1st Nov 2020

It seemed to by very windy, but when I came outside, it was not. It was just moderate. Though I was a little overdressed during my 7-km-walk together with Irma. Off and on it was drizzling, but that did not bother us.


2nd Nov 2020

I was waiting for Irene, who promised to pick me up at home (exactly at the corner of my street/the closest junction). I had already waited for a while, when Irene called me. She was not able to get her car out off the garage, she rents. A big truck blocked the way out of the area with the garages. Anyway it went all well, because of the service minded janitors of her landlord. Two of them were driving us to the boules place. That there were two depended on, that they only can tack one passenger in their cars. Though they were coming with two cars. This I call service! Irene also told me before, that the landlord hold another service. It is for new tenants. They get two hours with a janitor, which is for hanging of paintings and similar items. Therefore I will try to get an apartment at this landlord’s, but most important is the apartment itself and the amount of the rent.


3rd Nov 2020

I was taking the flu vaccine in the morning and was very surprised, because of the good standard of “Corona”safety. The nurses wore face masks, visors as well as one time approns of plastic and one time plastic gloves. Before they put on the gloves, they desinfected their hands nearly up to their elbows. The areas for vaccination were seperated with room dividers and they also vaccinated in one room. I was one of the lucky ones, who was treated just in that one room. I think, it was the safest alternative – and of course, I wore one of my face masks as well.

I also was at the supermarket in the evening – after I had picked up mig vegetables from the special farmers market, called “REKO-ring”. There was a reduced price for nuts as bulk confectionery at the supermarket, though I did buy around one kg all together, divided in almonds, Brazil nuts and walnuts. In the clothing department I found a pair of Wellingtons for women. It was so lonely at the shelf, therefore I checked the size and it was mine. I decided to buy that pair, because the lined Wellingtons I bought a short time ago I only can use with extra socks and they are normally too warm. I bought them for colder days.


4th Nov 2020

It was time for the line dance again as well as the dance class for “bugg”. Furthermore I have got an email from my girlfriend in Vienna. She ordered two face masks of me. I decided to give them to her as a gift, but she did not accept it and later on send me money by a letter.


5th Nov 2020

I had an appointment with a landlord, called Tegelstaden. They are producing new buildings and offer apartments without the need to be in a queue. I could not find any notice about the rent, though I did agree to this appointment. Meanwhile I was there, it sounded good and even it was a little surprising for me, how the seller at the landlords company told me more than once, that they are hand picking their tenants, I let me set up for one of the apartments. It had 1,5 rooms, that means, that the bedroom is small. For the people in the Commonwealth and countries, which were a part of the Commonwealth before, I have to explain, that in Sweden and other European countries (not all of them), apartments are not declared by their amount of bedrooms, but the amount of rooms overall. Usually there is a living room and x amounts of bedrooms, though an apartment with one livingroom and one bedroom is a 2-room-apartment and if the bedrooms are small, that you cannot put in a Queensize bed, it is 0.5 room.

Luckily I had asked for a floor plan and also got the right measures of it. When I checked at home, how it was possible to put my furniture into the apartment, I had pre-signed up for, I understood, that there were no space for a bookshelf! I knew already that the kitchen and the living room was in an open plan, but before I was at home, I thought it was easier to furniture this area. In addition to that, I calculated the rent for each square meter and it was higher than the rent I have now. It was not a lot for one square meter, but for the whole apartment. I decided, that it was too much. Anyway I thought, I may not send an email straight away and have to think over my interest for that apartment. So I did.

I was also taking a 7-km-walk with Irma today and, unfortunately, got an email from our dance club, that all classes are canceled until further notice, because the amount of sick people in COVID-19 were increasing rapidly again. I thought, we could have had our (for the season) last line dance class anyway, because we are very few people in a very big room, but even this one was canceled. The board of the dance club handle the pandemic very seriously – what I appreciate. The class in “bugg” already had finished. It was only for three times – this also because of the insecurity of the pandemic situation. I had signed up for another one – with the same partner I have had in the last one, but I had not paid yet, though there were no financial problem at all.


6th Nov 2020

We have a guy from New Zealand in our town, who makes his living by selling special pies from his home country. It was my wish, to visit his coffee shop since I know about his company. This day I did it. The coffee shop is situated in an industrial area, not far away from the supermarket, I use to go to. Actually his industry and his coffee shop are combined. He always sells frozen pies, but in the coffee shop he sells fresh made ones.



