and that was not only the headache. Though I decided to have the smoothie with my main meal instead and take a coffee in the morning as I am used to do. That is the only unhealthy behaviour I have. I already eat a lot of “green” food, even this day I had chicken breast.

I planned to visit the language exchange Spanish/Swedish in the afternoon, but it does not fit at all with my routines. I have to eat in the middle of the day and it takes almost an hour to go there. It is close to the T-Centralen, which is good. I usually visit the couch surfing meeting at 5pm onwards and have anyway a meal out. Two a day is just too much for me. This day I did not even attend the couch surfing meeting, but was on YouTube again and watched movies with John Wayne. It was quite interesting, because I could follow, how the artist became older.


7th Jan 2019

This day I had errands in Stockholm City. My first goal was the hearing aid company. The wire for the right hearing aid had broken and I needed a new one. I also took the chance to buy consumables for my hearing aids.

Afterwards I was to a Samsung shop, which also has repair service. I did get my smartphone back the same day, but after some hours. When I tried to pick up the phone, the work was not fully done, because I had left the incorrect pattern for the code. I did not remember the correct one, though I did allow them, to put the phone back to the original settings, because I always had saved my photos on an extern SD-card and that was the only things I could not restore. I had the job, of course, to install a lot of apps again, but that was not hard to do.

Furthermore, I was to a shop selling bulbs, lights, other electrical items, tools and more. I was looking for a bulb for the entrance/kitchenette, because the one I have had there did break and the replacement was not strong enough. I could not see much. I also was looking for lights under the shelf, though I could see better, while cooking. I found all I needed at this shop, but not a salt shaker, which I needed as well.

For the salt shaker I was to some more shops, but did not find one, therefore I bought new salt in a shaker with smaller holes in a supermarket, because the one I have has very big holes and I always have to take the salt in my hand or a spoon before I salt my dishes. This way, every time I need salt, I have to throw away half of it, which I, of course, do not like.

I was at home as late as 9pm, even I left before 10am. I made my files about my expenses of the day and watched a movie with John Wayne before falling asleep.


8th Jan 2019

I had got an answer about a cottage to rent. I was happy about it and looking forward to see it. We agreed, that I will look at it at the upcoming Saturday, because I would like to see it in daylight, which I also told the owners.

I had an old food processor, which does not work anymore, because the contact at the bowl is broken. That was a usual problem with this one. I have had contact with the company, which made the food processors, but there was no new part to get anymore. They do not have newer models either, which fits. Though even the engine and all the other parts are still working very well, I have to dispose the food processor. By the way, the company did offer me 30% off, when I buy a new one, but I do not need a new one. I have my Ninja! This day I tried to recycle the old food processor. It was a long way to the recycling, especially by bus. I had to change bus as well.

The odyssey started with, that the bus driver did not stop at the bus stop I asked for. I had to scream about him, before he stopped, though I had to walk back to the bus stop on a well trafficked road. I also had to look at the bus stop, in which direction I had to continue, but that was impossible to find out at the bus stop, though I had to ask Google. Finally, close to the correct bus stop, a bus was driving through. I could not see which route it was, but from the time frame, it could have been the one I needed. The next bus should come in one hour. There is no other bus possible to reach the recycling, though I was waiting even it was cold. I was walking forth and back to hold me warm, anyway my hands (with two pairs of gloves each) and my feet (with double socks and the other one really warm socks) became cold. Even my face became cold and no bus in the direction to the recycling was coming. I was waiting for half an hour more. I had to leave, because now I had to find a bathroom. Therefore, I had to go home again. I still had this old food processor.

I also booked an appointment with a dentist. I found out, that I have to go to another suburb, because there was no time to get at a dentist close to me for some month. We can book appointments for medicinal doctors and dentist online. Though I did book an appointment for the 23rd January, the first I could get. I already had an appointment at the polyclinic here in Ekeroe for 22nd January. I booked it before Christmas!

