1st June 2022

This day was like the 31st May, that means, I still had a sore throat and also was following the “We don’t have time” event at Stockholm +50.


2nd June 2022

I had an online meeting by Teams with the VAUDE team. This time it was working well. I was again nearly all the day on the Internet for that “We don’t have time” event.

During the evening Samuel, Tharsiny and I had some sad discussions.


3rd June 2022

Finally we had sunny weather again and it was perfect for the Fridays For Future movement. We had a demonstration this day. I was one of the helpers. I did start from Samuel’s home two hours earlier than I had to be at Odenplan in Stockholm. I came only 5 minutes before the appointment and was looking for the leader. Unfortunately, her photo on social media showed her with brown hair, but she had colored it pink, therefore I didn’t find her and had to write a short message. She didn’t answer at once, but soon.

She introduced all us helpers about what and how we should do/act and also told us about the main helpers in case we need help.

After this introduction I did go by bicycle to the Egyptian embassy to pick up my passport, hopefully with a visa. I was a little early, but that didn’t matter and I have got my passport with the visa. I was happy about that, of course and it was exactly as I had asked for.

Back at the demonstration I actually was a little late, especially because I needed a toilet and had to wait for a vacant one for almost a quarter of an hour at a nearby Hamburger restaurant. It was no problem, because the organizer didn’t push the crowd, though it took time to get them in line. I had to tell o lot of people, that they have to walk in line, what part of the crowd is the line and also, that there were only 4 people in a row accepted, though it was space for them in one lane. There are two lanes in each direction, but the other space was needed for us helpers and for security reasons. There were people with bicycle in between all the other activists, though I told them, that I would go at the end of the row, if I had a bicycle with me. I only get stupid answers instead of, that they did do what I had advised them. It was even not so easy with the other helpers, because some of them were pushing against me from the back and others from the front (one of them took pauses). Another time I had to tell someone to stay in the row and I got stupid answers again.

At the destination Norrmalmstorget not all helpers were needed anymore and I was looking for people from my climate group in Katrineholm. I found them after a while. Around 4pm all my acquaintances had left. Therefore I was walking back to my cycle. I did ask a policeman for the shortest way, but he had to look at Google maps and I am sure, it wasn’t the shortest way at all. It took a long time before I was back outside the library and could pick up my bicycle. I was happy, that all was OK with it.

I had another errand for now. I had to change the SD-card I had bought on Monday, because it was a big one and I needed a small one. I told the assistant at the service desk, that I had asked – when I bought it, if that one did fit a GoPro camera and I have got it changed. I was very happy about it, because I had to pay around 600 SEK for it. Even the new one was a little more expensive, I only had to pay the difference between those. Google maps was trying to send me throughout a traffic tunnel only allowed for cars, but I knew better. It was raining this day as well, but I was lucky, because it only rained, when I was at the shop changing the SD-card. I found another way back to Samuel’s home. It didn’t take as long time as on Monday.

When I arrived at Samuel’s home, he and his wife were working in the garden. They planted shrubs and moved soil, they had bought a little while ago.


4th June 2020

was an important day for my grandchildren. It was ending of the season for Taekwondo in the Elektrapark. The park was neither well signed on the maps not itself, but we found it quite easy anyway. We had “fika” with us. Back at home it was barbecue time. Meanwhile Tharsiny cared about the barbecue, which she isn’t used to, Samuel did water the plants in the garden. I learned, that Tharsiny is as good as me at the barbecue as well as she don’t like to handle it – just like me.

By the way, for days someone did destroy their green and we were wondering if it was a badger or similar animal. Surely it was done during night time, because we never saw someone at work. A neighbor showed Samuel a photo about the destruction, because they had the same problem. It was actually a deer, which behaved completely madly. Therefore Samuel had bought a liquid, which should help against the deer and this day he did spray theirs entire bushes and other plants.

Samuel and I had talked about to go to a restaurant that evening for special time together, but we were full because of the barbecue, though we did take a walk together instead. We had a serious, but rewarding conversation.


5th June 2022

I had a deep cough in the morning, but it was ending soon again. I was already awake at 7m and followed my usual scheme with my medicines as well as I dressed. Before I ate breakfast I also took off the bed linen and wrote my notices for my blog. When breakfast was done I picked up my things and put my bags on the bicycle. At 10:30am I was ready to go.

