As I have written in my blog post, I am preparing for going by bicycle to COP27 in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt this year. You may have read my site BikingForFuture about my trip to COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland, UK. If not, there is still time to do so. It was not the easiest for me – an untrained 71-y-o woman, to go by bicycle (even it is an e-bike) the around 2,500 km, but I learned a lot. The best thing, I learned, was, that I could make it – I reached my goal, but I also learned about my limits – both physically and mentally as well as the limits of an e-bike battery.

My first reaction, when I heard, that COP27 will be in Egypt, was a big disappointment, because of the situation in the Middle East and in Egypt as well. I really don’t understand, why they were choosing just Egypt of all the African countries. Maybe the government bribed.



There is a ferry from Spain to Morocco and from France and Italy to Tunisia. Though it would be much easier to go there by bike. On the contrary, to use one of those ferries and then go further to Egypt isn’t an option, because Libya, one of the most unsafe countries in the world, is in between. In addition to that one cannot enter Algeria from Morocco and Mali is closed. One should have to go way South before being able to enter Sudan and from there to Egypt. However it isn’t possible.

Last year my tour was totally unsupported – not counting an amount I have got of a girlfriend of mine, which I appreciated very much. I didn’t find any company or organization, which was willing to sponsor me. This time, it seems I am more lucky. More about that, when I know more.

I had planned to go as much as possible by land, which meant, that I first would go North, crossing the land-border to Finland at Haparanda/Tornio. From there I would have continued South. There are two options: The EuroVelo 10 (close to the Baltic Sea) or the EuroVelo 11 (throughout the Lake district). From the capital of Finland, Helsinki, I would have visited St. Petersburg, Russia and from there went to Tallin, Estonia. Unfortunately, Putin made war in Ukraine and Russia is no longer an option for me.

Instead I planned a new route, even this time using as many EuroVelo routes as possible, e.g. EV5 + EV15 along the river Rhen and EV6 along the river Danube. Those will be easy earned kms. I bought a new app, called Komoot, for planing my route. First I had difficulties to define my route and save it online. After my smartphone crashed several times, I found out, how I could manage it.

Here is the result:

Planned route Katrineholm, Sweden to Sharm el-Shejk, Egypt


I have some concerns about my trip, exactly about if the ferry isn’t going from Iskenderun, Turkey to Port Said, Egypt. Maybe I have to ride my bicycle throughout the Middle East. As my contact in Syria told me, it is quite safe now. In the Facebook group “Bicycle travelers” a cyclist had written about his trip crossing Syria and mentioned, that he didn’t have any problems with it. Nonetheless I would be happy, if there would be a ferry between the South of Greece and the North of Egypt.



Last year I had no time for training, but this year, I started after the winter. First I made a mix of a few hours or the entire days, now I made a trip to Mora, Sweden. I needed 4 days to Mora and I’m staying here for three as well as I will need 4 days home again. More about it soon.

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