The coffee shop is nice decorated, among others with watercolor paintings of kiwis (the national bird of NZ) by his financée. There was just one customer more than me, though there was no problem to keep the distance. I ordered a vegetable pie and a glass of water. Meanwhile I was sitting at a table, the owner of this place was chatting with me, because he became interested in my travel throughout his country (see 2015/2016 or New Zealand here on the blog – it was my first long travel, my first travel to another continent and the country, where my real adventure started).

After the visit in the coffee shop I bought some items at the supermarkets I am used to go to. That I have to go to two different depends on, that my main supermarket does not have the very good papaya I buy every week – I might have written about this before.


7th Nov 2020

This was a Saturday and as usual on Saturdays I was chatting by Skype with my son Marcus. We are always talking about what we did during last week and sometimes we have additional topics.


8th Nov 2020

Irma was feeling a little better and we took our walking tour.


9th Nov 2020

I finally sent an email to Tegelstaden, stating, that I am not longer interested in that apartment, we were talking about before. The employee of the landlord answered my email by offering a cheaper and bigger 1-bedroom apartment. Unfortunately it was on the third floor and the building does not have an elevator. Anyway I agreed to look at the apartment, especially for the two walk-in-wardrobes stated. I was offered an appointment for the upcoming day.

Irene, me and some other retired people were playing boules again. It was cold, but we had to use the outdoor field, because of the rising numbers of COVID-19, the hall was closed.


10th Nov 2020

During the afternoon I took a look at this other apartment, I was offered the day before. I was so disappointed! There was not only no elevator, which I already knew, but the staircase was hard to use and worse was the apartment itself. The walk-in-wardrobes were just usually wardrobes and the one of them were not even a real wardrobe, but a half-size one for cleaning gadgets.

I also had an offer for another apartment of another landlord. That was situated very close to the train station. It was in an old house, which once upon a time was used as a post office and for their administration as well. When I saw it from the outside, I was wondering by myself, on which floor the apartment might be – maybe one of them under the rooftop as well as, if there is an elevator in the building. I did not think so. When it was my turn to see the apartment (we had got appointments and had to wait outside for our turn, because of the pandemic), I asked just these questions and my apprehension was correct. The apartment was one of them directly under the rooftop and the building did not have an elevator. Though I did not look at that apartment at all. I was offered another apartment at the countryside, but I told the landlords agent, that I am not interested in to live outside Katrineholm, especially by the lack of a car.

Irma has got a very pain in her spine. Anyway, she was going to the supermarket by car and offered me, to go with her. So I did. By the way, we were going in the evening, one hour before closing time. At that time, there were not a lot of customers in the supermarket.


11th Nov 2020

I called Irma and asked her, how she is – if she still has such a pain. Unfortunately she had. I also offered her my help, but she told me, that she has her son and family (her grandson is 17 years old). Therefore I was going downtown and visited a haberdashery, where I bought sewing cotton and ribbon for my Christmas curtains. I had made a mistake the year before. I shortened the four length during two different afternoons and I did not realize the other time the correct length for them. I only did see that, when I have got hanged the curtains. Though I had to change those before the 1st December. I was already running a little late. Furthermore I was to the opticians shop and bought a spray for my glasses, that they should not become misty. It was expensive, but I was told, that I only need to use a little drop of it every time I use it. By the way, this day I have seen more people wearing face masks as I ever have seen before in Katrineholm. Anyway, there were not many.

Maybe you remember, that I have an advertisement on Facebook, advertising face masks. This day I have got a request, but the interested person asked for black ones. I told her, that I will contact her, when I have black ones, because I am not allowed to sew after request. She told me, that she will buy two of them in that case.


12th Nov 2020

I started to make weekly announcements about our (GrandmasForFuture) demonstration for the climate again on Facebook. I also was downtown and bought black cotton fabrics and black elastic for seven face masks. Before I start with the measuring and sewing, I always wash the fabrics for being sure, it would not shrink. I did this, as soon as I was back home. That said, I can mention, that I also always cook the new face masks to be sure, they endure it.


13th Nov 2020

I was the only one this day in front of the town hall, telling the politicians, that I am supporting the climate strike and FridaysForFuture. It was drizzling this day again.

Later that day I called Irma, asking her about her health situation and chatting about a lot of other things. She invited me for teatime the upcoming Sunday.

