Göran and I arrived at our destination, his home, 4th November 1978. The village, where his home is situated, is called Hångberg and is a part of the community of Hassela, which is a part of the Nordanstig municipality. The little village has only four buildings, one of them is the little farm of Göran, a very little farm. The dwelling house as well as the cowshed is painted in the traditional Swedish colours, which means it is red and has white corners as well as white window frames. The red colour is a special kind of colour, the Falu red. It is looking so lovely. The building is quite small. It has two floors. The ground floor has two rooms = the kitchen and the living room, both are small. On the first floor is an allroom and three bedrooms, but the side bedrooms only have one bed. The middle bedroom has two. There are no wardrobes! The cowshed or maybe one also can call it barn, contains three spaces for cows and a part for implements. I cannot remember, that it had an attic for hay. The house did not have a bathroom, but Göran had started to excavate under the house. It is build on a slope, though there is a possibility to have a cellar. By the way, as long as I lived there, the bathroom was not a fact. Because of the cold, we used one of the side bedrooms. Though we used a 90cm bed together. In Sweden, they call it sambo, when a couple is living like husband and wife, but is not married. It was and is very usual in Sweden.

I just have to take a rest in my story and have to explain a little about “Gavleborg county”. The Swedish name is Gävleborgs län. It is the southernmost county of the Northern part of Sweden, called Norrland. Sweden has three original “lands”: Svealand, Götaland and Norrland. If you are interested in, you can read about the History of Sweden on Wikipedia. For a map about these three lands (regions) you can follow another link to Wikipedia. As you can see on the map is Norrland around half of Sweden. Gavleborgs county has two provinces Gästrikland and Hälsingland, whereof Hälsingland is in the North of Gavleborgs county and Nordanstigs kommun is a part of Hälsingland. You can read about Nordanstig municipality on Wikipedia as well. Unfortunately there was not much to find about Hassela. Anyway it is known for skiing as well as the Hassela collective (care for youth with drug problems). Hassela and it’s surroundings are beautiful for hiking as well. During wintertime it is possible to cross the lake by car – almost most of the winters.




… will be continued soon, please stay tuned!

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