1st March 2021

I finally read all the rest of the membership magazines I have got this year. I became happy, when my future housing company send me an email, stating, that I will get a 60 cm wide dishwasher. Actually it makes sence to fight for things.


2nd March 2021

The books arrived, which I had ordered last week and I still read old membership magazines. They were books, which I had written myself under the name: Ursula Schröder. I lost them all by a flooding in my son Daniel’s storeroom in the basement, where he is living. Now I found them second hand. There is another one to come. Unfortunately, there are two, which I could not find.


3rd March 2021

A plumbing company called me, told me, that they have to change the water tap in the kitchen, because of the dishwasher, which will be installed. I had to tell the guy, that he has to call my future housing company.

I also got in touch with my housing company for the modell and make of my new dishwasher, but that was not possible anymore. The assistant in charge already had ordered one. I think, that was her revenge, that I did get the bigger kind of dishwashers.

Even this day I was reading membership magazines.


4th March 2021

The guy from the plumbing company did call me again, asking if I have a key for my new apartment. I did not, of course.

I walked to a farm, called Sunds gård, where I was looking for a second hand ceiling lamp. The whole distance was 7.5 km from my home and back. Though it was just a nice walk, but the lamp was quite heavy, especially there was also an extra lamp-shade and they are in glassware. It is a big one, with a 50 cm Ø. Actually, we have had such one earlier. I do not really remember for how many homes, but we moved it with us a while. I am not sure, but I think, I sold it at my last place before moving for work to Ireland.


5th March 2021

I updated my blog for Jan 1st to 17th. I was happy, I had got the inspiration this day, because it is such a long time ago, I updated my blog.

I also got the idea to shorten two summer dresses from full length to midi length. I think, I will use them more often, when they are shortened. I also was looking for sewing patterns for dresses with pockets, because of my Rhinitis – that I can have tissues with me all the time. This is a real problem and I have tried with different kinds of bags etc, but the best choice always are pockets. Furthermore I am thinking about to change the Sari, I still have from my son Samuel’s and his wife’s wedding. As it is now, I cannot wrape it around me without help. Though I have an idea to make it more easier to dress.

In the evening I watched a documentary about travel throughout other countries. It made life a little brighter for me, because of the impossibility to go and travel myself for the pandemic.


6th March 2021

I chatted by Skype with my son Marcus. We talked about a lot of different things, as usual and I also told him about my ideas for my dresses. He told me, that this are great ideas, because the upcoming summer will be hot. I would not mind it.

Later this afternoon I continued to update my blogg and finished all the text for the month of January this year. Even this evening I watched a documentary about travel throughout other countries.


7th March 2021

This was a sunny day, but it was still cold – around ±0°C and very windy. I discovered, that the soles of my warm slippers are broken. I think, I will go to a shoemaker for repair during the summer month.

I have seen on Facebook, that someone will give away two curtain rails and this woman lives just a few blocks away. Though I did get in touch with her and picked them up later. They will be perfect for my new living room, because in my new apartment there are two smaller windows – in different walls. Though I cannot use the curtain rails from the living room, I have now. They are too long.

I have got a new membership magazine and a lot of letters, which are not for me. Two was for my neighbor on the same floor, though I only had to put them in the other postbox, but the name on the other letter I did not find on our mail boxes, but have than seen, that the receiver of the letter might live next door – that means in house number 5 A. I did go over there and it was right. I think, it is better to do that directly, if possible, than to give it back to the mail company and let it become delayed.

I had written the update for January for my blog as a word-document. This day I really uploaded it on my blogg.


8th March 2021

There are some dreams come true, when moving to a bigger apartment. One of them was to have a small waste bin in my bathroom. The bathroom I have now, has no space for it, but my new bathroom is way bigger and it will be easy to have such a small waste bin in there. When I saw one at the second hand group on Facebook, I did buy it. It was for only 3 EUR – a new one is for around 8 EUR. That are no large amounts, of course, but the most important for me is the re-use of items. This one was as new.

I also got my supplementary agreement for the dishwasher to my rent agreement. It is about 14 EUR/month. I may already has mentioned the amount earlier.

In the evening I started to watch a series in nine parts, called Atlantic crossing. It was about WWII and the Norwegian Royal Family. Also Franklin D. Roosevelt had it’s share in this series. It was very interesting and also namned, that an important member of the Swedish Royal Family was a friend of Hitler and Sweden was not neutral. I have known that before, but not so detailed. There were seven of the nine parts online already. The other two I had to wait for one respectively two weeks.


