About Saxony – a federal state in the east region of Germany, I will tell you later. One of the famous cities in this state is Dresden.



I have heard a lot about Dresden and the Zwinger. It was my wish for some years to see this town and especially the famous building. For this reason I planned my route to Malta via Dresden. 12th to 14th April 2014 I was walking to the City Centre – from the couch surfing host I had – and continuing from one amazing building to the other. There were so many, therefore I was close to miss the Semper Opera, but the Zwinger I have seen from the upper side and downstairs. Unfortunately I did not have the time to go inside and see all the wonderful things to view like paintings, the china and more. I walked the old part of the town (Altstadt) and the new one, too (Neustadt). At the Neustadt there were flea-markets, but the most important thing for me in this part of Dresden was a statue to honour Emil Kästner, a famous German writer.



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