Coffee and Bananas

In the area of Coatepec, Veracruz you can find a lot of coffee plantations. The altitude is very good for coffee. Anyway the sun can be too hot for the coffee bushes, therefore trees are planted there as well. Many coffee farmers plant banana trees among the coffee bushes. It gives them two sources to earn money. In years like the last one and this one it can be very important.

Read about the reason, why it was so important for the last two years by following the link to Veracruz and scrolling down to 23rd August 2018.


Ny smartphone, but problems with my photos. It seems I lost a lot again. I hope I can read them later with the help of my laptop, but that is in the future.

Even I nu have updated my blog again, there are days without photos. I apologize. I will buy a new SD-card soon and hope, all will went well. There are still month to go in Mexico.

The newest update to find by following the link to Veracruz and scrolling down to the month of August.




Loss of Data

Today happened, what should not happen. While I tried to take a photo, my smartphone was falling out of my hand on a ceramic floor and it broke. I hope, it is only the color card, but that does not help me at all. I cannot access all the data I have put in on my memory app.

The most important files I lost are:

My memories about each date I have not had time to write about in my blog,

which also includes my expenses and

My planed route for the next month.

That means I have a lot of job to do one more time, if I do not find someone, who can save these data in a for me unknown way. Before I have found such an angel, I try to recall my experiences by my photos (the photos I saved on a SD-card and even on Google photos). The SD-card is OK, though not even the newest photos have got lost.

All my friends, who use Whats App to keep in touch with me, I have to ask to write to me, before I cannot contact them. I do not have a back-up for Whats App. I thought, it was not necessary, because I thought it works like a web-mail. I could install Whats App on my tablet again, but there are only a few old numbers to see – no numbers from Mexican friends. I apologize.

By the way I have been with two lovely families in Mexico City, but it was intensive and I was too tired in the evening to write my blog. Now I am in a single room in a small and cheap hotel in the town of Tlaxcala. I try to update my blog as fast as I can. Tomorrow is a festivity in a neighboring town, though I will go there and spend some time, but I hope, I will stay get time for an update of my blog.

As usual I asked you for staying tuned – thanks for your understanding!