9th March 2021

I read one of all the ETC membership magazines, I have got of a friend. It is about renewable energies etc. It was interesting.

In the evening I watched a series called “Thin Blue Line” (originally: Tunna blå linjen). This is a Swedish drama series about the work and everyday life of six police officers in Malmö. For me it was enough to see it one night. It was not interesting enough to see more parts of the series.


10th March 2021

I was shopping at the supermarket as well as I bought a wall board for paintings and similar items as well as tissue paper to pack my dishes, a putty knife and putty.

I read the newest membership magazine for senior citizens including the contact ads and also put en contact ad online. I can already tell you, that there was only one answer – and not from my area, even I had written, that I am looking for someone from my area by naming my post code.

This evening I watched all three parts of a documentary called “forgotten worlds, hidden treasures” (Glömda världar, gömda skatter). The treasures were found just before the start of WWII. The first part was called “The secret of the graves of a headman” (Hövdingagravens hemligheter) and was about a finding in Sutton Hoo, Suffolk, England dated around 625 e.Kr. It was the owner of the ground, where different graves where, who was interested in, what may be in the graves. Richly decorated weapons, helmets and silver objects of various kinds were found. This documentary was very interesting as well as the following parts, which were about the following findings:

On August 25, 1939, in a cave in southern Germany, several fragments of mammoth ivory were found that appeared to have been formed by human hands. A week later, the war broke out and the find was forgotten. In the winter of 1969, in the storage room of the museum in the city of Ulm, archaeologist Joachim Hahn finally cataloged the finds from the excavations. After a few days of work, he had compiled a figure. This was the first reconstruction of what would become known as the Lion Man. This part was called “The Lion man and the third empire”.

The third and final part had the title: “Gone civilization in Mexico”. That was of special interest for me, who also knew something about, what they were talking about and by my love of the country. It was about the Olmecs. The Olmecs were ancient pre-Columbian people who lived in southern Mexico from about 1200 BC. to 400 BC. The Olmec culture is considered to be the forerunner of all Mesoamerican civilizations. Among all other findings, the most talked about are probably the Olmec heads, stone sculptures that weigh up to 50 tons. You actually can read and see more about the Olmec findings on this blog if you go to “Mexico/Veracruz/Xalapa” and “Mexico/Tabasco/Villahermosa”. If you want to know more, you can always look for it on Wikipedia.


11th March 2021

I have got an email from my girlfriend Erika and was answering at once. I started varnishing my wall board. I only could do one side at the time, of course and, because it has no laquer at all, I had to made it twice. I used the varnish I had bought earlier for the board for FridaysForFuture. I still had a lot left of it.

It was snowing this day again and also windy. I still hope for a warm springtime. I had one more ETC membership magazine to read and also finally ordered sewing patterns, even I will not use them the upcoming week, but for avoiding the need of searching for them again.

My evening time I used to watch about prominent seniors, who were travelling to Russia, Argentina and Vietnam – Mexico will come later. They did go to homes for seniors and participated in activities for seniors. At the end of each trip, they had to decide, if they would like to live there for the rest of their lifes. There were some good things everywhere, but none was willing to move to those countries, even one or two thought about it.


12th March 2021

I was varnishing my wall board a second time, continued with another ETC membership magazine and started to watch another documentary series. This was called “Walls, Borders and Barbed Wire”. The first part was about Mexico and actually nothing was new for me – anyway it was an interesting one. By the way, I find all this documentaries on a TV channel called UR, which means “utbildnings radio” and in English “Education Radio”. It is the best TV channel I know here in Sweden.


13th March 2021

Also this day I was varnishing my wall board and reading an ETC membership magazine.

This evening I started with watching SVT (Swedish Television). The movie was about “The Vaccine Warriors” (vaccinkrigarna), who are fighting against vaccination and restrictions due to the now pandemic. I continued to the UR channel and watched three more parts of this mini series “Walls, Borders and Barbed Wire”: These were about Cyprus/NorthCyprus, The Berlin Wall and North- and Southkorea. These were interesting documentaries, too, even the one about the Berlin Wall did giv me no new knowledges.


