Update on Sweden and Portugal

Even the weather is really nice here in Lisbon, I made my homework and updated my last month in Sweden (May 2017) as well as my blog about my time in Lisbon, Portugal (End of May 2017 as well as June 2017 so far). Dreaming about Mexico I will stay in Lisbon for a while, making money for my trip. In addition to that is Portugal worth to be there and Lisbon has a lot of nice views, even it also has other areas as it is usual in bigger cities. I also added some photographs. You will find my Lisbon story easily by following the link.

Another Portuguese Adventure

Exactly 2 years after I have been in Lisbon for the first time, my second visit to Lisbon started. Arriving by plane, we met of rain, but the upcoming week was sunny all the time even it is really chilly and windy in the evenings and during the nights.

Nevertheless there are lots to do the first weeks and both my legs and feet hurts. Even looking for comfortable shoes took me nearly a whole day. It was wonderful to have a pair of them at the end of the day. About my time in Lisbon and my trips around Portugal you can read on my blog “dorotheeineurope.wordpress.com” – my link is directly to Portugal – Lisbon 2017. Enjoy as usual.