I was lucky, after a sunny morning the sky was cloudy in the afternoon, but it was not raining. Google tried to send me another way than the usual, but I decided not to go that one. I Järna, the bus stop Solåkrabyn has a bench, were I stopped and had a rest. I ate and drank some water. When a man came along, I asked him about the road closest to the bus stop – I was already packing down my containers, he told me, that it only is a short road and then I had to use the main road again. I had to visit the grove and was going slowly, having an eye on this man, who was leaving for the bus stop on the other side of the road. I have seen, that he was locking at the bus stop at my side, anyway I didn’t remember that I had forgotten to pack my new GoPro batteries down. They were already packed in the case again and waiting on the bench as I remembered later. The charger was in that little case as well. I had changed battery at the bus stop. Both the GoPro and the one on my bicycle. Though after I had visited the grove, I continued my way in the direction of Gnesta. There I stopped at a kiosk. I first was looking for a meal, but then I decided to have an ice-cream instead. When I had finished the ice-cream and was going to continue, I saw that one of my panniers was not closed and started looking for my case. I didn’t find it. Unfortunately I then took the wrong decision. I continued in the direction to my home instead for cycling back, but I was afraid, that I wouldn’t have enough battery for going to a train station from that bus stop, for going home. Though I continued to Flen, where I arrived with an unloaded battery, but the 10% for security reasons. I saw, I had been cycling 112 km and was proud as well as happy, I came so far with my batteries. I was lucky, that I didn’t have a long waiting time for a train with a cycle compartment.

By the way, in Katrineholm I did cycle the 2 km home from the train station, but I had the feeling, that the engine is not so strong with the last 10% of the battery then with more energy in it. On the other hand, I don’t cycle often with panniers in my hometown as well as I am not used to cycle more than 100 km/day. I made all the 112 km in 7,5 hours, but the rests and in an hilly environment. Maybe that was the reason for that feeling. Since this day, I regret that I didn’t go back to that bus stop.

At home I was looking for a notification about the parcel, which is on it’s way from VAUDE, but there was none. The parcel from the pharmacy was in my apartment. My neighbor had found it and put it inside. When I had taken care about my panniers, bag and their’s content I looked at the videos I have taken by the GoPro camera. They could have been better.


6th June 2022

It is the Sweden’s National Day. I was still coughing a lot in the morning. For being sure, it isn’t COVID-19 I made a test. It was negative. I also was expecting it, because it is only in the mornings I am coughing.

After lunch I tried to work with my new videos. There is an app called Quik, but I was not really satisfied with it, therefore I tried it on my laptop. It was a waste of time, because it was not working at all on my laptop. My laptop was also updating some software and time was running fast.

Samuel called me and during our chat my neighbor ringed the door bell. She had understood, that I was at home and came with my keys.

I was thinking all the time about my GoPro-batteries and the charger and checked the lost and found departments for the public transport as well as at the police in that area. I filled in a report for the police about the lost items. One can only call on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s afternoons and has to send a report first. The lost and found department for the public transport is a little easier to reach, but there was a half an hour queue.

I also tried to work with Komoot, the navigation app, on my laptop, because I read before, that people plan their routes by a computer or laptop and use it then by a smartphone. One has an account on Komoot and can see the routes on all own devices.

Later I continued to struggle with Quik on my smartphone again. Finally after some attempts I fixed it and uploaded my videos on my YouTube channel.


7th June 2022

In the Quik app an offer popped up about half the price for a premium version. It was around 250 SEK for the entire year or just a one time fee. I tried to buy it, but got a error message. Anyway Google play did charge me. For several days I was in contact with Google play – the first day I was “sent” from one service employee to another and nobody could handle my case, and later also with GoPro to get that app to work. Unfortunately in this case, I did get my money back after some days. I thought to try one more time, but now I have to pay the full amount and I refuse to let myself be exploited in that way. I also do not have the energy that I may need to go through the whole process again.

There was a positive experience this day as well. Couchsurfer Aram arrived. First I though he is more interesting as he is, because in his profile is stated “Estonia”, but he was born and grew up in the Netherlands and was working in Germany as a mailman for years. He told me, he is delivering mail at the countryside using his own bicycle. He had quit his job and will go traveling for a year or so. He isn’t afraid to get a job again when going back, because there is a lack of mailmen. He came with two big suitcases, which surprised me. We had a good chat that evening. What we were talking about? Our travels, of course.


