31st October 2015

Finally we had left Hamburg and I had all my luggage at the bus again. We had to go by ferry between Putgarden (Germany) and Rødby (Denmark), though I took a meal on the ferry. At the Danish border controll, the custom officer came onto the bus and was first speaking German, but asked then for Swedish passports. When we all were showing our Swedish passports, one of them told us, that here is no need for talking German. There were two young men behind me in the seats, who did not look typical Swedish (btw: what is typical Swedish looking?), anyway the custom officer asked them if they have some bad stuff like drugs. I thought, that is discrimination – none ever asked me that.

From Denmark to Sweden we took the Öresundsbridge. It was a special feeling to be back in Sweden after eight long years working abroad, because this time I will not only visit Sweden but live there again even I will travel as much as possible. There were no problems at the border, but the bus did not stop at the official bus stop in Malmö. The bus driver stopped the bus close to it on a busy street. That was not good, because I did not know, where the bus stop really is and where I should meet my daughter. I stayed at the place, where I arrived. I could not send a message to her, because my Maltese Phone Card is only receiving messages, but does not work in the other direction. Anyway after a while my daughter called me and we meet even I had to wind with my arms a lot. If not a kind man on the other side of the street had been aware that I am winding my arms and told her, we maybe won’t met for a while.

I was happily surprised, that both my children, living in Malmö came to meet me. Another surprise was the tart my son had bought to celebrate my daughters (27th Oct.) and my birthday. I left my hand-luggage at his home and told him, that I will come back the upcoming day and put some things on the attic. Afterwards – it was already 11pm, I was following my daughter home. My daughter offered me her bed and was sleeping on the couch, which I really appreciated.


1st November 2015

We had a quite late breakfast followed av shopping some food. I paid for it, because my daughter has not a lot of money. When I was ready to go to my son, my daughter asked me if I will have some things, she former has got of me and she do not like anymore. So I did. At my son’s attic I emptied my little suitcase, but saw, that I had things in it, but my laptop, that I need for my travel. Though I did take the suitcase to my daughter.

Last time, when I have been at my daughter’s, I promised her a new couch. Therefore we were going by bus to IKEA and looked at some. The one I could have paid all of it, my daughter did not like – what I already was expecting. She found two different models she liked, but we were going back home to her, without buying a couch, because she needed time to think about which one she likes most. IKEA is in a big shopping area, though we also went to a pet shop. She looked at some scratching posts for her cat – just for to see, what there is and the prices.

On the way home we also stopped at a shop, where it was possible to top up the public traffic ticket card. My daughter went home and I one more time to my son for checking some things on his attic. Before I was going up there, we chatted for a while and I asked him about the salt stone candle light. I think he understood, when I left them to him, that he can use them. I will not tell him something else. Back at my daughters, dinner was ready. Our dessert were so-called coconut balls and ginger bread. The day finished by cosy hours in front of the TV and with our laptops. I also bought an online-ticket from Malmö to Stockholm. I will go to my final destination in Sweden the 4th November. Furthermore I sent an email to my son in Helsingborg, telling him, when I will be at his place.


2nd November 2015

It seems I always awake at 8am – even I am to bed lately. So was I this day. I took my medicine and was to bed one more time. I had breakfast at 9:30am. I had a meeting with a friend of mine from the time we were living in Malmo-Oxie. Therefore I had to go directly after breakfast and the shower, because I decided to walk there. I was in time, but not my friend. She was late, because her husband drove her by car to our appointment. They encountered a traffic jam.

We had our appointment at “Rådhuskällaren”, but did not eat there, because the dish of the day was fish, even it was Monday. We went to Harry’s, my friend invited me for lunch and we had a good chat, because no many people were eating here and the noise level was very low. We stayed at that place for around three hours and walked together to the Central station. She was going home by commuter train and I was exchanging my EUR for SEK at Forex. It was maybe not the cheapest possibility, but the easiest. On my way home, which I walked again, I entered a shop called Naturkompaniet – an outfitter for trekking and more, and bought a rain cape, which is big enough to protect me as well as my backpack. By strolling around in the shops I found a “ginger bred man” (pepparkaksgubbe) dress for my youngest grandchild. I hope his parents will enjoy it – and take Christmas cards with him, dressed in it. I did not find something for my eldest grandchild, because I do neither know his size nor what he already has. I think I will buy something after arriving in Stockholm. Furthermore I found the underwear I was looking for during some months, because I need easy washed underwear for my trip around the world. I ended my shopping trip by going to a hairdresser for shortening my hair a lot. – It soon will be longer again. I had to pay 100 EUR only, even it was written it should be 150. It is ok done, but not very well, so the price is ok, too.

