Dresden is really worth an own site. I thought about for a while to see Dresden, because I did read or someone told me, that the old buildings, which were distroyed during WWII were restored again.

Well, the time is now:

12th April: From Wetter to Dresden

I arrived by an S-Train in Dortmund, where I changed to the train to Dresden. I had a very heavy suitcase and a lot more luggage, therefore I was happy that the entrance to the S-Train was plane. In Dortmund it was not so easy, because the escalator were for maintenance. A young and strong man carried my suitcase over his head up to the platform for the right trail. I was very happy about it. To enter the train was not the easiest either, I had to do it by myself and I did!

I was going by an Intercity-Train to Dresden. There was no change, but I did not know that the train will stop at nearly every station. Now I understand why the trip is for six hours. I could have been looking out of the window all the time, but I preferred to up-date my blog. Anyway I have seen the rape (Raps) in blossoms. Furthermore this day some grandmas were going by train with their grandchildren. Arriving in Dresden around 7pm I made my way to my host by myself, but my host called me while I was on the S-Train and picked me up in Dobritz, so I did not need to carry my heavy luggage to her home. I was very welcomed of her, her kids and her boyfriend.


13th April: Walking Dresden!

My host had to work today. She is an artist (painter) and self employed. In Dresden was a “Steam Locomotive-Festival” since yesterday and only for this weekend. She did face paintings during the festival. We left her home at 8am and she took me to the place for her work. From there I was walking to the City Centre and continuing from one amazing building to the other. There were so many, therefore I missed to go to the Semper Opera, but the Zwinger I have seen from the upper side and downstairs. Unfortunately I did not have the time to go inside and see all the wonderful things to view like paintings, the china and more. I walked the old part of the town (Altstadt) and the new one (Neustadt), too. At the “Neustadt” was a flea-market, but the most important thing for me in this part of Dresden was a statue to honour Emil Kästner, a famous writer.


14th April: From Dresden to Prague

It was really a wonderful day and started very well with splendid of time for breakfast and a life-giving warm bath after a cold night. When I left my luggage at the Central station I walk one more time to the City centre continuing to the Semper Opera. I just could not miss that building and I like it, too. I was rounding the whole building – with some difficulties, because there also is a new part of the opera, between both it is not really allowed to walk. On my way back to the train station, there were a group of three Russian singers with wonderful voices in the pedestrian’s area. Fortunately, I had time left to listen to them. It was like a concert and I enjoyed it very much. I was leaving them for buying a “Melitta” coffee filter. I thought that it will be hard to find, but they had lots to choose of in the store I was, but it was a little expensive.

I would have liked to stay for longer, but I had a tight itinerary.


About my train trip to my next destination as well as my time there you can read by following the link: Czech Republic



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