8th June 2022

I had breakfast ready at 7am for Aram has to catch a quite early train. I was happy, he didn’t miss it.

I was working a lot with planning my route to Egypt and also wrote an email to VAUDE about the parcel I am waiting for. The answer was, that it will be send soon ;-). I was happy, I didn’t miss it. For the bicycle group on Facebook I planned to go to Vingåker the upcoming day. There is a castle, which can be interesting. Also the area/road to Vingåker is not so hilly. It is only 20 km from here.


9th June 2022

I awoke a little late, because I could not fall asleep for some hours the night before. Anyway I was going to Vingåker and the castle Säfstaholms slott. On my way a lot of cyclists with racer bicycles were overtaking me and on the way home one of them asked me if I need more help. He tried to see my face as well. I didn’t care about him. I don’t need to cycle very fast and I like to enjoy the surroundings.

On Facebook a women took contact with me, because of my route to Egypt. She told me, that she will go to Hungary this summer as well, but by train. I didn’t really understand the meaning with her information.

I had a new video and uploaded it as well, but it took a long time until the entire video was uploaded.

When I put my bicycle in the inner store room (which has a door to lock), I was wondering why there even were strollers and bicycles for children stored, because in this house and the two close to it, only people 60+ respectively 55+ (it is actually different for the different buildings I read some days ago) can rent an apartment.


10th June 2022

When I was demonstrating against the climate change this day again I also was talking with Irene about my lost items and she told me, I should put some lines about them on Facebook. It might help more than hoping for that people leave them to the police or public transport company. So I did and it was shared a lot and even for people in the area, where I forgot them. Anyway nobody were contacting me about them. Not this day and none of the upcoming days.


11th June 2022

I did chat with my son Marcus via Skype again, but also had the opportunity to enjoy my balcony. Later this day I did clean my bicycle, but I couldn’t get it really clean, though I decided to ask at the bike shop if there is a cleaning supply, which is better as the one I use. Even this day I continued to plan my route.


12th June 2022

It was raining most of the day, but I had anyway to continue planning my route.


13th June 2022

Monday is boules games day. Today it was raining off and on, but not much, though we did play outside. When leaving I told Irene, that we will meet an Friday. Unfortunately I forgot, we have to meet tonight at 5:45pm for the public question I had asked at the town council. I did forget it totally. When I saw Irene’s question, which she sent 5:48pm, it was already 6:05pm and too late. I was very ashamed, that I did forget it.

In our bicycle storage we got new lights, the switch on and off automatically.


14th June 2022

I had to be prepared that my GP will call me at 8:15am, because I had questions about a new medicine I was prescribed. Unfortunately it wasn’t she, who called me and the stand-in only told me, that I have to wait with the medicine and my ordinary GP will call me the upcoming week – same day – same hour.

I called the lost and found departments at the public transport company as well as the police station, but my case had not been left there.

Furthermore I sent an email to my bike shop about the tires I want have for my bike. They had told me before, that I should contact them in time, so they can order them.

I was calling Lotta before my warmshowers guest was arriving. I called her, because I am looking for someone who will care about my apartment, when I am not at home – just for rinsing water for the drain has not to get dry. She promised to help me. I asked her, because she is living not far from me and she also is under 60. My direct neighbor already is 80 years old and Irene 76-y-o. Irene does not live so close and is a lot in her summer cottage during summer and even autumn. Though I won’t ask my neighbor nor Irene for help for an entire year.

My new warmshowers guest David is from Germany, but was studying in Finland for a term by the Erasmus program. He liked to see places and learn about cultures he never have been before, he told me later. He also made a term in Hungary, he added. David is a very nice guy. He had a lot of things with him, the four panniers were very heavy and he told me, that he has some items in them, he couldn’t sent to Germany. Though he took them on the bike. Before going to bed, he asked me, if he may stay one more time, because he has a class online the upcoming day and if he is camping, that would not be possible. I told him, he was welcome, of course.

