I felt good when I continued this day (4th Sept 2016) North via the Yellowhead pass to Mt. Robson. Actually I had just passed this mountain, which is the highest peak in Canada, if it has not been for the hitchhiker, who asked me, if I could see the mountain in the mirror. On the other side of the road a couple had stopped their car and took photographs, though he tried to find out the motive and had seen the mountain. I turned around with the car and took photos before I drove the hitchhiker (from Montreal) to Tete Jaune Cache. I also stopped for a waterfall, which we both enjoyed. The guys destination was Clearwater and where I left him, was the junction in his direction. I turned back to Mt Robson visitor centre.

On the map it looked like there is almost a hamlet, maybe a village, but there was only the visitor centre and a restaurant as well as two campsites some km away. I asked at the visitors centre for the campsites and they gave me the directions to the cheaper one, the Robson Meadow Campsite. I stayed there overnight after have chosen a place. There were some loos, but only one building with WCs. There was only one WC, one sink and one shower for females, a family washroom with WC, sink and shower and a washroom for males. There was very little space around the sink. It was very uncomfortable. This campsite was one of them, where everyone can take a space and a warden comes to collect the fee. There was none coming to collect the fee, when I was there.

5th Sept I continued on hwy 16 to the city called Prince George. It has been around 0°C for three nights, though I decided to book a bed in a dorm in a hostel. I only found one, not belonging to the HI-hostels and it was downtown. I had no other choice, though I booked it, while I had breakfast at the restaurant at the bottom of Mt Robson. I took a hike to the Kinney Lake. I would have liked to see more, but I was not willing to spend another night on that campsite I have been. When I started the hike it was still raining, even it stopped, when I was on my way back, my trousers became very dirty.

Mt Robson – Kinney Lake

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Driving North on hwy 16, I stopped at another waterfall. The landscape changed. The mountains became lower and they were also more far away from the highway, but there was more forest around. Once I saw a lynx. I was not sure, it was one, because I did not know, if there is lynx in Canada. It was easy to find the hostel on Quebec Street in Prince George. It was situated where downtown begins. The owner of the hostel came just out off the door, when I arrived. He had not checked his bookings – he explained, that the long holidays are over and he was not expecting guests, but made a bed for me and let me choose one of the two dorms he had. Actually it was only one bunk bed in each of these two rooms. I asked for a washing machine to wash the removable legs of my hiking pants and he let me wash for free, even there usually is a fee of 3 CAD. It was quite cold in the house. When I asked him to put on the heat, he answered, that it unfortunately is not possible, because it is up to the municipality to put on the heat. It was just for having it warm, I booked the bed, though I was not happy about it.

I went outside to see the town and get something to eat. There were signs, that I was downtown, but most of the shops were shut down – the estates for sale or lease. I found an Irish Pub close to the hostel and one or two Chinese restaurants a little further away. What I did not know at this time was, that the real downtown was further away. I decided to eat at the Irish Pub, but I would not do it again. I can cope with, that the owner and boss of the Irish Pub was Scottish – wearing a kilt, even it felt strange. I did not like, how they treated me. The prices were high at the pub even it looked rustic, though I only ordered a soup. The waiter made signs to the owner about my choice. Actually I should have left already at this point. Afterwards they constantly asked me, if I will have more or the bill. I did not feel welcomed at all. It had been better they had told me, that I am too late, because they will close soon or told me, that the kitchen already is closed.

Prince George – The Hostel, Which Only is One Apartment in the Building

Back at the hostel the owner invited me to watch TV. I also soon found out, that he lives there as well. I was happy by the opportunity to charge the battery of my camera as well as my tablet. I was to bed around 11pm on this grey day. It had been raining off and on.

6th Sept I awoke around 4am because I was frozen. I took the cover from the upper bed and fell asleep again. The morning surprised me with sunshine and only some clouds. During the day it became warmer than it had been the last few days, but it started drizzling, when I was going further North. I had got free coffee, which already was cooked, when I came into the kitchen. The rest of the breakfast was, what I had taken with me.

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I did directly drive to the museum Fort St. James, where I stopped for sightseeing. I went from building to building, where volunteers in historical clothes explained about the place and it was possible to ask questions. In the warehouse were lots of different furs shown together with pictures of the animals, the furs comes from. There were bear fur, beaver fur etc. There were also fur from a lynx, though I asked about the name of that animal and if it still is found in Canada. By the answer I knew, that it really was a lynx I had seen the day before. I also ate a late lunch at the museum. I first ordered an offer (steak and more), but then also a dessert – I would have liked to eat a special pie, but they only had apple pie. I paid 13 CAD for the meal. I did not have to pay an entrance fee, because it was covered by my pass for the National Parks, but I felt anyway, that I spent too much money.

Fort St James

For more photos of Fort St. James click photographs.

This day I came only to Smithers before dark. There is a municipal campground close to the river. For 19 CAD everyone can camp there with a tent, people with RVs have to pay more. I found a free tent site and stayed there overnight. There were loos in all four corners of the place and even a washroom and an open barbecue / kitchen area. Both were scruffy! It was possible to book and pay online or come without booking – as I dit. There should be a warden, which should collect the fees, but I did not see any. By the way my evening meal was crispbread with peanut butter and water (I mostly drink water).

On 7th Sept I left the campsite around 9am without paying the fee, because even I found a place, where the warden should be, but there was no warden. It was raining all the day and chilly. I filled my tank at a Chevron gas station. I had to prepay, how it is usual in North America, but I had to pay cash, because these branches do not accept credit cards from outside North America. I could not get help with my tire either. I learned after a while to ignore these gas stations. In the neighbourhood was an A&W restaurant, where I bought and drank a coffee.

I drove all the way to South Hazelton, where my next host were waiting for me, without rest, but stopped in Hazelton for a washroom after have been waiting in a queue for road construction for almost 15 minutes. I was very surprised how my new host Dan looked like. He has no pictures of himself or his wife on the helpx profile. He has a white beard as well as his hair had shoulder length, though he reminded me on the ’60s and ’70s, the time of the hippies and flower-power. He had been a prospector, he told me, but did not work anymore since he had got a pacemaker. The home was tidy enough, that I felt well, even in the room I had to sleep they dried their onions and had other stuff. Dan first told me, that I had to do kitchen work, because he hates to make dishes, but soon it was about splitting and stacking firewood. We worked almost five hours a day and in addition to that I had to help with the dinner and the dishes. It was a place directly on the side of hwy 16, but far away from neighbours. Though I did not care about, that I worked a little more, but it was hard work, even he had a splitting machine. Most of the cut tree stubs were heavy. Even most of the split parts were quite heavy.