I continued walking the way home to my daughter. She told me, that she had decided about the couch. She has been with a friend to IKEA again. They were going there by car. She told me, she will anyway have a couch with a corner, though it is easy to sit and have it cosy. In addition to that she will not have a leatherette sofa, because the cat. She could not decide which colour: Brown or dark orange-red, but she think mostly it will become the brown one. This evening we partied by ginger bread and “Twist” (blended sweets).


3rd November 2015

I awoke around 8am and took my medicine, dressed and ate breakfast. Afterwards I was going by bus and train as well as bus again to my eldest son in Helsingborg. He is living in an assisted living residence. On my way I had to change the public transport “Jojo-card”, because it was expired, but the amount was still activated. I just could not use it the way it was. There were no problem to get it exchanged, but it took time of course and by already being late, I had to apologize for my lateness by sending a message to my son. Finally I arrived around 12:30pm instead of high noon.

I found the place where my son lives quite easy, what I did not the time before, even I have been there for the second or third time. Anyway I had to ask a woman about the area – I actually was first entering the wrong area. At my son’s flat I became scared and very disappointed, because it was so dirty on the floor, the doors of the kitchen cabinets were dirty, too and he had made an “installation of empty cigarette-boxes” at the side of his cooker. I told him, that this is very dangerous for his health and the risk of fire.

I promised him during my visit before, that I will buy a couch for him as a gift, because his is broken, but he told me, that he will get one of another person, though we were looking for shelfs at the homepage of IKEA. He chose one and I told him, that I will buy the one for him and also order home delivery, but only when he has tidied and cleaned his flat.

Around 4pm his personal nursing assistant was entering for having a chat with him and I left him, because it is very hard for me to see him in that misery. On my way out I asked at the reception for the email of the personal nursing assistant, which I have got.

I did not have any problem to find the bus stop even I did not take the same way as before. I had to change to train at “Knutpunkten” and visited a restaurant, where I ate a baked potato with a chicken-curry-filling. It tasted good! I arrived for the next train just in time and was going to Malmö C by it. There I first went to a supermarket and bought handkerchiefs and went then home to my daughter’s by bus. My daughter was at work, though I made the dishes and my notice for the day. Unfortunately it was no time left for writing my blog, therefore I had to postpone that this day as well. When she came home we spend the evening together.


4th November 2015

This day I was leaving Malmö for going home to Stockholm and my son’s. My train was for 10:14am, I was going by bus from my daughter’s place in good time and was really early at the central station. The train was already at the platform, but we were not allowed to enter it before 10:10am and it was quite cold outside.

Entering the train, the woman in the next seat to me helped me to put my backpack on the shelf above my seat. I could not do that by my own and there were no other possibility for the transport of the luggage. I am happy, that I do not have so much luggage anymore, but the backpack and a cosmetic bag. Carrying my laptop in the backpack now, makes the backpack so heavy. Finally I had left my new cardigan and some other things in Malmö – even the new CD with the movie of Freddy Quinn and company.

Fortunately WiFi was working, but it was not good enough for watching movies, though I read a blog of a 104 year old Swedish woman called Bojan. She started to be interested in computers and Internet in the age of 93 and learned about it by a course. That I had got to know about the blog was by my son Marcus in Helsingborg. I also tried to sent a comment to this blogger, but it failed because the WiFi collapsed.

Furthermore I tried to install the app for the SL-tickets (Stockholm public transport), but it was not possible on my device. I should update my device, but I think I need help of my son Samuel, where I am living now. Anyway I would only have needed that app for a ticket to my son’s home, because there I can get a “public transport card”, that I can top up. I also checked another app, but it was just a timetable and the third one was just to know where the control of the tickets are done. That one I do not need, because I never go by public transport without a valid ticket.

Time was 1:30pm, when we arrived at Norrköping and I thought, one more boring hour to Stockholm, because even I had a so-called “window seat”, there were no window but a wooden sheet with fabrics on it. Though I cannot enjoy the Swedish nature and wrote a notice for my blog.

