New place, new hostel, better wi-fi – soon the update will be a fact. Last night I had a host. I actually was welcome to stay there for a week, the wi-fi was great as well, but I moved today. I booked a bed in a hostel. This time not the cheapest one, but this […]


I am staying at a hostel in Campeche for the moment. We have wi-fi here, but just when I try to update my blog is the Internet down. These few lines I sent by the data traffic of my phone. I am sorry, that I neither can tell you from the nice evening I have […]


Yesterday I visited a cacao plantation in Comalcalco. Unfortunately I did not know that there is, when I was to the Maya ruins some days ago. The trip from Villahermosa to Comalcalco tog 2 1/2 hours in one direction. The price for the bus tickets one way was 77 MXN, but what does it matter. […]