His wife Livina is from Cancun in Mexico. She told me, that she at home in Mexico always was wearing high heals and when she visits her relatives in Cancun dresses in high heals as soon as possible. She told me also, that in every garden papayas and mangos are growing. People often eat beans at every meal. This evening she cooked spaghetti and meat sauce. She told me also, that she is not a great cook, which I can refer till after have eaten that meal. She also told me, that she at home did not learn, how to cook, she just helped with side dishes, when her mother cooked. We talked about food and I told her about our Swedish specialties. After dinner we were watching TV, meanwhile the fire was sparkling in the fireplace.

Hazelton – The Fireplace

8th September was a cloudy and grey day, but it was not raining. The temperature was still around 10°C during the day. I became warm, when I splitted firewood, but first did I help with the reorganisation of the shed. We started at 10am. I was happy, that there were no early mornings for me. We worked from 10am to 2pm and then another hour from 3pm to 4pm. At 4pm Dan took me by quad to the forest. He drove first very fast and I had problems to hold on, especially because I could not put my feet anywhere. After a while, Dan fixed loops for my feet, that made it much easier for me. He stopped at a place with a beautiful view: Mountains with forest and a lake in between. Unfortunately I did not have my camera with me.

When we were back at his home, he got a phone call of a neighbour. They have had a French girl as a helpx helper. It was her last day with the family and they arranged a farewell party for the girl. Even other neighbours were invited and everyone was asked to bring something to eat. The host family prepared shepherd pie (an original one!) and the other guests would come with an apple pie, Dan told me, asking me for something Swedish we could have with us and it had to be ready in an hour. I checked with Dan, what the fridge, freezer and garden offer and decided to make a small “smörgåstårta” (sandwich cake). Even for this I had to improvise. They did not have white sandwich bread, though it became a healthy one of whole grain bread. They neither had sliced sandwich sausage nor sliced ham at home. I had to use spicy sausage, which I had to fry and slice. The tiny bit of ham I diced and spread it over a layer. I used mayonnaise for all levels, because there were no other opportunities. On the top I put a boiled, sliced egg, diced Chester Cheese as well as kale. Kale was also the decoration on all the sides. I had asked Livina, who meanwhile had come home, for parsley or chives. She did show me a small plant of chives and I told her, that I need much more. Therefore they came with a big amount of Kale instead. It took a while for me to cut the kale, even I only cut what I needed. Livina had some comments meanwhile I was creative, e.g. that it would be better to have only one plan, so people won’t eat so much and that one cooked egg would be too little for twelve people. I told her, that people won’t eat more, because it quickly makes the stomach full and that the egg only is for decoration. Livina ate all the time of the sliced sausage without asking me, how much I need.

Finally we drove to the party, I held the sandwich cake while Dan was driving. I introduced it as a starter, because it had not been possible to make a bigger one and there were none bringing a starter. It was a great success and the lady of the house told me, that she never has had that idea, but that it was great and she will use the idea for upcoming celebrations. She thanked me for coming with it. The shepherd’s pie was good as well. The apple pie was unusual like a soft cake and the sauce was just cinnamon, sugar and water. – When we were back at Dan and Livina’s home, it was TV-time.

9th Sept Dan was neither in the kitchen nor in front of his computer, though I prepared breakfast like he did the day before. Unexpected Livina came into the kitchen, she had her day off. She only works four days / week. She ate the porridge and fried two eggs and potatoes for Dan. It was raining, though we talked about cleaning the house. I took a shower directly after breakfast and did my laundry. Livina called about her flight to Mexico. Dan and she talked the day before about it and he had told her, that her booking was not convenient. This day I was a witness to their dispute. He said to her: “It may work in Mexico, but not here.” He sounded angry, but tried not to scream. Anyway I did not feel comfortable.

After noon the sun came through the clouds. I expected, that I should help Dan with the firewood, but Livina told me around 4pm, that I should help her with the cleaning of the house. She also told me, that she is not used to these special cleanings, in Mexico they would clean everyday because of the dust. Though they would not have spider web. She asked me then, how to get rid of those. She asked me to do all that, what she did not like to do – even to dust the mineral collection in the window. Finally I had to hang the curtains, she washed.

We have had two cooked meals this day. For lunch a kind of pea soup and for dinner fried liver with fried potatoes, onions and tomatoes. I learned soon, that Livina eats salsa to all cooked dishes, but porridge and Dan eats ketchup to all cooked dishes, but porridge. While I washed the dishes and Livina dried and put them away, Dan asked us, if we will follow him to the city, because he will go and buy beer. She did and asked me to follow, too. Dan went alone into the shop, bought beer and a pop with some alcohol for her. I did not choose anything, was drinking water as usual. Back at their home, it was TV time again. This night I awoke more often as usual, because I drank more water as usual.

Saturday 10th Sept Livina and Dan slept to 10am, but I was awake as usual. I cooked coffee for me, but did not prepare any breakfast, because I did not know, what they will eat. Around 11am – I was really starving, Livina fried potatoes and eggs for all of us. After breakfast Livina and I was harvesting apples, though the bears would not come and eat them. It was not for they won’t treat the bear, but for that bears are dangerous. We also picked mushrooms, which Livina hoped, were good to eat. Later we checked them with the help of a book. The most of them were poisoning and I was happy, that Livina did not cook the others, while I was with them. I was not sure, that these were good for us. Meanwhile we picked apples and mushrooms, Dan mowed the lawn. Afterwards Livina and I stack and Dan splitted firewood. We started to stack that, Dan was splitting the day before. For lunch we had left overs from the days before.

We continued to work with the firewood after lunch, but had a short break, while a neighbour was with Dan. There were no more break before dinner. The meal itself was sausage, rice and raw vegetables. Dan and Livina ate in front of the TV, but I preferred to sit at the table. They watched boxing, not asking me if I like to watch it, too. Therefore I went to “my” room and worked with my photographs on Google photos. I made albums for the photos from New Zealand. Unfortunately the wi-fi was so slow, that I could not finish it, because I became too tired.

Sunday 11th Sept started similar to the day before, but when I was going up a quarter to 8am, there were no light. I tried to find out, if it only was the bulb or the electricity. Actually it was the electricity, though I was in bed again after have taken my medicine. There were no wi-fi either, of course. I tried to fall asleep again, but did not succeed. A quarter to 9am I went to the kitchen again for breakfast. Unfortunately I did not have coffee. I had yogurt and cereals, a slice of bread with peanut butter and a half glass of milk.