In the evening I was watching movies on YouTube again – movies with John Wayne.


9th Jan 2019

My landlady visited me in the afternoon and terminated my contract for the apartment. She told me, her niece will start studying in Stockholm soon and she needs the apartment as well as, that relatives feel closer and she has to help her niece. I asked her, if I am bound to the two months’ notice or if it is possible to leave earlier, if I will find another place earlier. She answered, that certainly I have, but she will talk with her niece. I actually got the impression, that the former tenant, which for the moment rent a room at my landlady’s apartment, will move back into the one I rent, but I did not tell my landlady.

I called the housing company of the community of Ekeroe and asked, which chance I have to get a contract for the apartment I showed interest in. I was in the queue for an apartment of the housing company for a year. Unfortunately, there were so many other people for longer time in the queue, I did not have a chance even my situation. I was explained, that the assistant at the housing company will send an email to the first five persons in the queue. There was no exception. The queue is similar to the housing queue for Stockholm. In Stockholm are more than half a million in the queue!

The late afternoon I spent with people “of the world” at a café, where people with Spanish and Swedish languages meet. It was my first time and it was very interesting. The guys from Peru, Argentina and Chile I talked with all said, that my Spanish is good, because of my pronunciation and that I have words enough for an initial conversation, but I know, I have to learn much more words and expressions. The group is called “Svecañola”, which means Swedish (sveco) and Spanish (español) in Spanish. The group meets Wednesdays at 6pm at the café Kafferepet, close to Sergels torg.


10th Jan 2019

It was a long time ago I have been on twitter, this day I used it for hours. I definitely have to change that again. It steels my time! 😉

More important was, that I was calling about two apartments, but both were only for maximum one year and I was not longer interested in it. Later that day I read, that it is only possible to rent out rented apartments second hand for a year. Though that is no option for me. I am too old for moving every year and one cannot be sure either, to find another apartment, because of the housing situation, there are lots of people looking for those apartments.

I also sent an email to a broker for apartments for sale in Ekeroe. I cannot get a loan for buying an apartment, but I hoped, they have so many, that the broker could help me to be allowed to rent one of them.

I also was on the Internet for getting information about the costs of dental work. I was happy, that I found, that there is a contribution to get, if one has sickness, which are bad for the teeth like reflux. I only need an attestation of my medical doctor.


11th Jan 2019

Soon after my landlady had terminated my contract, I had sent a short message to my son Samuel. He answered, that it is unpleasant. This day he called me. He was working in the area and asked if we could meet for lunch at my home. He has a packed lunch with him. I was already at the bus stop to go to town. He just called me a minute before the bus was coming and I was happy, that I was not on the bus yet.

During his lunch we were talking about my situation. He gave me tips, what I have to find out/thinking about the cottage in Ingaroe – an island in the archipelago of Stockholm. I had to smile. It sounded like I never had moved before.

When he left, I was going to the bus stop again to leave back the lights, I would like to have under the shelf over the “stove”, because I do not need them anymore. I was happy, I even did not unpack them. By the way, it was no problem to leave them back and get my money back as well.

This day I also was looking for the receipts for the things I had bought for this apartment like pots and pans. It is hard to remember all I bought, because I have not been at home a lot. In addition to that, some items I bought in Portugal, when I was working there and took them home to Sweden. I remember that I had the cover, I use now, on my knees during the flight from Lisbon to Stockholm.

I have been wondering for days, that my Mexican friends did not send me messages by WhatsApp as they are used to do. This day I became aware, that I had not re-installed the app. Though I did it immediately and answered the messages there were.


12th Jan 2019

I had put my alarm clock on 7am, because it was Saturday and I had to go to Ingaroe to see the cottage. For the early hour I could see the sunrise. I hoped, it was a good omen. I had to leave around 10am to be at 1pm at the island. And I was happy, that I did that, because I had got the wrong information on the Internet. I do not remember if it was by Google or by the very own site of the SL (the public transport company of the county of Stockholm). Anyway, the bus, which I should go further with after I had used bus and subway to the city, was not going. The next bus was around one hour later. There were neither a possibility for warming up nor were there bathrooms. I found a bathroom at a coffee shop and had to pay 10 SEK, because I did not drink or eat anything there. Later I was recommended to go to a McDonalds close by for not freezing.

