Travelling the World – Part 1

Now it is done! The blog for part 1 of my RTW-trip is finished. Actually I have to improve the photos as well as the text asap, but this is just a private blog and I think it is more important, that you can read about my trip and see my photos than you have […]


Last night I signed up at, because I am looking for something funny to do while I am in Sweden. Already today I have got the first opportunity to act. It was for a TV-serie about creativity. Three more women and a man and me had to dance after our own intuition,  but with […]


I was one of the lucky people, who could welcome the New Year with parts of my family and their friends. My son Samuel and his family and me were invited to a brother of my daughter in law and his girlfriend as well as her siblings and friends. There were lots of children involved […]