After breakfast I went out to the shed and stacked firewood. I thought about to split some more, but was too frozen, though I went to bed again, trying to be warm again. I wrote my notes on my tablet. Dan told me later that day, that the power off was announced – for 6am to 10am, but actually it was not back again before 11am. I wished, Dan had told me before. It would have been good to be prepared for it. We stayed in-house until Livina decided to drive to New Hazelton for shopping groceries. On our way, Livina’s car broke down. The mobile phone did not work in that area, but Livina knew someone in the area. Her and the other woman’s kids went to school together. Therefore we were going to her. Fortunately she was at home. Livina called Dan and he was coming asap with a pick-up truck, but he could not fix the car. Dan drove us to New Hazelton, where Livina bought Cheeseburger at the local farmer’s market. By the way I paid my own, because eating out is more expensive as eating at home. Dan found a neighbour taking him and Livina’s car home. We were visiting all the around 10 stalls on the market before we drove further with the truck – hard work for Livina, who is shorter than I. Livina showed me the suspension bridge over a canyon with a river. We continued to Old New Hazelton and K’san – a replica of a First Nation village. By the way is the area a reservation area. On the way home, Livina made her shopping and we drove through South Hazelton, the village they live on the outskirt of.

New Hazelton – Suspension Bridge Over Canyon

It was foggy and cold in the morning of 12th Sept. I worked with the firewood again from 10am. This time i stacked it, split new, moved it by the quad and a trailer and stacked again. The last trailer I drove into the shed around 6pm. I left the firewood on the trailer. Dan had been working with the entire day to fix a car for Livina. We had a late dinner, because Dan finished that work and was test driving it after Livina was home from work and they had moved the broken car together, so Dan could get out the fixed one from the shop.

We had chicken (breaded pieces) with French fries and boiled green beans. We also had an apple-pie as a dessert. Livina asked me to follow her to town. She had to buy fuel. She did not do anything else and I was waiting in the car. I did not get any explanation, why it was so important for her, that I followed her. I think it felt better for her, not to be alone. Back at their home, they watched Star Trek again, though I was going to bed.

The 13th I started at 10:30 and I have got the impression, that Dan did not like, that I started so late, but I did much more hours as needed the day before. Anyway when the sun was shining later on, he told me, that I should have some fun, too and asked me if I prefer to go fishing or by quad all the way up on the Hazelton mountain. I never tried fishing, especially not from a boat, therefore I chose fishing. Surprisingly Dan attached an electric motor to the boat, used with a car battery. He brought the boat by his pick-up truck to Seeley lake. It is the lake, which is closest to their home, but it is full of weeds and water lilies. Even trees were laying in the water. I often could not see them before I was very close. Dan, who was sitting in the front of the boat, did see them earlier as me, but dit not tell me. He asked me to operate the boat and I did. I tried neither get involved with the weed nor the trees, but that was impossible. The challenge was, to handle it and I was good in it. Once I took the motor up, there was no other way to force the tree. I had my camera with me, of course and there was no other way to have it quite save as to put it in the bucket between Dan and me. Home again, the lens did not open anymore. It just clicked lots of times. Dan fixed that with high pressure air, which I was very happy about, of course. However before coming home, I had to back his pick-up truck down to the lake, so he could put the boat on it again.

Hazelton – On the Lake

Livina cooked a hen by a pressure cooker and asked me than, what I prefer: Chicken soup or the hen as well as she asked me, how I would cook a chicken soup. I told her, that I am OK with either choice, but that I do not know, how to cook a chicken soup, I never had done that. Livina seemed to be happy about my answer and decided to fry the hen in parts. We had vegetables at a side dish. After the meal I dried the dishes. Livina had washed. The rest of the evening we spent together watching TV and drinking hot chocolate. Livina added cinnamon to it. That is delicious!

The 14th Sept I started stacking firewood at 10am, Dan came out off the house around 11am and started splitting the wood. We worked until 5pm that day and for the last few hours I needed to wear my hand bandage. It had been to heavy work. Even Dan did see it, he did not ask me to stop with the work. I have had a sandwich at 1pm and took another one at 5pm, when I got very hungry again. In between I drank water, because it was a warm and beautiful day, even the night had been cold. After finishing the work for the day I took a shower. I prefer to shower in the morning, but this day I really needed it after the work was done.

The neighbour Ruth, who is a widow, came around 4pm, together with her brother and her sister-in-law, to visit Dan and Livina. They were invited for dinner, which was pork chops, potato mash, boiled lentils, green beans and fresh tomatoes as well. We drank water. We were talking about different things as the bears, but also Canadian car insurance and I have been told, that it is possible in Canada to insure a car for one day only as well as for a special distance, e.g, from Calgary to Vancouver, but as it seems only for residents.

Even this evening ended in front of the TV (when the guests had left) with hot chocolate at a late hour and popcorn, even later.

For more photos about all of the Hazeltons and K’san click photographs.

I left Dan and Livina 15th Sept with my new destination Vancouver Island. In New Hazelton I have got company by a hitchhiker. His destination was Smithers, not so far away, but there is no public transport on the route. Somewhere after Smithers my car started to sound horrible, when I used the brakes. I thought, it maybe is the stabilizer – that it is going to break down totally. I was, of course, also thinking about the brakes themselves, but I have been told of the mechanic, who checked my car for the insurance, that the brakes still were half and I thought, they cannot be gone already. At a lake I took a rest, see my photographs.

I stopped in Vanderhoof, the place in the middle of British Columbia. I was unfortunate because the museum was closed on these weekdays and the farmer’s market had finished 30 minutes ago. Anyway it was possible to walk around on the museum’s ground, which I dit as well as I filled up the car and ate a hamburger at A&W. At the gas station I saw, that the car is leaking liquid and I asked the driver about it. He told me, it is just water.


For more photos of Vanderhoof click photographs.

So far I had to use the same route I came. In Prince George I found a Walmart and bought some groceries, but forgot to buy yogurt (the main reason for stopping here). When I was back on the car park, I saw, that my car was leaking again. Though I opened the hood and tried to see, where the liquid was coming from. That gave me a very nice experience, because three men, who did not know each other, came to me, asking if they could help me. None could, because none was a mechanic, but I have learned of them, that the engine is not only cooled by a special coolant, but also water. We checked the water level, which was very high. One of them asked me, if I have had the AC on – the water could come from it. I told him, that it is not working. Later, in the car again, I thought, there is no AC at all, just the fan. I continued on my way with that horrible noise and without knowing, what is leaking. I sent a message to Dan and asked him, what the noise could come from, because he was able to get that car repaired by himself. Unfortunately I did not know, that he had given me his landline number, though I did not get any answer from him. I tried to find a sign to the Lheidli T’enneh Memorial Park in Prince George. The weather was great and I would have liked to see it, but I could neither find a sign nor see the park. Therefore I drove further on hwy 97 South (also called the Cariboo highway), leaving the town behind me. I did not stop in Quesnel either for the smog in that city. It was the only place I was coming through in Canada with smog.