By the way, I have been to the grocery shop nearby and bought strawberries, but forgot to buy cream. That was the other day I forgot it. Sometimes I am wondering about my mind. I ordered new GoPro batteries and a new charger on the Internet. I couldn’t go back to Stockholm to buy more. The delivery was for free and the price the same as I had bought the first one for, but most of the prices online were much higher for the exactly same batteries and charger. My GoPro is a Hero 8 black, that is absolutely not the newest one – which I don’t need, but it is a little harder to find the fitting batteries.


15th June 2022

During the day, David had to be online nearly all the time for his studies. He studies computer science, tried to help me with my netbook. As I wrote earlier, I would like to have a Linus based OS (operative system) on it, but could not install it myself. Actually David couldn’t either even he tried with the same light version (Lubuntu) as I had done. He told me, my notebook only has 28GB storage space. I think it might be 32GB in all, but 4 av them are always occupied of the system. Even I would have liked to have Lubuntu, I am happy, that it was not me, who couldn’t fix it myself, but the system does not allow it.

I was lucky I could help David as well, because he had a tick on his head and he has a lot of hair. I had to take a flashlight for seeing it and used my tick tweezers (the first time I ever used it). I also had to cut some wisp of his hear to be able to get close enough to the tick. I was happy, I could help him.


16th June 2022

David was leaving after breakfast. I asked VAUDE for a tracking number of their parcel. The responsible assistant is back on 20th June, though I have to wait for the answer. I also wrote to the Guardian, because they were asking for tips, what is going on around the world. Unfortunately, the email address in that message didn’t work. Therefore I tried with another one and got an out off office reply with two more email addresses. I tried one of them and now I have to wait if they are interested in the subject.

In the afternoon I was supporting our dancing club. They were invited to an event from our municipality. The employees of one of the departments had a day for sport and outdoor activities. It was like an orienteering path, where the participant could test different kinds of sports. When they were testing dancing, they also could win in a lottery. Unfortunately, there was no guy, who was good in dancing and I could be his partner, because there were more female volunteers and they were better known and also younger than me. The guys, who couldn’t dance needed someone, who could teach them and I can take the roll of the leader. I have tried to learn, if you remember. It’s just not working for me. Our official help-leader Niklas did dance with me twice. That was very kind of him.


In the evening I had another warmshowers request. This time from a young French woman, who was cycling solo. I send her a welcoming message and continued then with the planning of my route.


17th June 2022

It’s already Friday again. I was alone demonstrating against climate change and for action. I was there about half an hour, when the Chairman of the Municipal Board passed by. He nodded at me and though I know, he had seen me and aren’t in the town hall for a while, I was going home.

My warmshowers guest Lucie arrived. It was Lucie’s first solo bike packing tour if I remember right and she also had a tent etc with her. One of the things I learned this evening is, that not all French people loves cheese.


18th June 2022

Lucie only stayed for one night – most of warmshowers guests do. I had told her the evening before, that I will leave quite early, because I have to catch a train for Eskilstuna. At that place I will meet a group from Cykelfrämjandet for a little tour about around 10km. I was interested in that tour, because I could meet like-minded people and also cycle in a group as well as I could learn more about our county. I was in time and meet some women and a man. We were going by bike together to a petroglyph. On the way we also stopped at a runestone, which were in very good shape and was found a couple of years ago, when the cycle path was built. Though cycle path has different benefits ;-).



It was nice to ride in the group. Our places in the group were changing from time to time and I was talking with all of them. Close to the petroglyph we did have a rest with cinnamon buns and I had waffles with me. I first had decided not to follow with the others to the restaurant for a meal, though I did ate my two waffles and also have gotten a cinnamon bun of the leader of the group. Though I was full when we left there.

One of the other participants persuaded me to follow them to the restaurant. We had a couple of km to go there by bike. The association did pay for the meals at the restaurant. I only had a kids meal, because I was not really hungry. Afterwards all of us had to go back to Eskilstuna. Though we made company. From the outskirt of the town we were going in different directions. I was lucky, that one of the women is living in the direction where I had to continue from, therefore I was not dependent on Google and saved time as well.

I had a good ride home from the place were we separated. I was also quite fast. The weather was nice even rain had been announced. Only in the morning there were some drops of rain falling down. By the way, I was surprised by, that the surroundings of Eskilstuna are mainly flat.