Anyway, I finally arrived at the cottage owner’s house. I had sent them a message in time, that I will be a little late. It was between 15 minutes and half an hour. I did not know in which direction I had to walk from the bus stop and first walked into the wrong one, but not very far. The people were outside the house, but on the other side from the cottage. Though we were crossing the plot, which was not easy, because it was very slippery by the ice. There was written in the advertising for the cottage, that it had two bedrooms, even it is only 40 sq. m. I was all the time wondering, how there can be a big kitchen, with space for living room furniture as well and two bedrooms. Now I saw, that one of the bedrooms would only be big enough for a bed and nothing more, but there was no bed in it, but storage furniture. The other bedroom did not have a bed either, but it was possible to have one in it, even the room had an unusual size. I was told, that the furniture in the cottage was left of the former tenant. When I was asking for to make the contract for a 1-bedroom apartment, which was the reality and I would need that for applying for housing benefits, they told me, that they do not have paid taxes so far, because they did not rent out the cottage for a whole year at a time and were not happy in, that I would look for the housing benefits. I told them, that my pension is not enough to rent that cottage without the benefits. At the end I recommended them to look closer about the tax situation, while I would look for the time table of the bus, because not even a grocery shop was to reach without a bus – or a car.

Back at home I checked the timetables and found out, that there were different options to reach the village and cottage, but there still was the problem, that I had to take the bus to the grocery shop as well as the cottage and the house of the owners were really in the forest. Even it was not far away from the sea, it was not possible to see the sea from that place. It was just like to get prisoned, I felt, but I did not tell them that. I thought, maybe I will not find anything else and be happy, if I can rent that cottage. In addition to that I was scaling up an ad at the site http://www.blocket.se, where I also had found that cottage to rent, but now looking for an apartment to rent until further notice.


13th Jan 2019

Still looking for an apartment to rent, I opened up my search to the close by counties. I think that was the best decision I could take in my situation. A housing company in the county of Soedermanland was advertising apartments for rent. It was not necessary to be in a queue to show my interest. Therefore, I googled the community as well as the wider area and it seemed to be a good place to live. Unfortunately, there were no subway or commuter train between Stockholm and the town of Katrineholm, where the apartments were situated, but with the SJ train it was around one hour to ride between the cities. That train goes once an hour. It is more expensive, than the public transport is in Stockholm, but I have no need to go to Stockholm often.

I sent an email, that I was interested in one of the apartments. I could not see, if the message was sent, though I sent it twice and also sent another message directly to the housing company, because I found their homepage.

I was attending the couch surfing meeting at the Espresso House, Drottninggatan 90A in Stockholm. There were lots of people attending: Travellers, students and working people as well. It was interesting like usual.


14th Jan 2019

I should have had a female couch surfer from Asia the upcoming day, but next. I was waiting for, that she asked for the directions, but instead to do that she cancelled and wrote, that I had not been in contact with her for a long time. I was surprised, but I think, she did see, that I live too far away from the city and did cancel for that.

I have got an answer from the housing company in Katrineholm, asking for papers about my income and stating, that the assistant has to ask for a credit information. Though I sent her all the documents I have about my pensions as well as an extract of my bank account in Malta. – There is a function to show only credit or debit posts and I had chosen that only credit posts have to be shown. She has nothing to do with, what I use my money for 😉 and I already had those pdfs, because I had prepared them for the owner of the cottage.

I did neither have an up-to-date information from the pension authority of Malta nor from the pension authority from Ireland, but got one from Malta – in Maltese, the following day.


15th Jan 2019

I asked the assistant of the housing company, if she would like to get a pdf of my Malta pension information, but she denied with the words, she already had all she needed.

