Friday, 1st April 2022

I got a call at 9am from the hospital in Katrineholm for a test at 10:30am. This was not planned long term. They just called me and hoped, that I was able to be there in time. Unfortunately I had to quit my medicine against heart burn, that I could eat breakfast before going to the hospital. By this unexpected appointment I could not demonstrate for future this day.

My son Samuel called me while I was to the hospital, but I couldn’t answer him. Later I called back and we agreed, that I will arrive with my bike on the train at 3pm in Södertälje. From there it is a two hours ride to his and his families home. We were really unlucky, because the train was really late and I didn’t arrive at his son Leon’s birthday-party in time. The party was already over when I arrived! I also was a little delayed, because on some parts of the road there was still snow.

Leon had been waiting for his birthday gift of course and was very happy to get it now as well as he was happy about it. He dressed in the special t-shirt right away. Samuel had bought that t-shirt instead for me, because it was much easier to know, where to buy it. I tried to pay him the amount he paid in advance, but he didn’t won’t the money. Afterwards I was sitting in the kitchen all alone and had my meal.

There were a few guests, just a brother of Tharsiny with his family. Leon didn’t even get a layer cake, but another birthday-party was planned for the upcoming day.

I had a really nice evening together with my son. We talked a lot and he did tell me, that he and Tharsiny had registered a company. He had quit his job as well, but was until summer still working for the company, he had been an employee at. I really hope, all will evolve well. I also baked some biscuits together with Tharsiny.

When I was going to bed I did get heart burn and I had problems to fall asleep.


2nd April 2022

I was still very tired when I awoke. Meanwhile Samuel and his family was going to a Laserdome for celebrating Leon’s birthday with his friends. Tharsiny took the biscuits with her. She told me, there will be 13 boys at that birthday-party.

I was going by bicycle into the city of Stockholm. At a shop for biking accessories I asked for a special bag from VAUDE, which should fit for e-bicycle batteries. Unfortunately they didn’t have them at the shop, it was only possible to buy them online. The reason, that I was visiting the shop was, that I wasn’t sure, these bags would fit my battery. I also asked for another accessory, but they didn’t have that in the shop either. I was very disappointed, but I was happy that I did ride my bicycle all the way from my son’s home to the bike shop. I was surprised about all the bicycle paths. I also was riding throughout a little park.

When back home, there were a slice of roll cake as well as two chocolate balls. They were saved for me. Anyway Leon, Vincent and a cousin were interested in them and one of them tried to take one of the chocolate balls. When I told them, that they already had eaten this kind and they are mine, they left the cakes for me. It was not so much about, that I needed them, but about to learn to think about others as well. I was happy, that it was working, even I had to remind them.

When the boys had dinner, I also had – the same kind of meal as them, because I still can’t eat spicy food. By the way, Leon didn’t eat anything during this meal. I think, he had eaten a lot of biscuits, cakes and sweets. He has his birthday only once in a year, though it is forgiven.

Before I was going to sleep I read in the book I had taken with me. This night I did sleep well.


3rd April 2022

I was well rested in the morning, but Samuel told me, he had spoken with me and I had answered him, when he entered the room for work. I didn’t remember that at all. I had breakfast around 9am and was afterwards waiting for to get my bicycle out of the garage.

Meanwhile Samuel was working at his CV, I tried to play board games with the boys, but they were not interested in it. At lunch time I was able to get my bicycle on the road for going home. I did take two dotted bananas with me and a bottle of water. I was only biking to the train station Södertälje, but on the way there, I have got a problem with my bike. The computer showed “Error 8”, which meant communication problems with the control box. Though, the electric assistance was not working. I could only ride my bike downhills and on flat roads, I had to push my bike uphills, because it is very hard to pedal the bike without the assistance and it might be worse, because I have the engine in the middle of the bicycle. Anyway I was lucky, after a long downhill the assistance was working again – almost for a while.

This was not all! Arrived at the train station in Södertälje there were no more trains going to Katrineholm, even there should be. Repairs had to be done on the tracks and though, it was decided only let the trains from Katrineholm to Stockholm pass and not the trains the other way around. I tried to go almost to Gnesta, because I would have been able to get a bed for the night there. Finally, I found out, that there will be a bus for Katrineholm. I wasn’t sure, they will take bicycles, but I thought, the Mälartåg (name of the train company) allows bicycle on board, therefore they should have a bus, which takes bicycle. The bus arrived very late and it was nearly full occupied already. Fortunately all of us waiting for the bus did get a seat and also my bicycle did find a space. In the compartment for luggage was already a double bass and my bicycle made company with it. On the other side of the luggage compartment were lots of suitcases. Back in Katrineholm, the assistance of my bike wasn’t working again. There is a hill, where I had to push the bike.