Prince George

Around 7pm I was looking for a place to stay during the night. I am not longer willing to spend 30 CAD for a space for my car. I try again with free (wild) camping. I soon found a rest area, but did not like it. Not a long time afterwards I found another rest area, but on the other side of the street was the Cariboo Place Campsite and they announced a price of 16 CAD/night. I checked it out and stayed there. The campsite had a really good washroom with showers. The darkness came while I was eating my evening bun. There were no lights on the place – as usual. Though I listened to my music for a while, before going to sleep.

Hwy 1 – Steamboat Saga

For more photos I have taken along hwy 1 click photographs.

The 16th of Sept I continued around 9:30am. I was on hwy 97 and picked up a Japanese guy on his way to Vancouver. I told him, that I will make a detour and only can take him to the junction with hwy 99. Unfortunately his English was very basic, though it was hard to have a chat, even I tried. I asked him, if he liked Prince George, because he told me, that he also has been there, but he did not understand the word “like”, even I wrote it down for him. He answered several times “Yes, I have been there.” When I let him out at the junction I tried to explain to him, that he should go into the other highway, but he just were waiting, where I stopped. I hope, he got a hitch soon.

I drove further to Kamloops and the surroundings became more beautiful as before. I really enjoyed the ride and became excited even my car sounded worse and worse. In the city of Kamloops I found a garage, which offered free break checks. It was already 4:30pm and I one of their employees told me, that they don’t will do it this Friday evening. I asked them for the upcoming day and he answered, that the garage is closed on weekends. Though I drove back to Savona and stayed at the “Rock and River Rustic Retreat”, because I did not find a good place to stay for free. The announcement of the campsite made me imagine, that it would be a cheap place, so did the steep road down. My imagination was totally wrong. She told me, I had to pay 30 CAD/night – so would all have to pay. I explained to her, that I won’t pay so much, because I do neither need electricity nor water into my car. She now was satisfied with 25 CAD and I agreed, because it was getting dark. Unfortunately I have not seen the washroom at this time. When I had parked my car on place no. 4, I was looking for the washroom. The owner had told me, it is very close to my place. I found it with help of a long-term camper. He and his wife had sold their house somewhere in the desert of British Columbia, bought the mobile home and were now living on this campsite. He pointed at the loo and shower cabin. There was a sink in front of it. It might be thought for washing the hands or the dishes, but not to use, when you – of what reason ever – won’t take a shower. If I had seen this before, I would not have stayed here, but I already had paid.

Savona – Camping

For more photos from the campsite and it’s surrounding click photographs.

This evening I recognised, that I have one more day to travel, before I am expected at my new host. I found out, that the trains on this route were going every twenty minutes. Though I decided to see the Spiral Tunnels in Field. I had missed to go there, when I was close to them. The area around may be pretty, too, with glaciers and hot springs. Later that evening I was listening to my mp3-player again. There were no lights on this campsite either.

The morning of 17th Sept I knocked at the door of the owner of the campsite. She had offered me coming for coffee, when I checked in and I have got it for free – with whipped cream on the top! She was asking me, where I will go and I told her about the problem with my car. She must have had the same problem before, because she told me, that the rotor of the breaks is gone and it should cost around 600 CAD. She told me, I should go to KalTire and get it done. She had made good experiences with that garage. She also called them for an appointment for me, though I had to be there between 9 and 9:30am to get help. She had talked with Nick, therefore I had to ask for him.

The employees at this garage are really service minded. Nick took care of me and my car. After a check of a mechanic, to see what was wrong, I have been told, that the front breaks and even the rotor in the front are gone and have to be replaced. Nick gave me a quotation, which was more than 1,100 CAD. I told him, that I cannot afford it and have to scrap the car. I had to donate my camping gear and try to take me to Vancouver. I also asked him after the closest scrap yard and the opening hours. There was a scrap yard at the outskirts of Kamloops, but it was not open on weekends. Nick asked me, how much I could pay and told him max 600 CAD. HE started to change things in the quotation and came down to around 750 CAD and told me, he was sorry, he could not make it for less than that amount. I agreed and he got the confirmation of his manager for it. As soon as possible, that means as soon as they got the necessary parts, they fixed my car. It was around 2:30pm when I could leave the garage. I was happily surprised about, that they were still working at this time on a Saturday. Seen it from this side, the night on the campsite was worth it price, but on the other hand side the owner of the campsite should be ashamed for the high amount she takes for such a bad campsite. I decided, that it was the last time I stayed on a place, I have to pay for.

I was on the road again and with a good feeling, because my new breaks even it would have been better, if that repair has not been necessary. I was going to the Spiral Tunnels outside Fields, Alberta. I reached a town called “Golden“, filled my car and was asking for help with the air pressure of my tire back on the right hand side, but the shop assistant could not help me. She worked alone and was as bad as me by checking tire pressure. I should have asked at KalTire to check the tire, but had forgotten it. I continued to McDonald’s, where I only bought potato wedges. I drove a little longer, but the lights were already on and it was getting dark very quickly, especially of the rain. I found a great rest area with WC and a sink with fluent water. The washroom was clean and a few other cars where staying there already. Three guys tried to warm a soup outside under the roof of the washroom. I parked directly under a light, not very far away from the washroom. Before I fell asleep, I listened to my mp3-player again.

Hwy 99 – View from Kicking Horse Rest Area

For more photos of the Kicking Horse Area click photographs.

I slept very well that night, nobody was coming disturbing me neither was the cleaner saying anything, when I was going to the washroom with me towels etc and my clothes for the day. Already around 8am I was on my way further to the view-point for the Spiral Tunnels. I could only see the exit of one – quite far away and mostly hidden by trees and bushes. I was so disappointed, that I did not wait for a train.

For the two photos of the Spiral Tunnel click photographs.

I went back to Kamloops, ignoring the hot springs in the rainy weather after a stop in the city of Golden for a coffee and at the Rogers Pass for sightseeing. This time I did not spend a lot of time in Kamloops, just filled my car and ate at McDonald’s while charging my tablet somewhat. I needed my GPS for finding my way out of Kamloops in the right direction. After taking some photographs from a view-point on the hwy 97, I continued on hwy 99 for Lillooet. The host, who was awaiting me on Vancouver Island had told me, that it is a scenic route and she was right! It took longer for me to drive to Lillooet as I had expected and there were no rest areas on the side of the highway. The last 30 minutes I drove in totally dark, but I think, I was lucky with it. There were road works ongoing and the roadside to use more narrow than usual. In addition to that, a long part of the road had a very steep on my right hand side. I was relieved, when I finally reached Lillooet and found a tiny park there – called “Downton Park”, where I could stay on a parking lot during the night.