Another expected couch surfer, actually a couple, did inform me, that they would stay with me for only one instead for four nights, though I answered them, that I am not keen in hosting for only one night and hoped, they will find another host for that night – and they did. I think to stay for one night is just looking for a cheap place to sleep. It makes me a lot of work for the linen.

In the afternoon I had an appointment for looking at an apartment in Katrineholm. I had been told, that the apartment I was asking for already had a viewing before me, but could chose between two other apartments. I had to decide, which one I am most interested in. The good thing was, that one of them was bigger than the first and also the other one and furthermore the big one was on a ground floor. The rent was higher, of course, but still in my budget. I showed my interest for that one and got the appointment time I was asking for, even there was a meeting at the company just half an hour later.

Before going to bed I booked the train ticket. I was lucky to get a last-minute train ticket for retired people. It was for 107 SEK one way. I did not book the ticket back, because I did not know at that time, how much time I will spend in Katrineholm.


16th Jan 2019

I was in time for the viewing of the apartment and the assistant was already waiting for me. She apologized, that she was not thinking about, that I do not know Katrineholm. She should have met me at the train station, she added.

The apartment is a dream. Like it was described, it has it all: A real kitchen with a stove with induction cooktop and oven, a dishwasher and a built-in microwave as well as a high freeze/fridge combination. There is space for a kitchen table. The family room is big enough to separate it by a shelf in a living room part and a bedroom part. In the bedroom part are two wardrobes. The bathroom has underfloor heating, a washing machine and a dryer and a shower (I actually do not like bathtubs, though it is perfect for me). The bathroom is small, but what does it matter. Furthermore, there is a walk-in-wardrobe. There comes neither a patio or a balcony with the apartment, but that does not matter, because there is lot of space outside like a barbecue area, where one can sit and enjoy the sun, when there is. The apartment is really on a ground floor, there are no stairs at all! That is an apartment to become old in. I decided to rent it and was happy, that I did not have the stress anymore to find an apartment.

Unfortunately, I had to rent the apartment from 1st February. I tried to rent it from 15th or 1st March, but that was not possible. I have got the contract directly after the viewing.

I was going back to the city centre, which starts nearby the house with the apartment. The real centre point is 1 km away from the house. I was interested in to have a light meal, but also looking for a restaurant, which has wi-fi. I did ask in a coffee shop, but their wi-fi was very bad, they told me. I think, they were using the free wi-fi from the market place nearby. – On the homepage of the community is stated, that there is free wi-fi at all public places. I tried it and it worked.

Back in Ekeroe I made a to-do list and ticked it off during the upcoming three days, when I had done something of it.

Here is the to-do list:

Emails to relatives and friends – done

Order broadband – done

Order electricity – done

Order payment of rent for February 2019 for my new apartment – done

Order forwarding of mails – there are still letters arriving, even the most is digital – done

Ask for adjusting “home” insurance – done

Unsubscribe from Ekeroe bostaeder (the housing company for Ekeroe) – done

Looking for a medical doctor in Katrineholm – postponed until moving

Looking for a dentist in Katrineholm – postponed until moving

Inform pension authorities about my new address – postponed until moving

Furthermore, I planned, how to furnace my new apartment and what furniture I need. At the beginning I only need a bed and a couch, I was thinking, but soon I understod, that I need some more things. I started to look at IKEAs website to find a bed and a couch. The couch I decided very fast about, but I did not find a bed I liked. For the moment there are only white or black ones to choose. I do neither like white, because it is impersonal and the brown-black colour I already have for the living room furniture. Therefore, I was looking on the Internet for beds and I came to sites with beds with adjustable head and foot parts. I was sold for that idea, because an adjustable head part could help me to get more sleep, it would reduce the impact of my heartburn. Unfortunately, these beds are very expensive and I was close to gave up, but found a cheaper make, which also had beds for sale. An amount of 12,000 SEK is a lot for me, but should be payable in a year, I was thinking. I did not order it the same day, but could just not get free from the idea. My arguments also were, that it will be the last bed I will buy as well as it would be stupid to buy a cheaper bed now and later such a comfortable bed anyway. I would lose money that way. 