Also this day I had a warmshowers request. It was from a French cyclist, called Yves [Iw].


19th June 2022

I was chatting by Skype with Marcus this day, because it was not possible to chat as usual on Saturdays.

I still am planning with the Komoot app


20th June 2022

I was going to the boules games again. Yves arrived. Also he is on his first long distance tour by bicycle and has a tent etc with him.


21st June 2022

Yves left in the morning. Even he is a very nice guy and, like Lucie, doesn’t like cheese very much. I was to the grocery to top up a little.


22nd June 2022

I didn’t have time for my Wednesday bicycle tour, because the green party had a press conference. I was to the hairdresser on the way to the conference, because it really was time to get it cut again. With short hair, one has to visit the hairdresser much more often and actually I should go there more often as I do. It will be better, when I am back from Egypt, I think. The press conference was in our town park. Afterwards most of us members were talking together while our leader was taking individual photos of us. Some promised to wave good bye at me when I am leaving on Friday noon for Egypt.

Later I was going by bike to the supermarket. I was looking for vegan or vegetarian substitutes for pickled herring, but didn’t find what I was looking for even Marcus has told me, there is. Not every ICA supermarket has the same offers and Katrineholm is a much smaller town than Helsingborg. I will see, when I am back in Katrineholm if there still are vegan or vegetarian options at our ICA groceries and the supermarket. By the way, I forgot to buy new potatoes, a must for the midsummer holidays.

I finally finished the planning of the route of my trip to Egypt on Komoot and even sent the first couch request. To a guy in Nyköping. In his profile his answer frequency is rated to 100%, but he has not answered me yet, when I am writing this (29th June) even I wrote to him via another app as well and told him, that I need an answer, whatever it is. I am very disappointed about him.

I tried to come in touch with Lotta and sent her a message, when I couldn’t reach her. This evening she was calling back. I asked her, what she will do during the midsummer holidays and because she answered, that she will be at home and only visit an elderly relative I continued asking: “May I borrow a bicycle of you?” and added, that I will have a couch-surfer, who is very interested in Swedish (and maybe other countries’ as well) cultures and would like to celebrate midsummer as it is at it’s best. We have a great midsummer event in Julita – where I cycled to before. Though I promised Carlos, the couch-surfer to go with him there. Actually I had planned it anyway, because I still like traditions. I completed with, that I had asked at the “leisure bank”, where everyone can borrow sport things for free. They also have some bicycles, but all were occupied. She told me, that Carlos is allowed to borrow her bicycle, because she doesn’t need it for midsummer as well as it is a “mens-frame” and the saddle is very easy to adjust. We agreed, that Carlos and I will pick the bicycle up at her home the same evening. Furthermore I asked her, if she might care about my apartment during the time I am traveling. She promised me and I am very happy in that. She also got the idea and ask me, if her Ukrainian guest could use it. Unfortunately I had to deny, because an employee of my landlord already had told me, that I am not allowed to let the apartment meanwhile I am not at home. In addition to that, in this building are only 60+ year old people allowed to live. If it hadn’t been for the age, I would have asked my landlord if I can allow the Ukrainan woman and her daughter to live in here for free meanwhile I am traveling.

Irene sent me a message, that she doesn’t have space for my balcony flowers. She first had told me, that she will care about them. I already was expecting that, because the way Irene speak with me has changed – and I do not know, what I might have done for it.


23rd June 2022

During the day I prepared for Carlos and the midsummer festivities. I met him at the train station and we were going right to Lotta to pick up the bicycle. She lives so close to me, though it wasn’t a big detour. Well at Lotta’s she offered us elderberry juice. Than he was talking about my apartment again while her Ukrainian guest was listening. Unfortunately I had to tell her the same I told Lotta the evening before. I really would have liked to allow her to live her. Lotta sen asked Carlos, how used he is to cycling – I had asked him before. He usual rides 10 km at the most he told us and Lotta answered, that the elderly relative is living very close to Julita and the midsummer festivities. She offered to take us there and pick us up there as well on her way back home. I wasn’t thinking about, that for a young man like Carlos it wouldn’t be common to ride a bike 25 km one way and the same distance back again, but I agreed to Lotta’s offer. Therefore we didn’t borrow her bicycle.


