It is still winter here. Two years ago, we had the one and only snow in March, last year we had the one and only snow as late as April even February usual is the coldest month in Sweden. This winter we already have had snow in November last year and since that, we have snow most of the time. I am longing for green grass and flowers.


1st March 2022

Katrineholms kommun has announced health week as a part of 2022 as a year for health. My dance club RockYou2 and other sports clubs were invited of the supermarket ICA Maxi for marketing. I participated in this event and was also asked to dance with one of the employees of ICA for a short video, which the marketing chef of our municipality will show on their homepage. We had to sign papers, that we are OK with that. I never found them on the homepage of Katrineholm.

Unfortunately I did forget to pick up my vegetables from my provider, part of the Reko-ringen, but she was so kind and delivered it to me.


2nd March 2022

The entire day I read about the war in Ukraine. I got so depressed, that I didn’t participate in the Zoom meeting of the Green party, but reported me sick.


3rd March 2022

I tried to print a poster about solidarity with Ukraine, but I had difficulties all the time. I had to exchange color cartridges and the last one I had to change – the black one, was not working. Luckily I got it printed at the end, but instead for black color were only the white paper. Though I filled in the black color by a marker.

I made an appointment with a doctor at the nearby poly clinic, that means: I talked to a nurse for an appointment, which was sent to me some days later.

My son Samuel called me and asked about preparing for the crisis and Daniel informed me, that he tries to pay back his credits as soon as possible. The Russian war leaves none unaffected.

In the early evening I was to my retirement association and listening to a lecture about the history of a nearby community college. It’s nearly all about some strong women.

I had to leave when the other got their meal, because my rock’n’roll course was starting. I had paid for that meal and nobody of the board asked me, if I want to take it with me or offered to get my money back.


4th March 2022

I was alone demonstrating against climate change because Irene was at her daughter’s house babysitting. There were no many people visiting the park, but I could watch, how an employee of the municipality did put benches in the park. He drove a tractor and also had a small forklift. I only was there for around one hour, because my toes became cold. Before I left an elderly man told me: Stop that, there are more important things like the war in Ukraine. We have to stop eating. – I didn’t understand his last sentence.

In the afternoon I had a cup of coffee and was reading the magazine from the retirement association. Afterwards I read about the ongoing war in Ukraine again.


5th March 2022

I have problems in my oral space again, but I did chat with Marcus by Skype and also corrected a sign for the demonstration against the war in Ukraine. Actually I had switched the colors of the Ukrainian flag. Instead of the blue color at the top I had the yellow color at the top. It was easily changed, of course.

I continued reading a lot on the Internet, e.g. about the war in Ukraine.


6th March 2022

Katrineholm stands with Ukraine. There were around 200 people demonstrating.



Lotta has been there as well and we followed each other, because she is not living far away from me. When we reached her home, she invited me for coffee and a snack.

Later that evening, Lilly – a member of both the Nature conservation association and the Green Party called me. She asked me to be one of the candidates of the Green Party for this years election. She also asked me to be number two on the list. I was hard to convince, but everything I said against it, e.g. I will not be at home even during the election process, she had an answer for. At the end I agreed.


7th March 2022

I was to the boules game again, but even this time our group was last but next. Finally I went with my recycling to the containers. My bags were really full. Usually I go more often.

Leo of the VAUDE marketing team asked me by email if I could sent the company an invoice for the battery, because it was so complicated to find the correct one at a reseller. I tried to find it online, but was not sure, which one was the correct one for my bicycle. Even I know the name of the system, which is E-going, there were different options regarding to, when the bicycle was produced. I had written that to him, therefore he answered with this question. I was thinking about, what the best way is. I already had found out the order number by the producer of the bicycle and sent that to Leo. Now I told him, he can order the battery and the charger at my local bicycle shop by email and gave him all the necessary information, but he wrote back and asked me to fix that – even I had pointed out for him, that they speak English at the shop – nearly everyone in Sweden speaks English.

I had got an e-mail from the Green Party with an attachment – a word-document. Though I had to open my laptop or notebook to read it. The organizer of the climate group of the Nature conservation association also send word-documents. Lately I asked them to send the information as a PDF. That is easier for me. PDF I can open on my smartphone.


8th March 2022

Womens day and there will be a torchlight procession in the center of Katrineholm. The women’s shelter is the organizer. I was a little surprised to meet the chairman of the Green party Katrineholm and the organizer of our climate group there. There were more people I know as well. The procession ended at the library, where we could watch a sample of a theater play called “Kvinnorna och staden” (the women and the town), which is about the history of Katrineholm.