14th March 2021

It was time again to cut my hair – by myself. This time it was not so long as the last time, but anyway, it was not easy. The right part of my head was fast done, but the left part of my head was difficult. I had to try again and again. At the end I used the sissors and made it – I had started with a hair clipper.

I also was efficient this day varnishing my wall board. I did it twice – the other side of it. I still had to continue with the ETC membership magazines.

The time on TV this evening was different, men interesting as well. It was about indigenous tatoos in Canada (in the states of British Columbia, Alberta and New Foundland) as well as in the USA (Seattle and Alaska). I really did not know before, that the art of tatoos is so old. There were so many parts, though I did not get a lot of sleep this night.


15th March 2021

I wrapped the wall board for moving. In the middle of the day it was time to chat by Skype with my son Marcus. We talked about the usual things, which happened during the week.

I started to write the text for my blog for the month of February this year. Again I used a word-doc for it.

In the evening I watched the two last parts of the series “Atlantic crossing” and more about tatoos. This time about indigenous in Hawai, Samoa, Indonesia and Philippines. For all the parts of the series it is stunning, that the young people are preserving the old traditions. The generation before did not care so much about it and the young generation had to spend a lot of time to find the ancient designs and tools.


16th March 2021

I froze so much, that I was afraid of getting sick and cancelled the apointment with him, who offered a used desk.

I used my time to order som furniture online, actually at IKEA. All became so complicated, that I had to order three times – each time different furniture, of course. Unfortunately I also had to pay three times for shipping.

I made my tax declaration this day, for getting my repayment before the Easter holidays. I also called “Fixer Malte”, that is a handyman (not namned Malte), who is paid by the community and helps elderly people (65+) with putting up and taking down curtains and also switches light bulbs. I think, I wrote about him before. He promised to come 24th March at 9am.

I finished the text document about February 2021 for my blog and uploaded it as well. Later I watched about the last parts about indigenous tatoos again. This time it was from the USA again (New Mexico and North Dakota).


17th March 2021

I bought some small things for my new apartment and also got a letter from the social security authority about my pension. I do not understand, how they are counting my former income etc, but I think, I will neither get more money nor have I to pay back some money.

Samuel messaged me about a damage on his car and informed me, that he cannot drive to the IKEA warehouse and buy the chest of drawers I wanted. He thought, he has to come by train. Though I tried it online again and this time it was working.

During the evening I watched another documentary. It was about food and was namned “Stockholm Food Forum Eat”. Even I watched some parts of it, I neither can remember, that it was exciting nor, what it really was about.


18th March 2021

I was to the guy, who offered a used desk for 30 EUR. I had prefered a white one, but that was not possible to find in used and the only I found on the Internet, who was the way I wished, was for 250 EUR and had a delivery time of three month. The company did not have the secure payment system I use. This used desk has white fronts, but the body and the top is Pinewood. The guy offered me to bring the desk home to me, because he had a trailer. I was happy about that and asked him, if he also can pick up my kitchen table from the Red Cross secondhand shop – for 5 EUR more. He promised me.

On my way back home I also was at the white goods store and bought a stove. Just the one I like to have. I had been on the Internet some days, looking for induction stoves and thought, this was the ultimate one in the price range I could afford. It will be delivered 25th this month, after 2pm.

I have got another letter from the social security authority. This time about my housing supplement. I will only receive 30 EUR less each month even the difference of the rent is minus 45 EUR – if I do not count the extra fee for the dishwasher.

I prepared for the weekly Friday climate demonstration in front of the town hall and watched in the evening a movie about Bombi Bitt called “Bombi Bitt and I”, which actually was about life in Sweden at the beginning of the 20th century. Afterwards I continued watching, but short stories in Spanish.


19th March 2021

It was announced a global strike for climate this day again and because it was global, the climate group of the Nature Conservation Association in Katrineholm also were demonstrating, starting at high noon. My climate friend Irene and I did demonstrate as usual from 11am, but only to high noon and then go and participate at the Nature Conservation Association climate group’s demonstration in the city center. We only were there for 30 minutes, not only because of the weather – it was windy and cold, but also because of, that the people of this climate group only told the passing-by, that the Nature Conservation Association is standing there. They did not name “GrandmasForFuture” at all or were just telling, why we people are standing there. I think, for the climate, it does not need a Nature Conservation Association, but all people, whatever organisation or none they belong to.

