It is not so easy to live with two adults and two children in a 2-bedroom apartment, especially not, when the one of the kids still is a toddler and the other not really four years old. In addition to that we only have one bathroom.

My son and my daughter in law are really kind and very helpful. I do not need to pay for anything. I only buy some groceries from time to time, mostly for my own, special needs. Luckily I can give something back by cooking the dinners. Both parents are working full-time and coming home quite late, though it is good that the dinners are ready, when they are coming home. There is no need, that I care about my grandchildren, because of my daughter in law parents. They do pick them up at the kindergarten, spend time with them and leave first, when my son and her daughter are home from work. I am happy about it. I have had a hard time bringing up my own children, most of the time as a single mother. I do not engage so much in my grandchildren, even I play with them sometimes,, but not very often at all.

I hoped to continue on my RTW-trip already at the end of February or almost in March this year, but there are different things, which made it impossible for me. Therefore I hope for a really nice Swedish summer and will start travelling again in September this year. For that reason I also rent an apartment from May 2017. I need some space for my own, where I can close my door and unfortunately I am longing for to have my belongings around me, that means: To have the paintings of my children on the walls, to reach my clothes easily and to have the possibility to use my laptop without small fingers trying to use it at the same time. It will be more hard to finance my travels, of course, but I have been in the more expensive countries already and the expenses for the beds and the food will be lower in Mexico and Latin America and Asia as well.

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