I found an office chair and a mattress for a cot at Facebook’s marketplace and took contact with the sellers. We agreed, that I’ll come the upcoming day.

In the evening our climate group had a meeting. Usually someone has biscuits and similar with them and also coffee and tea, but this time nobody had. That is very unusual for Swedish people.


9th March 2022

I bought the office chair and also that mattress. The mattress I could take home by my bicycle. The seller of the office chair was so kind to bring it to me. It is warmer now. We have up to +6°C daytime.

I cooked French onion soup. I had planned it for so long, but always forgot it and cooked something else. The soup was really tasty.


10th March 2022

I was to the poly clinic for blood tests before the visit at the GP. This morning I also got a call and were asked, if I could receive an Ukrainian family of six. I asked about the children’s age, but the caller didn’t know. Though we agreed, that she could contact me again, when she has found it out. I had offered to open my home for Ukrainian refugees, but only five if one of them is a baby or toddler, who still can sleep in a cot and the other less than twelve years old because of the mattresses I have. I also only agreed to have them during a short time – until they have found somewhere else to live, because they have to be in my living room. Anyway, the woman never called back, but later – after the next demonstration I saw her and ask her about that family and was told, that they had found a place to be. I was very happy about it.

I also was to the library and the Red Cross secondhand shop. At the secondhand shop I left the little chair I have had before I bought the office chair. The last place of this cycling tour was at the local bicycle shop for the battery and charger. They created a bill and told me, will send it to VAUDE by email.

In the evening I was to the dance class again.


11th March 2022

After I had demonstrated against climate change I left my kitchen rug to the cleaner, because I had spilled something on it. At home again I read some chapters in the book I read for the book circle of the Green party. The title is “Åtta steg mot avgrunden” = Eight steps towards the abyss. The author is Jonathan Jeppson, a journalist and very involved in climate issues.

I took contact with an old friend of mine in Egypt. I know him from couchsurfing. He was staying with me when I lived in Hamburg. I asked him about a hostel, but he told me to try with airbnb. Actually I found an affordable room in Sharm el-Sheikh.


12th March 2022

I didn’t care about to flag, even it was an official day for doing it. Luckily nobody get fines, when they don’t flag. I boasted of my good work against the climate change on Facebook. We usually do it every Friday, but this time I was a little late.

Marcus and I didn’t chat by Skype this day, he needed to sleep. I have had the laundry room and also made falafel. They were many and I put the most of them in the freezer.


Homemade Falafel


Furthermore I registered at our municipality as well for hosting Ukrainian refuges. The other people made it in private. As an exception I finished the day with chocolate and red wine. The wine was a rest of a bottle I had won. I shared the wine with my son and his wife and had it also a couple of Saturday evenings before, because it was an 1-liter-bottle.


13th March 2022

Marcus didn’t chat with me this day either. Anyway, I didn’t have the opportunity to be at the manifestation for Ukraine, because of the book circle. Both were at the same time. We met online (by Zoom) and were only three participants.


14th March 2022

I found out, that the notice period is only one month at my internet provider bahnhof. Though I sent an email, because I decided not to have Internet at home, when I am cycling to Egypt, because I can’t use it.

The monthly meeting at the retirement association offered jazz. I was hesitant about it, but surprised, that the music was sounding great. I would call it soft jazz, what they played. We also got these special buns with almond mass and whipped cream we call semla (plural: semlor). There was no space in the bicycle rack, though I put it close to a post and locked it there. By the way, I thought that on Mondays with these meetings there are no boules games, but I was wrong I heard this day.


15th March 2022

The only important of the day was the meeting of a part of the climate group. We were at my place as agreed. We were only six people, even eight were expected. At the time for coffee and snack only four was still here. I had bought different kinds of cheese and salty biscuits instead of the usual sweet biscuits and buns or similar. Unfortunately my new thermos is not tight. Luckily I only had water in it.

During the coffee+ I heard of Lotta, that she already has Ukrainian refugees at her home: A mother with a teenage daughter.


16th March 2022

I mostly read this day – on the Internet and also some pages of the book “Eight steps towards the abyss”. One of my former warmshowers host recommended me to watch the movie “The Earth is Blue as an Orange”, which I did, but actually I cannot remember what it was about when I write this lines in May 2022.


17th March 2022

I prepared the request for invalidation of driving license classes, which I have to send to Transportstyrelsen (the Swedish Transport Agency).