17th Jan 2019

The most important this day was to send birthday wishes to my son Daniel. I did do it!

Before noon I was going to the combined service office for “pensionsmyndigheten”, “forsakringskassan” and “skatteverket”. I had my new lease papers with me to tell them, that I am moving and to ask for higher housing benefits. While the new address is an errand for the skatteverket (tax authority), the housing benefit for retired people is an errand at the pensionsmyndigheten (authority for social security for retired people), but all the errands one can make at the same counter. Unfortunately, I was told, that I am too early with my information respectively, asking for higher benefits, because I have not moved yet, but the assistant gave me all help she could and took the application anyway. She also gave me a new form, if I need to send the application one more time, as well as a copy of my application, though I only had to fill in the form and send it by mail and had not to come into Stockholm for it. It was a really unusual helpful assistant and I appreciated her help.

I tried to get an appointment for a doctor in Katrineholm, but that is only possible, when I am registered in Katrineholm and in addition to that I have to fill in a form and leave. Though I downloaded the form and put it on a USB-stick for printing one of the upcoming days. I have to go to the library for it. I do not print often, therefore it is no idea to have an own printer.


18th Jan 2019

I made another to-do-list this day or maybe better I should call it a to-buy-list:

I decided to go the 1st February to Katrineholm, pick up my keys and measure at the apartment. The 1st February is a Friday, though I have to wait one more day for moving in, because I need help of my son and I think it would not be fair to ask him to take a day off work for it.

To measure:

Windows – for curtain rails

Space for table in kitchen

To buy:

Couch (Friheten, IKEA, brown – the same actually as my daughter has – dark colours make the rooms cosier, especially rooms with white walls)


Kitchen table and four chairs

Bedside lamp

Floor lamp

Pendant? – I have one at my son‘s place in Malmö, but maybe I need one more

Rug – in front of couch

Plates and glasses

I also was thinking about a moving board with wheels. I have had such once, but do not remember, what I did with it.

Some minutes after 11am I ringed the bell of my landlady for asking her, if she may refrain the rent for the month of March, that I only have to pay double rent for one month. She did!

Happily, I was going to town to order the comfortable bed. I had tried online before to get a credit for the bed, but was not given. Though I tried it with my bank. I had intended to get more knowledge of the bed by looking at it and also sample lie it. At the shop I told the female seller, that I was interested in a bed I had seen online. They did not have the size I wished, but she explained all the good things of the bed and the one thing I should know as well. She did not try to sell another bed to me and I tried the smaller one out, but did not fall asleep 😉. The remote control is easy to handle, the bed was very comfortable and I told her, that I cannot pay it directly as well as I had tried online to buy it by credit. She told me, that she will try it from her computer (logged in as the shop, of course) and in a minute or two, she had ordered the bed for me. I could choose, how to pay – up to three years. I decided to pay it off during a year, because that will be possible for me as well as the costs are not so high for the credit by the short time.


19th Jan 2019

I visited my son Samuel and his family. This time I had my note book with me – the one I had bought in Mexico. I have had a virus warning two evenings before and also was asking my son about the Windows updates, which cannot be installed, because the memory has not space enough. He told me, that there are two different kinds of updates. The one kind of it is the usual with small changes, the other kind are new versions, but they are not called with new numbers and that I do not need those new versions. He also helped me to take some apps away, though I have a little more free space and the small updates will not fail. Furthermore, he explained, that the warning I described for him, one can get from some websites, but that there in real is no virus on my note book, because Microsoft defends virus nowadays.