I left of course the railway station in Stockholm at the wrong exit – it is just me, who always is doing that, because in buildings and underground I do not have a sence of the right direction. Anyway I found a vending machine for a ticket to my son’s place and after asking around I also found the way in to the underground. I had to go down again lots of stairs without an elevator or an escalator. My backpack jumped on the stairs all the time and I hoped my laptop will not become broken by it.

At the right platform I jumped on a train, which just would leave. I thought I read the right direction: Norsborg, but it was not for this and ending at “Telefonplan”. Though I had to take another train back to “Liljeholmen” and change there to a train for Norsborg. It went all well and when I was telling that to my son, he told me, that such things happened to him, too. My destination was the underground station in Sätra, even the postal address is Skärholmen. I left the underground there, but was going in the wrong direction again, but went back, when I saw it. I tried the other way out and could recognise, that it was right. There were only five minutes to my son’s apartment. I tried to reach my daughter in law by the door-opening-system, but meanwhile a neighbor left the house and the door open for me. I was happy about that, because I was not sure, that the number I have will work. I used the elevator to come to the third floor, where they are living and we were happy to meet again after such a long time.

Even her mother was there and it was also nice to meet her. Soon I recognised, that she speaks more Swedish now and I am happy for that. Anyway I was not allowed to help with something this day, because I have been away for such a long time and maybe also for my surgery. My daughter in law told me, that I should have told them, that it was for a carcinoma I had the surgery of my thyroid gland. She did not like that they could not give me any support during that days. My son Samuel arrived from work later on. He did not see it really so serious like my daughter in law, even he was a little scared when he heard about the carcinoma. I think that is a cultural matter.

Furthermore he told me, that we should talk in the evening, but we never did, because it was hard to get the kids to bed. I had to go to bed at 9pm as well. It was to early for me of course, though I was watching movies on my tablet before falling asleep.


5th November 2015

I awoke around 8am as usual, took my medicine and have got breakfast a little later. Because it was not enough with time between the medicine and the breakfast (the medicine should be taken 30 min. before it) I started with the coffee. I did not find muesli without nuts, though I took the nuts out of the muesli.

This day I went to “Skatteverket” for getting registered in Sweden again. I was asked if I need a form or if I want to speak with someone. I told them, I have to speak with someone, because I did not find a form for my case at the Internet. Therefore I have got a number and had to wait around half an hour. When I spoke with the clerk, she did fetch a form for me and told me, that I have to take a new number. When it was my turn I met another clerk and he told me, because there were a question about for how many days of a year I will stay in Sweden, that I have to write down, that I will be away from Sweden for more than a year because I will travel the world. He also told me, that it can be difficult to get registered in Sweden again. I told him, that I need a place, where I will be registered and I am anyway back in Sweden and a Swedish citizen. He answered, that there are other clerks deciding about it. Maybe they will call me. I did give them my Maltese cellular phone number, but it will not work. I hope they will email me. I did get a copy of the first page of that form with the stamp of receipt as well as a “personbevis” (registration form) with the old information (that I do not live in Sweden) for asking for a new passport.

When I had left this authority I went to a shop for outdoor clothes and equipment called “Naturkompaniet”. I have been to another branch in Malmö already, but they did not have trousers I like in my size. Here I found them, even there was no shop assistant helping me. These trousers have to be shortened and I found a shop assistant, who helped me with that. I paid and was told to come back the upcoming day in the afternoon, when they will be ready for me. I also was looking for a new battery for my watch, when I finally found a shop, where I could get it exchanged, the price was 120 EUR, though I told them, that I could get a new watch for it and decided not to have a new battery.

On the way to the clock and watch shop I stayed at the “Wiener Butik Café” (Vienna coffee shop) because I hoped, they will have real Viennese meals and delicious, but when I read the menu, I saw, they had not. Actually I was very hungry at that time and decided to stay there anyway. I only took a Swedish apple pie and a Cappuccino because the high prices.

At home I cooked a meal for my grandson Leon and me, because both of us are not eating spicy dishes. I made a ground meat meal and home-made potato mash. I had to eat alone, because my grandson will eat later. Anyway the other grandma told me, that he did not like the meal I cooked and gave him something else – the same kind of he is eating for days (took it from the freezer). I think he has to become used to new tastes.