I have got a message from IKEA, that my book shelf will be delivered 22nd March, but my lease is from 25th March. Though I called my housing company to be and asked, if I may put the book shelf into the the storeroom. I have got the answer, that I can pick up my key already on 22nd March, but the book shelf has to be put into the living room, because the other rooms will be cleaned upcoming Wednesday, which was 24th March. It made it a little more complicated for me, I thought, because for the storeroom one has to use it’s own key, but I did not realize, that I need a key for entering the area with the storerooms. Though it was not only very kind of the employee, but also a necessity for putting the book shelf somewhere, belonging to my apartment to be.

This day again I was looking for sewing patterns, but did not buy anything.


20th March 2021

By buying used items, I get to know more of Katrineholm. This time it was a stool for the bathroom. In the bathroom I have now, there is no space for a stool either, though I had to put my feet on the toilet for cleaning my toenails etc. I am not very happy with that. A stool will be better, I think. This one I did get for half price and it was as new. The good thing was, that the seller had discribed, how to go there and entering the street, which was a circular one, I just was at the correct address.


The bin and the stol in the bathroom


I ordered food at my usual supermarket, because the one nearby my new home, does not have all the items and makes I am used to buy. I ordered for the day, when I am moving in.


21st March 2021

I started to pack my things. This day I packed two suitcases with clothes, one large moving box and six small moving boxes. There is a lot more to pack.

Samuel messaged me, that he and his familj got sick. It was the youngest boy, who came home sick from the day care and all the rest of the family did get it of him. The adults had taken tests for COVID-19, but not get any answer yet.


22nd March 2021

I received the book shelf a quarter past 10am, it was announced between 9am and 1pm. I was happy, it arrived so early. I also took the opportunity and took a lot of fotos of my new home, because there were a lot of plugs left in the walls and also there were a couple of holes in the wardrobe’s doors. Before I left I took the mail for the former tenant of this apartment with me.

On my way home to my now apartment I sended the birthday present for my grandson Leon by mail. Already hungry, I ate something at a restaurant called Nobel with a photo wall paper of Venezia on one wall. In the city center I looked for the address of the former tenant and brought him the letters. He was surprised, because he has a forwarding contract with the mail office. I was not sure, that it will work for all the mail companies there are.

At home again I chatted via Skype with my son Marcus. At that time my feet were very tired, they felt burning. I was not able to pack more boxes and was going to bed around 9pm. Before I was going to bed, I emailed the other operating mail companies for Katrineholm, telling them, that I will move and that I have paid for forwarding, but do not know, if it works with their company as well.

I had a bad night. First it was hard to fall asleep and while sleeping I was dreaming a lot. I awoke over and over again. Actually the temperature had risen over 0°C, but that cannot have been the reason for my bad sleep.


23rd March 2021

The sun was shining and it was warmer than usual. Around 5pm it still was +14°C.

In the early afternoon, I was going to the Red Cross secondhand shop and left a bag with folders, I do not need anymore. I also got answers from the mail companys, I had written to, about the forwarding of my mail and they were: From citymail, that they also have got my notification of change of address and the company bring informed me, that they no longer transport letters, but parcels.

I also got emails from two employees of my upcoming housing company. The question about the rubbish was answered this way: “Hi, you have to throw the rubbish in the rubbish chute in the stairwell. We have no recycle containers in the neighborhood, there are such containers at ICA Speceritjänst and also on St Malmsvägen 8-10-12 opposite the preschool Näverstugan. I was very surprised about this answer, because rubbish chutes are very uncommon nowadays. Even it is very comfortable for the tenants, it is the opposite for the janitors. The other email was about my new apartment and the inspection report. I think, it should automatically be given to the new tenant, but I had to ask for it. The employee also added, that wall papers only will be changed every 15 years, if there is not a special reason to do it earlier. She informed me as well, that my wallpapers in the kitchen and in my bedroom will be changed in 2025 and the wall papers in the living room in 2026. Though I am lucky, that I do not have to wait for 13 or 14 years and yes, even it is more common in Sweden now, to just paint the walls, we still have wall papers and will get new ones again. Unfortunately the patterns ar not very nice, but they are OK and in any way I like patterns more than plain white walls.

Samuel informed me, that their COVID-19 tests are negative as well as, that the birthday present for Leon already had arrived. The “Fixer-Malte” did call me and ask for my address and was asking for, which kind of help I needed. I think, he forgot to write it down, when we made the appointment.