Lillooet – River View from Downton Park

For more photos of Lillooet click photographs.

I slept until 6:30 the next morning (19th Sept) and was then going by car to a gas station for a coffee and the washroom. I took a few photos of the little town, was looking for a museum and the visitor information, but both were closed on Sundays and Mondays. A shop for photography and more, straight over the street from the visitor information, was open and I asked the owner for the right way out-of-town to Whistler. He was very keen to explain all the way to Whistler and even showed me on an old photograph. It was easy to find the way after his directions and I then also understood, why I had not found it by myself – for the sign was on the left hand side as well as after the junction.

The route for Whistler as well from Whistler to Horseshoe Bay, Vancouver, was going throughout a breathtaking nature. I did not stop in Whistler because of the rain, but could imagine, how it looks like of the little I could see from hwy 99. I had a meal at McDonald’s in Squamish, because the wi-fi and power. Unfortunately I could not use the Couchsurfing homepage. It did not deliver the messages.

From Sea to Sky Highway

For more photos from this route click photographs.
For photos of the “Sea to Sky Highway” (hwy 99) click photographs.

To find the ferry at Horseshoe Bay or better, the Horseshoe Bay and not the village was not easy. The signs did take me around all the time. Anyway I made it at least. By that I have got the opportunity to see, how it looks like, when school is over for the day. Even there were lots of school buses, many parents picked up their children creating a heavy rush hour.

I had not booked the ferry, but came anyway with the next one. Even I was the last car in my line on the ferry, another car was taken on board in another line. The ferry takes around 90 minutes from Horseshoe Bay to Departure Bay on Vancouver Island. It was twilight, when the ferry arrived at Departure Bay, Nanaimo. To find the way to the city of Campbell River was easy, but to find the address I had to go to, was hard. Unfortunately I could not use my tablet, I had run out of charge. I have had two adapters for charging my tablet by the car, but neither was working. I asked two women (mother and daughter as I got to know then) for the directions. The mother called my host, because she was not really sure, where it was. She then followed me in my car, explaining the route for me. I was very happy about it. I was still so far away, I would not have found my way by directions only. When we arrived at my helpx host, her sister was just going to leave and drove the woman home. I love Canadians!

20th Sept started with helping my host Cindy preparing breakfast. I had to peel and slice apples for the porridge. Cindy lives with her teenage daughter Hollis in a huge house. He is a widow since many years. She decided to sell the house and asked us helpers (we were three at the same time) for cleaning, painting and similar things. This day I washed and painted doors, but only painting spots. For lunch we have had leftovers – a kind of curry and rice. Afterwards she drove the other helpers to the river for wild water rafting. All the equipment was Cindy’s. She took me to her mother and explained the city for me. At her mother she borrowed cake pans, because she would bake cheese cakes. We were back for dinner, so were the other helpers. They landed below the house. Cindy and me were walking down the steep steps in her garden. We had a campfire at the riverside and sausages in buns as well as warmed chocolate biscuits with Marshmallows.

Back in the house, I have got the wi-fi password and was looking for a host in Victoria, because I will only stay for three nights and the host, who first had got me a positive feedback, finally declined for changed circumstances. I also read my emails. It was late when I fell asleep.

21st Sept I had the same work to do as the day before. I had asked Cindy to get the Thursday afternoon and evening off, because I would like to meet Alana, who I know from my former host in Lake Lenore. Cindy recommended me to take the Friday off as well, because she will not have any helpers that day and would like to use it for shopping birthday gifts for her daughter.

The other two helpers washed the windows and the decks. For lunch we had leftovers again. The others ate Salmon and I was offered the curry and rice again, but I preferred my own yogurt with Cheerios and bananas. I had to paint the outdoor ceiling, as far as I reached. I was on a roof and not keen to stretch far. I was wondering if my travel insurance would pay, if I would fall down from that roof. I also was wondering if Cindy has an insurance in case of. The rest of the day – until dinner – I was washing and painting the cupboards in the kitchen. I experienced that Cindy is not very good in delegation. If it is not done respectively before I could do it exactly the way she will have it done, she made it by herself.

Campbell River – In Cindy’s Garden

I helped preparing the salad for dinner. Later Cindy drove her daughter to a dancing school, showed us Native Art, was going with us to the river and taking a walk together with us helpers. We have seen a seal when having a picnic with tea and biscuits. The wind was cold. We were on the way home after picking up her daughter from the dance lessons, when Cindy screamed “a bear”. There was a wild bear on the road, going into a garden. From the place I had in the car, I only could see a shadow of his back – even for the bad light. I used the Internet before I fell asleep.

The 22nd Sept we started working a little earlier. Also this day I had to paint doors. Around lunchtime Cindy took us helpers to the Quinsam Salmon Hatchery. We first watched their job, which is killing female salmon and taking the eggs out. It is like an industry and I was concerned about all the dead salmon. Cindy told us, that there usually is a bear at the river, fishing salmon. Though we went there, but even we stayed for around an hour, no bear was seen. We ate sandwiches for lunch while waiting for the bear. By the way there were also other people looking for the bear.

Back at Cindy’s home again I packed for going to Comox, where Alana lives. I had got good directions of her, but it was anyway hard to find. She wrote e.g. that I have not to drive into Courtenay, but it depends on, what that means for the individual. Though I turned around and drove all the way back to Campbell River for finding the described junction for Comox before Courtenay with overhead signs for Comox. There is none! I came anyway close to her home and asked at a gas station for the final directions. It sounded a little complicated, though I called Alana instead. She met me at the gas station and drove then in front of me. I was much later at her home as planned, but she did understand the situation and told me, that she should have explained a little better.

Alana lives in a beautiful furnished condo. She lives together with her cute dog “Easy”. I was welcome to sleep in her combined study and guest room. One of her neighbours is from Norway. Alana took me there for a short chat. Afterwards she drove with me to the harbour, showing me the pretty pier. Unfortunately it was raining, though I could not take photos. (The photos below I took another day.) Soon it became dark and she invited me for dinner at a restaurant, very close to the harbour. I ate a chicken salad, which she had recommended me. The prices of this restaurant were quite high and I could not decide, what to ask for, because I did not know her financial situation. Therefore I was happy about her decision.

Comox – Pier

For more photos of Comox click photographs.

After getting back to her home, we went out with Easy. The rest of the evening she showed me, what she is doing. She volunteers a lot and is involved in theatre, courses as a leader and more.