My son and my daughter in law did eat of the meal I cooked later that evening. I was happy, they liked it. Also this evening only the children were important. All of us went to bed at 9:30pm. I made my daily notice and watched movies before falling asleep. I am still a night-bird!


6th November 2015

This day I awoke early – around 7am and heard my son leaving the apartment for going to his job. I took my medicine and was falling asleep again until around 8am, when I was eating breakfast in the kitchen by myself. When I had finished my breakfast my daughter in law and the children awake. I was awaiting, that they get finished and took a shower afterwards. My daughter in law had to go with the car to get the tyres exchanged, though her mother were coming to the flat. Together we were babysitting.

At noon my daughter in law was back just in time, because I was going to a police station (authority for passports) to ask for a new passport. I went by the underground, but topped up the “SL-card” with 250 SEK (for 10 rides) before. I had to change underground for coming close to that polis station, but it was very easy all the way to go there. I was very early at that polis station. I had to arrive only five minutes before my appointment and was able to register, that I was in not earlier than twenty minutes before it, though I had to wait for half an hour for that. Meanwhile I was waiting I got confused, because at this authority they had not turned back the clock at the wall to “CET” from daylight saving time.

When it was my turn I had a very kind assistant. I was allowed to have the collar of my cardigan half way up to hide my scar of the surgery when taking the photograph – and she did take another one for not showing it. Furthermore I was allowed to write my signature twice and in both cases I was offered to make more examples. It was so different to the last time, when I have got a new passport – actually that system was quite new at that time. I have got a horrible photograph in the passport I am using now. I look upwards! For the new passport I actually had to look a little downwards and it became as perfect as it is possible!

When I left and was looking for the right direction to my next destination I have seen a couple of very beautiful buildings and a nice park. Though I made some photographs:

Afterwards I went to the “Naturkompaniet” again and picked up my new pair of trousers. The shop assistant had some difficulties to find them, but after a short while he left them to me. I was trying to get a prepaid Comviq phone card, but they did not have in the first shop I was asking even they advertised Comviq there, but they told me, that I could buy such a card at the shop “Pressbyrå” nearby. I did not activate it before coming home.

I was nearby an underground station and went home. Unfortunately I did not hear the ringtone on my cell phone – my son had tried to get in touch with me for going home together. At home he told me, where he worked that day and it was very close where I have been. He activated the prepaid amount for me, because I did not know if I have to make a call or not. By the way when arriving home the parents of my daughter in law where there, too. They had made a Sri Lanka meal for the adults. Anyway they did not stay there for dinner. This Friday evening we were watching TV and also playing on our devices. I did Mahjong.

Before falling asleep I made my notice for the day and put my tablet on charge. I hoped, that I can fill my blog soon.


7th November 2015

My son and his familie was visiting a sister-in-law this day. There is only space in the car for them, because the special kids seats. They came back around 5pm and I have had some time to update my blog even I could not finish all of the days. I finished the page about Malta and started two more pages, one of them is this. My meal that day, but the breakfast were just two slices of toast and two cakes called “choklad- or cocosbollar”. My daughter in law is as good as me to make them.


8th November 2015

It was a Sunday and “Father’s Day”. Though my daughter in law decided to celebrate the day with pizza. After breakfast and the usual routines I followed my son and grandson to the shopping center nearby, where we ordered pizza, bought food and picked up the two pizzas. Meanwhile my son was shopping I had to take care of my grandson, an alert boy who made me run after him throughout the shop. We shared the pizzas at home. The rest of the day was a cozy homestay.


9th November 2015

It was raining all the day. When my grandson was at the kindergarten, I wrote some emails and continued with my blog, because that is not possible to do, when my two and a half-year old grandson is at home.

In the evening the mother of my daughter in law was visiting and played with my grandson, who meanwhile was at home again. I went out for buying some yogurt and coffee, because I have seen, there were a lack of it and I was happy, that I could pay something, but my children told me, I should not.


10th November 2015

I went out early that day going to the “Vårdcentralen” – the health centre, close to my home. I tried to get an appointment, but I was told I have to pay 1,800 EUR for this as long I am not registered on my new address. It seems there are no longer waiting times for an appointment.

I continued into the city by underground looking for old Swedish records of “Freddy Quinn”. I was not lucky even I went to three or four different shops. I also took a photograph of a beautiful house. I tried to make one of another beautiful house, but it was not possible because the sun was shining from the “wrong direction”. I also took a picture of a door knock I found with the text “Never mind the dog – beware of the owner”.

