4th Nov, coming from Utah by hwy 80 / old hwy 93 and crossing Nevada one more time I came to Idaho, where I took a rest in Twin Falls. I did only find a single waterfall in that city


Twin Falls

and continued then on hwy 86 / old hwy 30 and hwy 15 – crossing the Indian reservation of the Blackfoot Indians – to Idaho Falls.

For more photos of the Twin Falls area click here!

I drove with me GPS activated most of the time, though the battery of my tablet run out of charge. I had to try to find my Couchsurfing host and was therefore stopping at the Sinclair gas station. I had no hope, that I will be allowed to charge my tablet so much, that I could read the address of my host. – Usually I write names and addresses down in my notebook, but this time I had not. – I also had to call my host, because I was late and also could not find the way to their home without GPS. I was wrong! The owner of the gas station, a friendly 78-year-old man, was working and he likes to meet people. So he helped me not only to charge my tablet and later calling my host, he was also interested in, where I come from and about my travel. The funny thing was, that he knows the family, which was my host. One of his son with family lives close to my host and they had met before. It was the perfect place, where I stopped – and I think it was my guardian angel, who helped me again. Even he did not care about my tablet, but he showed me again, that there are lots of friendly people living on the planet earth.

My host in Idaho Falls were Sheila and Rusty. They had a very beautiful home and I have got an own room with an own bathroom. It was better than a hotel! Sheila apologized the mess, because they had been painting walls and had not cleared away the utensils. Actually it was not really a mess. We was chatting for a while and she told me, that she would like to sell the house and travel like me, but her husband has not the same opinion.

Idaho Falls

Town of Idaho Falls – The First Settlers Cabin

5th Nov I realised, that I am still not used to Mountain Time. I awoke quite late (around 9am), but Sheila did serve me coffee and breakfast. Rusty had already left for work – they own a shop in the city center. Sheila spent time with me at the Idaho Falls, showed me the first settlers cabin and the old Railway Bridge. It was around 11am when I was going further in the direction of Helena, the capital of Montana. Please continue reading by using the link for Montana and scroll down to the 5th Nov.


Town of Idaho Falls

By the way, Idaho is also called the forgotten state. Its shape is different to the other states in the West. It looks like a pan with a handle. You can read about the myth of the Idaho-Montana border by following the link.

For more photos of Idaho Falls click here!

From Idaho I drove back to Canada via Montana.

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