I awoke early the 23rd Sept, but was still tired. I took my medicine in the room, because Alana had put in a bottle of water. I was up at 7:45am and took a shower. Alana was already waiting with breakfast for me. She served cereals with milk and strawberries and tea as well as toast with Comox made Camenbert (the one with gold medal). I appreciated her initiative to serve me local products.

Afterwards she took me with her to the Elderly’s College. It is for 55+ people, who want to keep their brain active. The teachers, called instructors, are all volunteers. Even the organisers are volunteers. Most of the instructors are elderly as well, but there were also a few younger ones. All visitors were invited to coffee/tea and biscuits, so was I. Some of the instructors were interested in me. We had a short chat. This day was the instruction day for the instructors for the new season. The following day the instructors had to inform interested people in 90 sec about their courses. Alana is having a history class, one instructor will have a class in maths and another one in art, but also a class in hiking will be held. It sounded great!

On the way to her friend Christy, we stopped at a pharmacy. I needed batteries for my hearing aids as well as a toothbrush and toothpaste, because I thought, I had forgotten it in Campbell River, but I only had it in my backpack instead of my bag for shampoo etc. By the way, the batteries were expensive. I had to pay almost 14 CAD for 6. Her friend Christy is originally from New Zealand (Lower Hut close to Wellington). We three were going to Cumberland together, but first we stopped at the theatre, in which Alana is engaged. The costume designer was there and I was allowed to take a look and even touch all the costumes. They were amazing. On the way out we met one of the actors. He was one with the proper education and I asked him, if he ever had lost his line. He answered: “We all have, therefore we are training so much.” I told him from my experience in the Drama-group in Dublin and he told me, that I should not worry about it. Too early we had to say good-bye. Alana’s plan was to show me Cumberland. Once a coal mine plant, developed in a coal mine town, the city still has its old charm and the city center has not changed much since the 18th century. After driving around in the city – the rain poured down – we entered a little café and had a light lunch, everyone paying its own bill. I ordered a late breakfast: Bacon, fried egg, cheese and a scone bun. I was surprised, that all was served in the bun. It was difficult to eat even with the cutlery, but tasty. (The photos below I took another day.)

Cumberland – Museum

For more photos of Cumberland click photographs.

Before driving back to Comox, Alana was with Easy at a dog rest area. The dog loved it, Alana got wet, but Christy and me stayed in the car. In Comox Christy said goodbye. I followed Alana home and picked up my belongings. Alana had to visit a sick friend or relative and for me it was time to drive back to Campbell River. It has been a wonderful and interesting day with Alana.

Close to Campbell River it stopped raining, though I did not mind, that I was choosing the wrong road close to Cindy’s home. I drove on hwy 28 instead for continuing on hwy 19. When I was aware of my mistake and thinking to turn around, I saw the sign of the Elk Falls Provincial Park and rest area. I parked my car and was walking to the falls, used a suspension bridge, took some nice photographs and was driving my way back, using the GPS on my tablet. To enter the street, which goes to Cindy’s area was really tricky, because the hwy 19 here has two separated lanes. The one is going to the South, the other to the North. It is only possible to enter the right street from the lane to the North, but I was coming from the South. No wonder, I did not find it without the GPS.

24th Sept was one of those grey days again, sometimes raining. The temperature was never more than 16°C and I was still waiting for the Indian summer. After breakfast Cindy had a chat with us about reviews of helpers and the situation of the host. She also showed us the host menu on the helpx homepage, that means, what she can see about helpers including reviews helpers have given hosts. I told her about my former host in Hazelton and that he rejected to give me a review, because I stressed him with asking for a review after ten days. I also told Cindy, that I told the helpx administrators about my concern and ask them for deleting my review for that host – which they eventually did.

Cindy also asked me for changing the room, because friends of her daughter will visit her during the evening and they would like to watch TV. The other room had been occupied, when I arrived, but the female helper had left the day before. In this other room was a mattress on different sized chests with drawers. When I told her, that it was not really a bed, she told me, that the mattress is very comfortable. They (she and her late husband) had used it in a caravan.

Campbell River – Bed

For related photos click photographs.

I had to wash walls and paint the spots, where the colour was gone. Even this day she served the meals. Even she asked if I would like to eat of all she offered and, when she had filled the plate, if it was enough, was it strange for me, that I was not allowed to fill a plate for me by myself. Nevertheless this behaviour is quite common in Canada, I learned.

In the afternoon Jonathan, a new helper from Germany (coming from a place close to Munich), arrived. I made Swedish apple pie for desert, the one with the breadcrumbs. In lack of custard, we ate it with ice cream. All loved the pie.

In the evening I skyped with my son Samuel. For retaining space on my tablet I had emptied all my cache. In addition to that I had renamed my email account dorotheeinternational. Instead for using my nickname, I had put in my real name, because people became often confused about my nickname. Though I had to open a new Skype account and could not use the Dorothee Hillwalker account anymore. I could still se it, when I searched it, but not attend. By opening a new account I became aware, that Skype now is owned by Microsoft, which does not make me happy. I also sent emails to some of my friends this evening.

25th Sept was my last working day at Cindy’s and it was a full one. While I was painting spots again before lunch, Cindy asked me for help with some sewing (by hand). She came with two or three bed covers. They were to thick for the sewing machine respectively it was to difficult for her to sew the rounded corners with the machine. By the rounding the corners became large and I could only sew this one. Anyway I was working on it even after dinner. I just would not leave it half done.

For lunch we had soup and for dinner tortilla wraps with rice as a side dish – as the evening before. I have got a good connection with Jonathan and he was happy to meet me, because I answered his question about travelling alone. Even this evening I emailed friends and answered the email of Samuel L., my upcoming couch surfing host in Vancouver. He asked me, if it was OK for me, that he during the same time he will host me also hosts a younger girl with a dog. I was very happy by having a host in Vancouver and could imagine, that the girl will be, too, though I agreed.

26th Sept it was time for me to say goodbye to Cindy, her daughter and Jonathan. Unfortunately I did not leave before 11:30am, even I was up as usual. The weather was a little better this day, even it was drizzling off and on. I hoped to make some photos in Comox as well as in Cumberland and I was happy I could take some. However by the late leaving of Campbell river, I arrived late at my destination Victoria – the capital of British Columbia. Visiting the town of Ladysmith got me more delayed, but Cindy had told me, I should buy a cinnamon bun at the Old Bakery, because they would have the best ones in BC. I did it and I learned, that they neither are similar to the ones in Saskatchewan nor to our Swedish ones. The buns in BC are huge – you have to eat them with a fork – and they have lots of icing on the top. Actually I prefer our Swedish cinnamon buns. By the way Ladysmith is worth a visit for its own. I also bought a Christmas gift for my grandson Leon. Unfortunately it is somewhat big and somewhat heavy. I think I have to send it by mail, I cannot carry it with me, when I have not the car anymore. I now, I should not have bought it, but I thought it was “that ideal gift”. I hoped he will be happy about it and that he does not already have similar.