4th April 2022

I had an appointment for the podcast Velo Talk (Veloplaisir Europe) at 7:30pm this day. Even I was early this morning, time was flying. I prepared a power point document and put too many photos in it. I was not participating in the boules games this day, because I was still working with the ppt.

Unfortunately the Internet connection was not good enough for showing my power point document. The talk was OK. The pod-caster did tell me afterwards, that I was so good on air – like I would do pod-casts all the time. When I some weeks later heard the pod-cast, I didn’t agree with her.


5th April 2022

When I was to the grocery shop I also picked up my parcel from the bike shop, where I had ordered that bag for my rack. I was disappointed, because my battery didn’t fit in there. For environment reasons I don’t like to sent things back, which I have ordered online. Online shopping already emit too much CO2. Though I put the bag in a wardrobe and thought, I’ll find something to use it for.

In the evening I attended the monthly meeting of the Association for Nature Conservation. There was no “Reko-ring” this week.


6th April 2022

I had an appointment at the GP’s, but she was sick. I did get a new appointment right away – for the upcoming week.

I had ordered a head lamp online and it arrived this day. I had ordered it on the 4th. The lamp is a little chunky, but it works fine and has a really good light.

I was reading most of the day, but on Zoom for an online meeting with Cykelfrämjandet (the Swedish national cycling advocacy organization).

Around half an hour of my time I used for making cookies – a kind I usually buy. It is made of cake crumbs and have a covering of green marzipan. Both ends are dipped into melt chocolate. Actually I had not really enough marzipan, though they were not very nice looking, but delicious anyway. I actually prefer the industry made one. We have a nick name for them, it is “vacuum cleaner” (in Swedish: dammsugare).

Even I read a lot this day, I was effective. I finally have sewn a rain cover for my bicycle battery.

Last but not least I was checking the trains to Eksjö, where I have to be the next day for my passport. I read, that the trains arriving in Katrineholm from the West were all cancelled, though I chatted with the customer service for the train, which will leave Katrineholm eastward next morning around 7am. The service assistant did tell me, that there is no problem with my train, because it will not arrive from Stockholm even I told her, that train has also destination Flen (another railway station) before it is arriving in Katrineholm. She told me one more time, the train will be in time and not be cancelled. I didn’t have a good feeling, but couldn’t do anything.

For not missing that early train the next morning, I didn’t sleep during the night. For that I was sitting in my bed and even I fell asleep a short time, it was no deep sleep and I was awaking very quickly again.


7th April 2022

I took a shower already at 5am and was ready to leave my home at 6am. Though I was in good time at the railway station. When I was looking on the billboard for the track the train will arrive I read: Cancelled. Knowing, that I have booked for such surprises, I didn’t worry yet. The next train should come just around 20 minutes later. I was happy about that until there was a notice, that this train will be late because of an engine problem. Several times it was announced that the train is coming and nearly as often as the call that, they also called, that the train is arriving later and later. Now I did get stressed and we were more and more passengers, who were waiting for a train going West. I only needed to go to the next railway station with it and change the train there. I was afraid, we will not all fit into the coming train, especially when I saw, that the train only had three cars instead of the usual six, but it wasn’t even crowded.

The train arrived more than an hour late and I was not expecting to be able to change to a train, which will be in time at the next destination, where I have to change to a bus. We were some women in similar situations, but they were going somewhere else in the West. Arriving at the central station in Norrköping I didn’t have hope to get a needed train soon, but by the repairs of the tracks, that train was late as well, even not as late as the first train compared to the usual departure time. Though I actually had to wait for 10 or 20 minutes. In Nässjö, where I had to change to the bus, I was too late. I saw, there was a train as well, but it was leaving around the same time like the buses and even on that line were tracks repaired. Though I tried to call the police station in Eksjö to tell them, that I may be some minutes late. That wasn’t possible. One can only call a special number for all of the police stations together. You are answered by a artificial voice and can only choose your errand, but doesn’t get a specific answer. Therefore – and I had a lot of time to do so, I was looking for the police station in Nässjö. I also found it, but it was closed and a sign told me, that all employees here are sick in Covid-19 and I have to contact the police station in Eksjö. Finally I hoped, I will meet a police car on my way back to the railway station, but I didn’t. Long story short, I didn’t have another choice, but waiting for the next bus and hoping, that the bus driver will let me out close to the police station in Eksjö. When I made my research about the trains and buses I had seen, that the bus is coming from that side, where the police station is and it’s destination was further downtown.