We were talking about the moving, of course and I was told of him and his wife, that I could get curtain rails of them. We talked about the car to rent and what we will do first and agreed, that I will go to IKEA and be there, when it is opening. My son will rent a car at that time and with my new couch etc. we will drive to my apartment and pick up my furniture and boxes. He asked me to have all my belongings in boxes and not small things to carry extra. We had even a meal together and were playing board games with the elder boy of my grandchildren. While he and his wife were cooking, I told them, that I actually do not know, which kind of stove is in the apartment. Therefore, I was told, that I need special pots and pans if it has an induction top. They also believed, that it will be one of this kind. They are usual now and the one in their house is ten years old, even I have never had one before.

My son did drive me home and with that opportunity I did measure the doors and the elevator, because we intend not to take apart my shelfs. The bigger shelf I bought second hand and it was taken apart at that time. From experience I know, that IKEA furniture do not like it very much to be taken apart again and again and again. Even it may be easier with shelfs as with beds, but it is also a lot of work. In addition to that, I understood, that it will be only my son and I to move my furniture and belongings, therefore I asked him, if he has a moving board. He has not. When he had left, I was thinking about, how I could manage helping carrying the big shelf, which is 180 x 180 cm. I know particleboard is heavy. I could not imagine, how I could manage that without a moving board.


20th Jan 2019

This day I mainly was listening to music, but I also checked the price for moving boards. I thought, they are expensive, but at the end I found one for 169 SEK. I still have the 30-days-card for the public transport, though I can take rides for no extra costs. The shop, where I could buy that moving board was not very far away. Anyway, I had to go by bus to Brommaplan, where I usually change to the subway. This time I had to walk from there, Google maps told me. While walking I found out, that there is a bus, I could have taken.

It was icy on the pedestrian’s way and icier at the shop’s plot. I made it without falling – I have become very careful. This shop, called ByggMax, was mostly for craftsman, I think. There are similar, were all DIY people are going, but this one did not look like these other shops. I had to look well for the moving board, because there were screws, nuts etc more visible shown. I was thinking about, that I might need two for the length of the big shelf and asked the cashier about it. He told me, one should be enough, when it is placed in the middle under the shelf. I paid and walked back to the bus stop I had seen before. This moving board is quite heavy and I was happy, that the bus was not so very far away. I had to wait for around 10 minutes before a bus arrived, bringing me back to Brommaplan, where I changed to a bus back home.


21st Jan 2019

Even I have problems to concentrate me on writing, because of thinking about my new apartment, I still am able to do other things. Therefore, I was uploading the ABBA hits I have on CDs on my laptop. I also tried to copy them on my smartphone, but without success. I have to ask my son, how to do. I actually know, how it should work, but it does not. The laptop does not show the smartphone and it was not possible via Bluetooth either, my laptop did find my smartphone, but could not connect to it.

I had sent the digital document about my modified insurance to the housing company and got an email, questioning, when I will pick up the keys for my new apartment. With the answer I also was asking, if the stove has a ceramic top or an induction top. The answer was “an induction top” and that I need magnetic pots and pans for it. I told my son and he answered, that I should not throw away the pots and pans I have now, before I know if they are working on my new stove. Half of their old pots and pans were working on their induction top. I already had been on Internet reading about induction tops and therefore asked him, if he has a magnet. He has. I will check my pots and pans with that one before I am going to IKEA.

By the way, my intention had been to take my papers home, which my son saved at his home, while I was traveling Mexico. I had forgotten that, when I was there last Saturday and will visit him and his family the upcoming Saturday as well. I hope I will remember the papers and it gives me the possibility to check my pots and pans.


22nd Jan 2019

Sometimes I am surprised about myself. I thought, it will not be possible for me to concentrate on writing before I have moved, but this day I started to write my blog for January. I made it as a word.doc. It is actually easier than to write directly online. Even the correction tool is better.

Furthermore, I was to the library and printed the form for the polyclinic in Katrineholm as well as I was to the supermarket, buying different kinds of bread. I also filled-in the form this day. I will leave it the 1st February, the day I will pick up the keys. I will go there in the morning and then go and measure, leave the form and shop groceries, though we have something to eat the following day, when I am moving in. It will be interesting to see, what the supermarket has to offer.

