Moving to Sweden

On the sites “MY FIRST YEARS IN SWEDEN” and “Gavleborg county” you can read about my move to Sweden and arriving at my new home. I hope the text will make you curious about, how it was in Sweden at the late 70s and the beginning of the 80s. Anyway my experineces were special, because […]

My Memories

Just now I am updating my memories. I hope that my story will give you an understanding for the time, when I was growing up and also for my wired life. I am not proud of it. I think, I made a lot of mistakes, unfortunately I cannot make them undone. Nowadays I agree with, […]

Spain 2015

I can happily announce, that the pages for Spain 2015 are completed with photos and links. If you find any link or the video on the site of Talavera de la Reina not working, please let me know. Enjoy my first trip to Spain!