Between the shops I was going by bus where necessary. One shop owner told me, when I asked, that it is ok if I ask him from time to time, if he will get in one or more of the records. That is my hope. I was eating a snack meal in the city before going home by the underground again and was unhappy, that I have no idea about where to change underground if I am not at the place for the red line when entering.

Back at home I wrote an email to another shop, because the opening hours and the offer to email. Furthermore I was in contact with “Blocket” and “Tradera” – two sites for advertising of all kind of items, mostly for private people.

Around 4pm my daughter in law, my youngest grandchild and me went by car for looking for a house. My son met up at that place. The house was about 150 square meter and had a price of more than 5.000.000 SEK. It was not very well planned and my son and his wife did not decide if they will try to buy it.

Home again I found a letter, I was waiting for – a friend of mine sent to me a week ago. It took really long time. It was a CD inside, I have got by the Mater Dei hospital and unfortunately packed into the boxes I sent to my friends in Germany for sending them further to my son in Malmö. With the help of my son, we could open the program and see the x-ray, but I think it is the wrong picture, because I was asking for the pictures from the “Barium Swallow Meal”. Anyway a doctor will see more, I think.

Soon after that we went to bed all of us. I am forced to go to bed early in this household because the children. They will not fall asleep if another person does have the light on. I watched movies in the dark with my tablet.


11th November 2015

When my eldest grandson has left for kindergarten I have got dressed and was updating my blog. I finished the site for Istanbul (Europe), wrote a site about Istanbul (Asia) as well as I was updating my diary. I also tried to manage my mp3-player, unfortunately it was not working. I think I did something wrong, when I removed all the music some weeks ago, because I deleted the whole folder.

I had just finished when my elder grandson was coming home and there were only family life until my grandchildren were going to sleep. That was quite early that night, because my elder grandson has to be to the Kindergarten earlier than usual. I was watching movies by my tablet. I could not fall asleep before 3 or 4am even I tried for two hours.


12th November 2015

Today I was to the head quarter of the police for picking up my new passport. Furthermore I went to the “Folkbokföring” and ask about my case. They had not done anything so far, I have been told. I told them, that I have thyroid cancer and need to see a doctor for a follow-up and therefore I have no time to wait. In addition to that, I told them, that all my children are living in Sweden and I gave them my Swedish phone number.

Nearby is a TV and computer-shop, where I asked for a mp3-player, but they did not have any and told me, that people are using their phones instead. Though I was eating a blueberry pie and drinking a “tomte-latte” (a coffee with milk and cardamom on the top of some whipped cream) in a coffee shop. Afterwards I continued to the city centre by walking. I came along a camera shop and ask there about a tripod, but I thought it was too expensive. I have to check on the Internet if I can find a cheaper one – which is as good as the one I have been offered. After a while I found a center with shops for technical items and found an excellent mp3-player for a good price. I also was looking for a book shop to buy a book for my elder grandson. I found it as well as the book I wished to buy for him. The title is “Good natt, Alfons Åberg” and is about a boy, who won’t fall asleep. I hope it will help to get my grandson to bed earlier.

Back at home I tried to read the book for him and I was surprised, that he was listening all the time. Afterwards he was allowed to turn over the leaves again and again. He really likes the book and I am happy about it. I will try to read it for him every evening, while I am at home.

After the evening meal and some babysitting my grandsons had to go to sleep and I was filling my new mp3-player with all the music I have on my laptop. I put more than 800 files on the player and it was working. By that I also had to convert files from .ogg to .mp3. I was happy that I found a really online converter, that means, one I do not have to download – because they are only for Windows or iPods. Furthermore I found a cutter for music files, though I finally could repair one of the files, which has unknown music in the beginning of a song. I am very happy about that. I think I am prepared for my travel relating to music. I went to bed at the usual time, that means after midnight, but without watching movies.


13th November 2015

It was a homestay-day, but I asked for a visitor visa online for Australia and I have got it. I think, it took just one hour. That I call effectiveness. I am very happy, that I have got it. Reading the homepage from the Australian government I found out, that I also have to come with “report of conduct” from the age of 16 onwards. I am not sure, if it only is for immigrants, who really want to stay their lifetime or if it also for visitors. Though, I have to ask for it, because I will not go to Australia without the documents needed and it is better with some more than one missing.


