Update on Sweden and Portugal

Even the weather is really nice here in Lisbon, I made my homework and updated my last month in Sweden (May 2017) as well as my blog about my time in Lisbon, Portugal (End of May 2017 as well as June 2017 so far). Dreaming about Mexico I will stay in Lisbon for a while, making money for my trip. In addition to that is Portugal worth to be there and Lisbon has a lot of nice views, even it also has other areas as it is usual in bigger cities. I also added some photographs. You will find my Lisbon story easily by following the link.

Travelling the USA


Actually I am travelling part of the USA, because to see most of the country I would need almost two years, but I have a regular Waiver Visa, what means en allowance to be in the USA for three month / year. However this visa has to be renewed after two years even if I would not enter the country during the two years.

I have been in the USA earlier this year – for one week, when I visited the Mt Rushmore National Memorial, the Crazy Horse Memorial and the Yellowstone National Park. About this trip you can read here.

Since 2nd October I am travelling in the USA with the destination Grand Canyon. So far I have been throughout the state of Washington (WA) and I am now in the state of Oregon  (OR). Unfortunately I have not had the possibility to finish writing about travelling in British Columbia, Canada – where I have been directly before entering the USA for the second time. Take a look on those pages, while you are waiting for my report about my new USA destinations. I try to update my blog daily, but it is depending on the Internet access.

Thank you for your patience!

Travelling the World


I am travelling the world since 29th November 2015. I travelled before, but only in Europe and for one to four weeks every time. Finally I travel the world and started in New Zealand, followed of Australia. Both countries I explored during three month. Now I am in Canada and allowed to visit this country for six month.

I will make it easy for you to follow me on the road – even it is only digital. For the different continents I started different blogs. Here are the links:

dorotheeinsouthamerica.wordpress.com (page not started yet)
dorotheeinafrica.wordpress.com (page not started yet)

I hope you enjoy the story of my life and I would be happy if I could inspire you to start travelling the world yourself as well as I wish, that you find some useful hint on my sites.

Best wishes