When I finally entered the bus, I asked the driver for such favor, but he first said “no” even I explained about the late trains and that I have an appointment at the police station. You have to now, that the bus officially only is stopping once in the towns – at the bus center. A little while later, the driver came to me and told me, he could let me out in a round about close to the police station, because there is a bus stop. I was very happy about it and actually made it just in time, but the machine for the appointments delayed me by two minutes. There were two officers working with passport applications and both had a family to serve. That took a while. Afterwards it was my turn :-D. Unfortunately by the cold weather and wearing a hat, my hair was not so nice looking as I had hoped and why I had been to the hairdresser. It didn’t matter for me anymore, the important thing was, that I had made my passport application. The application procedure isn’t easy. Though the photo had been taken 5 times, because I was not allowed to smile. All of my fingerprints only fastened after the third attempt and my signature was nearly as usual and in the correct space after the second attempt. I asked for delivery of my passport to my hometown, which was registered and I was told, my new passport should arrive in two weeks even it is stated on the homepage of the police administration, that it should only take one. I did understood, of course, that by the many applications, it will take a little longer. By the way, the female police officer was very service minded and kind as well as she had a lot of patience. By writing this at the end of June 2022 I already can tell you, that my new passport didn’t arrive after two weeks. I waited for around four weeks and read some days before I have got it, that the printers couldn’t get enough of the special paper used for the Swedish passports in time. All the stress made me tired.

I had booked the bus and train back for the late afternoon, because I had to make this trip and I will get more for my money to be there for a little longer. I have been to Eksjö earlier some times, when me ex-husband, me and my children were living in the county of Jönköping. Though I was a little reminiscent. Unfortunately it started raining, therefore it was not so funny as I had expected, but anyway, I was happy to be there. I also was going to a café for a meal.


The Old Town of Eksjö


I arrived at the bus station in very good time, which depended on the bad weather. The way home was not as stressful as the way to Eksjö, but when I had to change train in Linköping, I nearly missed it, because the train I was coming with from Nässjö was late. It had already arrived late in Nässjö, I had to run all I was able to. Well in Katrineholm again, it was snowing and it was slippery. I missed my dance class for that. By all the stress I had to calm down and it became late before I was going to bed.


8th April 2022

I wasn’t demonstrating against the climate change this day, because I needed to rest. Though I sent Irene a short message. She answered, she will not do it either, because she has an appointment and it is slippery on the pavements.

Nearly all the day I was in my bed, but I didn’t sleep. I was reading most of the day.


9th April 2022

It was Saturday and I chatted with my son Marcus via Skype as usual. Afterwards I read the last part of the book “Åtta steg mot avgrunden”, which I was writing about earlier. I also read news online like the SVT nyheter at 9pm.


10th April 2022

My bicycle’s computer still shows the error code 8. I made it to the central market place anyway, but it was harder as usual. I would have liked to participate in the demonstration for the Ukraine and against Putin’s war. Lotta was there and I had to tell her, that I have to go to a book circle. It was outside at the home of a member of the green party. Nicklas was a little late, though I started solo after I had been waiting for a while. Soon he was beside me and we made the bicycle ride together. Fortunately there were not a lot of traffic on the road, because of it was Sunday. Weekdays it is dangerous to ride a bike on that road, because of the heavy traffic including trucks. It was good, we were biking together, because Nicklas did know where to go.

The meeting was in the family’s greenhouse. It was warm in there. After the book circle Nicklas and I were going back together to the center of Katrineholm as well. He was riding with me, because of the problem of my bicycle.

Back home I did read at lot, but this time on the Internet.


11th April 2022

I had another appointment with my GP. She took an EKG and checked my blood pressure again. All was OK. She also told me, that I have to call a physiotherapist of my choice, that I can get help with my dizziness. She told me, that the crystals in my ears or almost one of them have moved and the physiotherapist could help me to switch them back to the right place. By the way, the GP had taken my head on both sides between her hands and shaken my head. One or two days later my dizziness was gone without the help of a physiotherapist. I was very happy about it, because it was not easy to get an appointment at a physiotherapist.