I was packing more of my items and run out of moving boxes. I did not understand, how I could get so many things, because I did not have a lot, when I moved from Ekerö to Katrineholm. I know, I bought some new things, but not so many. Then I remembered, that I had taken home a lot of stuff, which had been stored in my son Daniel’s storeroom. I did message a member of the board of the tenants’ association, because the association just had moved itself. I asked for five moving boxes, because I thought, they will be enough. The reason for asking him was, that it would have been hard to buy more at the shopping area, some kilometers away. Not for the money, but the transport. The new office of the tenant’s association was very close to me.


24th March 2021

“Fixer-Malte” arrived in time and was taking down the curtains as well as the curtain rails in the kitchen, the curtains in the room as well as the lamps in both. He also tog down the mirror from the door to the walk-in wardrobe. Unfortunately, some of the tapes from the mirror did not come off from that door and I had to do it. By that, the color also were coming off on those places.

I packed kitchen items in there original packaging, like toaster and the kitchen system. Thereafter I picked up the moving boxes at the tenant’s association, but they were privat ones of the secretary and another member of the board.

I ordered pizza from a pizzeria, where a neighbor works, but it was not him, who delivered them. I continued with filling the moving boxes and took a rest, when the pizza was delivered. Even these five moving boxes were not enough. Therefore I took all of my big blue IKEA bags and filled them as well. Pillows and covers I put in big, black trash bags. So did I with the cushions of the sofa. I ran out of those trash bags as well. Therefore I used som less big boxes to put in the rest. Unfortunately, I did forget to take down the curtain rail I had over the interior door opening. The printer was not packed either.

I was going to bed at 10pm, because I had to be awake early next morning.


25th March 2021

I did not find my key for the bicycle. I must have packed it in one of the last moving boxes. Though I had to take a walk to my new apartment. By the way, this day was the official day of the start of my new lease. The guy with the used desk, I had bought, was coming in time – at 10am. He also were going with me to the Red Cross secondhand shop, as he had promised. Furthermore, I asked him, if we could pick up the four matching chairs at my home. He agreed, but unfortunately I had forgotten the keys to my old apartment in my new one. The guy told me, that the moving company can take it, because he has not enough of time to come back with me another time. Anyway, when we were at Floragatan 5 B, I saw, that the municipal workers had left the cones for the moving truck next day.

This day I ordered another kind of food at the closets pizzeria to my new apartment, because there were not time enough to go and eat somewhere and I did not have any dishes in my new apartment yet.

My new stove was delivered at 2:30pm instead for 2pm, but that did not matter. It helped me to eat my ordered food, before it was coming. It took a while for the two electricians to install my stove – I think it was around an hour, but first they did displace my old stove and move it to my storeroom. The food, I had ordered from the supermarket, should be delivered between 4pm and 8pm, but was already left at 5:30pm. That was good!

I just had put all the food into the fridge, freezer and the cupboard, when it was time to attend the annual meeting of the tenant’s association. I had to do it by 4G, because my new contract with the new Internet provider I had signed from 29th March. Unfortunately, that was a mistake.

The last thing I have got delivered to my new apartment that evening was the chest with drawers for the desk, which I had ordered from IKEA and was delivered by the mail and parcel delivery company PostNord. Also this came at the beginning of the period of time it should be delivered. The parcel was quite heavy and the delivery man was so kind to put it into my apartment.

Directly afterwards I was going home to my old apartment and was looking for the key for my bicycle and finally found it. I also saw, that I have one more moving box and packed all the rest of my things in it. There was still my printer to pack, but I was too tired and saved it for the upcoming day. I set the alarm clock for 7am.


26th March 2021

I was awake, when the alarm clock rang, dressed, had breakfast and packed the printer. Then I have got a phone call from the moving company – or actually one of the guys, who has to care about moving my belongings. He told me, that they are coming from Flen, which is the next town to Katrineholm, that he had to talk with the migration authority and that they will be late around 20 min.

It seemed, they (2 none-Swedish guys) made a very good job and were even working fast. They had to take apart the sofa, even I told them, it is only to lift off one of the parts. They did not find how to and I was no longer sure, that it was so easy. They also wrapped the book shelfs in plastic (a kind of glad pack), that the drawers should not slide out of the shelf. I was thinking about, that it was not environment friendly, but did not say anything about it. The guys did not complain about, that I did not have everything in moving boxes. When they had stowed in all my belongings in their moving car, I asked them, if they will take a rest and eat something, but they did not want and did not do that. When I told them, that I have to go by bicycle to my new home, they asked me for the key for it. Though I left a pair of my keys (the one for the bar was included) to them. I started cykling and they drove away with the moving car.