14th November 2015

My eldest grandchild had a fever and we had to be at home with him. I was listening most of the time to the music on my new mp3-player, which I like much more, than the one I had bought on Malta and unfortunately destroyed.


15th November 2015

My eldest grandchild was much better, even he still had the cold. My son and me went to the shopping area “Kungens kurva” (king’s curve) by car and took my eldest grandchild with us. First I bought a tripod for my camera, though I can get nice pictures on my travel. I was thinking about buying a tripod for years, I am happy that I finally did it. Afterwards we bought food in a nearby big supermarket.

Later that afternoon my son and me went for a walk. I was surprised that they live in such a nice area, because while coming from the underground it looks only like a suburb, but there is a forest close to it as well as the sea. Coming to nearby suburbs we enjoyed lots of beautiful villas and houses. I am unhappy, that I did not have my camera with me and I am not able to show you the nice pictures. Here one can see typical views of Sweden – amazing ones!

In the evening – when my grandchildren were sleeping – I updated my blog and was on the Internet for other reasons, too.


16th November 2015

I was late to bed – or maybe I should say early, because it was around 3am. Though I slept a little longer in the morning. It was not possible to sleep really long because my two grandsons. After breakfast and the daily routines my daughter in law and I went for a short walk, actually for shopping. She had to change clothes for the kids. It was already dark when we left the mall and it also started raining, therefore we took the underground home.

In the evening it was possible to be at the laptop a little earlier for my son, who also was using his. He had to work some hours from home. While he was going to bed I continued to be online. It looks like there will only be problems for my travel around the world. So far I have not got registered in Sweden, my host in London did cancel and my daughter in law told me, that it would not be comfortable to stay at her relatives in London, but she did tell me before, why I did not do that. The room for the night in London is for around 40 EUR without breakfast, but it is close to the airport.

I also wrote emails to authorities who I think could have sent letters to me, which my former landlord has thrown away. Checked my calendar, was on the couchsurfing site and updated my blog.


17th November 2015

After breakfast I went to the German Embassy because I was in need of the witnessing of my signature on the form for the Letter of Conduct from Germany. Unfortunately the homepage of the embassy is not clear, so I thought, I could come until 4pm and visit it as I did in Malta, but I was told, that the embassy only is open until high noon and that I have to make an appointment by the website. It has been quite a long way there and I was very disappointed.

I went to the “Skatteverket” (Tax authority) and told with an officer from the department “Folkbokföring” (registration office). She told me, that my errand has been completed and that I have been registered as living in Sweden again. Furthermore she printed a “personbevis” (extract of the population register). I asked for the witnessing of my form for Germany and it was no problem to get it, even the form was in German only. I was very happy about this help.

Meanwhile I was looking for a not too expensive restaurant, because I was hungry, I also was looking for a copy shop as well as for a stationary. Unfortunately, I could neither find a copy shop nor a stationary, but was eating chicken nuggets at a Burger King restaurant at “Sergel’s Torg”.

I went home, but was going to the next underground stop “Skärholmen” (the closest to my home is “Sätra”) and tried it there. I found a photo shop, which offered that service, too, but they asked for 60 SEK (6,50 EUR) and I was thinking for the prices on Malta, which were lower and it was much more easy to find such shops – usually the stationary has that service, too. At that photo shop I decided only to take two prints of my passport, that I will have for security reasons in my backpacks. I had to pay 10 EUR each for them. It sounds a lot, but one also have to pay 10 EUR for using a public toilet – though it might be OK with the price. Anyway, I have got very good prints.

Now it had become dark. By wandering around in the center of Skärholmen I looked for envelopes and the Swedbank. I  did find neither nor. At home at my son’s my daughter in law told me, that I could have been at the library as well as the “Medborgarkontor” (the public office of the local council) for the copies, printing and scanning of my documents.

Around half an hour after me came my son home and we ate something. Meanwhile they took care about their children was I listening till music and writing some emails. I have got to know that I can ask for a change from my German/European Driver’s License into a Swedish/European Drivers License for 600 EUR and 150 EUR for the new European Driver’s License and that it will take a lot of time because the Swedish authority will ask the German authority if my German/European Driver’s License is still valid and similar. With the Swedish/European Drivers License I could get an International Drivers License, that means a translation of my driver’s license by the Swedish automobile clubs, which are certified for it. I made the decision to translate my German/European Driver’s License by my own and ask at the German embassy in New Zealand if they can attest the translation.