Later this day I did go with my bicycle to my bike shop for repair. It is still warranty on it, though I think, I don’t need to pay for the repair.


12th April 2022

My bicycle is already repaired! I picked it up in the middle of the day and also asked the employee of the bike shop, what the problem was. He told me, that he had to exchange a relay close to the engine. Luckily he had such one at the shop. I was wondering by myself, if those relays break often. The new relay as well as the work, the employee had done was for free. Often warranties are only for the parts, not for the work. Though I was happy about it. I took the opportunity as well to get my saddle moved backwards and raised in the front. He put it as far back as it was possible. It was not much, but raised the front of the saddle to much. I promised to try, if it is comfortable for me. – It felt better than the lower front, but it felt like sitting on a horse saddle. I still had problems with my butt.

I put an invitation about a “climate soup” on the billboard close to my home. The climate group of the Association for Nature Conservation will have an evening, where they offer free soup with bread etc and have climate talks. Because of the combination of climate talks and soup, the evenings are named Climate Soup. The soups are vegan.

I read again in the afternoon. When I was picking up my vegetables and eggs at the Reko-ring, my bicycle was stop working again. 😦


13th April 2022

I founded a “Bicycle group for people who aren’t working daytime like retired people, people without work etc” I invited for a planning meeting, but none attended. After I had been waiting for a while at the meeting point I tried to go further, but my battery was not working. Though instead for a bicycle ride I was going to my bike shop again. I could pick the bike up some hours later and the employee told me, that the coding of the battery had disappeared. He was sure, he had coded it the day before.

I made a broccoli pie with blue cheese after a recipe in one of my cookbooks. It was so delicious. I usually don’t write so much about, what I am eating, but this meal was extra ordinary.

For several days I have been on the Internet searching for a affordable travel insurance. So I did today as well. There are some problems to come around. The first is, to find an insurance for people of my age. The second is, that riding a bicycle is considered an extreme sport, which makes it much more expensive. The third is the length it is needed for. Some insurances insure you only for half a year. All the insurances don’t insure you for “dangerous” areas. When the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has put the country on the black list, one will not get any insurance for traveling in that country. Last but not least I only need an insurance for health issues and if I need a flight home as an injured or with a very illness or if my dead body need a flight to Sweden. I don’t need an insurance for missed flights or lost luggage by the airlines. I cannot get a compensation, when I get something stolen out of my panniers or my panniers will be stolen, because it always has to do with the flight or hotels I learned the hard way on my first long trip. For the EU it is not a very problem with the insurance because of my European Health Insurance Card, but for other countries a “health insurance” would be great. In addition to that, for entering Egypt it is a requirement to have a travel insurance. My home insurance offered me a travel insurance for 24,000 SEK for the entire year. I don’t know yet, how to pay such an amount. I think, I only will have one for the time, when I am not traveling in the EU, that means for around half of the time. Anyway, it won’t by working if I cycle on the Sinai peninsula for reaching Sharm el-Sheikh. Meanwhile the town is declared as save, the peninsula isn’t. That means, all the people coming to COP27 have to take a flight there. Think about it: To go to a conference about the climate change, you have to take a flight or better two flights, because you wish to go home again as well. For me it is another reason to go there by bicycle. I’ll find a way.


14th April 2022

I started a GoFundMe account. I hope, people who have a much better income as me will help me with the costs of the health insurance. I am a lot on social media this day, too much I think, while I am still looking for a cheaper and better travel insurance.

My dance-partner is not coming to the class this evening, neither will I. I actually have some pain in my back. I am sure, that will be over soon.


15th April 2022

Another “lost day”. I didn’t do much.


16th April 2022

I painted Easter eggs. My Saturday chat with Marcus was for around 90 minutes this day.


17th April 2022

I attended the demonstration “Stand with Ukraine” at 2pm, was going by bicycle to the shopping center and a shop called “Dollar shop” where I bought some braids. I will use them instead for rubber bands. I think, they will last longer. I took an other way home as usual and was cycling via Djulö. At 4pm I was back at home.