Well at my new apartment, they already had unloaded a part of my belongings. I had told them, that my larger shelf does not fit into the elevator, but maybe it is possible to carry it as the whole upstairs. Unfortunately, it was not possible either. Though the guys had to take apart this shelf as well.

I had signed the different rooms with the same shortening as I had on the moving boxes. Anyway, all moving boxes did not come into the room, they had to be. This depended on, that they were carrying two at the same time and did not check, for which room the one was, which was underneath. Also I had to tell one of the guys more than three times, that he has not to place moving boxes in front of one of the walls in the kitchen, because the smaller shelf will stand there.

I asked them to rebuild the sofa and the larger shelf. Though they called their boss and told me then, that I have to pay extra for it, which I agreed to. I already have had contact with the moving company about the size of the elevator and got the answer, that the guys will see, if I have to pay more. Probably it would not be necessary, because I also have ordered the moving cleaning of them. Their boss did call me some minutes later and agreed with me about an extra cost of 100 EUR, telling me, it was a special (lower) price for me as usual. I agreed to that price, but was thinking, that there will be the same conditions as to the other orders. Though it would only be half of the price I have to pay.

The sofa was OK after the rebuilding and the shelf seemed to be the same, but when I later put things on top of the shelf, I could see, it was not. There was also another thing, which was not really OK, but that was easy to improve. They also had put one of the sides of the shelfs fram and bak, but that did not matter so much. Anyway, I already had signed, that all was OK och could not complain. Fortunately, one had to be very tall to see the bad mark on the upper side of the shelf.

I did give them privately some money, though they could get a really good meal or what they will use the money for. I think, they are not so well paid, because the whole moving job was not very expensive. Remember, I had not seen the bad mark on the shelf yet. At that point, I also was looking forward to the cleaning on Monday and hoped, it will be as good as the moving work.

I did unpack nearly all the things for the kitchen and put them in the cupboards. I had to make my mind up, where I will put everything and thought, all the things my not fit in. Fortunately by the shelf, I now have extra in the kitchen, I have space for everything. Anyway it showed me, that a corner cupboard take a lot more, than expected. On the contrary I am happy, that I no longer have such a corner cupboard, because it was so hard to take out and put in things. I actually love my new kitchen.

Samuel called me and promised me to come and help me to put up things on the walls as well the lamps and put together the furniture I bought at IKEA – during the upcoming weekend. I was very happy for that.


27th March 2021

Samuel arrived to my new apartment and we were going together by car to my apartment, I just moved from, but still rent until 30th April. He helped me to take out the pins of the wall, which were related to the hooks for the curtains. It was not easy and it was for that, I have not done it. I did get out two, but both became destroyed. Even for him they got destroyed, but he was much faster to take them out, than I have been.

Afterwards we were going by car to the shopping area, where also the supermarket is. We started at a DIY-shop and looked for new pins for the curtain hooks and also for color for repair of that one door, where the mirror had been. This DIY-shop did not have any of the items. Outside again, I asked Samuel, if we could drive just a little further to a shop, who sells lot of things for low prices – so also furniture for balconies. He agreed. I already knew, what I want to buy. It was just those furniture in the color coral – two chairs and a little table. When I tried to pay for these items at the cash, Samuel did it and then told me, that it is his moving-in gift for me. I thanked him a lot, of course, even I could have afforded, to buy it myself. I think everyone would be happy to get a gift.

We continued to a paint shop, even this in the same area. Here we found that color we were looking for. It is a tiny bottle with the matching color for doors. We had to pay 10 EUR for it. That seemed me and also Samuel to be a high price for such a little bottle. Anyway, I won’t need much of it and can save it for later and the most important, it was much cheaper than leaving the mirror or have the door painted by the housing company. On our way home, we also stopped at another DIY-shop and there we found the pins, we needed.

We had to go back to my apartment at Floragatan and fix the painting on the door. While we did this, even it did not take a longer while, we gott hungry. Though on our way to my new home, we stopped in the same street I live at a pizza restaurant, called Amigo. Full and satisfied Samuel drove his car the few meters to my new home. Unfortunately, at the car park, there are only places for two hours for guests. Therefore he had to move the car later.