24th June 2022 (midsommarafton)

Lotta picked us up as agreed in the morning and told us, she has to buy some strawberries for her daughter, who also lives in Julita and could buy some there, because there were no more strawberries. Lotta drove us then directly to the festivities and told us, she will be back in a couple of hours, but would call me, when she is close.

Carlos and I had a wonderful midsummer celebration. He was very open minded and lived our traditions by 100%. I also had tried to make it as close as it could be to the traditions. Therefore I had made a kind of strawberry layer cake. There were actually no layers, but cake, whipped cream and strawberries. I also had two sandwiches for each of us, tea and cold water. I had remembered to have a blanket with me, which we spread out on the green like other Swedish people.

When we arrived already Swedish traditional dance music was played and after the while the musicians were meeting the people with the midsummer pole. It is a pole, which is lined in green leaves. There are also rings on it, but they are carried of other people. The pole is really heavy and a special technique is needed to raise it. We did get a good place to watch it. Soon afterwards the dance around the pole started and we have some special songs for that, even they are the same like we play and sing for Christmas, when dancing around the Christmas tree. Carlos was participating like he never had done something else. This year, there were so many people participating, that there were people in five rings around the pole in the beginning. After two or three dances, some dropped off, but Carlos and me were participating until the last dance (included) and I was thinking, that I am still in a good shape and maybe my cycling helped a little with it, because I neither go jogging nor swimming or similar and our dance evenings in the dancing club has been a few only.

All good and nice things come to an end, so did the dances for the public. Instead some traditional dances were shown on a scene by dancers in special costumes. We were offered more dances around the pole and I was the only one, who raised her hand, when we were asked, if we will dance more. By a polonaise we found some more participants – enough for one ring. The leader was leading us in two more dances before we made a rocket and was welcoming the summer by it.

Some people had left already, a lot were leaving now, but others were staying like us. After a while I took Carlos on a sightseeing around the garden. He had been studying something with agriculture and was especially interested in the old kinds of apples. Julita has a database with seeds for old apple sorts. I was wondering, why Lotta hasn’t called yet and also my smartphone’s battery was running low. Anyway I decided to show Carlos the manor as well as the nice rest place at the lake. The rest place was occupied, of course. He did take some photos before we were strolled to the exit of the museum’s garden. We came to sit on the bench of the bus stop – there was no more bus for the day, though we could use it freely, when Lotta finally was calling. Around 20 minutes later she picked us up.

Well back in Katrineholm and Lotta’s home, we did borrow her bicycle anyway, because it was such a wonderful day and really warm. that I offered Carlos to go by bike to Djulö manor, where there is a bathing place. We enjoyed the view, but were not swimming in the lake.


25th June 2022

Carlos had decided to take a train some minutes past 12pm, which we had find out together the evening before. It was one of the options possible he had chosen. He has an Interrail card and has to book a seat in some trains in others not and tried to find regional trains, where he doesn’t need a booked seat, because over the apps, it isn’t possible to just book a seat. You only can make it at a railway station with service. He was ready for leaving, but we were chatting because it was time left before he had to leave. Unfortunately I didn’t check the time and he didn’t it by his phone, but one of my weather stations, which I hadn’t switched time on. I don’t do that with the weather stations. I even don’t do it at my stove. It is too complicated to change it twice a year. 😉 Though Carlos missed that train, which he had decided to leave with. Even it was Saturday traffic, we found him another one. I was really happy for that, because he only had two or three weeks holidays and it would really have been a lost day for him by staying one more day in Katrineholm.

I was able to chat online with Marcus as usual. Around 3pm Leon arrived. He is a warmshowers guest, only 19 years old and on his first long distance bicycle trip. He also has a tent with him. It is allowed and easy to wild camp in Sweden, but sometimes one needs a warm shower. He had only two weeks for his trip and was on his way to Stockholm, where he will meet with friends and/or relatives and then take a flight home. He is from Germany and lives close to the town of Bremen. We were not only talking about his trip and I could recommend him a route, but also mine and he invited me to stay over at his place. We found out, that it will be nearly exactly 100 km from Hamburg, if I, like last year, take a commuter train and a ferry out of town.


26th June 2022

Leon was leaving between 10am and 11am. He told me, he has time enough, he will not go very far this day.

