Preparing for Mexico and Central America 



Actually I started preparing for the second part of my RTW-trip, which will bring me to Mexico and Central America as soon as I was home from the US, but now I’m reading intensively about these countries and also write my itinerary (as an xls-file). My concern just now is, that I cannot see all I would like to see in Mexico in 180 days, though I have to ask for a visa and the route of my trip is depending on it.

While surfing on the Internet I came about some really helpful sites and found an app from the American Red Cross about Hurricanes in Mexico etc. with which I can try to stay safe, because of travelling for such a long time does not only mean, that I will experience the rainy season but also the season with hurricanes. Anyway there usually on the Caribbean coast and therefore I have a choice to avoid them.

There is lots of time left before travelling again. I chose to start early September, when it is not raining so much anymore. It also gives me the opportunity to get my vaccinations one in a month, so my body can cope with them. Furthermore I will move to my own little studio apartment next weekend (officially 1st May) and afterwards have more time to be undisturbed on the Internet, that means, that I also can update my blog. More about my new place, when I moved.

Costs of Travelling

Dear follower,

Finally I made a file about the costs of my RTW-travel, part 1. I listed all the amounts I spent, even the very private one like the two new cameras I bought, because of my unfortune to break them. I also listed the costs for the GP and my medicine. With other words: The costs could be reduced a lot.

By the way, the costs are listed in SEK, if you want to have them in EUR, NZD, AUD, CAD, USD or what currency ever, you just have to take a currency converter. With EUR it is quite easy. You can divide SEK by 10. It is not exact, but close to.

Here is the link to the xls-file:

I spent the following periods in the entire countries:
New Zealand = 29th Nov 2015 – 21st Feb 2016 = 83 days
Australia = 21st Feb 2016 – 16th May 2016 = 84 days
Canada = 17th May – 11th Aug, 16th Aug – 2nd Oct, 6th Nov – 13th Nov = 140 days
USA 11th Aug – 16th Aug, 2nd Oct – 6th Nov, 13th Nov – 14th Dec = 72 days
= 379 days (1 year and 2 weeks)

I hope it will help you somewhat!