Thinking about my upcoming bicycle tour I was looking for a camelbak from VAUDE and found a 3 l one and also a smaller one. I didn’t think about it, when I wished items from VAUDE, though I will buy it in Stockholm, when I visit my son Samuel and his family.

At 6pm we had the annual meeting of the tenants’ association. After all that necessary stuff, we had a small meal. I was not asked about allergies, though, unfortunately, I could not eat most of it. At 8pm my dance class started again, but the meeting did finish in time.


18th March 2022

I had an appointment at my GP at 9am. It was a new one again. This time a female GP. He was asking for my health problems and I told her everything I already had told the nurse. Unfortunately the nurse only had booked 15 min for me with the GP. Though she was only handling, what the nurse had put into the journal. She told me, when I asked her about my dizziness, that she don’t has more time for me, because she also has to update the journal. While dressing again, my credit card and my drivers license was falling on the flour. When I picked them up, I did feel dizzy again. Now the GP did take it seriously. My blood pressure is perfect, though, it might be, that the crystals in my ears aren’t on the correct place, but that is easily to remedy. Also my thyroid check up had been OK. She called me later and did make a new appointment with me.

I was in time for our FridaysForFuture demonstration, but was alone. Irene didn’t have time.

The AirB&B room was cancelled and I have got the money back, but I had to look for an other room. I did find one, but none of the rooms was as cheap at the one I had booked before.


19th March 2022

I am trying to use all I have in my fridge and freezer. I won’t have anything left in there, when I am leaving for my long bicycle trip. I still had 200g butter and have got the idea to bake waffles. I have a little book from Germany, which was given to me, when I bought my first waffle maker. The waffle maker broke many years ago, but I still have that little book. I found an interesting recipe in there. Waffles, which are as good cold as warm – with some cheese in the dough. I put in more cheese than in the recipe and they were delicious.

Marcus and mine chat was postponed for later this day, though I did take the opportunity to take a week in a little forest grove. Unfortunately, there was still snow and ice on same parts of the path. I had to walk very carefully. Though it took 45 minutes for the 3km I was walking.

Afterwards Marcus and I were chatting by Skype and did it for a little more than an hour. I still had time to sew a protecting cover for the battery on my e-bike.

A woman, living in a village close to Katrineholm was looking for two coverlets. She was one of the people welcoming Ukrainian refugees and would like to give them a real cozy room, but she lacked coverlets for two of the beds in that room. It was a brilliant opportunity to give away the two I had, but were too small for my bed.


20th March 2022

I was going by bike with the coverlets for leaving them in the neighboring village. The owner of the house was not at home, when I arrived, but the Ukrainians. It was a mother with three daughters. One of the daughters was talking with me – in English. I actually was ready to cry after a very short while and had to leave, because of their situation.

The sun was shining and it was warmer now, though I didn’t go straight back home, but made a detour via Flodafors including Floda church and a little community called Valla. I did take the opportunity and went shopping at a shop called Biltema. Unfortunately I had no credit card with me and it is not possible to pay there by Swish therefore I had to leave without any item.


21st March 2022

My HSBC bank did call me, but I was afraid, that it was a scam, though I didn’t answer their questions. Later I did contact my bank a secure way, asking if they had called me, but I didn’t see that answer weeks later, because I cannot see our communication in my app. I have to use my laptop or notebook and log in by a special device. I can tell you already, it was an employee of my bank, who had called me ;-).

I was a lot on Facebook this day and did miss the boules games. Shit happens.


22nd March 2022

I have had a wired dream before being really awake and thought it was much later, than it is, before I was really conscious. Though I thought, that I was too late for a meeting with the chairman of the municipal board and a couple of officials. I called Lotta and told her, but she was surprised and told me, the meeting is as late as 4pm. I was very happy about that and begged her pardon for calling.

The donation of the World Explorers grant was on my account. It was paid in $US and was in SEK around 3800. I am happy for every little help I can get.

I had time enough to go shopping. At Biltema I bought camping cutlery, 2 cheap plaids (there were cheaper buying a pair of them) a safety vest and an in-liner for a sleeping back. I will have it with me when biking to Egypt, if people are expecting again, that I have bed linen with me. The in-liner is not heavy and don’t take a lot of space – even it is not a silk one, but made of fleece.

At home again I printed some text for the meeting in the afternoon and was in good time for the meeting.

This was a busy day. At 17.56 the chairman of the green party, his partner and me were going by train to the next town for co-ordination with the green party there – about actions regarding to the upcoming election (on 11th September this year).

Before going to bed I also read my emails.