Around 5:30pm my Warmshowers guests Clarisse and Romain, a French couple, arrived. Because it is Easter Sunday I have prepared a dinner with a dessert, which is called ostkaka in Swedish. It means cheese cake in English, but it is not the kind of cheese cake most people are used to. This one you it with whipped cream and raspberry jam.

Before going to bed we took a cycle tour throughout Katrineholm to the shopping center and via Djulö. I asked my guest first, if we should take a walk or take the bicycles. They decided for the latter. Our city center is so small, though I felt by taking the bicycles I have to show them a little more.


18th April 2022

I was up early for preparing breakfast and also ask my guests to go for an egg hunt. It was only in my apartment, of course – and also not the correct day. It should have been done on Saturday, but Clarisse and Romain hadn’t arrived on Saturday, though I postponed it. We had fun during the egg hunt. It was followed by a big breakfast.

Around 10:30am we were all ready and went on a bicycle trip. Clarisse and Romain were anyway on there way further and I did take the opportunity to have company. We were going via Vadsbro, Bettna socken and Blackstaby gård. In the surroundings of Blackstaby gård we took a rest together and had a snack. Then it was time to part. They were going further and I back home. I made 64km this day and needed 5 hours for it including 30 minutes for the rest. I actually often had to wait for Clarisse and Romain. On the one hand, I didn’t have panniers and on the other hand my e-assistance. I had to be in front of them uphills, though they could use the speed from the downhill riding to “climbed” up then. Later that evening I did get cramps in my legs. I have to exercise more!


19th April 2022

I was sending emails to some TV productions: TV4 Nyhetsmorgon (news morning), Efter fem (after 5pm) Malou efter 10. I hope they will be interested in my story. I tried with advertising of the bicycle group, I started, in the local paper, but it was not possible online. I also read on the IPCC homepage about Loss and Damage in the MAPA countries and the funds, the rich countries already should have paid. Even Sky television, Uk popped up with their Climate News Daily.

Most of the day I was on social media: fb, twitter and on TV4 as well. Finally I have sewn some more “rain coats” for my bicycle – to protect the computer etc.

Last but not least I was on Zoom and listened to a FridaysForFuture event with a professor from Bangladesh and others.


20th April 2022

Another Cycling for people on their day off, but nobody was coming this day either. Though I was free to go where I wished and made a round-trip of around 70km. My goal was Hälleforsnäs. In an old, not in use industry, artists have their places. There is also a restaurant, but all was closed this day of the week. I continued to the lake Mälaren. There was a nice space for rest where I ate my packed lunch. The roads between Katrineholm and Hälleforsnäs were more or less hilly. It took a lot of my batteries. My second battery had only 15% charge left, when I was coming home.



My butt was hurting, though I was walking for a while in my apartment, which helped a lot. I still had the energy to shop at my grocery nearby. I watched a video from the “Klimataktion” (climate action) group and read my emails. One of them was from my dance club with the message, that not enough male dancers had signed up for the planned class and therefore it will not be a class.


21st April 2022

I printed calendar sheets for May and June, because sometimes I need to have all my appointments on paper.

I read about the Russian war in Ukraine again and about German politics on twitter ;-).

The evening I spent with other retired females. It was called “Trevliga tanter” (nice aunties). A shop, selling mostly German clothes for retired people (very comfortable and easy to dress) was allowed to show part of their collection. The clothes had usual patterns and colors for elderly. I am happy, that I have enough with clothes, that I don’t need to buy new ones for years. It was hard to be involved in chats. We had food as well this night, but the organizer had bought very too much pies and they did offer them for a reduced price at the end of the event. I bought a vegan one for 30 SEK, it was for four.


22nd April 2022

Time for FridaysForFuture demonstration in front of the town hall. Irene was with me and it was good to have a chat with her again. It was a time ago we had one. On my way home I picked up my boules balls at the inhouse boules game arena, because on Monday next week we will play it outside.

The papers for my new drivers license arrived. Every ten years, we get a new one and it is possible to ask for less driving license classes. This time I will ask for reducing them, because I never drove a truck between 3 and 7 metric tons and I won’t go by motorcycle anymore. They are just too heavy for me.

I tried a new recipe for lasagna with black beans, kidney beans, squash and spinach. I was following the recipe on the black beans container and I really liked the result.