When my son and his wife went to bed I wrote my blog and was on couchsurfing, but not for a long while, because I’ve got tired of that day.


18th November 2015

I went to Skärholmen again, looked for the Medborgarkontor (citizen information centre) and the library and signed up as a member of the library, because there it is possible to print, copy and scan documents, even the printing is only possible from the Internet. Another interesting item are the online books one can get, even each for four weeks only.

In addition to that I went to the polyclinics and got an appointment with a doctor for Monday, 23rd. Unfortunately I could not get an earlier appointment, but I have been promised, that the doctor will serve me with all the necessary including an attestation of my thyroid medicine.

The rest of the day I spent with my son’s family. In the evening I was too tired to write any emails or update my blog, but I read my emails and soon I will have all the accommodations I need for the North Island of NZ. I think I will ask for hosts on the South Island when I arrived down under.


19th November 2015

My son was at home, because he had got a fever. I made some print outs and scanned some documents at the library. I also sent my forms for the “Letters of conduct” to Ireland and Germany. I did sent the Swedish one by email. It will take a while before I will have got the letters. I think my son has to scan them and send them to me by email, because time is to short for their arrival in time before my leaving.

On the way back to Sätra I found the Swedbank as well as I found a shop selling office supplies like envelopes. I also have seen that it is possible to walk to the “Kungens kurva”-shopping mall. By the way “Kungens kurva” means the “The King’s Curve” and The area got its name September 28, 1946 when King Gustav V’s chauffeur-driven 2090 Cadillac skidded off the road and ended up in a ditch. The road was full of snow and fortunately the king did not get injured. The name became later official. 50 years ago a mall was opened there and also IKEA has one of its stores in this area.

Also this day I was too tired to update my blog. I hope you will apologize.


20th November 2015

My son was yet not well, but did work from his home office (the kitchen table ;-)). I went to the shopping centre in Skärholmen, looking for a gift for my daughter in law. She as well as my son are always very big-hearted to me and I have got a lot of gifts of them already. Though it felt well, when my son told me, that she is using scissors instead of a face epilator. The subject came up when I used mine. Though I was looking for one like mine, but did not find one in this mall, but I found Christmas gifts for my grand children and a gift for the whole family – a wall clock, because it came up the days before, too, that the plan was to have one. I tried to reach the “Kungens kurva” by walking. Usually we always go by car there. It was not so far away, but because I was not coming from the same direction like by car I had to look around where I could find the shop for consumer electronics and appliances. Finally I found it and also a face epilator, but only together with a body epilator. It was much more expensive, than I thought, but my daughter in law is worth it and I still will have enough with money for the entrance to New Zealand.

Happiness pleases! The gifts were welcome, but my grand children do not know anything yet about the Christmas gifts.

This evening all of us went to bed very early. Anyway I could not sleep and was listening to music for a while, but did not use the Internet.


21st November 2015

Today it was the first day this winter with minus degrees. It actually has been -5°C. There is no bad weather, but wrong clothes. I was out for a flea market in Vårberg, I have read about because I am still looking for the Swedish records of Freddy Quinn. I tried a lot already and also was on “Blocket”  a platform for secondhand sale. Though this day I was going to another, but nearby suburb of Stockholm. I found out, that this flea market was in-house and I also had to pay 15 SEK (around 1,50 EUR) in entrance fee. I found only one stall with records. The way the owner cared about the records was horrible, it seemed he did not at all. After looking for the right records I found one of Freddy Quinn, but that one was not on my list. I think it was imported from Germany from someone immigrating or by a travel. There were quite much records in German of other artists.

When I finished my son’s family met up with me and we took a walk. We ended up at the mall in Skärholmen even my daughter in law told us, that we may go to the mall at “Kungens kurva” – we just did not find the right way from Vårberg. The children were hungry, though we went to the food court and took a meal. Outside again my daughter in law was interested in to go to the secondhand shop of the “Myrorna” (the ants). This shops are run by the “Salvation Army”, the income is used for social help. In this secondhand shop there are also records – mostly of bequests it seemed. This was the first place I found shellac records. Unfortunately I did not find any of the records I am looking for. My son was leaving the secondhand shop earlier than me. When I went home I was buying pastilles for my throat and a medicine against heart burn in a nearby pharmacy. Later on I was told, that I should look in Solna, too. There are lots of secondhand shops.