Ladysmith – Street View

For more photos of Ladysmith click photographs.

Cindy also told me to take my time when traveling the Malahat mountain (hwy 1). I would have liked to do that, but all the vista points were only allowed to attend from the other direction. I sent Peyman, my couch surfing host for Victoria, a message, telling him, that I will not arrive before 7pm. He was OK with it. I was using his directions and found his home without any problem. He welcomed me and we had a chat, before we were taking a walk in his suburb Fernwood. It was already dark, of course, but I enjoyed it anyway. At the end of the walk I bought some food at the local supermarket. Back at his home he opened the couch for me, so I could sleep on it, provided me with his wi-fi password and a key for his apartment.

Peyman was born in Iraq, lived there for some years with his parents, but the family became refugees in France, where he was raised most of his life and his mother still lives. Himself came to Canada a year or two ago and is working at the government in education with French. He told me, that he is unhappy with his job as well as the Canadian food culture. He told me, that it is neither common nor well seen, that he has own ideas about his work. I found, that we are the same kind of different thinkers. He also was a good cook and pampered me with dinners and homemade smoothies. The one with ginger in it I liked best of all.

27th Sept I walked Victoria. Peyman’s place is not very far away from downtown and I was happy I had not to look for a parking space. The situation was difficult enough, where he was living. I had to move the car almost twice a day. I visited Chinatown on the way to the harbour. The walkway around the harbour was partly closed for refurbishment, though I enjoyed the open part. I was walking to the House of Parliament and have seen that famous railway hotel, The Empress, both from the outside. On my way back I passed a man with dark skin, playing the trumpet and happy about every coin. He was a good player and I gave him my last coin. He was funny, when he thanked for it, saying: “Thank you mama, if you want, I can follow you home.” Another day I have got the opportunity to tell him, that he had to come to Sweden, if he want follow me home. I think you can imagine his reaction.

Victoria – Hotel Empress

For more photos of Victoria click photographs.

After four hours I was back at Peyman’s and moved my car, followed of looking for that neighbourhood café, he had shown me the evening before, because I was very hungry now and he had told me, that they serve genuine food of the area. Unfortunately I did not find it, but I passed a Dodge branch selling “tires at costs”. I made an appointment for the upcoming day, because I have a tire, which I had to check and fill every time I was filling fuel. I was so tired of it! I hoped a repair would be enough, because the tire itself is still good.

Afterwards I went back to Peyman’s home and ate crisp bread with peanut butter. Later on I met Peyman outside his work place. To find the entrance to the car park I had to round the block twice, so hard it was to find. He told me, where to drive for coming outside the city to Mount Douglas Park for a hike. He was interested in to show my Victoria from above. We did not find the right trail from the start, but made it anyway to the lookout. There was another one, higher up, from where I could have seen Victoria at 360°, but it was to hard for me to climb the rocks – I learned my borders in New Zealand. We were back at the car just before it got totally dark.

Victoria – View from Above

For related photos see the photographs of Victoria.

On the way home, I drove back to his work place. He had to pick up his bicycle. I offered him to put it back in my car, so he did and guided me the way back home. On our way I overtook a biker without lights and also passed a couple in dark clothes on the middle of the road – not at a traffic light or on a pedestrians crossing. Unfortunately I was so tired after the hike, that I asked him for cooking the Swedish meal the upcoming evening. I saw, he was somewhat disappointed, but told me, he was OK with it.

The night to the 28th Sept I had a horrible dream. I usually do not dream or do not remember them, but this one I did. It was about a ranch, visited by bandits. The horses tried to help us, but were shot one by one – even the most beloved one. At least the bandits became so full that I could call 911 and the bandits were taken to jail. I have no idea, why I was dreaming that.

This day I was moving my car just in time. Then I tried to get some cash, but the closest ATM only took Canadian cards, though I had to go further. Fortunately the guy in the shop of the first ATM told me, that all 7-Eleven shops has ATM and theirs did take my foreign card. Later that day I have seen a lot of banks with ATM, which I did not see the day before. It might have been for, that I now was coming from the other direction.

I left my car at Dodge service in good time. There were cars waiting and I was nearly standing on the pedestrians walk. Even my appointment was before noon, I could not get my car back before afternoon. That did not matter for me and I walked downtown again. On Fort Street I entered a shop for old music records. I started looking at all the hundreds of them, when the owner asked me, what I am looking for. He searched “Freddy Quinn” on the Internet and told me then, he has no records of him. Even here I had, during the short time I was looking into his boxes, found records of Heintje, Abba and other European singers.

Close to the corner of Fort Street and Douglas Street I found the French bakery Crust, Peyman had recommended. I ordered a little pie with mushrooms, pine nuts and goat cheese – there were no bigger ones. I did not get full of it and was thinking about to buy a sweet pie as desert, but the bakery was so crowded and they did not have a good service, though I continued. Next door I found a Dutch bakery and ordered a mocha cake, but it was a hazelnut on the top. I complained, because I am allergic against hazelnuts, but they told me, it is a mocha cake, but they have hazelnuts on some. I did not get it changed. I did not eat the hazelnut, of course and I was happy, I did not get an allergic reaction. I cannot recommend that bakery!

I was still hungry when I passed a place offering XL pizza slices. I went back and bought one, but found it has normal size. I do not know, what they compare with, calling them XL. Close there was the Public Market, Peyman also had recommended. I found the stall with the handmade cheese, but no prices were announced, though I looked for another stall offering cheese, but there was none. The place is actually quite small and most of it is occupied by restaurants. However in the middle of the walkway was a stall with chocolate from all over the Americas. The prices were high, but most of them had 70% cacao or more. The seller did not have any customers since I entered the hall and he offered small, even very small, bites for tasting. I tasted some of the examples and my conscience made me to buy a chocolate bar. It was for 14 CAD!

With that purchase I went back to the Dodge service center for my car, but it was not ready yet. I was waiting there and when they finally had done the repair (it has been a nail in the tire, I have been told then), they offered me to wash the car for free, but it will take 20 min. I accepted that offer, because the car really needed it. Finally back with the car at the visitors parking space at the Tree House, where Peyman is living, I was walking down town one more time for sightseeing of the House of Parliament. The security procedure was not as hard here as in the House of Parliament in Ottawa, but this is only a government of a Canadian province and not the one of Canada.