23rd March 2022

Today the second Air-B&B booking in Sharm el-Sheikh was cancelled. I can’t understand the system. I have to pay almost half of the amount for renting, when I book and the payment is done, when the landlord has agreed. Anyway, they change their mind. By paying that part of the total rent, we really have a contract. Luckily the refund came quickly in both cases. Guess, when I booked another room, what I had to pay. Much more, than for the one before, of course. It is just so mean. Now I hope third time applies. Now all the donation of the World explorers grant is needed for shelter during COP27. I am really happy and grateful, that I have got that fund.

I checked my HSBC app about an answer on my question. There was none and I thought, I really made the right think and avoid a scam. Later I have seen, that I cannot see the communication in the app – as I wrote before. I was for some time on Facebook, but also read in the book I have started reading before.

I need a new passport before going to Egypt and thought I cannot ask for a new one long time before it isn’t valid anymore. Anyway, I checked the homepage of the police for finding out, how long it will take to get a new one. I had done it some weeks before already, but haven’t scrolled down the site and only read the ordinary duration of the process. Fortunately, this time I was reading a little further and also tried to book an appointment, which is necessary. – Some years ago, one just had to go to the police station and queue until it was ones turn. I was chocked! The next appointment for a new passport was at the end of September this year, but there was also a notice, that one can apply for a passport in all of Sweden. It doesn’t matter, where one is living. Though I first looked at the closest places around and then on the places, which were easily to reach as well. In and around Stockholm, the first appointment possible was in December this year. I enlarged the circle. In the little town of Eksjö in the county of Jönköping, Småland, I could choose between three different times for appointments in April. I did choose the 7th April at 11:40am, because it is quite a long train and bus ride there, which takes around three hours. I also checked if I could go there the day before and get a host or find a hostel. Unfortunately only expensive hostels offered rooms. Though I also booked the train, but already for some minutes before 7am. By this, I had nearly two hours extra time, if the train will be late. In addition to it, I also had checked, where the bus stop is as well, where the police station is situated in Eksjö and found out, that the bus stop was later than the police station and the bus was driving by the police station. That gave me the hop to be in time even if the train will be two hours late.

In the evening I found a request on couchsurfing for two entire months, but in the text of the surfer he explained, that he would like to stay for a week and if that is not possible, for some days only. It was a man from India. He was already asking for the time between 1st August and 30th September. Though I had to decline anyway. When I wrote to him, that I won’t be at home during that period, he answered “Okay So bad to hear”. I had expected another answer.


24th March 2022

It should have been an ordinary evening at the dancing club, but my partner has got prevented. He told me, I could be their myself, but we always have not enough males, though I was staying at home.

My home insurance did sent me a digital letter about renewing it, but I already had decided not to do so, because I have found a much cheaper one, especially as a member of my association for retired people I also have 10% off the ordinary price. Though I cancelled the now home insurance.

I wrote a list for the items and clothes I will have with me on my bike tour to Egypt. Anyway I have to review it.

Still I read a lot of news and also see on TV about the Russian war in Ukraine. My heard is bleeding everyday and I cannot understand why they don’t get more help and not faster either. All the countries around, which do not help or only help half-assed (Sweden as well) should be ashamed.

In the evening I was to the annual meeting of the Association for Nature Conservation. We were invited for “smörgåstårta” with shrimps etc. Though I was only eating of the biscuits they offered afterwards. Anyway, I was allowed to take more than one.


25th March 2022

I had my alarm clock on 7am, but I was still too tired. I took my first medicine around 9am. I actually made my bed and ironed pillow covers and kitchen towels before breakfast, which is very unusual for me. My new appointment with the GP will be the 6th of April. I am happy about that, because my appointment at the police station in Eksjö – for a new passport, is for the 7th of April and I don’t have any problem to re-arrange one of them.

I picked up my kitchen rug, but had first forgotten the voucher for it, though I was going home and going back part of the distance.

From time to time a come along a hairdresser in my street – often I use another one. I am thinking about to go to her and get a really nice hair cut. Though I wrote down her phone number, because she isn’t often in her saloon. I tried to call her several times, but I never got an answer. Therefore I decided to go to another hair dresser.

I have seen a pink e-bike (one like mine) in the center of our town. I saw it when parking my bike close to it and was surprised about it. The climate group of the Association for Nature Conservation was demonstrating for the future between 3pm and 4pm and I with them. It was cold and windy, otherwise we would have been in town for longer.

Marcus will chat with me on Sunday, he informed me, because he will have an activity tomorrow.