I started with my blog again. I didn’t write for weeks and I would like to have all the so far missed weeks done before I leave for Egypt. I finished the month of March.

Furthermore I took contact with GoFundMe – which is really hard to do, because the nearly 500 SEK they sent 9th June has not be credited on my Swedish bank account yet. I also contacted the Mälartåg company, which had promised me a reimbursement in at least 30 days because of the late train when I was going to Eksjö. I haven’t got the promised amount yet either.

In the evening I took photos of my plants. I had done that before – for my son Samuel, but at that time they had a lot of withered flowers. I advertised them on Facebook for free – tried with every sell-group for Katrineholm and close to our town. Not all groups had already accepted the advertisement, when I already had given away all of them. Actually, I couldn’t answer as fast as the expressions of interest came in. The first one only wished to have four of them and the other was writing so nicely “I would like to care about the rest”. The also arrived soon (by car) to pick them up. Surprisingly they didn’t have bags with them to carry them in. I did give them of my recycled small plastic bags, because I had watered them in the morning. I helped them as well to carry them down. The other woman, who picked up plants did get a paper bag of me, the only I had left and because of the plants were bigger and we could not have taken down them easily without a bag. I did give away the plants, that there is no need for Lotta to come to my apartment every single week – or when it is hot, twice a week for watering the plants. I will ask my neighbor next door to have an eye on my apartment. I am sure, she will.


27th June 2022

As planned I brought my bicycle to my bike shop for service and new tires. I had asked them for Schwalbe Marathon e-plus like I already wrote. The young employee was looking for the tires together with me and when he was sure, he had found the right ones, he put them over the handlebar of my bicycle. I left my phone number and got the usual ticket and was told, the bicycle may be served and the tires changed in a day or two (really no more than two).

I wrote on my blog, that no more people should donate money for me by using GoFundMe. Since they changed the system, theoretically I will get a little more out of, what people donate, but in real I don’t get anything. I could delete my account, that all money is going back to the donator, but there is a sum already sent from my GoFundMe-account, but has not arrived on my bank account, even it is three weeks ago, the money was sent. I think, nobody will get that money but GoFundMe, if I delete the account now. Another possibility is, that the GoFundMe software is hacked. Maybe that new system was done by a hacker. Whom knows.

At home again I started to write my blog for April and was coming to around the 20th of the month. I was too tired to continue that night even I felt, it may not be time enough to write all, which is missing so far before I leave for Egypt.


28th June 2022

While I finished my blog for April 2022, I have got the message from my bike shop, that my bicycle is ready. It was very hot at that time and I decided to wait for the evening to pick it up – and pay for the service and tires. Soon it started rumbling like a thunderstorm, but there were no lightning. After a while, it started raining and it was raining until around 8pm. Therefore I wasn’t going to the bike shop this day. Instead I started writing the blog for the month of May 2022 and actually finished it, because it was not so much to write. I already had written about my trip to Mora and home, that there were only 20 days left to report.

I took the time and wrote emails to some newspapers about my trip. Maybe they will write about it for environmental reasons. For others, there is no need.

I also was looking for overnight stays. I have got a positive answer from Nyköping. Not from the guy on CS with a 100% answering rate, but from a warmshowers host a little further away. I could see that the CS host had been active on his account the day before, but had not answered me anyway.

I have to change my planning somewhat for the first days of my trip. Instead for to Gusum on the second day I only can make it to Söderköping. There is a family, where both adults have their own account on warmshowers. I asked both of them, but didn’t get any answer either. Therefore I was looking for a hostel. There actually is, but all rooms (in Sweden you can’t just rent a bed in a dorm – I think, I explained that already at an earlier occasion), but all are occupied. Though I have to look further and be creative.


29th June 2022

We had around +15°C in the morning and when I was ready to go to pick up my bicycle at the bike shop it was +17°C. I did dress in long pants (my new cycle pants) and also took a cardigan. Outside it felt much warmer and I took off my cardigan soon.

I was nearly on my way, when I saw a message from a journalist of my local newspaper. She would like to write about my trip and was wondering, when I have time. We agreed to meet 11am, that made it comfortable for me, because I could meet her directly after I had picked up my bicycle.