23rd April 2022

Together with two active people from the green party – including the chairmen we were going by train to the neighboring town Flen. The train left 9:43am and we were expected around 10am. We nearly made it, because the train only needs a quarter of an hour between our two towns. In Flen was an event and all the political parties were there. We had got places in a row on the side of each other. We were there for helping the green party in Flen. It was very cold that day – outside as well as inside the hall, which during wintertime is used as an ice skating arena. Even at home it was cold and I discovered that the heating was shut off.


24th April 2022

It is cold! Without the heating I have to dress more.

In the morning I attended the annual meeting of Cykelfrämjandet online. In the afternoon I was again in town to support the Ukraine (Stand up for Ukraine demonstration).

I had the opportunity to dance this evening, but by the cold I was not going there. Instead I made a free advertising about my new bicycle group on fb. The group got new members.

Finally I listened to the result of the French election. Macron was the winner, but with less votes as in the election before.


25th April 2022

I was to the boules games again. Unfortunately I was placed in a group of three, which means each one of our group had to play with two balls only. I am not so good in boules, therefore this is really bad for me. Often the third of them is rolling close to the small ball.

It also was the day for the “Climate Soup”. Actually my lentil soup was appreciated, but we also had a carrot soup, which many visitors also liked. Because we didn’t know how many visitors will come, another member did cook a potatoe/leek soup, but it would not have been necessary. It was a lot to do during the evening. The best thing was, that people enjoyed and we got a new member.


26th April 2022

I continued to plan my bicycle trip to Egypt on Komoot. Now I only make small steps and save it. That is working. Later I put it in a collection and on the top of the collection the entire planning can be seen. Unfortunately, by a very big line of bicycles which makes it difficult to see, where I actually will ride my bicycle.

Our climate group met at Lotta’s home, but before I was going there, I had to pick up my vegetables and eggs at the Reko-ring. Therefore I was kind of stressed.


27th April 2022

A new try to cycle in a group. Nobody arrived to the meeting point and I was waiting for 15 minutes. Maybe it was for the weather, because the temperature only reached +8°C this day and it was very cloudy, that means no hope for higher temperatures. I was not going very far. My goal become the “Duveholm Herrgård” a manor, which nowadays is used as a hotel and conference rooms.



At home again I continued with Komoot and also had to make my laundry.


28th April 2022

I did buy the food I needed at the ICA supermarket this time, because I did get some discounts – in %. Whom wouldn’t use that? I was not sure, that it would be easy to take all my shopping home by bike. I actually expected, that I need to push my bike, but I had not! I fastened a package of toilet paper on the back rack and it was working really well.

We had a constituent meeting for the new board of the tenants’ association. I could have become a member of the inner circle of the group for lease negotiations, but because of my planned trip to Egypt I have to wait for a year or two.

This day I also got my fourth vaccination against COVID-19. The health management had changed, how and where to get it. There is now only one place vaccinating against COVID-19 in Katrineholm. Luckily a member of the climate group told before, that he was on his way there as well, but didn’t find it in time, because the entrance is from the yard and it is not well signed. It made it easier for me to find the place, of course. It was not very good organized in there, though I had to have my jacket, my helmet and my battery on my lap. Unfortunately the battery, which wasn’t working again, was falling on the flour. I thought, it is gone. Now I have got the offer to store it at the reception until I have got my vaccination. Back on the cycle I tried to switch it on – and it was working! It worked all the time since this day. I think you can imagine how happy I am about it, even a little sliver had gone of the back light.

This evening I spent on the Internet.


29th April 2022

Irene called me, that she has a problem to participate in the FridaysForFuture demonstration. I was a little late this day, which does not matter and I only was there for an hour, because the cold wind. Anyway at 2:30pm I was for another climate demonstration. Some members of the climate group of the Association for Nature Conservation did collect signatures for asking our municipality board to draw up a climate budget and implement it in all there decisions. A climate budget is for knowing, how much CO2 emissions our entire community generates. Only with a climate budget the community can decide how much and where the emissions has to be cut. Luckily I had dressed well and also gloves. I did held up our banner all the time, because I am not so good in asking people about signatures.

Back at home I had a cup of warm chocolate and chilled out.


30th April 2022

It is Valborgsmässoafton (Walpurgis Night), which means welcoming the spring by a campfire and singing by students and/or a chorus of the church. I didn’t go anywhere, though, because it was still too cold. I had the weekly chat with my son Marcus and the rest of the day I spent with Komoot, preparing my trip to Egypt.

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