26th March 2022

I signed up for a new dance class, this time without a partner. I also made a sign “Biking for ☮”, because I am following a group called CAMINO MUNDI, started of a guy from the Netherlands and that group is about to walk and go by bicycle for peace. I think, it will not make a very impact, but it is like my “Biking for Future” = one has to try and should never give up. I am anyway cycling a lot, though I can make it for peace and soon, I will make it for future and peace. This day I was going by bicycle for fred to Forssjö. That were only 17km and I did it in 1h30min incl a rest, of course. I also posted it online, but did forget “twitter”.

In the evening we have PUB-evening in our association for retired people. We had to buy tickets weeks before and I am curious about it, because it is my first time, that I will be there. I was lucky and had to very nice ladies on the sides of me – one on each. I also were lucky that the husband of one of them and even another gentleman was dancing with me. I wasn’t often asked to dance, but four times are better than none.


27th March 2022

It is summertime! I didn’t change all my clocks time, because some are quite difficult to change – so is the clock on my stove. Already at 10am I was chatting with my son Marcus.

Afterwards I read the invitation for the annual meeting of “Cykelfrämjandet” and the attached papers.

1:30pm it was time for the book circle again. I had problems to attend in the beginning, because I had not got a link. It started so early, because in the afternoon the green party had the annual meeting. A member had made a vegan smörgåstårta.

I tried Komoot instead for Google maps. It should be easier to plan for long distance cyclists and even one can see the elevations, way types and surfaces. I don’t like to go by bike on gravel roads and it is possible to choose other roads instead. It is a lot of work and I learned the hard way, that I cannot do too long routes in a row. I have to save from time to time and put them together in a collection. My smartphone crashed a lot of times, before I found out about the limitations. It might be the one of my smartphone, because I discovered, that it only has 64GB – even it is a Samsung Galaxy S8. The one I had before was a Samsung Galaxy S7 with 128GB. That was better. Unfortunately I dropped it too many times on the floor. When the display was broken for the second time I have got the pre-used S8 as a gift and I am still happy about that. I just have to learn, how to use it the best way.


28th March 2022

In the middle of the day it was time for boules again. In the evening I had a first contact with the podcaster of the VeloTalk podcast. She was interested in to interview me. This podcast is related to Warmshowers. Unfortunately I had problems with the Internet connection. We decided to try another time on the upcoming Wednesday.


29th March 2022

I spent time on Komoot, but I had a some appointments this day. Finally I was to a hairdresser and she was very good. I am so happy with it. I now have the same hairstyle again I have got in Belize. It actually makes me look a little younger.

In the early evening I picked up my groceries from the “Reko-ring”. Back at home I put my bike as usual in the bike room, which is not possible to lock. I had only locked the bike with one lock this time, but I saw, that a young man was going into that room. He didn’t has a bike with him and he didn’t came out of the room with a bike. I had been in the elevator, but didn’t push the button to go upstairs. Though I left the elevator soon again and was going back to my bike, locking it with all the three locks as usual. The young man looked like I had caught him, sneaked along the walls and was leaving. There had also been another guy in our entrance. I mean, that is a house for people 60+ and some disabled people, what did they have to do there?

Soon I was going to the annual meeting of our dancing club. This time we only had cookies, though no problems with allergies, which I was happy for. At home again I started sorting my emails and also delete some of them. It took a very long time for me. I really have to make it more often.


30th March 2022

It happened that I did pour out my smoothie in the sink, because I already had opened the container and was coming against it with a thing.

Anders, a member of the board of the Association for Nature Conservation called me, asking when he can visit me, so I can adjust the protocol. I agreed for the 31st.

The book “A bigger picture” by Vanessa Nakate, a climate activist from Uganda, arrived. I hope I can read it before I leave for COP27.

This early afternoon I have had a talk about my daughter Marias health issues by Teams/Zoom (teams was not working for us) and a female psychologist.

In the evening we had the other preliminary talk for VeloTalk. This time it was working well, but I have to put my pictures in presentation sheets. The final recording will be on 4th April, starting at 7:30pm. It also has the name: Veloplaisiv Europe.

Even I had so much to do this time, I still was able to do my laundry and cooked a lot of meals. Most of them I put into the freezer. Some days are better than others.


31st March 2022

Already before breakfast I cared about the dry clothes etc and put it in my wardrobes and drawers.

Still in the morning Anders was visiting me for the protocol. We had a very nice tea talk ;-).

In the evening we had an extra dancing class, because our leader had been sick (in Covid-19) during a couple of classes.

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