7th to 10th Dec 2016 was my first trip to Mexico. I crossed the border San Ysidro / Tijuana. Even everyone can read on the Internet (especially on the site of the US embassy), how dangerous Tijuana is, other travellers I met and I did feel safe. The Mexicans, of course, take their chance making money of tourists, but that you have everywhere in the world. A good thing: A “no” usually is a “no”, if a businessman anyway tries to get you in his shop, just continue with saying “no” until he believes you. The best thing I realised is: I have not seen any children begging and no beggars are coming and grab you.

Reed more about my time in Tijuana by clicking the link.

13th Jan 2018 I was back in Mexico and started where I stopped last time: In Tijuana. This time I was hitch hiking the Baja California and Baja California Sur down to La Paz. You can find my itinerary and about my experiences by respective link.