Södermanland or even called Sörmland is situated south of the county Stockholms län. If I am really accurate is a part of Stockholms län i the geographic area of Sörmland included, but the counties of Stockholms län and Sörmland län do not overlap. By the link you can find the area of Sörmlands län. The area of the region of Sörmland you can find by following this link. – The map above is for the region. – By moving to Sörmland I also found out, that Ekerö, where I have lived before, is situated in the geographic area of Uppland, even the community politically is part of Stockholms län. I decided to have my divisions by the political counties (län).

Nevertheless, since 1st February 2019 I live in Sörmlands län, more precisely in the town of Katrineholm.


I invite you to take part of my new life in Katrineholm, Sörmland. It starts with

February 2019

followed by the months of:

March 2019

April 2019



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