[Munich, Ansbach, Pegnitz, Ingolstadt, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Rothenburg o.d. Tauber]

21st October 2015

I am on my way home from Malta to Sweden. I retired after have had a thyroid surgery for cancer. On my way hope I love to see friends and relatives. The fact, that I have had that surgery let me think more about the people I love.

The bus from Vienna arrived in Munich in time, because the border control was very quick and easily done. The bus driver was using a border point, that was not overcrowded either. Actually there were not really a queue at all.

In Munich I had to wait two hours for a “Megabus” in a waiting room at the bus station. I booked the bus in advance, too, which will bring me for 1 EUR to Nuremberg, where I have booked a bed in the hostel “Five Reasons”.


22nd October 2015

Arriving in Nuremberg at 01:40 I could not find the wall, where I had to find the opening to go through to come to the hostel. Therefore I took a taxi ;-). I think it is quite unusual to go by taxi to a backpacker hostel and a bed in a dorm. When I came into the dorm one guest was still awake and using an iPad or tablet. The light was good for me, though there was no need to switch on another light. Unfortunately I had the last bed left and it was an upper one, but these beds were very good, though I managed it without any difficulties.

I awoke around 8am, even I was to bed in the middle of the night. I dressed, ate a standard breakfast for 5,80 € with 2 tysk buns (Brötchen), Salami, ham, cheese and coffee and got full even I did not had any muesli. I was allowed to put my luggage in the luggage-room in the basement and was allowed to have it there “as long as I wish”. I found my way to the Railway Station. There were a train to Pegnitz, where my cousin is living, just some minutes later. I had to ask where to buy a ticket and found it easliy. The ticket machine was like the ones I am used to from Hamburg. I could catch the train without any need to run. It was perfect! At the destination I was picked up of one of the sons of my cousin. I did not know, that he will do that, but when I saw him at the railway station in Pegnitz, I understood, that it was one of my second cousins.

I spent the whole day with my cousin and got to know one of the daughters in law, her husband as well as their children. My cousin invited me for his home made lunch (beef, makaroni, salad and sauce), I also have got an afternoon and evening meal. Furthermore he served me limonade during the whole day – unfortunately he only had carbonated ones. He was very happy about our meeting and even his brother visited him for a short while. In the evening, when it was time for the way back by train his married son and his wife brought me back to the railway station.

Around half past 8pm I was back again in Nuremberg, picked up my luggage at the hostel and went to the bus stop for a Megabus. Unfortunately there were a roof, but not a warm shelter and it was quite cold. I had to wait for around three hours at this bus station.


23rd October 2015

The bus was late and all we passengers were very happy, when we could enter the bus. Even it was the Megabus (1,40 € for the whole trip from Nuremberg to Kassel!) I was allowed to take all my luggage on the bus, even I had another seat for it, because there were no racks for luggage over the seats. I only slept around 2 h on the bus. It was not very comfortable. There were very little space between the seats and even I have had one with a little more space for my feet, it was not very much.

My next destination was Kassel, Hessen. Please follow me.

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