Victoria – House of Parliament

It was an interesting self guided tour with lots of time for photography and coming back to points I have been before, because the character of the tour. Unfortunately no debates were ongoing. Before leaving I bought a little inexpensive souvenir – yes, also here was a shop for souvenirs, but the tour was for free. I thought about visiting the museum of British Columbia, but the entrance fee was to high. I walked around in their shop, getting an impression of, what it was about. Furthermore I asked them about a gallery nearby, because Peyman had talked about it, but I could not find it (he never called it by the real name). Even at the Robert Bateman Gallery I had to pay, but I could buy an inexpensive senior ticket. – They love donations, too! It was an interesting hour I spent there, even the subject has not my full interest.

Back at the Tree House I cooked a Swedish macaroni box. I could have met Peyman downtown and he would have shown me more of the city life, but I was not sure, I will have the energy to cook for him as I promised, and I was not willing to risk that. Peyman was happy about it and he told me, he had never before eaten similar. Unfortunately I could not figure out, if he liked it or not. After a short talk we were both working with our computers. Before saying good night to each other he told me, that I have to leave early next day because of the key, which I already had expected. His door could only be locked from the outside by using a key and the mail box was only done for thin letters.

For more photographs of Victoria use the link!

Though I left his home around 8am together with him 29th Sept. I directly left Victoria for a stop at Butchart Gardens. They still had the summer theme, but at one of the entrances there was a Thanksgiving plot with pumpkins and more. It looked very pretty.

Butchart Gardens

For more photos of the Butchart Gardens click photographs.

I continued to the ferry in Swartz Bay, also this time without a reservation. I did not get a place on the first but second leaving ferry. That did not matter for me. It was a sunny day, even cold in the shade, but I enjoyed the sun, shield of my car. During the crossing it became very windy. The sky was not clear at all anymore and it was raining from time to time. The surroundings reminded me of Sweden, especially the Stockholm archipelago. Even here in Canada I could see houses on the islands, some looking Swedish as well.

Vancouver Island to Vancouver by Ferry

For related photos click photographs.

Arriving in Tsawwassen I used my GPS again and it was working very well. I found the place of my host Samuel in Vancouver without any problems. Samuel lives in a basement without doors between the rooms, but to the cellar, where the washing machine and a dryer are as well he has his bikes. He is a nice Jewish guy and loves cooking. He makes all from scratch, even the yogurt and the granola – which he offered the other couch surfer and me immediately as an evening meal. He has travelled a lot and knows the States (USA) as good as Canada.

I chose the couch and the other girl (Kristina from Germany) as well as her dog Peppi was sleeping on a Queen size mattress. The couch was too short, even for me, but I did not recognise it in time. I made the best of it and was happy, that I managed to sleep on it. Samuel shared his wi-fi with us – as it is usual, but the first night I used it in the bathroom because I was the only one awake and won’t disturb. I was already now thinking about the German TV series from the ’60s “Platz ist in der kleinsten Hütte” (There is space in the smallest hut.) and our Swedish idiom “Där hjärterum är stjärterum.” (Where is space in the heart, there is space for people.) – If you know a similar English idiom, please write a comment. Thanks!

30th Sept started very well by Samuel offering us a big breakfast with coffee/tea, the homemade granola and yogurt as well as sandwiches with Danablue cheese. I wasted time this morning because my car did not start, but I hade to move it, because the parking was only allowed until 8am + 2 hours. I tried to call the CAA, but the automated answering machine did not accept the answers of my Internet phone. I could not choose, even I had to. Therefore Samuel tried with his phone. It took a while for him to explain, especially for I was not in the province of Alberta, Theoretically I should be able to use the CAA even in the US, but I hope there will not be a need for it. Finally the guy from the CAA arrived – and he started the car without any problem. He told me, I should check with a mechanic, because there maybe a contact problem. I had filled the coolant before and I think, that helped, even it needed a while to work.

Vancouver by Night

This day I also asked Samuel how much rent he has to pay in rent for his apartment. Actually it is not a very pretty place. The kitchen is small, there are the living room, a bedroom and a very small bathroom with only a shower – no bathtub. He told me, he pays a little more than 900 CAD a month, electricity included. Water is for free in Vancouver. I asked him how many square meter the apartment has and he told me, that he does not know. It is like I experienced it before in the Commonwealth, they only count bedrooms. For me 900 CAD (650 Euro) is far too much for such an apartment, but he did not see, that the rent was unusual high.

Before I left his home for the day, he made a big fried sandwich for me with scrambled eggs, cheese and more. I walked downtown and tried to reach the Stanley Park. I reached the entrance, but I now was so tired, that I took a seat at the beach nearby, enjoying the sun, even a cold wind was blowing. On the way back to Samuel’s home it became dark as well as I missed the bridge across the river. I was happy about that, because I have seen another, beautiful area of the town – especially at night-time.

1st Oct I was the first awake around 7:30am. Samuel was the latest one to join us – around 10am. I already had eaten breakfast like the day before, but got a milk shake of Samuel on the top. Even the weather was cloudy and it was raining off and on, Samuel took the German girl and me on a sightseeing trip. He showed us places he likes very much, most of them also my favourites and he knows where to park, though we could take photographs. The route was:

  • The Panorama Park in North Vancouver
  • Barrett’s View
  • Murrin Park
  • Britannia Beach

Vancouver – Britannia Beach

He left me at a supermarket I had asked him for and was helping Kristina with another errand. She was intended to stay for two month and was looking for a cheap car. Samuel had offered her to rent his, but she tried anyway to find another one. If I am right, she took Samuel’s offer at the end. When I was back at Samuel’s home, he and Kristina were already there. I started directly to cook “pytt-i-panna”, a Swedish all-in-one meal, but with an egg on the top, when served and pickled beets as a side dish. Unfortunately I could not find pickled beets, though I had bought fresh mushrooms instead. That made the dish less Swedish, but tasty as well. Kristina is a Vegetarian, therefore I offered her a meal before I added the diced ham to the diced potatoes and diced onion.

After dinner Kristina was going out and meeting friends, though Samuel and me were dog sitting. When Samuel went to bed (around 8pm), Peppi stayed with me. He did not disturb me while I was using the Internet. Kristina was back before midnight. It surprised me, that the people in Vancouver start their evenings at restaurants etc already in the early evenings (when it becomes dark) as I already have seen the nights before and also in Calgary. It reminds me on the 60’s and 70’s in Europe.

For more photos of Vancouver click photographs.

2nd of Oct I left Vancouver with a cloudy sky around 10am on my way to the USA, but the weather became better and better as closer I was to the American border. About my adventures in the USA and, of course, the border control you can read here.

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