At the bike shop I was shocked when I saw the bill. On the Internet I had seen the tires for around 400 SEK, but here they were for 700 SEK. The service, which I thought was for free, was not – only the first one, which is done after the first three months, is for free. The service was for 1000 SEK (OK, they wrote 995). To change tires has it’s price as well, of course. There were between 400 and 500 SEK as well. Though the whole bill was for a little more than 2800 SEK. I am really happy, that I saved some money on my Maltese bank account, but it means, I have to be more careful with my money, when I am finally on the road. I tried to buy a pole with a flag, for being seen better. Unfortunately it is not possible to have on, when using panniers – in any case not the Swedish model. That was cheap, of course ;-).

When Stella and I met in the town park in front of the scene, someone was preparing for an event. Therefore we had to go to another place in the park. While I was interviewed, the green was cut with a powered lawn mover. We continued any, but when the mover was too close and to noisy. Stella had a lot of questions and was recording my answers by her smartphone. After the interview she did take a lot of photos of me and my bicycle. She told me, the article will be in the newspaper on Friday, the day, when I am leaving. By the way, later this day she sent me a couple of messages asking some more questions.

I have posted on Facebook, twitter and my blog, that I will go by bicycle from Sweden to Egypt for COP27 and also added a screenshot of the route. I have got a lot likes and some nice comments so far.

The rest of the day I continued with my blog and I finished June as well, but the 30th, because it has not been yet. It feels good, that I could make it.


30th June 2022

I was a little absent-minded in the morning, but during the day I fixed everything as I had planned it.

I was shopping skin care products att the pharmacy – even it was the second one. I tried to find the kind I buy online. Unfortunately none of the pharmacies had the make. Next stopp was at a shop for electronics. I am shopping there from time to time. I was thinking about to buy a solarpanel to put on top of my luggage, but I wasn’t sure it will fit. Therefore I decided to go back next day, when I have my bicycle with my panniers and bags with me. I also told the shop assistant, that I need to buy a new power bank, because the two I bought last August doesn’t work properly anymore. He asked me, if I had signed up for their loyalty program. I didn’t remember. Though he checked by my personal number and found the receipt for the power banks as well as he told me, that I can come in with them and change against new ones. During the interesting talk, he also told me, that the power banks has a safety regulation and it is not possible to charge them too much. It was good to hear. Last but not least I continue to a watchmaker, because when I was going by bicycle to Glasgow I learned, that a smartphone not always is so smart regarding to the time there is. It is impossible to see, what time it is while riding a bike and worse, when the navigation is on. Furthermore the digital time changing does not work offline, of course. Therefore I bought a new Batterie for a watch I haven’t work for a couple of years and I bought a travel alarm clock. When the watchmaker explained a button for me (here you switch it off), I was thinking, I could switch off the entire watch, which would have been great for easily saving battery. At home I understood, that it was just the button to switch off the alarm.

The next errands were the recycle plant. I had old frying oil and was interested in to get rid för it. I won’t have it for an entire year more in my apartment. I had some electronic items as well. I am so happy, that the plant is in good bicycle distance. This time I was asking for a parcel at the same delivery point for the earlier parcels from VAUDE. I haven’t got any email yet with the tracking number, but I thought, it should already have arrived. Unfortunately I didn’t have my leg with me (which is very unusual for me), though he didn’t leave it to me, of course, but be confirmed, that there is one. I told him, I’ll pick it upp the upcoming day.

Lotta came to me after the rain. Yes, it is true. We had some rain in the early evening, which made her coming late. It didn’t matter for me. I am so grateful to her, caring about my apartment, when I am not at home. She came by car for picking up my balcony flower boxes as well as the food, I told her about. She was happy about it. I ask her, what she want for the help, but she answered, I already have got food. That’s enough. She also told me, she could sent me money, if I need. I Thanked her for the kindness, but refered to my son.

I was too bed really late, not only for packing. Unfortunately my panniers have different weight. One of them has 5,5kg and the other one has 6,9. I have to change that next time. Anyway I thought, the would weight more.


Welcome to follow my blog during my bicycle trip from my hometown Katrineholm, Sweden to Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt for COP27. It’s named: Biking for Future 2 Egypt.

For my bicycle tour from Katrineholm, Sweden to Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt for COP27 click here.

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