I’ve Finally got my new Passport

I was waiting for my passport, not expecting it as early as I was told on the homepage of the Swedish police, but as early as the police assistant told me, when I applied for my new passport. I didn’t hear anything about my passport but today, when I was messaged, that it is ready. […]

Hope leaves you last

I am continuing planing for my bike ride to COP27 in Egypt. I was looking again at different routes. I found a few without ferries, but one. I also found, that I don’t need to climb the alps. I can use EuroVelo 6 instead, which is following the river Donau. In addition to that I […]

Planning for COP27

Actually I started planning my bike trip to COP27 a while ago. First of all: Why will I go there – and by bicycle? I was so disappointed of the result of COP26 – like thousands and millions of people, that I was thinking about to be an activist at COP27 as well. For the […]