In the evening I was watching movies with John Wayne again, because I read that he got a Golden Globe Award for the movie True Grit. I tried to see that movie, but it was only part of it I found on YouTube, therefore I tried with “NETFLIX” and signed up for a 30-days trial period. I did not find any movie with John Wayne there, but movies like Schindler’s list. Though I tried to see that one, but without success. Netflix was asking for an official version of Firefox, which I have. Therefore, I deleted my account again.


23rd Jan 2019

I have health problems since I am back from Mexico or better, they are a little more uncomfortable as usual. It seems I have an inflammation in my mouth and also have problems with my tongue. This day, when I checked my tongue it looked swollen. Therefore, I was reading about lack of vitamins on the Internet. I really try to eat healthy and also take extra vitamins, but I still have these problems and it is one of the things I will talk about with a doctor, next time I see one. I hope it will be soon. I made a list about, what I will talk about with the doctor. I hope he or she is the kind of doctor, who really listen and who I can trust fully. I could not trust the female doctor I have had here in Ekeroe. At this polyclinic the doctors are in to reduce the amount of thyroid medicine as soon as they count one to the elderly. It seems not to be important, that I do not have any thyroid anymore. Therefore, finding a new doctor is for me a good chance to get real help.

I had to repair a piece of my underwear. It is still very nice, it was only a part of a seam, which was torn.

The whole afternoon I was writing my blog text for January and have now finished including 23rd January, but was too tired to upload it.


24th Jan 2019

When I write this, it is the 16th February. I actually tried the day before to continue with the text of my blog, but I fastened on the Internet to find extra shelfs for my wardrobe. More about this on 15th February.

This Thursday I was to the “Stadmissionen”, a charity agency for homeless and other people in need. They have some shops around Stockholm, where they sell (and receive) second hand items, even clothes. I had already sorted out many of the clothes I bought in Mexico, because they are too short for me as well as I had added some other clothes, I have had before. The bag had been for a while on my hat-rack, because I tried to find a place, where I could be sure, the clothes go to people in need in Stockholm or surroundings and will not be sold. Unfortunately, I did not find such an alternative and I thought, the Stadsmissionen was the best remaining choice. At that charity agency, some of the clothes will be given to people in need, others will be sold in their shops and with the money they earn by that, they help homeless people. I also have had problems to find a shop of them, which is easy to reach by public transport. Though I decided to leave my bag in the city centre, actually in Gamla stan, the old city centre.

From the subway station “Gamla stan” I was walking to the shop of Stadsmissionen, but first I have seen their café. The shop was not so easy to find, though I asked there and was explained, that the shop is just around the corner. Actually, it was a little further down after I rounded the corner. Afterwards I did have a Swedish “fika” (snack-time). I had a special Swedish cake and a cup of hot chocolate. Now I was ready to go to town looking for items for my new apartment. I also was to a discounter and did first pick some items, but did put them all back in the shelfes, before I was going to the cash and leaving the shop. I just was not sure, how much money I can use, because of all the other expenses I will have.

Back at home I was really frozen and had to take a plaid to get warm. Meanwhile I was on twitter.


25th Jan 2019

I applied for an IKEA-family-card online in the hope to save some money, when buying a lot of furniture and other items there. I also checked on their homepage, what things I would like to have and made a shopping list at their homepage. That works really well, because the amount of all items on the shopping list is automatically added and one can easily see, how much money it costs all together.

I also checked on www.blocket.se if I could buy things there, but did not find furniture I like.


26th Jan 2019

It was already Saturday again and I was going to my son Samuel and his family. I took my pots and my bigger pan with me to check, if they are working at induction tops – the pots do, but not the pan. Therefore I put a pan on my “to-buy-list”.

I asked my son to have tools enough with him to help me with my curtain rails, the day I move as well as to have a bicycle pump with him, because the tires of my bicycle do not have air. I remembered to ask him for my papers and took them to my home.

