Ferry to Topolobampo

Tomorrow, 26th February 2018 at 14:30 MST (GMT -7 hours, while CET is GMT +1 hour) my ferry will leave the harbour of Pichilingue, La Paz for the harbour of Topolobampo, close to Los Mochis. The crossing of the “Mar de Cortes” (Bay of California) will take six (6) hours and be very boring, I think, but It is here, where the adventure really begins.

To go by ferry for nine hours I have done before. It was the 21st March 2016, when I was crossing the Brass Strait from Devonport, Tasmania to Melbourne, Victoria – both in Australia. I had to pay 86 AUD, around 55 EUR (1,250 MZN), though the amount of 1,100 MZN (48 EUR) seems to be a high price, even a meal is included, because Mexico has a totally different economy as Australia.

Anyway, on the other side of the Bay of California I am expecting the “real Mexico”, which has less influences of the USA, more beautiful nature, more cultural differences and more historical buildings, including the old Maya temples. Why I anyway started with Baja California, depended on, that I was interested in to see as much as possible of the country. Without this part of Mexico the mosaic would not be complete.

At this place I also have to name, that you sometimes need to wait for the update of my blog, because I have heard, that Internet is not available in the mountains respectively at the bottom of the mountains. I will try my best to keep you updated and I am very happy, that wi-fi is provided even in this country.

To read about my crossing of the Bay of California go to Baja California Sur, and scroll down to the 26th February 2018.


Finally I have got time to upload some more videos. This time directly from Google photos. You will find one link on the site for Baja California, when you scroll down to Ensenada. It is a video of the water games.

On the site for Baja California Sur I added two more videos. The first is before we came to Guerrero Negro (on 3rd February) and the second is, on the way with Nelly between the Oasis and Mulegé.

I hope, the last two, can give you an idea about, how beautiful the dessert can be.


Carnival in La Paz this year will be held between 8th and 13th February. I have been there two days / evenings already – with mixed experiences. From Sunday to Tuesday evenings there will be a parade. I was there on Sunday evening, though I can tell you, how carnival will be celebrated here.

Please follow the link for Baja California Sur and scroll down to La Paz. The video you will find on 11th February 2018.