At home at Kerstinbodagatan Samuel started to put up the lamps, continued with the wall board in the kitchen and started to put together my new book shelf – only one of them, because he was so tired. I could not help him so much, though I unpacked more boxes. You have to know, I have seven simple wardrobes in my hall and it took time to fill them all. Anyway, another one would have been great. Samuel helped me to take the empty moving boxes to my storeroom, because they were so many. We were very happy about the elevator.


28th March 2021

After breakfast, Samuel continued with putting together the rest of the book shelfs – two lower ones and also the chest of drawers, who will be placed on the side of my desk. Around 1pm my new, delicate chest of drawers arrived. I had seen it in a second hand group on Facebook and, after I have been sure, that it fits into my hall, I told them, that I will buy it, but have to arrange the transport. I had hoped, that Samuel could help me with his car, but time was running by so fast, though I had called the seller and asked, if they can bring it – and they did! The chest of drawers was for 95 EUR and there were 5 EUR on top for the delivery. Samuel did not say anything about that price and I think, he agreed with me, that this furniture is extraordinary. The seller had painted and waxed it herself. Anyway I had help of Samuel also with this chest of drawers, because he did take it up to my apartment – by elevator, but there are some meters to and from the elevator.

Surprisingly Samuel rejected my offer for lunch, he told me, he will eat at home. He left around 3pm and I was worried about, that he will not be able to concentrate god enough during the two hours drive. I was happy, when he called me after he had come home. He told me, he just started to have a meal. I think, Samuel would have eaten lunch at my place, if I did have the kind of food, he likes and is used to. I had asked him, before he was coming, what I should buy for him, but he had answered, that he will take something with him. Anyway I had eggs at home as well as ham, food he usually eats.

I unpacked more of my moving boxes, but was too tired to take the empty moving boxes to my storeroom.


29th March 2021

I opened my former apartment for the cleaning guy at 10am as agreed. I explained about the stove and showed him around, telling him, how clean it should be for my landlord should accept it. He told me, he had worked with this moving cleanings for two years and also asked, when the final inspection of the apartment will be. I told him, on Wednesday (this day was a Monday). He was happy, that he did not need to stress. Anyway, I had a fast price and I did not care, how long time he will need for the cleaning. I only was surprised, that it was just him, who should clean the apartment. I had expected two cleaners. At the other hand, it were only 48 square meters, the apartment was empty and it was not very dirty.

I had taken my two rugs with me and continued to the laundry company. The only one there is has a lot of different services to offer, among them the washing of rugs. I regretted, of course, that I had not gone with the carpets to the laundry before I moved. On my way back home I also visited a pharmacy (where I bought some medicine and got an explanation about how to take one of them, which made me buying a special box for medicines (we call it dosett) why I told the pharmacist, that it otherwise is hard to remeber, when I have to take the different medicines I have to take – so far I had taken medicines in the morning and in the evening, which was easier to handle), looked for hooks to put on tiles, but did not find any and ate a falafel in a restaurant called “Wursteri” (This name means, where one sales sausage, but the little restaurant did sell much more different food than sausages) in a small shopping centre called “Kvarnen” (The Mill). When I had the falafel I also rested my feet, of course. That was very good for them. Anyway, between my different homes I have to walk for around 45 minutes. Add, that I walked further to the laundry and than back and was in almost five different shops, that made my feet twinge.




At home, in my new apartment, I started with carrying the empty moving boxes to my storeroom. In my apartment again I laid me down and rested my feet. It is the walk on the streets, which makes my feet hurt. After ca 30 minutes the boss of the cleaning guy called me and told me, that the cleaning will be done in half an hour. I told him, that I asked the guy to call me about it one hour before he has finished, but explained, that I can go there by bicycle. So I did. Well there, I understood, that there had been a misunderstanding somewhere. Both the cleaning guy and his boss have not Swedish as their first language and they are a little hard to understand. Though I had to wait for almost half an hour more. I was sitting in the stairway. The guy seemed to become stressed and I really tried not to add to his stress. Anyway, we had a short conversation, during which he told me, that he has not really a chance to speak Swedish. He had learned Swedish for foreigners, when he came to Sweden and he understand Swedish well, but has no practice in speaking Swedish. I think, it was by that, his boss was calling me and not he himself. He actually told me, when I asked him, how old he is (it is already hard to see people ages, who usually are around, but people from other countries are harder to guess). He told me, that he is 28 years old. It surprised me, because I thought, he was younger. He also told me, that he comes from Syria. That he, by the war, did not have had the possibility to attend school, but his father had learned him a lot. Unfortunately his parents died in Syria in a quite young age. I did not ask for all that and I avoid to ask him, where he comes from, but that was his first answer, when I asked him for his age.