In the evening I was to the service desk/post office at the supermarket and picked up a parcel. It was a way to take a walk.


14th Nov 2020

All the day I used for sewing face masks. I finished all the six I made with elastic band, but the one for myself I did not have time enough for, respectively I was too tired for it. The one for me I always sew with ribbons because they fit me better for my hearing aids.

I was contacting the woman, who had asked for black face masks. She really did buy one, but not the announced two. I hope, I can sell the others as well. There are nearly no people asking for my face masks even I already have that advertisement for some weeks.


15th Nov 2020

I was freezing, when I awoke, therefore I checked my body temperature. It was normal. Though, after breakfast, I was to the nearest supermarket/post office to post the letter with the face mask. I took care of buying more stamps as I needed, that I can put those letters in the closest post box next time.

Between 3pm and 7pm I was with Irma at her home. We kept the distance as much as possible. She has a 1-bedroom-apartment with an 180 cm wide bed. The kitchen is small. She cannot have a table in there, though she has the dining room table in the living room, close to the door for the balcony. There is no elevator in the house, where she is living and she lives on the 4th floor if you count the floors the American way. On my way home I was so grateful for my health, even it is not perfect, but I do not have any pain.


16th Nov 2020

I was reading news and its backgrounds most of the day and did not join the boules competition, because I have had a bad night – did not sleep a lot and was too tired for it.


17th Nov 2020

Most of the day it was raining, though I fixed my Christmas curtains.


18th Nov 2020

It was raining a lot this day, too, but I was happy, that it was dry, when I was shopping my groceries. My girlfriend Irma called me during the afternoon, among others she offered me her car, when I will go to see my son Samuel and his family during the Christmas holidays. I am not sure, that I will make use of this offer for two reasons. For the first: My son and his family will have a lot of other relatives at their home during the Christmas holidays. By the pandemic, I think it is no a good idea to meet them as well. For the second: Even if I visit Samuel and his family, I won’t use Irma’s car, depending on the weather and also for, if there would be an accident. Even if it wouldn’t be my fault, if the car gets damaged, we will have a problem. Furthermore I asked Samuel, which kind of biscuits I should make for them for Christmas. He wished the one with makadamia nuts and white chocolate for himself, the dubbel chocolate for his wife and for the children the coconut macaroons.


19th Nov 2020

It was a day, where I had the energy to cook more than usual and I did take care about all my fresh vegetables. Around 3pm it startet to snow, after it had been raining and there had even been hail. It was only snowing for a short while and it did not remain on the ground, because it was +2°C.


20th Nov 2020

It was quiet windy this day and we (Irene and I) were demonstrating for the climate again. Neither me nor Irene recognized this fact, though both of us were not really dressed for it, but it was OK this time. The temperature decreased and I put my bicycle in my storage space, because now the weather is not comfortable enough for me for cycling.


21st Nov 2020

A rainy day, which I used to order some cleaning products for my hearing aids. All together were for around 80 EUR.


22nd Nov 2020

Finally a sunny day, but with some clouds in the afternoon. Irma sent me a message, that her spine still hurts a lot and that she could not go for a walk with me. I made my shopping, using my shopping cart. Later this day I tried to pop popcorn in the air fryer. It was working, but it was absolutely not working better than in a pot.


23rd Nov 2020

I have got my first offer for an other apartment. The housing company is named Heimstaden. Because of the pandemic, they sent photos of the interior. It was not very nice, though I declined, even the apartment was bigger and cheaper as the one I have now.


24th Nov 2020

My order of the cleaning products for my hearing aids already arrived. It was exciting to open it and see, how they really look like and how they are working. Unfortunately I did not understand how to use the cleaning box. I have to contact the company, where I ordered it and ask for help. On the other hand, the box for drying hearing aids from perspiration was easy to use.

Actually, it was raining all day long. I had planned to go shopping groceries, but I did not. I can eat other food as planned. I have a lot of it including the food for the crisis like flooding, war etc. I used my time to train my brain by online games.


25th Nov 2020

The order of D-rings and laces arrived. They lace was much smaller, than I thought. Therefore I have to find a way to make it work. Actually I had chosen to order of a German online haberdashery for two reasons. For the first, I did not find D-rings (for my curtains) in Sweden and for the second, I thought, I bought much broader laces, than I did, which I could not find here in Sweden either.

