Hi, you maybe know already, that my landlady did cancel my contract. If not, you know it now. I am still living in the county of Stockholm, but here it is not possible to get another apartment for me, but maybe a second hand one again. A view days ago it happened, that I have […]

After the Trip

I made a little summary of my trip throughout Mexico. You can find it on the main page for Mexico. It is just a little try to give you a main understanding about the country and it’s inhabitants. Something you may think was unnecessary to write down there, other you may miss. Anyway I hope […]

New York, New York

I am further updating my blog and can happily announce, that the site “New York, New York” about my four days visit in this metropole is finished. It has it all: Text, photos and the link to more photos. The photos at my Google account sometimes may be confusing, because I have so far not […]