In the age of 63 I moved to Malta because I have got a new chance for making my living. Actually I have been unemployed before I was going to Malta for more than a year. I thought I will be able to live of the money I earn by my new job and I can use my pension, I get from 1st May 2014 to pay my debts and when I paid them I will take some money for holiday trips and save the rest for my trip around the whole wide world, starting in Canada, continuing throughout the USA, Central America, South America, New Zealand, Australia, Asia etc. Meanwhile I am living and working on Malta I will try to know the Mediterranean area of Europe and maybe the North of Africa like Morocco and Tunisia.

I am not only living on Malta, I also fell in love with Malta, but the winters. I prepared for the winter and I think I am lucky with my flat, because a colleague was already telling that the humidity in his flat made all his things dump. I have not had any problems yet and I heard other colleagues who have not had either.

On the following pages you can read how my life on Malta is going. It is anyway a little special, because I am a little special – but whom is not? 😉 I decided to make these sites to my diary even I did not start that way, because I did not decide this from the first beginning. I added a lot of pictures because I like to show you a little of this island visually. I hope you will enjoy.

Meanwhile (Jan 2018) a lot has changed. Though my first part of my RTW-trip was to New Zealand, Australia and North America (Canada, USA and three days in Mexico) and I am preparing for a long stay in Mexico with Central America as the following goal.

I also managed and changed things on this blog. Therefore you can find the following sites for Malta:

Ready for the Island (about my preparation for my life on Malta) and year for year = 2014 and 2015 with a monthly site each. I also was on Malta vor a week in September 2017, which you will find by the related site. My travel to Malta I have added to respective country, area and/or town. There are links everywhere, though you can follow easily the whole journey if you wish.




  1. Anthony Zammit says:

    I read this info with interest but I got dismayed because I am reading this 5 months after it was written and since then nothing more was added. Could be that the author is not happy in Malta (I know she is still here because she sent me a Couchsurfer request) or it could be that she is either busy or lazy to fill us in of her 5 months adventures in Malta as in work, play, fun, swimming, heat, and tell us why she never crossed over to Gozo even though she has free tickets.

    • Hi Anthony,

      If you scroll to the next month you will see I have had a lot of other adventures and that I wrote somewhere that I fell in love with Malta. There is a page for every month. Maybe you do not see it in your browser. I do not know if the wordpress-sites are working properly on all browsers. I have finished June, July, August und September – half for September is on Switzerland (there is a link to that page) because I was travelling. I will start on October as soon as possible, but I have a job, a lot of couchsurfers and a Maltese friend. So time is short, but the October will come soon, I promise. Regards Dorothee

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