When the cleaning was all done, he let me take a look and what I saw, it was excellent. When I told him that, I also added, as I see it. It is the landlord, who will decided, if the cleaning is good enough and I think, he knew that, because of working with this for such a long time. The shower doors seemed to be shiny as well as the window of the oven. When the guy had left, I painted one more time over the marks on the door, where the mirror had been. I also was happy to see, that there were no marks on the parquet in the room, where my book shelf had been. Maybe you remember, that I wrote, when I was moving in, that my son dropped the shelf into the snow, because the transport board was going down into the snow of the weight. I had tried to dry it underneath, but was not sure, that I had succeeded.

Done the small painting, I was going back to my new home. There I took a rest. Soon Samuel called me and asked me, how it is going. Afterwards i filled my medicine box, unpacked two more moving boxes – which were two easy ones, because one of them contained only shoes and boots and the other one only towels and linens. Before I was going to bed I read the advertising magazine, which I had got the day I had moved in.


30th March 2021

I did not do a lot this day, but unpacked two more moving boxes. I also was to the town center, picking up eggs and willow tree twigs for Easter.


31st March 2021

This day was the last day of my lease of the apartment at Floragatan as well as the final inspection of this apartment. The landlord had a lot to criticize. I had not opened the oven, though I had not seen, that the cleaning guy had forgotten to dry an edge. In the bathroom, the now dry shower doors still had marks of lime (not the fruits ;-)), the shelfs of the bathroom cabinets were not cleaned and some more things. The landlord had blue plastic gloves on her hands and felt everywhere. Though I told her, she should not be so careful, because she had not been it, before I had moved in. Anyway she told me, that I have to call the cleaning company and tell them, that there is more to clean and that they can pick up the key at the landlord’s office.

Furthermore I had left the lamp in the hall, because it will not fit in my new apartment, that means: I need almost two in the hall of my new apartment and this model is not longer for sale at IKEA. The landlord asked me, if I won’t take it down, because they will have a clean apartment to leave to the next tenant. I told her, that I have no possibility and asked her for, giving the lamp to the secondhand shop of the Red Cross, when they have taken it down. I also was surprised and told her: How about the curtain rails of the room, because we agreed to leave them. What surprised me most was, that she told me a carpenter has to look at the shelfs I left – even this, because she told me, I can do so. I think, because I had de-ce-fix foil on the open sides. I had not put in original shelfs. Anyway, she did not check the shelfs over the stove. However, not even a roll of toilet paper should be left. I think it is a courtesy to leave toilet paper for the next tenant. When moving in, it is not always easy to have such a roll at hand, when one has to use the toilet during the first day.

On my way home I tried to swap an Internet cable at a company in the city centre, because it was too short and I thought, I have no device either, which I could use it for, but there are not such Internet cables I would need. Later I was going by bicycle to another shop at the shopping area, where the supermarket is and bought a vase for my willow tree wigs and also hooks for tiles at the same shop. It was raining on my way home. Fortunately I had taken rain clothes with me.

In the late afternoon I chatted with Marcus on Skype and discussed the Internet cable with him. He told me, that I might have the necessary contact at one of my laptops. Actually I found that later, just on the one I am using now.

Finally I unpacked the last of my moving boxes, but the box with my kitchen system I still had not. I have to find space for all my groceries and my kitchen measure pots. Furthermore I used the laundry of the house, but did not understand, how it should be time enough to dry all the washing I had – and it was not very much, just linen and towels. My clothes I wash in my apartment. There is a washing machine, but no dryer. I used the mangle in the laundry, but I am not longer used to it, though I have to make it better next time.

Before I was going to bed I had a message on WhatsApp of my Mexican girlfriend. I was so happy about it, because it was a time ago she sent a message and I was worried about her health. All is well. I was to bed already between 10pm and 11pm.




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