Out in the Desert

Out in the Desert

Today it became real. I put my feet in the desert. The wind did spin the sand in the air. Now I understand why it is recommended to protect mouth and nose with a cloth. This happened in the state of Coahuila. As soon my text about the state of Chihuahua is done, you can […]

Preparing for Mexico and Central America 

    Actually I started preparing for the second part of my RTW-trip, which will bring me to Mexico and Central America as soon as I was home from the US, but now I’m reading intensively about these countries and also write my itinerary (as an xls-file). My concern just now is, that I cannot […]

Costs of Travelling

Dear follower, Finally I made a file about the costs of my RTW-travel, part 1. I listed all the amounts I spent, even the very private one like the two new cameras I bought, because of my unfortune to break them. I also listed the costs for the GP and my medicine. With other words: […]