It was my big dream for years and years to visit Canada. Now I am here! I arrived 17th May 2016 after a 2 times 14 hours flight with a 3 hours transfer time in Abu Dhabi. I flew with Etihad airways, which I can recommend because they give you a pillow, a blanket, socks and a sleeping mask as well as the usual stuff. The sleeping mask has a green and a red side, so you can decide if they should wake you up for the meals or not. They serve enough and healthy meals and, what is very important, enough to drink. Unfortunately on the second flight there were toddlers crying all of the time. Furthermore one of the toilets got very greasy during the last hours of the flight. Vi also started an hour late after the transfer because of all paperwork they had for us passengers going to Canada. Nonetheless these are things, no airline can influence.

The border control was smooth, even I had to queue twice. At the first desk I have been asked if I have relatives in Canada, what I will do in Canada and where I will go further. Of the second officer I have been asked the same questions. Additional she asked for my route, how to get around and how much money I have for the trip. I was welcome like the most of them, who came with the same plan as me.

On the form, everyone has to fill for the border control, was even the question if I have been on a farm and if I will stay on a farm in Canada, which I answered with yes. I think, they cannot know, if I have been on a farm in Australia, but better safe than sorry. Of the second officer I was told, that this is only for the custom. Anyway the custom did not ask for it and did not check me at all. By the way I did not find my big backpack on the baggage belt, when I finally was there. I waited until I was sure, that only the same suitcases, bags and backpacks on the belt were coming again and again. I was on my way to claim mine, but luckily in front of the counter I found it.

At the meeting point Jane was waiting for me. I know her from Malta. I have got a warm welcome and we were going to her home by public transport. The first I learned of her was, that you do not ask for the restroom or toilet, but for the washroom.

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