This evening I updated my blog as well as I was asking two more hosts in New Zealand about hosting me and wrote a few emails. I also tried to update my handwritten planning record for New Zealand, but was to tired for it. There are still some days left before leaving Sweden.


22nd November 2015

It was -7°C this day. My son is not really healthy and my grandson Leon still has the cold, though we did not feel for leaving the warm apartment, though we stayed at home and had it cozy. Myself did pack my documents in water-resistant envelops, one for my flight tickets, one for the ferry tickets, one for the bookings of accommodations etc. In the biggest one I put my book with all the addresses for the hosts etc. in. I think I am really good prepared.

In the evening I did make waffles, which we ate with whipped cream and jam.


23rd November 2015

It was a late morning, because I had to take care about my youngest grandson Vincent for a while. Anyway I was ready in good time for my visit at the polyclinics in Sätra to meet a general practitioner. She was quite young, but a so-called “AT-“doctor, that means she finished her studies, but has to practice for one and a half-year. Afterwards she has to take another exam to become a real medicine doctor. Anyway she was good in English. She checked my blood pressure, the oxygen in my blood, my pulse and listened for my lungs and heart. She was satisfied with all of it, but asked me to come the following date for a blood test, without having taken my thyroid medicine. I was surprised, because in Germany they could make the blood test even I have taken the thyroid medicine. I also was wondering what they should see by the blood test because without the thyroid, there should be none of the required results. She also did write a certificate about my medicine and sent a prescription about thyroid medicine for three month to any pharmacy. It is an online system they use in Sweden, though the patient did not get a prescription on paper anymore. It is a very save way to get the right medicine in the right dose. It is only possible to buy the medicine for the times the doctor did prescribe. Furthermore by buying the medicine in any pharmacy, one has to show its identification. In addition to that, a little notice is fastened on the direct package of the medicine with the DOB as well as the full name of the patient.

After buying my medicine at the pharmacy nearby I went home and updated my blog.


24th November 2015

This day I finally was for vaccination. First I went to the polyclinics, paid for the service and after a while I meet a nurse for getting the vaccination, but the nurse declared, that there is not such a vaccination at the polyclinics, though I ask my money back. I went home and googled and found that I have to go to Skarholmen – to a vaccinating service provider. Well there I asked for the Tetanus vaccination, but I have got explained, that I should take a new basic vaccination with almost three different kinds of vaccine: Tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis (whooping-cough). It also is possible to get a vaccine for four kinds of sickness: The three named as well as polio. I understood, that I do not have a good defence against these sicknesses, because I was vaccinated against diphtheria only once and I have not vaccination at all against pertussis. Even I was vaccinated against tetanus, it was more than 20 years ago and against polio I think it was more than 30 years ago. Therefore I decided to take them all. I had to pay 480 SEK, that is around 45 EUR.

In the afternoon I made a translation of my driver’s license. I will try to get it validated of the German consulate in Auckland, New Zealand. I also prepared the evening meal.


25th November

This was the last day together with my son and his family, because tomorrow I will start on my trip around the world. I tried to get my backpack in order, but was looking for an extra battery for my tablet, which I also could have used to charge my mp3-player. Unfortunately I found, that I might have left it in Malmo.

I have got a gift of my daughter in law and my son. It was a Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage. It is a heavy kind of massage and it has hurt sometimes, but afterwards I felt well.On my way home, I was visiting the doctor at the polyclinics one more time, mostly to pick up my journal. She told me, that she has been looking at it and asked me, how big doses I have had av the thyroid medicine before. She also handed me over the result of the blood test and added, that she think my doses now is OK, but I should check that further. She did not say anything about the result of the Barium Swallow Meal (the web), though I think it is not important and I am happy, that I can start on my trip around the world as I have planned.

When I have got the vaccinations the day before I was advised not to do heavy lifting, though I could not help with my grandchildren. Therefore I did another try to find the records of Freddy Quinn. I was going by underground to Solna. Unfortunately I was not lucky this day either, but I have got to know that in February next year there will be a big fair in this town.

In the evening, when the kids were sleeping we took tea and had some sweets. Meanwhile I was charging my devices. I am very excited about the upcoming travel.

For the following year please start to read here.



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