16th April: From Prague to Bratislava

I had to make a reservation for the seat for 84 Czech Crowns (around 3,50 Euro) in advance to be allowed to go on the train, but the compartment were only occupied for three seats and there were no space for the luggage but over the seats, too high for me to manage to get my suitcase down again, though I placed it on two seats. That were quite comfortable. The journey went well because there were no need for changing trains.

Electro-Bus in Bratislava

In Bratislava I had to wait for my host for several hours, because she was working all day. I arrived around noon. Meanwhile I was going downtown, continuing to the “Old Town” of Bratislava and made some sightseeing there. It is a little town, not as nice as Prague, but there are some beautiful buildings, too. The fountains were not working yet, that was not a nice view. I found my way back to the station by asking people, because I did not find the same road, I was coming down, but I remembered the direction.

Bratislava Sightseeing Bus

When my host and I met, she cared very well about me. In her apartment, which she shares with another girl, there were really a couch for sleeping – it was a comfortable one. Anyway we first went out to a pub/restaurant, where she invited me for an original Slovak meal. It was something with cheese. I enjoyed it! Coming back to her home, her flatmate and a friend of her were waiting for us. We had a great chat that night!


17th April: From Bratislava to Vienna

Sometimes I’ve got my necessary coffee of my host, that day I did again. Unfortunately, I only could stay for one night. My host cared for, that I came to the bus stop with my heavy luggage.

The bus trip went well, but the problem began minutes later. On the way to the Twin Liner to Vienna there were maintenance on the road/way to the moorings. I missed the 10:30-boat! I had to wait for four hours for the next one. Furthermore there were many stairs for the ticket office at the terminal. I managed it, but were disappointed that younger men were meeting me on the stairs without offering their help. Maybe all of them were tourists? I bought a senior ticket (half price) and the clerk did offer me, that I could have my luggage at their place. So I did.

I went back to the city, looking for and finding the theatre and I did. After the pictures I took, I was wondering by my own, if I will go to the castle or eat something. I decided me for the second possibility or, maybe I should better say, my stomach did.

The Theatre (Opera) in Bratislava

While eating I used the Internet. Time was going by very fast and I could not make it in time for the castle.


My next destination was Vienna – to meet my couch surfing friend again.

About my visit in Vienna you can read by following the link: Vienna – second visit.

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