26th May

We arrived around 9:20 in Portimão and entered the Aqua Shopping Centre around 10am, in which the shop was, where Maria J. was working that day. At the shop she asked her colleagues for the way to the city centre and explained it then for me. It was easy to explain and easily to find.


I first came to a museum and checked for how long they are open – because I thought I will visit it at the end of the day, afterwards I did some window shopping and followed the trail for people with walking disabilities. Everyone could use that of course, but it was easier to use than the other pavement. The trail was quite long and not only in the shopping area, but also e.g. to the town hall. Close to the town hall I ate a Quiche and a sweet dessert, I also bought a bottle of water.


At the end of the trail I enjoyed a big ice cream and asked for another museum, the museum of Portimão. It is in an old fish industry and explains about how the sardines came in the box, which were exported to Europe and also other destinations. In this museum there also was a temporary exhibition about a photographer. It was just a little on, but I enjoyed it. I had time enough to follow the sea-side and enjoyed the views.


Even I was in another part of the town now, I found my way back to the shopping centre without any problems. I was a little early and looked around in the shop, though Maria J. know I am back. She had still a customer and could not finish in time.