Applying for a new Passport

As you know, I will go by bicycle from my hometown Katrineholm in Sweden to COP27 in Egypt this year. I guess I have to start 1st July. My current passport is only valid until 14 July this year and I have to apply for visa almost for Egypt. Though, I thought, I have to […]

Budget Travel

As some of you already know, I was budget travelling last year (2018) for 336 days in a row. My destinations were Mexico, Belize and, on the way home, New York (USA). As a retired person, I have had a tight budget, but with the help of many couchsurfing hosts, I could see most of […]

Cristo de las Noas

Cristo de las Noas is a statue in Torreón in the Mexican state of Coahuila. Noas are a kind of cactus. I have been in Coahuila and Torreón before, but did not have the opportunity to see the statue close by. Even the museums were closed, when I was there, though I decided to take […]