My son told me, that he will pay the van – his wife had told him to do 😉, I think because of all the help they have given to her parents so far. I was happy and thankful, of course and now able to also buy a kitchen table and six chairs. It is much cheaper at IKEA and was my chance to buy them without extra costs for the transport. I need such a table and so many chairs, that he can visit me with his family.

I had pain in one of my teeth again and did take pain killers. It seems I have an inflammation under the teeth, but I was not keen in to seek a dentist at the special emergency dentist. It is expensive and I have to save money.

My son drove me home to Ekeroe, which he often does, when I am visiting them. He pointed out, that he, in the future, cannot drive me home to Katrineholm, but to the train station in Soedertaelje Syd, which also will help me a lot.


27th Jan 2019

I was to IKEA for saving time on the day I move. I was looking for the small things, I could take home, as well as for a shopping cart (I had checked some in a shop in the city centre already, but not bought one yet) and also for the kitchen tables and chairs – to decide, which of them I will buy.

I spent a lot of time there this day, but bought the thinks I thought like a lamp-shade (I already have the hanger for it), a rug, the frying pan and last but not least the dishes. I only have one small plate and a soup plate so far. Just for the dishes it was really good to see them at the shop, because at the end I bought others as I had seen on the Internet. At the shop they have plates (usual plates, small plates and soup plates) for 5 SEK each. I saved a lot of money by buying them and they are in a quality, which does not break easily. Also the glasses I bought were for 5 SEK each – and I really like these glasses, because they do not slide out of my hands (a problem I have often with other glasses).


28th Jan 2019

Finally, I started to pack most of my items in moving boxes. I thought, it was still early, but I was not sure, that I have moving boxes enough. Actually, I had not, even I used all my suitcases as well, but I had too many clothes 😉.


29th Jan 2019

I was going to the city centre of Stockholm and bought two more moving boxes as well as a bag for the Christmas tree of plastic. That bag was one of the items I had put back in the shelf another day before, but I understood, that it was a very good thing to have.

Back home I packed the rest of my belongings in the moving boxes, but some small items. I also was on the website of IKEA again and I actually changed my mind about the kitchen table and the chairs. One of the reasons was, that the table I had chosen was not in stock in our closest IKEA shop. The other reason was, that I had chosen chairs I liked for their colours, but I did not like the model very well. By changing to another type of kitchen table – still a round one, which could get oval by an extra leaf, and matching chairs, I saved 2000 SEK, which was very good in my situation.


30th Jan 2019

There are items, which are to big or just not practical to have in a moving box, though I bought some black waste bags. I wrapped my ironing board in one of them and put my thin, protective mattress in another one. In addition to that, I put a note “bicycle” on the inside of my apartment door. I was afraid I will forget to take it with me, because it is parked outside.

When I met a neighbour, who parked his car on a parking space close to the door of the house, I told him, that I will be moving the upcoming Saturday and we will have the moving van in front of the door, which will make it impossible for him to leave the parking space by car. He told me, that the two parking spaces situated there are both not rented out for the moment. He will move his car soon, he rents a garage. For the garages close by it could be a problem, but his garage was further away. I thanked him for the information. It was good to know, that we did not have to care about the parking spaces.

Later that day I took the curtains down from the curtain rails and discussed with my son Samuel by SMS about buying a bicycle pump. It was mostly about if it would not harm the bicycle to move it without enough of air in the tires.

In the evening I was watching old Swedish movies, because I do not like violent movies, but movies with happy ends.


31st Jan 2019

I packed my food processor in it‘s original box, washed the windows as well as the wardrobes. I planned days ago, what I would take with me on the train the upcoming day and was thinking about, if that really was practical. I decided, it would be good to take my new plates, glasses and a few other things with me. I had already packed it in my new shopping cart. Even this evening I watched old Swedish movies.


For reading about my new home, please follow the link for February 2019.

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