I had to order health and care products, though I did that this day as well. I ordered at my usual online pharmacy. They are sending the products home without any extra costs as well as they are sending home all products, including medicines. There are other online pharmacies, which send medicines only to delivery boxes or shops, where one has to identify him-/herself, which is not a good solution during the pandemic.

I finished my Christmas curtains and the belonging tablecloths. I had sewn them by hand last year. Now I remade it by my sewing machine.

Irma was calling, unfortunately, she still has problems with her spine. Though there was no walk this day either.


26th Nov 2020

I did have a heavy wash this day. I had saved dirty clothes, bed linen and towels for at least three weeks. Now I had to wash them all. I haven’t been in the laundry room during the pandemic, neither did I this day. I am happy about my washing machine and dryer in my apartment.

Around noon I was going to the city center. A market garden had rent a former shop area and was selling Christmas flowers and other Christmas items as well as some special groceries like mulled wine. I bought two red poinsettias as well as a smaller, white one. I also bought a very small yew tree to put in my flower pot, which looks like a sled and I have gotten from former pupils, around 15 years ago. In addition to that I bought a bottle of non-alcoholic mulled wine. Actually it is more like diluted syrup, but with special spices. I chose to buy the plants at this market garden, because I am sure, that all are locally grown.



27th Nov 2020

Irene and I were demonstrating for the climate again. The weather was not too bad and the temperature around 0°C. I did not freeze, because I used extra, knitted socks in my all weather boots and two pairs of gloves as well as I was warm dressed on the rest of my body.


28th Nov 2020

It was snowing again, even this time it was not much and we ”GrandmasForFuture” were participating in the ”Shoe Strike for the climate”. I think, I wrote before, about what a shoe strike means. Some members of the association for nature reservation were there, too. I was a little late to pick up my shoes and Irene called me, telling me, that a member of the association were picking up all the shoes and putting them in big black garbage bags to store them in his garage for the next time. I was able to speak with him by the phone and explained, that I am using most of the shoes and boots, I put there. I do not have additional ones only for the shoe strikes. Though he had to wait for me and empty the bags into the luggage space of his car. He told me, next time I have to tell him, that I will pick my own shoes again and which ones they are. I thought, that should not be necessary. He should know, which ones does not belong to the members of the association. I think, I just have to be there in time and all will be OK.

Before I was going home after I had put my shoes on the side of the street earlier this day, I was going to a haberdashery, buying fabrics for an old fashion hand muff as well as yarn for a neck warmer (like the upper part of a sweater or jumper with a polo neck collar). I also were looking for light cuffs for a lamp in my room, but I did not find any.

Via Facebook I bought a pair of used leather boots in my size. I thought, I will use them for the shoe strike only, but it was a really good make and they were not much worn, though I decided to use them, when it is getting colder.

Furthermore I was chatting by Skype with my son Marcus. He ordered face masks of me for Christmas presents.


29th Nov 2020

I did it! I washed my windows – from both sides and also all of the frames and the windowsill. I changed my curtains as well. To change curtains was a really hard work and I was more than once afraid I would fall, but by the pandemic I do not like to ask for help of the ”Fixer-Malte”. If you are wondering about my enthusiasm for the washing of my windows. Actually I am not good in it and therefore I don’t do it very often – only two or three times a year.

I took a short walk this day as well, but only for buying another used pair of boots. They were even better than the last ones I bought, but therefore even more expensive. Anyway they were much cheaper an new ones at the shoe store (around 35 EUR vs 120 and more EUR). These boots are really great with a warm lining inside and smart laces. Usually I am not so happy for my small feet, but there is a benefit, because most children/young people have my size only for a short while. In addition to that, there were no real winter last year and the boots were not worn much at all.



Irma called me, telling me, that she still has problems wiht her spine. We were talking with each other around an hour – that is usual for us. Once we even spoke for three hours on the phone. Afterwards I did not have the energy to decorate my home for Christmas. I was tired in the evening, but had a cup of mulled wine and ginger bread. Then I watched more episodes of the movies ”Little house on the prairie”.


30th Nov 2020

It was time to wish my little brother all the best for his birthday. I made it by email as usual. I also have sawn another face mask – this time of a used bed sheet, but in good shape. Marcus had asked for different colours for the face masks, he will buy and I had only one colour for men – and even only one left. I had to wrap the face masks (two times two, one time for men and one time for women) and sent them afterwords by mail in a usual A-5 envelope. I posted them this day. The rest of the day I was busy with the Christmas decoration.


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